Harman 1997

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Subject: Hooray for Yigal Amir!!!
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Hooray for Yigal Amir!

Hero of the people!


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Subject: Why Diversity-America Can’t Work (Was Re: Powderkeg USA)
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> white trailer trash that he stems from probably hasn’t been

Fuck you, capitalist yuppie parasite scum.


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Subject: The answer to all our problems
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Subject: Powderkeg USA
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> >> >> Ever notice how the liberals usually live in nice, safe (often
> >> >> Jewish) enclaves?
> >>
> >> Ever notice how racists tend to live in trailer parks?
> >
> >Fuck you, capitalist scum.
> What happened to good old elite white males?

They’re dying off; new money defeats the old. The Carnegies,
Maxims, Vanderbuilts, Goulds, etc., family fortunes are good
and gone; ha ha!; read up on them; the traitors deserved to
be hated.

> Fuck the niggers,fuck the minorities,fuck the poor and most
> of all FUCK YOU!

You will be pulled out from the rich pigpen whether you like
it or not; the rich will serve five to twenty five year terms
picking vegetables under the hot South Western sun with their
underlings, brothers under the whip; some actual work will
teach them some manners.


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Subject: PROPOSAL: alt.flame.dave-harman
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> As much as this great man deserves recognition, I doubt you
> will be able to achieve wide propagation. Use the existing
> alt.flame.dan.gannon.nazi.scum instead.

Not at this site, and requesting newsgroups here is a pointless

We do have alt.flame.net-cops for Mike Beebe,
alt.flame.spelling for Sara Scwarz,
alt.flame.mud for Joel Rosenberg and
alt.flame.rush-limbaugh for Dick Graves


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Subject: Will Oppenheimer ever give up Southern Africa? No, says Mandela
Date: 3 Jan 1997 11:55:16 -0800
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> >> The diamond company, DE BEER , controls Southern Africa. Since
> >> the people who own and run De BEER are jewish. De Beer CEO
> >> Robert Oppenheimer is a jew and a major support of israel. we
> >> all know israel was a major supporter of South Africa during
> >> the Apartide years. Will the Jews at De Beer corporation
> >> ever give up their ownership of Southern Africa and repay
> >> the poor africans for loses they suffered for past 200 years?.
> >
> >No. Harry Oppenhiemer made tens of billions off Apartheid
> >and he has no intentions of giving it up. He’s made a pact
> >with the ANC, he’ll support the ANC if the ANC supports his
> >”right” to rule the business world.
> I think that you may be mistaken in your listing of Robert
> Oppenheimer’s religous affiliation.

Harry! The unrelated Robert was the one who directed the
atomic weapons project (and much later admitted to selling
nuclear weapons secrets to the USSR; yes, the Rosenbergs were
patsies who were pretty much just guilty of silence; their
execution silenced them permanently, allowing the real spies
to escape trial.)

Harry Oppenheimer is the plutocrat that the capitalist Nelson
Mandela capitulated to; the ANC and SWAPO are capitalist.


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Subject: Will Oppenheimer Ever Give up Southern Africa? No, says Mandela
Date: 3 Jan 1997 12:25:28 -0800
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> > > Max, I don’t own any shares in De Beers. There’s NOTHING I can
> > > do about the economic situation in S.A. Tell me, if I were a Lutheran,
> > > would that give me a partner in Microsoft? Does being a Buddhist give
> > > you shares in Toyota?

No, but attacking low class Boers for capitalism while leaving
the ruling class unscathed marks one as a capitulationist,
a faker.

> 1. Israel and the apartide fascist regime of s. africa
> were distingueshed lovers for years. President Mandella
> has condemned the Jewish state on sevral occasion and the
> rep of the s. african government was blocked from entering
> bethlehem 3 weeks ago.

For example, there was a chain of stores in the UK in the
1970’s that refused to stock anything not produced by South
Africa and/or Israel if they could at all avoid it.

As for Mandela, he’s a weak knee’d capitulationist.

> 2. the jewish Anti Defamation League (ADL) and the jewish
> AIPAC are conducting a fierce attack against one of the finest
> afro american (farrakhan) because, according to farrakhan
> jews have been sucking the bblood of blacks in america for
> centuries and they thourouly partcipated in enslaving the
> balcks to the white man.

In a notorious spy scandel in the San Francisco Bay Area, the
ADL was involved with spying on all anti-apartheid organizations
as well as Arab publications, Jewish peace groups, perceived
antisemitism, etc.

A letter to the newspaper (SF Chronicle?) purporting
to be from an ADL staffer, first brought up the term
“Jurusalem-Johannesburg Axis” denying it existed; he was
referring to spying on anti-Apartheid and pro-Palestinian
individuals and organizations. Since I’ve shopped in the
store Thousand Oaks Pharmacy, I suppose I am now listed in the
ADL records, as I found out in the newspaper, long after the
fact, that the owner Sam, is a leader of a Palestinian group,
and Sam himself advocated that the reforms were not enough,
that Palestine should be a seperate independant state.


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Subject: “The Vanishing Diaspora”
Date: 3 Jan 1997 14:58:36 -0800
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> It would be rather difficult to make a movie as bad as ID4.
> It is right up there with Plan Nine.

Ed Wood was a better director than the overpriced yuppie who
made Independance Day.


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Subject: The lazy rich – divide and conquer
Date: 3 Jan 1997 13:55:35 -0800
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> >>>> Ever notice how the liberals usually live in nice,
> >>>> safe (often Jewish) enclaves?
> >>
> >>Ever notice how racists tend to live in trailer parks?
> Are you implying that the people who live in trailer parks
> (And in other low cost housing) are in some way inferior
> to people, such as taxpayer supported students and faculty?

Yes, he is; my guess is the average anti-racist makes $30,000.00
more a year than the average racist; the anti-racist little
boys are frightened of losing their middle class privilages.
Wealthy so-called liberals forget trying to rally poor people
as a class; they prefer to divide and conquer.

Wasn’t Mother Jones an upper middle classman who helped the
impoverished of Harlan County? Mother Jones INC. today prefer
to divide poor people on mere personal issues. Today the
editors of “Mother Jones” prefer to spread hate in the guise
of being “progressives,” whatever the hell they mean by that;
apparantly being “progressive” means to hate today’s poor of
the same Harlan County by scum who are wealthier than Mother
Jones ever was.

> Maybe if they weren’t taxed so much, to provide for millions
> of freeloaders, they would be able to afford to save to buy
> a house.

It’s the private sector that’s more responsible for economic
inequalities than government; “our” government is a servent
of the parasitic fat-assed wealthy non-entities!


From [email protected],[email protected] Fri Jan 3 20:36:36 PST 1997
Article: 534109 of talk.politics.misc
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Subject: Do we exist?
Date: 3 Jan 1997 13:28:34 -0800
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> What does “race” mean to you? What makes it significant
> to you?

According to our teachers race is vital for some people and
worthless for others.

> There’s nothing to deny…it’s scientific existence is false.
> There is no valid scientific distinction separating human
> beings into racial groups. The social distinction is based
> on arbitrary (invalid) definitions made centuries ago.
> Your answer to the first two questions will explain why you
> *believe* in the existence of “racial” distinctions.
> : > Maybe you can explain the difference between species
> : > and race and why there are always overlaps among races?
> Before genetics was used, species were defined according to
> observable differences in behaviour, habitat, etc. However,
> using genetics, we’ve learned more. Some things that appeared
> to be related aren’t and some things that don’t appear to be
> related at all are. For example, did you know that dolphins
> are related to cows?

