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> Freedom of Speech, Frredom from speech, and the Wests Double Standard : A
> Muslims View

Thank you, Peter, for a well written, informative piece.. alas, I
must take exception with one snippet, since it fosters a
completely false claim with regard to Canada.


> A couple of years ago, a British historian was giving lectures in
> Canada in which he denied the Holocaust. He was arrested and deported
> by the Canadian authorities. Also, a school teacher was relieved of
> all teaching duties because he taught his students to disbelieve that
> the Holocaust has ever happened.

The event referred to is that which ended with the deportation of
Mr. David Irving. Mr. Irving was _not_ deported for denying the
Holocaust – he was deported for _lying_ upon entrance to the
country (i.e. to obtain entry, at the border), and for lying again,
under oath, before a Canadian Immigration Adjudicator. To clearly
state that he was deported for any other reason is poor
scholarship at best, and a deliberate misrepresentation of the

The complete story, in the form of the Immigration Adjudicator’s
report, is available on the web. It can be found at
and it is also prominently listed on Irving’s index.html file,

The flat text version will be found at

It would be helpful to know which event you refer to with your
comment about the “school teacher,” since several have become
involved in one way or another with antisemitic teaching, the most
prominent being James Keegstra, of Eckville, Alberta – his Supreme
Court of Canada judgments (both of them) are available at:


As you may know, the most recent decision held that s319 of the
Criminal Code of Canada was “justified as a reasonable limit” of
the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. S.319 of the Criminal
Code deals with the incitement of hatred against any identifiable
group, where such incitement is liable to lead to a breach of the

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Subject: David Irving’s deportation(s) from Canada
Summary: David Irving was not deported for “denying the Holocaust,”
he was deported for lying to immigration officials –
once on entry to Canada, and again while under oath.
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