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Richard Harwood is, most sources agree, a pseudonym for Richard Verrall.
To name just one example, Manuel Prutschi’s “Holocaust Denial Today”

…the case of Richard Harwood or Richard Verrall. He was the editor
of the neo-Nazi National Front’s magazine Spearhead.

However, we would be remiss if we failed to mention that Carlos Porter,
a Holocaust-denier, comments in his March 6, 1996 “final revision” of
_Not Guilty At Nuremberg_:

The text initially began as a series of corrections to NUREMBERG AND
OTHER WAR CRIMES TRIALS by Richard Harwood (David McCalden), and
follows approximately the same format.

It is difficult to believe that Porter could work on a book for years
and not know the correct name of its original source. However, he
almost certainly has this fact wrong. The late David McCalden used
several other pseudonyms (e.g. “Lewis Brandon”), but “Richard Harwood”
was not, to our knowledge, one of them.

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