Hate Group Recruitment on the InterNet: Appendix


Selected Examples of Extremist Recruitment and Hate Messages on the Internet

1. Milton John Kleim Jr.

A. From “On Tactics and Strategy for USENET” by Milton John Kleim Jr.: “USENET offers enormous opportunity for the Aryan Resistance to disseminate our message to the unaware and the ignorant. It is the only relatively uncensored (so far) free-forum mass medium which we have available. The State cannot yet stop us from “advertising” our ideas and organizations on USENET… NOW is the time to grasp the WEAPON which is the Net, and wield it skillfully and wisely while you may still do so freely.”

Crucial to our USENET campaign is that our message is disseminated beyond “our” group…

We MUST move out beyond our present domain, and take up positions on “mainstream” groups…

Find groups that require “tailored” messages: … groups concerning politics and society would be suitable for our message about the Jewish-controlled media.

Tailor your messages for each group. Our ideology has myriad facets, and the well-informed activist can extract something to fit onto just about every group.

DO NOT EVER post a message that advocates or supports an illegal act or activity. Be assured that any message you post that even hints of direct action will be archived! If you explicitly advocate illegality, such an expression will surely be used against you, possibly immediately, by the Secret Police. The First Amendment still guarantees a wide variety of political expression, and explicit advocacy of unlawful behavior is NOT necessary. If your understandable anger builds to a point where you must say SOMETHING, express your feelings by quoting the fourth clause of the Declaration of Independence and the ninth article of the Bill of Rights.

Except on “our” groups, avoid the Race Issue. Side-step it as much as possible. We don’t have the time to defend our stance on this issue against the comments of hundreds of fools, liars, and degenerates who, spouting the Jewish line, will slaughter our message with half-truths, slander, and the ever-used sophistry.

Avoid engaging in non-productive debates with enemy activists. It is often difficult to distinguish between the Enemy’s dedicated lackeys, and the misguided who are merely parroting what the Jewsmedia has taught them.

B. Yesterday, the world witnessed a great act of courage, an act of courage by a brave young man with a bright future. Twenty-seven-year-old Yigal Amir, an Israeli law student, recognized the dilemma facing his People, accepted his racial duty, and blew away a traitor to the Jewish People and the Jewish State. Amir put aside his “happiness” his egotism, his love of self, and PUT HIS PEOPLE FIRST…

Are Jews more brave than Aryans?

2. Wyatt Kaldenberg A. Join the White Working Class revolution! Write the White Aryan Resistance… or call the Aryan Update… for a radical pro-White phone message.

American Capitalism is falling apart. National Socialism is our only hope!


George Hawthorne wrote: CHECK OUT STORMFRONT, a fantastic White Nationalist site with amazing graphics, articles, and up-to-date news…

CHECK OUT RESISTANCE RECORDS, the world’s only Pro-White Web Site, complete with music clips, graphics, and pictures…

CALL THE WHITE ARYAN RESISTANCE, toll free, for a message on the OJ verdict:


C. Kaldenberg also features a page with a computerized likeness of Hitler, superimposed on a swastika.

D. Subject: Cells of Three The new way of posting on the newsgroups is to stay away from the four racist newsgroups.

The only people who post there are racist and anti-racists, No new blood. It is a waste of our time to sing to the choir. The Jews are watching this list. So what we say is put in FTP sites. People should E-mail one another and talk privately about newsgroup you wish to hit. Get only three people. And hit a newsgroup. With three people you lessen the chance up [sic] posting with a Jew.

I have created titles in some newsgroups that have lived for months and months. It [sic] funny. Liberals post attacks on my titles that will say something like Niggers, Niggers and I have not been there in months, but because of the liberal reply to my titles, not my posts for they are long gone, the Nigger titles are still there. Then Niggers see the titles and say something like fuck all you White motherfuckers, then a liberal will say “But all Whites don’t hate blacks, etc.” And the nigger title keeps go and go and go like that pink rabbit. It is a hoot!…

My carrier has over 15,000 newsgroups. Let’s try to hit everyone at least once. This is how we will build the movement. And make your titles radical as hell. Your posts will be gone in a few weeks, but a good radical titles [sic] could stay on for months, if not years.

E. Following a colloquy about the relative merits of several hate groups and extremist publications: I have been involved with the movement since 1988. Over the past 7 years I have surveyed EVERY group and organization which I could contact . . . I avoided associating too close with any organization until this year.

That is the National Alliance.

If we have any chance of securing the biological and cultural heritage of our kind, then the Alliance is the BEST chance we have. It is time for people to cease their despicable hobbyism of joining a variety of “white nationalist organizations,” and decide to support the undeniable leader in North America, it not the world. We will get nowhere by spreading our VERY, VERY limited resources to organizations that are of little or no use to our people.

3. From a posting citing the National Alliance website… For a catalog of over 300 patriotic books, tapes, and videos- many of them available nowhere else, because of government and media censorship, send $2 to National Vanguard Books.

R. Logsdon then replies and comments: National Vanguard pays a moderate sum of money to maintain a web site with two and a half megs of data, for free, because they believe in what they are doing. They are not in it for the money. Do our money-grubbing pals in the ADL have a web site? No, of course not. How could they fly to Israel every month if they wasted their filthy money to combat racism on the net.