No, how related are they?

Different species were always seperated by visual cues; even
today the primary differentation by botanists and biologists is
based on appearance; even blind botanists can often tell the
difference between plant species that look identical to the
untrained observer by feeling the subtle differences of shape.

> All human beings, even using social (unscientific) “racial”
> categories, belong to the same species. Humans from
> different but similar parts of the world behave similarly,
> and when brought together, they often adopt one another’s
> cultures and form new ones. Human beings are, for cultural
> and environmental purposes, are completely interchangeable
> and adaptable to one another (if they choose to be).

Questionable; do you take the above statement as an axiom or
do you consider that proof is needed?

> Genetic distinctions between so-called “races” is not possible
> with the current mappings of human DNA.

Perhaps DNA research is not advanced enough to tell the
difference? Can species of animals be consistently detected by
merely looking at the DNA? Is genetics research that advanced?
No, observable appearance is still today an undiscardable
means of taxonomy.

> In other words, you cannot look at DNA and conclude what
> so-called “race” the sample was taken from. Although you may
> be able to guess that the gene for blue-eyes is more likely
> to belong to someone identified as “white” or Caucasian…but
> blue eyes are not unique to “whites” or Caucasians.
> However, even if there was some way of using DNA to define
> “races”, that definition would still be arbitrary. OR,
> there would be so many “races” that the definition of “race”
> would be meaningless because there’s more genetic variation
> within so-called “racial” groups than between them.

There’s another one of Lewin’s 1950’s pulp quips. Does the fact
that a member of a blood group is more distinctive individually
>from other members of that blood group than the members of
that blood group are collectively different from other blood
groups indicate that blood groups do not exist? Exceptions?
There goes the Lewin axiom; a cute slogan to teach high school
biology students but meaningless otherwise.

By the way, my blood group is Type B, does that mean an
examination of Blood Groups indicate that I am 50% more likely
to be an average African American than the average American?
Yes, but taxonomists don’t rely on Blood Groups to define
genetic differences between races.

> For example, natural hair color (to exclude Dennis Rodman)
> varies much more in “whites” and Caucasians than in other
> groups. So, why isn’t there a “blonde” racial group?
> How about an “auburn” racial group? How about a “red”
> racial group? Are men and women more genetically different
> than two men (or two women) of different “races”?

Races have more differences than mere hair color; the “Blond
race,” “Black race,” etc., of last century were mere terms
that biologists coined for the moment, to express what modern
terms imply more accuratly.

> But even if “racial” groups were genetically defined, your
> offspring would stand a very good chance of being classified
> differently due to the genes supplied by your “mate”.

Nope; mixed breeds of races are defined as being a percentage
of each race.

> However, all dogs descended from wolf stock – although my
> theory is that those annoying little lap dogs came from
> rats! 🙂

My pet theory is that the owners are evolved from rats!-)

> But since I’m not a biologist, I can’t tell you what makes
> wild dogs like dingos, foxen, coyote, etc., different species.
> I don’t even know if European reindeer and North American
> caribou are the same species.

Yes, two canine skeletons can have an identical appearence to
the untrained, but to the biologist can be more distinct than
a mere difference of species.

> My expertise is in computer software development, multimedia
> development, UNIX System Administration, etc.

Unix is either racist or capitalist, re: inferior and superior
processes, access privilages, the root as master, etc.,
naturally a white mans creation.-)


From [email protected],[email protected] Fri Jan 3 20:37:43 PST 1997
Article: 360308 of talk.politics.guns
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Date: 3 Jan 1997 14:18:19 -0800
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Here: Fri 03 Jan 1997 02:13:16 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: Mark Johnson <[email protected]>
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:212155 soc.culture.europe:52668 talk.politics.guns:360308

> > > Suppose it’s cool with you if I want to buy a machinegun or two?
> > >
> > > “No”?
> > >
> > > Pray tell, why not?
> >
> > Machine guns are lousy weapons, that’s why; but there should
> > be no law against selective fires.
> And I have no problems with them buying machine guns either.
> It IS still legal unless your local yokels have added more
> restrictive language than the national standard. Just pays
> your $200, fill out your application to the ATF/FBI (After
> The Fire/Free BBQ Inside) and wait for approval to then spend
> your money on a machine gun. It just costs a heck of a lot
> of money to have all that ammo go down range so quickly.

Califonia, Hawaii, other states, a zillion of localities,
etc., don’t allow it to the common people; otherwise I’d jump
the hoops and purchase a silenced Hi-Standard.

Is Washington (the state!) also restricted like California?
I suppose I don’t need to ask, but is Seattle restricted?


From [email protected],[email protected] Fri Jan 3 20:45:45 PST 1997
Article: 122152 of news.admin.net-abuse.misc
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Subject: Censorship here in America!
Date: 3 Jan 1997 14:35:21 -0800
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Here: Fri 03 Jan 1997 02:30:23 PM Pacific Standard Time
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:212119 soc.culture.europe:52652 alt.california:29697 misc.immigration.usa:13107 news.admin.net-abuse.misc:122152 news.admin.censorship:22724 news.admin.net-abuse.usenet:3307

> > I was just called by my server, accesscomm.net, that they
> > are not going to allow me to use their server because of my
> > ‘anti-semetic’ viewpoints.
> Speaking as a Jew, I am saddened that many of the Jewish
> organizations that were founded on noble causes have turned
> into massive propagators of censorship and intollerence.

Why “speaking as a Jew?” Is that something hard to do, aren’t
you allowed to criticize? Are you going against the grain or
is criticism of established forces specifically Jewish?


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 4 15:59:46 PST 1997
Article: 90999 of alt.revisionism
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Subject: The Witches Hammer
Date: 4 Jan 1997 13:23:07 -0800
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Here: Sat 04 Jan 1997 01:12:15 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Mike Curtis)
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:212415 soc.culture.europe:52775 alt.revisionism:90999 soc.history:11423

> >>For years now, I keep hearing about the “evil Nazis” who are blatant
> >>”Holocaust deniers”. Why is the denial of some part of
> >>generally-accepted history considered anti-Semitic? What if someone
> >>chooses to disbelieve the events which occurred during the Salem
> >>witch-hunts? Will this person be considered anti-Wiccan or
> >>anti-Puritan?

Does anyone know if The Witches Hammer was ever translated
into English? Rosenberg panned it as the disguised political
repression it was.

> >>Historians from the late 19th and early 20th century _were_ not in
> >>love with the Puritans. They were labeled by later historians as being
> >>ant-Puritan. Historians move in cycles with Puritan history. But one
> >>thing remains the same. The events. How they are interpreted has
> >>changed over the years. One reason is the growth of modern historical
> >>methods and analysis. One historian of the 1930s commented that the
> >>witchcraft sensations could be ignored for they did not influence the
> >>political history of the Colony.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 4 15:59:47 PST 1997
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Subject: Nazi Duty
Date: 4 Jan 1997 13:53:21 -0800
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:212416 soc.culture.europe:52776 alt.revisionism:91000 soc.history:11424

> The Germans were fighting against the real evil which
> was communism. And communism was Jewish.

Communism isn’t Jewish and isn’t evil; it’s Globalism with the
monopoly capital and wrecking resistence to it that comes with
Globalism that is evil.

Whould you deny that the media monopoly is Globalist oriented
with their favoritism to unfettered capital dominating the
entire world?

