Hidden alliances 4, Cohn Werner

In its very first volume in 1980, the California-based
Journal of Historical Review carried an article about Jews
by a Doctor Howard F. Stein that turned out to be something
of an omen of the journal’s future.<53> Even to someone
well acquainted with anti-Semitic propaganda, Doctor SteinOs
piece must have come as a surprise for the sheer audacity of
its malice. And as it happens, Doctor Stein’s piece also
foreshadowed themes later taken up by Chomsky.

The Journal of Historical Review described Stein as an
Associate Professor of Medical-Psychiatric Anthropology in
Oklahoma. By now he has written quite a few articles —
all in psychobabble — in various fringe journals of
“humanistic psychology.” He has also lectured at the mecca
of New Age psychology, the Esalen Institute of California.
And Doctor Stein is Jewish.

In his appearance for the “revisionists” Stein presented a
rather straight-forward theory about the Holocaust: it is a
Jewish myth. It seems that Jews have always fantasized
about a Holocaust, from the very beginning of their history.
They have always needed to be victims. Today they fantasize
that they were victims of the Germans during the Second
World War and they are completely insensitive to the great
sufferings of non-Jews, in particular Germans and Arabs.
Doctor Stein also refers the reader to an earlier article he
had written in which he proposed that Jews are afflicted by
a “Samson complex.”<54> Like Samson in the Bible, it seems,
Jews today are bound for self-destruction and seek to
arrange matters so that they can destroy the rest of the
world in the process. This is a view that Chomsky has also
adopted, as we shall see.

I think that it is an open secret that we have in the United
States an intellectual underclass of self-described
“academic” journals. These dreary periodicals cater to the
foolish vanity of college administrators who wish to see
“publications” by their teachers. Stein’s articles, looked
at purely from the point of view of scholarly competence,
must scrape the very bottom even of this material: there is
not a shred of evidence to be found in his many pages of
jargon and free-floating confabulation. By itself that
would be as harmless as is almost all this underclass pulp.
But Stein’s writings have enlisted jargon-mongering in the
cause of spite and hate, and this indeed jettisons them into
a category quite by themselves.

Doctor Stein has achieved some international recognition for
his contribution to the hatred of Jews. The French journal
of the “revisionists,” edited by our friend Pierre
Guillaume, has published a French translation of the
original 1980 article.<55>

Compared to Stein’s malice, other JHR articles will seem
commonplace. The last issue I received, that of Winter 1986-
7, carries the article by Faurisson on Hoess that I have
already mentioned. It carries another piece complaining
about an unjust persecution of the (Nazi) German American
Bund in the United States during World War II. A book
review tells us that when the Nazis established the Warsaw
ghetto, “essentially, the German decision was Jewish, since
Jews oppose intermarriages, and insist on their own built-in
laws. The Germans also had to fear Polish inspired pogroms
against the Jews. The wall prevented that as well.” Yes,
that’s why we need the “revisionists” to set us straight
about what happened in history.

Canadian Customs authorities have declared this nice journal
to be hate literature and have restricted its import into
Canada. Consequently I have been unable to check every
issue of it and I do not know how often Chomsky has
contributed to it. I do have before me the issue for Spring
1986 containing an article by Noam Chomsky, “All Denials of
Free Speech Undercut A Democratic Society.”<56> This piece
contains about 2,200 words and is reprinted from the Camera
of Boulder, Col.

Subscribers to the JHR also receive lists of books and tapes
that the “revisionists” find necessary for a proper
education. Some of this material is signed Noontide Press,
which, like the Institute for Historical Review, is located
in Torrance, California. My latest Catalogue of Historical
Revisionist Books, dated Fall 1986, contains, among other
items, the following titles: The Zionist Connection II by
Alfred M. Lilienthal; Communism with the Mask Off by Dr.
Joseph Goebbels, and The Fateful Triangle by Noam Chomsky.
A special book list of Noontide Press dealing with what it
calls “Jewish Studies” contains The International Jew by
Henry Ford, Sr., The Protocols of the Learned Elders of
Zion, “translated from Russian,” The Plot Against
Christianity by Elizabeth Dilling (“A shattering expose of
the anti-Christian hate campaign propounded in the
Babylonian Talmud”), and other such classics.

The Institute also sells two separate tapes of a speech that
Chomsky gave against Israel, and here are some excerpts from
its publicity for these tapes:

This lecture … is, to put it mildly, devastating. In
two hours of uninterrupted cannonade directed squarely
at U.S. foreign policy with regard to Israel, Chomsky
ranges brilliantly over such topics as Israeli
imperialism … the role of the Anti-Defamation League
(“… one of the ugliest, most powerful groups in
America”)/ Media suppression, distortion, hypocrisy,
and the “Memory Hole.” An intense two-and-a-half hour
mini-course on the political issue of our age,
including Chomsky’s answers to audience questions.

I have repeatedly called Chomsky’s attention to the Nazis’
use of his name and his materials, suggesting that he
disassociate himself from these people, but he has just as
repeatedly remained obdurate to such suggestions.

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