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From the Holocaust Research Mailing List, April 1996:

== The query:

Is anyone familiar with the writings of Gyeorgos C. Hatonn?
Judging from the titles of some of his books, he apparently is a
fundamentalist who writes about armageddon and the end-times.
But he also wrote, according to _Books-in-Print_:

_The Trillion Dollar Lie–The Holocaust_. Vol. I: _The
Force Behind the Lie, the Cause of the Lie, and the
Prince of Deceit: The Anti-Christ_. Vol. II: _The Lies
of the “Death Camps,” the Deliberate Lies of the
“Numbers”: The Myth of the Six Million Swindle_. Bozeman,
MT: America West Publishers and Distributors, 1991.

== A response:

Hattonn is billed as an extra-terrestrial who beams his writings in from
outer space. He initially surfaced with a publication called the Phoenix
Liberator based in Tehachapi, Calif (The Simon Wiesenthal
Center has them all). PL had a BBS and would post Hatton’s daily writings.

The leader of this organization is George Green, who promoted the idea that
his Holocaust denial came from Hattonn and other worlds. He attempted to
hold some seminars a few years ago in Montreal I believe.

A couple of years ago the organization had a split and Hattonn’s writings
now eminate from a Publication called _Contact_ They can be reached at P.O.
Box 27800 Las Vegas, NV 89126.

The Editor in Chief of Contact is listed as Dr. Edwin M. Young. Contact also
features articles by, and ads for, material by Eustice Mullins, and a variety
of anti-govt, anti-CIA, and a booklist featuring the above titles and many more.

Interestingly enough, the paper still lists a hotline for 805 822-0202 which
would likely be in the Tehachapi area.