It’s the two planks of the Communist Manifesto that call for
the eradication of families and erasing national borders that
are the evils that our rulers have picked up on; our rulers
certainly don’t follow the rest of the Manifesto and neither
do rightest Communists.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 4 15:59:48 PST 1997
Article: 91003 of alt.revisionism
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Subject: Blackmore’s obtuse Postings
Date: 4 Jan 1997 13:58:32 -0800
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X-From: [email protected] (Mark Van Alstine)
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:212417 soc.culture.europe:52779 alt.revisionism:91003 soc.history:11425

Perhaps you can’t understand Blackmore’s posts because you
are ignorant on the respective subjects?


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 4 15:59:49 PST 1997
Article: 91011 of alt.revisionism
Path: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca!news.island.net!news.bctel.net!news.mag-net.com!aurora.cs.athabascau.ca!rover.ucs.ualberta.ca!news.bc.net!info.ucla.edu!newsfeed.internetmci.com!howland.erols.net!cs.utexas.edu!newshost.convex.com!egsner!newshost.cyberramp.net!news1.crl.com!nexp.crl.com!in2.uu.net!nexp.crl.com!nntp.crl.com!news.infomagic.com!news.west.net!coconut!news.lava.net!news-w.ans.net!newsfeeds.ans.net!news.aloha.net!news.sprintlink.net!news-stk-3.sprintlink.net!news.sprintlink.net!news-pull.sprintlink.net!news.sprintlink.net!news-dc-10.sprintlink.net!netnews.nwnet.net!news-hub.interserv.net!news.interserv.com!news
From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.revisionism,soc.history
Subject: Moving to the soc.history newsgroup – RFD: soc.history.revisionism
Date: 4 Jan 1997 14:06:57 -0800
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Here: Sat 04 Jan 1997 02:00:36 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Ken Lewis)
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:212425 soc.culture.europe:52786 alt.revisionism:91011 soc.history:11427

> >In 1699 Johann Christoph Wagenseil published his “Instruction
> >in the Jewish-German Manner of Reading and Writing”. In it,
> >he wrote:
> >
> >The Jews have dealt with no language as “sinfully” as one says,
> >as with our German language. They have given it a totally
> >foreign intonation and pronunciation. They have mutilated
> >good German words, they have tortured them, they have inverted
> >their meaning as well as invented new words unknown to us.
> >They have mixed innumerable Hebrew words and turns of phrase
> >into German, so that if one heard them speaking German, one
> >would believe that they spoke pure Hebrew, since the listener
> >could understand almost none of the words. Also, they have
> >published not a small number of books in this gibberish in
> >Hebrew letters, and everyday even more are printed.
> And what does this have to do with the Holocaust, Mr. Bellinger?
> What? Nothing at all?

I agree that most posts in alt.revisionism
belong in soc.history; perhaps starting an RFD for
soc.history.revisionism? Since every historian is a revisionist
then perhaps a seperate newsgroup is redundant.


From [email protected],[email protected] Mon Jan 6 18:17:14 PST 1997
Article: 91470 of alt.revisionism
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Subject: Wagner
Date: 6 Jan 1997 13:03:52 -0800
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Here: Mon 06 Jan 1997 12:58:49 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Mark Van Alstine)
X-Bytes: [ 3128]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:213184 soc.culture.europe:52957 alt.revisionism:91470 soc.history:11505

> > I am a lover of real music and have been listening to Wagner’s
> > “Parsifal” amongst many other works, for many years. About ten
> > years ago, a young American rabbi came on British television
> > and claimed that this music drama is “Clearly anti-Semitic”
> > and should be banned. Since them I have come across other
> > Jews reiterating this, though I cannot remember any names;
> > it seemed a view held by quite a few Jews.
> >
> > There was no explanation by the rabbi or any of the others
> > of this accusation.
> Perhaps because Wagner, the man, _was_ a rabid anti-Semite?

So was Franz Liszt, but they aren’t out to ban Liszt, yet.


From [email protected],[email protected] Tue Jan 7 21:11:36 PST 1997
Article: 55078 of alt.politics.white-power
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Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.revisionism,alt.politics.white-power,soc.history,uk.politics
Subject: The Truth About Jews
Date: 7 Jan 1997 14:55:12 -0800
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Here: Tue 07 Jan 1997 02:46:32 PM Pacific Standard Time
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:213583 soc.culture.europe:53032 alt.politics.nationalism.white:42646 alt.revisionism:91699 alt.politics.white-power:55078 soc.history:11531

>> They’ve been kicked out of every nation that’s ever hosted
>> them, like vermin. How can this be?
>Well, the anti-semite King Edward II expelled Jews from
>England in 1295 because he was trying to distract popular
>opposition to his unpopular regime by encouraging pogroms
>against a victimised minority.

The rich are another victimised minority that’s been persecuted
and kicked out of every nation that’s hosted them. The same
with the royalty. Your point?

>However, in 1657 (IIRC), Oliver Cromwell removed the anti-semitic
>ban on Jews living in England.

And deported 80+% of the Scottish nation but you wouldn’t care
about that, would you.

>Since then, Jews have not been “kicked out” of the UK and
>there are now over 300,000 people who describe themselves as
>Jews in Britain.


From [email protected],[email protected] Tue Jan 7 22:38:01 PST 1997
Article: 91701 of alt.revisionism
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.skinheads,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,soc.history
Subject: The Right Wing Undisguised
Date: 7 Jan 1997 15:19:51 -0800
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Lines: 16
Message-ID: <Love@69169>
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Here: Tue 07 Jan 1997 03:07:37 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Andrew Mathis)
X-Bytes: [ 3041]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:213589 soc.culture.europe:53037 alt.skinheads:48220 alt.politics.nationalism.white:42656 alt.politics.white-power:55082 alt.revisionism:91701 soc.history:11532

>> Jenn Starkmann, Nifty Leftist Marxist Maoist Commie Pinko
>> Wascally Joosh Really Cute For A Tea Drinker said:

Ridiculous, Nizkor and close supporters are rightists and have
always been no matter what their previous affiliations were.

Nizkorites believe that the rich are genetically superior to
to the poor, a fundamentally rightist belief; they have been
promoting conservatism for years.

Enemies of Nizkor tend to much more progressive than
reactionaries like Starkman, Mathis, McVay, Stein, Caesar,
Rosenberg, schwartz, Graves, Morrison, Alstine, Curtis, etc.


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 8 06:12:28 PST 1997
Article: 91747 of alt.revisionism
Path: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca!news.island.net!news.bctel.net!noc.van.hookup.net!nic.win.hookup.net!vertex.tor.hookup.net!nova.thezone.net!hookup!su-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com!cam-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com!howland.erols.net!gatech!ncar!uchinews!cbgw2.lucent.com!cbgw3.lucent.com!news.pbi.net!news5.crl.com!nexp.crl.com!in2.uu.net!nexp.crl.com!nntp.crl.com!data.ramona.vix.com!sonysjc!decwrl!spool.mu.edu!howland.erols.net!feed1.news.erols.com!news.bbnplanet.com!cpk-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com!mindspring!uunet!in1.uu.net!!news-in.iadfw.net!newsfeed.gte.net!usenet
From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.revisionism,soc.history
Subject: Nazi Duty
Date: 7 Jan 1997 23:39:54 -0800
Organization: Usenet Engineering Task Force
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> >> The Germans were fighting against the real evil which
> >> was communism. And communism was Jewish.
> >
> >Communism isn’t Jewish and isn’t evil; it’s Globalism with
> >the monopoly capital and wrecking resistence to it that comes
> >with Globalism that is evil.
> >
> >Whould you deny that the media monopoly is Globalist oriented
> >with their favoritism to unfettered capital dominating the
> >entire world?
> >
> >It’s the two planks of the Communist Manifesto that call for
> >the eradication of families and erasing national borders that
> >are the evils that our rulers have picked up on; our rulers
> >certainly don’t follow the rest of the Manifesto and neither
> >do rightest Communists.
> To take it a step further, their method of accomplishing those
> goals is not to let it happen but to use force on people to
> make it happen. Similarly they had some form of dislike of
> capitalism for which a case can be made without any reference
> to marxism but they prohibited free enterprise, restricted
> the basic human freedom to earn a living in the process.

