Hate Group Recruitment on the InterNet: An Innovative Propagandist

An Innovative Propagandist

Milton John Kleim Jr., self-described “Net Nazi Number One,” thinks he has a method that might work. Kleim, a recent graduate of St. Cloud State University in Minnesota who likes to write earnest sounding tomes that read like class papers, tries to project an image of a rational, scrubbed and shined, eager young activist. Precisely where, if anyplace, he fits in the organization of the National Alliance is hard to tell; he admits that his only contacts have been via computer. Kleim likes to flaunt his ubiquitous presence on the Net. In a letter he wrote to George Hawthorn‘s<1> Skinhead magazine, Resistance, he signed himself as the “Internet’s infamous ‘HERMANN.”‘ Kleim floods the newsgroups with messages attacking Jews, “Jewsmedia” and non- whites, openly calling for authoritarian government and expressing admiration for William Pierce,<2> leader of the neo-Hitlerian National Alliance.

Kleim details his proposal for extremist use of the Internet in an article “On Tactics and Strategy for USENET” that can be found on several neo-Nazi Web sites. The strategy is appropriate for someone with his views; it is one of guileful misrepresentation. He urges “cyber guerillas” to leave the safety of racist newsgroups and pick a likely mainstream newsgroup and post there. Once established, the recruiter should tailor messages to the interest of the group. If the group is concerned with foods he suggests the writer push the “kosher tax” message charging that kosher food supervision costs consumers money<3>. Groups focused on political or social issues would be suitable for the “Jewish-controlled media” message. Above all, he writes: Continually advertise our World Wide Web . . . resources and all suitable newsgroups. Systematically post the address for the [National] Alliance Website and [other extremist] Website[s]….

Except on “our” groups avoid the Race Issue. Side-step it as much as possible. We don’t have time to defend our stance on this issue against the comments of hundreds of fools, liars, and degenerates who, spouting the Jewish line, will slaughter our message with half-truths, slander, and the ever-used sophistry.

If a newbie [new user] or a lurker who [reads, and does not usually write] seems sincere inquires about racial science, deal with them ONLY via e-mail…. Avoid non- productive debates with enemy activists.

Remember; our overall USENET strategy must be to repeat powerful themes OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Wyatt Kaldenberg, who uses the Net to promote Tom Metzger‘s White Aryan Resistance (WAR) group and who broke Geraldo Rivera’s nose on national TV, has a similar approach. He typically expresses these ideas with pugnacious, “in your face” hostility. His barely contained rage is clear as he calls for extremists to descend on newsgroups en-masse: This ought to be our new tactic. Instead of hanging around the four racist newsgroups we can hit newsgroups as a mob. We cannot win when we are outnumbers [sic] by Jews but if we go in as a group we can win with the average Joe SIX [sic] Pack…. Post facts about black crime. Give them your update numbers. Web site addresses. Push books. Newspaper. [sic]