Harman David, Email 3

…And we must also ban:

1) pornography;

2) cryptography;

3) advocating change in type of government;

4) reporting on politicians private lives;

5) reporting on actions of governments without advance approval
of the functionary in charge;

6) unauthorised study in the science of chemistry;

7) unauthorised study in the science of physics;

8) unauthorised study in the science of political psychology;

9) publications defending illegal acts, or the defendants

10) advocating the legalisation of illegals acts not currently
a matter of debate in legislative channels;

11) reporting on actions of the police;

12) reporting on a trial other than through officially released

13) homosexuality;

14) claiming that employers don’t treat their employess fairly;

15) claiming that the economic system is not fair;

16) claiming that different races, sexes, ages, physical
abilities, national orgins are treated differently by society;

17) claiming that there are essentially different religions;

18) unauthorised education of children;

19) statements that nations have essential differences;

20) failing to believe that society is infallible.

It all fits together! What should we start with first?

Nazis, pyrotechnia, economic dissent, political dissent,
charactor analysis of politicians, advocacy of illegal acts,
homosexuality, religious differences, etc., are already illegal
in many countries but the program hasn’t entirely fallen into
place yet; the Republican, Democratic, Progressive Conservative,
Labour, Conservative, Social Democratic, Christian Socialist,
etc. groups, are trying to implement the whole program step by
step to make us all into complacent cogs in the socio-economic

[just a quick list cooked up in response to the “legitimate”
illegalisation of Nazis in Germany which the Communists
advocated before their own banning which followed. –TV ]


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