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From: [email protected] (JJ Fai)
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Subject: Censored Kohl Link to Nazi Terror Boss Revealed
Date: 28 Jul 1994 19:43:58 -0400
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The Free Flow Of Uncensored Facts
July 29, 1994 Issue 5.01 EXTRA
Copyright 1994, Germany Alert. All Rights Reserved.



VIENNA — German Chancellor Helmut Kohl chose a convicted Nazi
terrorist murderer to personally represent him at a
German-Chinese medical symposium in China earlier this year, it
was revealed tonight. Kohl designated Erhard Hartung, who was
sentenced in absentia to life in prison for his role in a
fascist multiple murder, to convey his personal greetings at
event in Wuhan, China.

The symposium took place in the end of May this year, but news
of the Kohl – Nazi link was kept from the public until tonight
when it was revealed by Searchlight, the London based magazine,
following a long journalistic investigation. Journalists said
about the Kohl decision to name Hartung was ordered by foreign
minister Klaus Kinkel, former head of German espionage.

Hartung is a high profile Nazi boss who has been prominent in
fascist organizations for the past two decades. In 1967, he and
two others were sentenced to life imprisonment for carrying out
“the bloodiest attack ever” in Italy’s South Tirol region.
Italian soldiers were killed in the sophisticated explosives
attack. Hartung, an Austrian citizen, did not show up for the
trial, and Austrian courts have refused to extradite him to

Even German fascists reacted with astonishment at Kohl’s
decision to name the notorious Nazi leader as his personal
representative. In Bonn, a spokesman for Kohl did not deny the
Kohl – Hartung connection.

Erhard Hartung first came to notoriety in the sixties with the
pro-fascist Brixia Burschenschaft in Innsbruck, Austria. He
later became a top official of the now banned National
Democratic Party of Austria (NPD). Brixia is known as the key
Austrian and northern Italian fascist terror group. Hartung is
an athesiologist specializing in heart surgery and is on the
staff of Heinrich Heine University Clinic in Duesseldorf,