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Sunday, April 13, 1997

Separatist firm says cops hiding behind tax charges

By Craig Garrett / The Detroit News

Authorities have used tax allegations against Resistance Records to try to
put the white separatist company out of businesses, the company’s secretary
said Saturday.

Jason Snow, a Canadian who also spends time at the company’s Highland
Township office, said Michigan and Ontario police confiscated nearly the
entire music inventory of the company in a raid Wednesday.

“All they would have had to do is pick up a phone and call us,” Snow said
in an interview at the Highland Township house the company uses as its
office. “Instead they chose to kick down the door.

“The government is using taxes as an excuse to shut us down.”

The raid at the rural split-level home was carried out by Ontario
Provincial Police, Michigan State Police and the Oakland County Sheriff’s

Law officers said the items were seized under instructions from the
Michigan Department of Treasury because Resistance Records has failed to
properly pay sales tax and file required tax documents.

Snow and other company officers said they believed Resistance Records had
been up-to-date on its federal and state tax obligations.

“We’re always willing to pay taxes; that never has been an issue,” said
Eric Davidson, Resistance Records general manager.

Agents hauled away 100 boxes of sales materials and business records,
according to State Police officers at the scene. Officers also took the
company’s computer equipment and mailing list of about 5,000 subscribers
from around the world.

Resistance Records was founded in 1993 by George Burdi of Windsor. The
company sells magazines, T-shirts and recordings. The recordings come from
15 separatist music groups, most of them American.

Copyright 1997, The Detroit News

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