Eh? Is that wrong? Or is capitalism somehow “justified”
simply because our “experts” are capitalist?

> As yet the present leaders have not been so obvious as to
> use force. In the US the Liberal wing chose to establish a
> welfare system the gave a financial incentive to undermine
> the family. They knew they were doing it or they were dumber
> than the conservatives who told them that would be the result.
> As time has passed they have become roughly the same.

Damn right! There’s not a dimes worth of difference between
“liberals” and “conservatives” when it comes to the fundamental
issues of the day.

> The opposing sides debate how much or how little the government
> should be involved in families without the simple recognition
> that it is none of the government’s business in the first place.
> Even our deal ofd Christian Coalition argues for pro-family
> government actions thus falsely acknowledging that it IS the
> business of the government.

There’s always the option of joining the radicals who are
neither of the two flags of the establishment.


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 8 06:24:24 PST 1997
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Subject: BARD@smart is JEWISH WHITE MALE??
Date: 7 Jan 1997 12:15:43 -0800
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Here: Tue 07 Jan 1997 12:03:46 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Nat Turner)
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> >>It was a joint effort partially led by the BARD and various
> >>Jews from other newsgroups. The upstart was a key person
> >>connected with his ISP was connected and emailed some of his
> >>posts, after this it was only a matter of time. All which
> >>goes to show there are limits here on the net. Mac Gangster
> >>was not only an anti-Semite but he regularly put down black
> >>women with insults such as “stupid bitch” etc.

That’s what BARD does continually, always insulting women!
He’s a gay woman-basher.

> I doubt the BARD is Jewish and it seems you misread the
> text above; in it I state “…BARD and various Jewish
> groups…” not “BARD and various other Jews.” Of course,
> since I’ve never met the infamous BARD I’m not knowledgeable
> about his ethnic/religious background one way or the other.
> Personally, my opinion, though, in case any one is interested,
> is that he’s a black guy so ashamed of his race that he’s
> taken to posing as a white guy.

Bosh. BARD is a capitalist pig who was beaten when he tried
to rape his African secretary (his secretary is male.)


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 8 16:18:43 PST 1997
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Subject: “Hall of Shame” – Sara admits it
Date: 8 Jan 1997 00:56:29 -0800
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> > Any libel on my part is due to a lack of knowledge which
> > is ignorance BUT your camp’s libel is by design. Make no
> > mistake and ignorant person can get knowledge BUT a stupid
> > person will never get the sense of anything.
> My camp?
> Hmm… you’ll have to be more specific.
> I went to Audubon Society day camp when I was six, and a
> variety of camps later on: Indian Hill, Buck’s Rock, Long
> Lake, Beaupre…
> Which of these camps were you referring to?

The first one we made love in when we were teenyboppers?


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 8 16:18:45 PST 1997
Article: 91773 of alt.revisionism
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Subject: Wagner
Date: 7 Jan 1997 22:51:11 -0800
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> : > > There was no explanation by the rabbi or any of the others
> : > > of this accusation.
> : >
> : > Perhaps because Wagner, the man, _was_ a rabid anti-Semite?
> : So was Franz Liszt, but they aren’t out to ban Liszt, yet.-TV
> : That ain’t the half of it, since there is good evidence that Wagner’s
> : father was a Jew. As for the stupid young rabbi: Wagner’s music has
> : nothing to fear from such pygmies. Honestly you could think of something
> : else to do besides shooting fish in a barrel.
> This post makes no sense to me. Are you saying that because
> there is good evidence that Wagner’s father is a Jew he
> couldn’t be a rabid anti-Semite? Or that because there is
> good evidence that Wagner’s father is a Jew other Jew’s
> should respect Wagner?
> Don’t get me wrong. I’m not about to defend some rabbi trying
> to get Wagner’s music banned! Wagner may be the composer Jews
> love to hate. But certainly I have no problem with someone
> getting inspiration and or enjoyment out of Wagner’s work
> and I suspect most Jews would agree with me.

Of course you are aware of the many Jewish experts
who disagree with you. Consult Robert Ludwig at
humanities.music.composers.wagner for details.


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 8 16:40:23 PST 1997
Article: 55116 of alt.politics.white-power
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Subject: Playing the race card is getting good
Date: 7 Jan 1997 22:30:59 -0800
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> well unfortunately other races bring racism upon themselves
> by using the color of their skin as a cop-out!!!! if people
> would accept that maybe the reason they were accused of a
> crime or didn’t get a job or whatever was because of the
> inside then things would be better. if my father hears one
> more black person at his work say “you want me to do this
> because i’m black…” he’ll scream. no wonder there is racism.
> People bring it on themselves.

What would be wrong with whites emulating what other races do?

Radicalism is everything to whites!


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 8 16:40:57 PST 1997
Article: 129653 of alt.conspiracy
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Subject: The lazy rich – divide and conquer
Date: 7 Jan 1997 12:59:47 -0800
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:213650 soc.culture.europe:53078 alt.politics.nationalism.white:42705 alt.skinheads:48272 alt.fan.g-gordon-liddy:53702 alt.conspiracy:129653 misc.immigration.usa:13250 talk.politics.guns:361963 alt.politics.socialism.trotsky:18370 alt.illuminati:21257 alt.society.anarchy:40413 alt.motherjones:20240

> > Yes, he is; my guess is the average anti-racist makes
> > $30,000.00 more a year than the average racist; the
> > anti-racist little boys are frightened of losing their
> > middle class privilages. Wealthy so-called liberals forget
> > trying to rally poor people as a class; they prefer to divide
> > and conquer.
> That only indicates that the racist is blaming someone else
> for their own financial difficulties… I am rather poor,
> but I blame no one for that.

Which is why you shall remain poor.

If you don’t help strengthen Affirmative Action you won’t get
anything out of it.

The proper response to the Affirmative Action movement is not
to try to abolish it but to make it more fair.

The California propositions 187 and 209 were mere knee jerking
by the states ever reactionary populace. I fail to see that
revoking welfare to the poor with these propopositions has the
slightest thing to do with the alleged goals of these tactics.
So 187 depresses wages of illegals so encouraging businesscrooks
to hire more; wealthy legals are encouraged and so facilitating
the transfer of wealth power to foreign hands. 209 simply
gives the businesscriminals ever more power in their hands.

The lameness of these and similar Congressional proposals is
proof of the lowering of popular political culture by “our”
leaders, the “experts” of the Academic and Corporate worlds.


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 8 16:41:24 PST 1997
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Subject: Jenny Loves Me
Date: 8 Jan 1997 00:51:53 -0800
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Here: Wed 08 Jan 1997 12:44:51 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Jenn Starkman)
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> >You shouldn’t even be allowed to breathe, let alone use
> >a computer.
> Nonsense! If there’s anything more amusing than humiliating
> someone like Scott, it’s watching them humiliate themselves
> without prompting of any sort. <grin>

I’m glad you finally dumped your old boyfriend.

