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In response to a query from Brian Harmon, Raul Hilberg provided the
following letter, which speaks for itself:

February 9, 1995

Dear Mr. Harmon,

The number 1,003,392 attributed to me by the revisionists is pure
fabrication. It cannot be found anywhere in my writings you may
quote me on that.

As to any further arguments with these people or refutations of
what they say, my policy is not to engage in conversation with
them, directly or in the media.

Thank you for sending me the texts of the Internet. They do not,
however, surprise me.


(signed) Raul Hilberg

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Raul Hilberg

April 29, 1995


I never said that there were no diesel engines in death camps. Mr.
Ain evidently did not understand me. Neither did he send me a copy
of his article. Judging from a phone call I received from OSI, the
revisionists have already taken advantage on the Internet of this
correspondent’s carelessness. And that’s that.

There are days when I receive two or three calls from newspapers or
radio. I make no records of these conversations. In this case, as in
most cases, I can state with certainty only that which I would never
say. As to what I might have said, it seems, from the context of the
two sentences you quoted, that I pointed to the false rumor about
electrocutions in Belzec and to a gasoline engine, rather than a
diesel, at Sobibor.

This week, I gave a lecture in North Carolina and two more in Boston
and Cambridge. I face numerous deadlines, and there is much
correspondence that I do not answer anymore. I am sending you this
letter, in case you wish to address the newspapers you cited.
Personally, I have made up my mind not to reply to the Revisionists.
They thrive on rejoinders, and they have been trying to gain the
attention of the public for thirty years.


Raul Hilberg