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>But here’s another thing the nazis could have done and probably would have
>if they had been trying to “exterminate” the jews.
>They could have set up a place where large numbers of jews were simply
>blown into smithereens. It could be a mile from the train track or more
>(i.e., nearby) and out of reach of any local village. Easy. In the
>Russians did precisely that:

Oy Vay the great thinker hisself has now come up with what he
considers a great idea, and he even thinks that the Nazis weren’t
smart enough to have come up with that idea all on their own.
But gee, maybe they did come up with that idea.

“Events in Minsk and Mogilev provide another example of the fact that
the handicapped were considered expendable. In the fall of 1941,
Arthur Nebe, the chief of the Reich Office of the Detective Forces
(Office V in the RSHA) and at that time also chief of Einsatzgruppe B,
ordered Albert Widmann of the Kriminaltechnisches Institut (Technical
Institute for the Detection of Crime) to visit him in Smolensk to
perform a special task. Widmann and his assistant, Hans Schmidt,
traveled to Bielorussia, bringing along a large amount of dynamite.
The task Nebe asked them to perform had been requested by Heinrich
Himmler, and it involved experiments in killing groups of human beings
rapidly, cheaply, and expeditiously.[1] The Russian civilians
selected as subjects in this bizarre experiment were the handicapped,
taken from state hospitals in Minsk and Mogilev. They seemed the
logical victims since Nebe had told his deputy Paul Werner that “he
could not ask his troops to shoot these incurably insane people” “[2]

The first experiment took place in Minsk, where handicapped patients
were locked into a pillbox that was then dynamited. The results were
macabre. The pillbox and the victims were totally destroyed; parts of
bodies were strewn over a relatively large area, and the killers had
to collect limbs from the surrounding trees. Nebe and Widmann had to
conclude that the use of dynamite as a killing method was not
efficient. The second experiment took place the next day in Mogilev.
There handicapped patients were locked into a sealed room, and exhaust
gas first from a car and then from a truck was fed into the room
through hoses. This method did prove efficient and later served as
the model for the method used in the killing centers of the final
solution. [3]

[1] On Himmler’s involvement, see Breitman, Architect of Genocide,
p196 and Krausenick and Wilhelm, Truppe des Weltanschauugskrieges p.

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22 Aug. 1967, pp. 77-88 (testimony Hans Schmidt).

The Origins of Nazi Genocide
From Euthanasia to the final solution
Henry Friedlander
1995 The University of North Carolina Press
Chapel Hill & London
ISBN 0-8078-2208-6(alk. paper)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
1. Germany – Politics and government – 1933-1945
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