> Awwww…that’s so sweet! I just adore a man who’ll stand up
> for me. 🙂

I love you Jenn!!

> Hehehe…Chad? I’ve been one of the only voices of reason on
> this damned group for nearly half a decade now… (and yes,
> it has been that long–scary, huh?). But thank you. 🙂

When methinks it’s time to go up yonder can you give me one
of your wet kisses that you always pressed your tender lips
to me before?


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 8 19:13:24 PST 1997
Article: 55170 of alt.politics.white-power
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Subject: How About An All White Society???
Date: 8 Jan 1997 11:42:00 -0800
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:213766 soc.culture.europe:53111 alt.politics.white-power:55170

> OK, let’s pretend that negros have their own states, and
> whites have their own. Has anyone done a study to see if
> life would be any better or worse? Would violent crime drop
> like a 16 ton weight if there were no blacks? I really would
> like to read something on this subject, if you know of any
> such study, please e-mail me with where I can find this
> info. I really believe that negros do cause a large amount
> of the violent crimes in this country, and if we were away
> from them, things would be a lot better. I have done some
> research on this myself, and from what I’ve come up with,
> it seems to be true, but I’m open to someone proving me wrong.

Whites can be a hell of a lot tougher on crime than a liberal
society can be. We can treat businesscrime with all the
severity it deserves. Corruption will be punished mercilessly.
Rape is unthinkable as a defendable act in a white society.
We will have the state farms for pimps of all sorts and the
knout will remind them that hard work is their only hope
for salvation.


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 8 19:30:53 PST 1997
Article: 86531 of talk.politics.mideast
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Subject: World Citizens in search of a Home – Liars like Jim Walsh
Date: 7 Jan 1997 14:24:53 -0800
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Here: Tue 07 Jan 1997 01:58:03 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Jim Walsh)
X-Bytes: [ 2278]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:213660 soc.culture.europe:53083 alt.journalism:67157 alt.journalism.criticism:10450 alt.politics.nationalism.white:42717 alt.politics.radical-left:144258 alt.politics.sex:19378 alt.politics.usa.constitution:110982 alt.politics.usa.republican:354730 soc.culture.asian:411 soc.culture.african:40808 soc.culture.malaysia:46412 soc.culture.china:129997 soc.culture.israel:55044 talk.politics.mideast:86531

> :: It just so happens that every one of you people who says race doesn’t
> ::exist just happens to demand massive third world immigration into EVERY
> ::white majority country and ONLY into white majority majority countries.
> As one of the people who says race doesn’t exist, I object
> to you lying about what I say. I support open immigration
> into and from EVERY country.

Sell that idea to the Orient like the Orient has sold it to us.

Try visiting the Formosan quarter and advocating unlimited
immigration of non-Formosans. China likes tourist money; so
go visit China and advocate unlimited immigration of Russians,
Africans, Indians. Malaysia is also a place that needs to be
told that unlimited immigration from China, India, America is
what’s good for them. Israel needs to allow as much immigration
as immigrants want from India, China, Iraq, Poland, Syria.

You should also work to convince China, Israel, Libya, Syria,
Kuwait that deported spies with AIDS should by allowed to come
back and become a citizen if they so desire.


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 8 20:20:45 PST 1997
Article: 91871 of alt.revisionism
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.revisionism,soc.history
Subject: Wagner
Date: 7 Jan 1997 22:43:41 -0800
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Here: Tue 07 Jan 1997 10:38:38 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Ehrlich606)
X-Bytes: [ 992]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:213774 soc.culture.europe:53118 alt.revisionism:91871 soc.history:11557

> > > There was no explanation by the rabbi or any of the others
> > > of this accusation.
> >
> > Perhaps because Wagner, the man, _was_ a rabid anti-Semite?
> So was Franz Liszt, but they aren’t out to ban Liszt, yet.-TV
> That ain’t the half of it, since there is good evidence that
> Wagner’s father was a Jew. As for the stupid young rabbi:
> Wagner’s music has nothing to fear from such pygmies.

Goering had a Jewish education as did many other antisemites;
the conclusion to be drawn from this is that Jewish education
leads to antisemitism.

Now as for the subjects of Lenin and Stalin….


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> >In the fall of 1980, Metzger was the surprise winner of a
> >California Congressional primary. In the November general
> >election, the Klan leader faced incumbent Rep. Clair Burgener,
> >who defeated Metzger by a margin of over 210,000 votes (88%
> >to 12%). Metzger soon left the California Klan and formed the
> >White American Political Association, the forerunner of WAR.
> Not quite accurate. North San Diego County is seriously
> conservative. They probably haven’t elected a Democrat up
> there since WW II (or earlier). Nobody offered to run in the
> primary as a Democrat, so Metzger put his name in and became
> the Democratic candidate by default.

You ought to goto the library and read up on old issues of
the Southern Poverty Law Centers Klanwatch. The SPLCs actions
help convince one of the desirability of Metzger’s politics.


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> And what does this have to do with the Holocaust,
> Mr. Bellinger? What? Nothing at all?

I’m glad that you agree with me that this discussion should
be moved to soc.history; after all, every historian is a


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> > Speaking of which, where are the great jewish composers?
> > Are they are the same leaflets as jewish sports legends just
> > to fill the space?
> Mahler, Mendelssohn, Schoenberg…

By the way, is there anybody who likes Schoenberg’s Three Piano
Pieces but me? The markings he put on the score are lame and
Gould did a lousy performance. And you forget Anton Rubinstein.

In any case those are rather light headed minor composers;
who cares?

Perlman, L Bernstein, lame…


From [email protected] Fri Jan 10 14:29:39 PST 1997
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Subject: Anti-Sexual Education in the Schools
Date: 9 Jan 1997 14:22:09 -0800
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214060 soc.culture.europe:53202 alt.politics.sex:19406 alt.sex:193013 talk.politics.misc:537390 soc.culture.usa:104070 soc.women:130925 soc.men:128598 soc.couples:27069 soc.history:11598 alt.revisionism:92061 alt.teens:17473


There has been enough media comment about the six year-old
boy in Lexington, North Carolina who was suspended from first
grade for sexual harassment after he kissed a little girl on the
cheek so that I presume you are all familiar with the case. This
incident is one of the most frightening and serious indicators
yet of how deeply diseased American society has become.

If I had to pick the one absolute worst thing the Jews have
done to our culture, I would say that they have managed very
effectively to destroy all trust and affection between White
men and White women. Through a combination of economic pressure
and social engineering of the kind observed in this incident
in Lexington, it has become virtually impossible for a White
man and woman to have a normal, loving relationship leading
to marriage and children, something our ancestors took for
granted and probably the one thing about today’s abominable
world they would find least comprehensible.

An evil and bogus myth has been created that men—all men in
theory, but it’s always understood that the mythmakers mean
White men—that White men are and have throughout history
been engaged in some kind of mammoth conspiracy against women,
the object of this conspiracy being to keep them barefoot and
pregnant and chained to the kitchen stove while men get to have
all the fun in life. (Like war and working for a living.) An
entire lost generation of American White women has bought into
this vicious lie.

White women today treat men as enemies, as competitors,
regarding their male acquaintances and co-workers with
suspicion, as if we’re all up to no good. This carries over into
their relationships; White women have become so brainwashed
into fearing the man in their lives as a source of financial
competition, potential oppression, and potential violence that
the kind of trust and affection and respect which leads to a
permanent, lifetime partnership is now almost impossible to
attain no matter how hard the man works at breaking down the
artificially created barriers between himself and the woman
he loves.

