Himmler ausrotten

Es trat an uns die Frage heran: Wie ist es mit den Frauen
und Kindern? – Ich habe mich entschlossen, auch hier eine
ganz klare Lösung zu finden. Ich hielt mich nämlich nicht
für berechtigt, die Männer auszurotten – sprich also,
umzubringen [!] oder umbringen zu lassen – und die Rächer
in Gestalt der Kinder für unsere Söhne und Enkel
groß werden zu lassen. Es mußte der schwere Entschluß
gefaßt werden, dieses Volk von der Erde verschwinden zu

– Heinrich Himmler am 6.10.1943 vor
Reichs- und Gauleitern in Posen.

Zitiert nach:

Hermann Graml,
dtv 4519, S. 264

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From: Nele Abels-Ludwig
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On Wed, 22 Oct 1997, Michael Ives wrote:
> > > – Heinrich Himmler, Posen, October 1943
> > Thanks. But I was referring to deportation.=20

> Himmler clearly says ‘Judenevakuierung’, which can only mean the
> evacuation, or relocation, of the Jews. The word “Ausrottung”, which
> can translate (however imperfectly) as “elimination” or indeed
> “extermination”, here applies clearly to “Das j=FCdische Volk”. That is
> to say, what Himmler discusses in this passage is the elimination of the
> Jewish _Volk_ as a component of German society. =20

*Yawn* Not again. This attempt has been made so often and still it
doesn’t work. Well, I have to accept that people who don’t know a
single word German try to lecture people whose mother tongue German
is, about terms they do not like. Anyway. The usual tactic for the
Himmler-speech above is to take the word “Ausrottung”, translate it
correctly into the English word “extermination” and then to elaborate
on the meaning of “extermination” which the original German word does
not have – to move out of the boundaries. This tactic is clumsy but it
is attempted again and again nethertheless.

This famous passage is from a speech which was given to high
SS-officers the October 4th, 1943. What most people, and certainly the
“revisionist scholars” do not know is that Himmler held a very similar
speech only 2 days later to the Reichs- and Gaufleiter. There he used
nearly the same words about the “Ausrottung des juedischen Volkes” –
with one remarkable exception: he defined the meaning of “Ausrottung”.=20
(The important passage is available at Nizkor ftp under
people/h/himmler.heinrich/himmler-ausrotten-de). The reason why it is
normally ignored is that it is available only in German. I hereby take
the liberty to translate it into English. (Emphasis is mine)=20

Es trat an uns die Frage heran: Wie ist es mit den Frauen und
Kindern? – Ich habe mich entschlossen, auch hier eine ganz klare
Loesung zu finden. Ich hielt mich naemlich nicht fuer berechtigt,
ZU LASSEN – und die Raecher in Gestalt der Kinder fuer unsere
Soehne und Enkel gross werden zu lassen. Es musste der schwere
Entschluss gefasst werden, dieses Volk von der Erde verschwinden=20
zu lassen.

We were confronted with the question: what about the women and
children? – I have decided to find here too an absolutely clear
solution. That means, I considered myself not authorized to
exterminate the men – IN OTHER WORDS TO KILL THEM OR TO ORDER=20
THEM TO BE KILLED – and to allow the children to grow up as
avengers on our sons and grandchildren. The very difficult=20
decision had to be made to make this people vanish from the earth.

Thus we have it in Himmler’s own words. “To exterminate” as he used it
is too kill people, or to let them be killed. Men, women, children.
Everyone is to be killed so that there is no one left. That is the
“Endloesung”, that is the way to “make this people vanish from the

Now they will most probably claim that it is all a forgery…