[The endless anti-sexual tirades of men “they’re all the same
in the dark,” “a hole is hole”, “screw the bitch and dump her”,
prostitution, pornography, careless choice of mates, etc.,
contributes much to the reactionary sexual repressiveness of
the times. — TV]

[It’s time to break out the old Wilhelm Reich books, most
of which are long out of print. I believe these neurotic
behaviors are termed “sexual capitalism.” — TV]

The myth is fed on talk shows and in tabloid newspapers
and every other outlet via which the power structure pours
propaganda into society. MEN ARE DANGEROUS, the message
keeps coming down the tube. Men have secret pasts involving
bigamous wives. Men are secretly gay and will give you terrible
diseases. Men want you only as a second income. Men are drunks
and liars and wife-beaters and scum and women MUST NOT MARRY
THEM, because they will beat you and steal all your money
and maybe murder you like O. J. murdered Saint Nicole. (The
racial element in the revolting Simpson case has by now been
air-brushed completely out of the picture where women are
concerned; the presentation they get now is that it was a
“crime of gender power”, etc.)

One constant refrain is being pounded into American women’s
heads day in, day out, in every forum from Oprah Winfrey to
glossy-papered upmarket magazines for female Yuppies to a whole
range of books—“They Always Change And Turn Into Monsters
After You Marry Them”. So of course, women mustn’t marry
them. If a woman must have a child then she must have only ONE,
and do so as a Candace Bergen type single mother. (Presuming, of
course, she has a $100,000 a year glamorous Yuppie job.) Men are
unnecessary. You are woman, hear you roar. It is no coincidence
that the big box office smash as I write this is a movie called
The First Wives’ Club, a female revenge fantasy where three
middle-aged women conspire to destroy the lives of their ex
husbands and ruin them financially by seizing control of their
businesses, taking their money and their homes, and breaking
up their second marriages. The theme again is very simple:
White men and White women are natural enemies, and for a woman
to love and respect a White man and want to be with him for
all her life is a betrayal of “sisterhood”.

The effect that all this is having on the White birth rate is
showing up every year in the increasingly dismal demographic
statistics. 50% of all marriages now end in divorce and White

[I feel the primary reason for the high divorce rate is
careless choice of spouses, a behavior very much encouraged
by such forces as “feminists,” the “devout,” pornography,
and other of similar ilk. — TV]

birthrates are dropping like a stone, so of course we must
make up for the coming labor shortage by importing more Third
World immigrants. (Isn’t it fascinating how all these various
items on The Agenda dovetail and interlock with one another?)

The flip side of the Politically Correct man-bashing fad is the
increasing political, social, economic, and legal persecution
of White males not only because they are White, but because
they are male. Apparently beginning at age six nowadays.

What will six year-old Johnathan Prevette of Lexington feel
about little girls now? What will his boy classmates think? All
the White male children in our PC schools? What message
will the little girls themselves draw from what happened to
Johnathan? That they are “empowered” to the point that all
they need to to get back at a boy they don’t like is point a
finger and say, “He kissed me!” and destroy the kid’s life?

If Johnathan is like most children, he will get the message
either that girls are bad or dirty in some way, or even worse
that HE is bad and dirty, and so he must never go near girls
or touch them or else the Big People will punish him. What
will that attitude develop into as he grows older? The kind
of PC mindset the liberal social engineers want to instill?
Possibly he might turn into a faggot? (And I do NOT put it past
the people in power to have created these deranged regulations
PRECISELY for the deliberate purpose of dividing boys and
girls and messing up young White boys’ heads so badly they
will become sodomites.)

When the time comes when the normal progress of a young man’s
life dictates Johnathan should begin approaching White girls
in an attempt to find a mate, how will he handle it? Will
the poor kid even make the attempt, remembering vaguely from
something bad that happened in the first grade that girls are
off limits and he mustn’t touch them, especially not to kiss
them or show affection? Or more possible if not likely, will
Johnathan nurture a bottled-up fear and hatred and mistrust
of women which, worst case scenario, may lead to his coming
unhinged and killing one or more women when he reaches adulthood
with a mind scarred and deformed by Political Correctness?
Has PC created another Ted Bundy?

Let me make it absolutely clear that I am not in any way
trying to condone or mitigate the crimes of serial killers like
Bundy or the Hillside Stranglers, or that madman who massacred
fourteen women in a Montreal college, et. al. (although that
won’t stop the suppurating pustules at Nizkor from claiming I
do.) Once a man goes that bad he can never be salvaged; he has
become a mad dog and he has to be put down. But I understand why
modern society keeps producing more and more mad dogs like that.

[And it will get worse and never will get better until the
productive forces of the nation take power; we’ve got ways of
dealing with rapists that will make sure they will be no more.
— TV]

The human male is by genetic imprint a predator, a hunter
who can eat plant matter and survive on it but who prefers
meat. Our minds and our souls make us capable of rising above
that biological destiny, and Aryans can rise the highest of
all. But we have to have a MOTIVE to be civilized. In Aryan
societies and many non-White cultures as well, the man’s
motive to moderate his predatory behavior, to mate for life
and provide food and shelter and protection to the weaker and
smaller female of our species and to our virtually helpless
young, has been a sense of noblesse oblige and a recognition
that the man has a role in the family as well as the woman,
even though she bears and (in sane, organic societies) rears
the children.

Feminism and Political Correctness violate and destroy that
most ancient and bedrock of all social contracts, the contract
between man and woman to raise children in a partnership—not
an equal partnership, because men and women are not equal in
every aspect of life, but a partnership based on the natural
division of labor. The man and the woman each do what they do
best. In a sane and healthy society the husband and the father
is the head of the family and the wife and mother is the heart.

But society is no longer either sane or healthy. We are
living in a diseased and deranged world which is destroying
the manchildren of our race like Johnathan Prevette. The world
in which Johnathan will grow up (unless we quit fooling around
and do something about it) will offer him no inducement of any
kind to commit himself to one single woman of his own race,
marry her, father and raise children with her, and spend his
life caring for them and providing for them. All he will get
if he makes the attempt is insult, abuse, Politically Correct
scolding, rejection, humiliation and ritual degradation because
of his gender and his skin color, from the schools now and later
>from society at large and probably any prospective brides if
they have been brainwashed as effectively as this generation of
women. If he does try he will find his one role in the family
is to function as a combination butler, nanny, and source of
a second income while his wife has her “career”. His function
will be to pay the bills, apply his lips to the buttocks of
the Democratic party which appears to be in the process of
establishing itself in permanent power, parrot the PC slogans
when called upon to do so, and otherwise keep his mouth shut.

Why would any young man of any spirit want to buy into a life
like that? One can hardly blame Johnathan at age 21 if he
decides that marriage is a pointless exercise in humiliation
and aggravation, women are castrating bitches who just want
his money, and he has better things to do with his life than
spend it busting his ass trying to make some arrogant PC female
happy who has been conditioned all HER life to be cynical and
paranoid about men and never satisfied with anything a White
man does under any circumstances.

And that’s the BEST case scenario. Okay, maybe it’s hyperbolic
to say Johnathan in particular will turn into a ravening serial
killer stalking women for prey. He probably won’t. Probably
not. But those multi-million year old hunting and stalking
genes are still there, and what we now have is more and more of
these young, sexually and physically vigorous young predators
out there nursing a grudge of insult and humiliation against
all women. Fear of the collapsing legal system is growing less
and less every year, and the young think they’re invulnerable
anyway. With no motivation whatsoever to civilize themselves
and conform to a society which no longer values them, a few
of them—only a few, thank God, but a few—are going to
revert to the days of the forest and the jungle and start
hunting. Political Correctness is a poison, slow but lethal
and pervasive. It not only scars the surface, it runs silent
and deep, and we will be paying a price in blood and tears
for generations to come for these few years of power we have
allowed it.

I suppose it could be worse. From what I recall about my own
youthful lovelife, at Hillcrest Elementary School the customary
way for a young Lochinvar aged eight or so to demonstrate his
affection for his lady love was to throw rocks at her on the
playground. (The Ernest T. Bass approach.) If she threw them
back, you knew you were in the running. I suppose Johnathan
Prevette is lucky he didn’t lay that old move on the chick. The
bureaucrats probably would have lynched him on the monkey bars.

Further info: http://www.nswpp.org

[To a happy future filled with love for all! — TV]


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> >>> Jenn Starkmann, Nifty Leftist Marxist Maoist Commie Pinko
> >>> Wascally Joosh Really Cute For A Tea Drinker said:
> >
> >Ridiculous, Nizkor and close supporters are rightists and have
> >always been no matter what their previous affiliations were.
> >Nizkorites believe that the rich are genetically superior to
> >to the poor,
> Well, first of all, just because you did bring it up, I’d
> like you to point out a single occasion where a “Nizkorite”
> (whatever that may be) has stated that the rich are genetically
> superior to the poor, in any way, shape or form.

Consistent statements and insinuations that ideologogical
opponents who are not of means are poor because of inferior
genes, a reactionary dogma.

> Secondly, I’m curious as to why you would pin that belief
> on *me* (since you put my name into this post, I assume that
> I am supposedly a “Nizkorite”, whatever that may be), given
> that I am far from wealthy, myself–I have no income at *all*
> at the moment, in fact; am a financially-struggling student;
> and because of my disability, I may never be able to work,
> which means that the odds are that I never *will* be wealthy,
> or even in a middle-class financial bracket

So? There are many poor conservatives.

> lottery-gods are smiling upon me.

The lottery! A classic fraud on the people!

> >a fundamentally rightist belief; they have been >promoting
> conservatism for years.
> >Enemies of Nizkor tend to much more progressive than
> >reactionaries like Starkman, Mathis, McVay, Stein, Caesar,
> >Rosenberg, schwartz, Graves, Morrison, Alstine, Curtis, etc.
> Oooh! So now I’m a Leftist Marxist Maoist Commie Pinko Wascally
> Joosh Really Cute For A Tea Drinking *REACTIONARY*!! Cool!

I never said such, I just said you support reactionary politics.


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> : The basic question remains. Should distributors of KIDDIE PORN, even
> : assistant Rabbis, automatically qualify for the immediate DEATH PENALTY,
> : showing the repugnance of normal society for such vermin???
> Absolutely right !!!!!!!!! As a parent I want these evil
> perverts executed, preferably painfully. I am sick of the
> supporters and defenders of such despicable subhumans.

Wouldn’t a twenty five year sentence to a state prison farm
be more productive for our new society? After all, work is
a greater punishment for thugs than mere execution.


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> > The effect that all this is having on the White birth rate is
> > showing up every year in the increasingly dismal demographic
> > statistics. 50% of all marriages now end in divorce and White
> Yep. Here in Oz, we have a low birth rate which does not
> compensate for the amount of deaths we have.

Every white peoples growth rate in the world is negative;
every colored peoples has a high growth rate. Does this have
world significance?

> > [I feel the primary reason for the high divorce rate is
> > careless choice of spouses, a behavior very much encouraged
> > by such forces as “feminists,” the “devout,” pornography,
> > and other of similar ilk. — TV]
> >
> > birthrates are dropping like a stone, so of course we must
> > make up for the coming labor shortage by importing more Third
> > World immigrants. (Isn’t it fascinating how all these various
> > items on The Agenda dovetail and interlock with one another?)

Yes, it’s part of the whole Globalist package.


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Subject: ADL exposes the Christian Right – Ban it!
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> >Is your religion being an atheistic secular Marxist Jew? The
> >ADL document does carry the inference that the Right Wing is
> >somehow an extremist and therefore undesirable entity which
> >it would be to atheistic secular Marxist Jews and gentiles.
> The sad thing is that, as a Jew with many religious right
> friends, I find myself embarassed by the ADL. Most of the
> Religious Right whom I’ve encountered consider Jews to be the
> “chosen people.” And then they get this shit.

Plaudits to the ADL for exposing Christianity as hate!

Ban it! Ban it! Ban it!


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Article cancelled by moderator.

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Subject: Get in this Century Losers – Capitalist Rope Dealers
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> Given the fact that the bourgeoisie is our most numerous
> class, how are you going to expropriate it using a “minimum
> of violence”? Believe me in this country it will be a lot
> easier for workers to join the ranks of the bourgeoisie
> than to expropriate it. Expropriation will piss off a
> lot of very competent people. Hell hath no fury like a
> bourgeois expropriated. In the meantime I predict that
> graduate assistantships and faculty jobs for Leftists in
> State Universities will shrink in numbers dramatically.

Oh, why don’t we all become rich! Brilliant solution to
economic problems! If you don’t like people being poor just
make them rich!

“Hell hath no fury like the vengeful proletariat”


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> > > Come on, Scott. Trotsky was self educated, not uneducated. He was the only
> > > Soviet leader ever to have read a French novel in the Kremlin. He can be
> > > called lots of things but hardly a boob. I think he was the brightest and
> > > most accomplished of the lot with only a couple of exceptions which include
> > > Bukharin but certainly not Lenin. He was a man of immense physical courage.
> >
> > Uneducated boobs typically turn to literature for their
> > education. Politics and ‘belle lettres’ seem susceptible to
> > the charlatans, demagogues of the world. As far as bravery,
> > I suppose the Ayatollah Khomeini was brave as well . . . so
> > what?
> > > Lenin on the other hand, despite the formal education consistent with his
> > > aristocratic background, was a man with ice water in his veins who, with
> > > the exception perhaps of Krupskaya, had no friends and very limited
> > > culture. He was probably a coward. Can you imagine the great Mexican artist
> > > Frida Kahlo having taken Lenin as a lover?

Lenin a coward? What ignorance!

> > Yeah, I can imagine Frida Kahlo doing Lenin. You think
> > Trotsky was more “warm-hearted” than Lenin? Give me a break!
> > Frankly, I’d rather have dinner with Lenin than Trotsky in
> > two seconds.


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Subject: Fight’s End
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> No peace where no justice.

And no European country will ever find either as long as the
EU has its way.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:15 PST 1997
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Subject: Capitalist Rope Dealers
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> > >”Hell hath no fury like the vengeful proletariat”
> >
> > Hehehe, yea, put all seven of you losers together in
> > one room and watch out, world, but since the typical
> > socialist/communist/collectivist can’t afford busfair
> > downtown and is too lazy to walk, it aint gonna happen soon.
> > I know you bozo’s don’t get out too much, what with all your
> > discussions about which jackass socialist hero put which
> > jackass communist hero into exile first, but you really
> > ought to take a look at the typical “proletariat”, say an
> > autoworker in the U. S. A.. Here’s a guy with two cars
> > in a three car garage, one of them a $20,000 SUV, a 17′,
> > 150 hp. bass boat, two kids in college, and the prospects
> > of retiring at age 55 or younger. What chance do you think

That may have been the typical autoworker a generation ago but
economic times are hardening; the “well off” autoworker is not
so well off today and it’s not going anywhere but to the dumps
for the hundreds of millions who are hardening our political
vision along with the hardening of our economic outlook.

> > you’ve got to convince this guy to cash in what he’s got to
> > live in friggen commune and grow a goatee?
> > To respond in a logical manner to your illogical posting
> > is not logical, but it is great fun to add to your obvious
> > confusion.
> > -John Parker *******************8 Is this portrait of the
> > “typical proletarian” a figment of your addled, obnoxiously
> > anti-communist imagination, or are you actually getting this
> > from statistical evidence? If so, please state your sources.
> He won’t be able to do that but it doesn’t matter. There is
> no question but that large portions of the working class
> in America make as much as substantial portions of the
> “bourgeoisie”. The classes overlap, a lot. My plumber and
> my electrician are good examples. It is also true that such
> workers tend to be to the right of a large portion of the
> middle class a lot of the time. They (the plumber and the
> electrician) are both to the right of me.

Many of the poor think of themselves as “getting there;” how
much more of the status quo do we need to change our outlook?

> What do *you* mean by “proletarian” under modern conditions
> anyway? You guys have even got me using the lingo. Are
> you willing to give away the prosperous working class, to
> acknowledge that they are not subject to marxian analysis any
> more? Or are you still fantasizing about about recruiting the
> second and third generation steel worker or auto worker? You
> know, the guys with the full size Dodge 4x pick-ups with
> the gun racks, the NRA stickers and the “Defend Guns; Defeat
> Clinton” logos on the back bumper?

Thank you for the stereotyping; as if we didn’t get enough
of that.

Since the economic ideals of Dole and Clinton are the same the
common folks votes between the mainstream candidates is pretty
much a choice between their merely personal politics rather than
an economic vote; they are both conservative to the core re:
NAFTA, business backing, mucho corruption, war, enslavement
of Eastern Europe and the “Third World,” corporate welfare, etc.

So the choice between Clinton and Dole was between gun control,
abortion, etc., what of it? Will mere personal issues always
dominate political debate forever? Won’t we wise up and start
looking at the big picture?


From [email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:16 PST 1997
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Control: rmgroup soc.roots
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Soc.roots was replaced by the soc.genealogy.* hierarchy in
the fall of 1994. If you are still carrying soc.roots,
please remove it or alias it to soc.genealogy.misc.


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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.fan.noam-chomsky,alt.politics.socialism.trotsky
Subject: Kooks
Date: 4 Jan 1997 12:21:43 -0800
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Here: Sat 04 Jan 1997 12:10:43 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Chris Faatz)
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> : |Within certain ethnically-sensitive circles, a view developed and
> : |existed that Faatz, Graves et. al. were deeply anti-Semitic. This also
> : |maintained that they and others were the proverbial “left-wing
> : |anti-Semites” whose anti-fascism would have little more than an
> : |”anti-Israeli” character. My sense was that any proposal sponsored by,
> : |listing as moderators, or even heavily supported by Faatz, Graves, and
> : |others would have spawned a second VOTE NO CAMPAIGN against <s.p.a-f>
> : |for this reason.

Dick Graves is a mad capitalist member of the Republican Party
and Chris Faatz is a monastery socialist.

Mistaking them for Reds is ridiculous.

Anti-Fascism is multi-poitical and ranges from businessmen,
communists, Mormons to Nazis and in no way should be mistaken
as somehow inherently socialist.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:18 PST 1997
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Subject: My Reply to Hunter #17245 Pt 4
Date: 4 Jan 1997 13:03:49 -0800
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Here: Sat 04 Jan 1997 12:24:18 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected]
X-Bytes: [30031]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:212418 soc.culture.europe:52780 alt.politics.socialism.trotsky:18260

> How will you administer justice to bourgeois intellectuals?

Measured by their actions; all crimes deserve an equal and
opposite reaction.

The best rich folk are those who are traitors to their class;
but are there any? There are none in the Forbes 400!

> Will you revive Socialist Realism?

Would that be wrong? Should art be state sponsered anyway?

> Considering the amount of pornography, profanity, violence,
> egocentric-individualism, and other garbage that is being
> profusely exhibited by radio, television, plays, and movie
> theaters throughout the capitalist world, I would say it would
> be more in the nature of “Socialist Decency” than Socialist
> Realism,.

Remove the capitalist structered mass media and the crap will
naturally dry up; if not, what of it?

> Will your citizens be free to leave your country at will?

Yes, without their capital.

> Will they be free to write columns in newspapers criticising
> proletarian policies without fear of reprisal?

Yes, with the ban on the import of capital, there’s little
need to worry about a non-existent capitalist class to use
the press to maintain their now non-existent privilages.

> What will happen to a loud mouth like me in your regime? I’m
> very interested in that because I have a deeply ingrained
> habit of disloyal speech in general and anti-Soviet speech
> in particular.

You will likely be ignored by the common folk with such
language as “we need the rich to order us around or else we
will be hated by the prestigious capitalist countries!”


Stalin should have expelled L Beria from the Party long before
threatening to do so at the XIX Party Congress; it was Beria
who likely poisoned Stalin in 1953.

> FOLLOWING, > > > Throughout the world millions of people
> have had their traditional > family oriented means of making
> a living, such as farming and > fishing, destroyed by the
> onslaught of capitalist investments and > cheap commodities,
> I would sure like to see a return to the small, family owned
> farm in this country. Will you guarantee the American peasant
> that he will have this under your regime, Klo. Lenin did but
> he lied on behalf of the Bolsheviks.

Expropriating the mass farms of agribusiness is a wise idea,
but why split them into individual farms and returning them
to the market?


You mean the terror that represses revolutionary movements
around the world?

Anti-Terrorism, another expression for Terror.


From [email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:19 PST 1997
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From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:20 PST 1997
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Subject: There are ruling classes
Date: 7 Jan 1997 13:26:51 -0800
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> | > So what? The point is that race is a social construction,
> | so is
> | mass-murdering Oneness dogma, which is now in process of financially, morally
> | and genetically bankrupting the West. …
> The West, or at least its ruling class, has never been in
> better shape. Its political philosophy and its economic
> system, liberalism and capitalism, dominate the world.

The values of the ruling class are Oriental, not Western.

> It is prosperous everywhere. It has cleared the field of
> its enemies. It has never been wealthier, and no great
> threat to its wealth appears anywhere.

Nationalists will destroy your precious ruling class; the
parasites will work for the first time in their lives while
serving their terms.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:21 PST 1997
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Subject: Ni$kor Donor Mailing List Wanted!!!!!
Date: 7 Jan 1997 14:45:10 -0800
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> Can I get the most current Nizkor Donor Mailing List?

Well, me too. We’ve got some agents who know everything about
Nizkor but it would be dangerous to reveal information freely;
they’ve got to remain undercover.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:22 PST 1997
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Subject: Hypocritial nazis
Date: 7 Jan 1997 15:26:49 -0800
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> *My opinion is that unbridled capitalism is as evil as communism. I prefer
> a
> *watered
> *down socialism where the private sector still controls the means of
> *prodution and
> *distibution, but with significant government involvement so that the
> worker
> *is not
> *unfairly exploited and under-remunerated as is usually the case under
> *laissez-
> *faire capitalism.
> Who CARES about the worker? Equality does not exist racially
> OR socially.Those promoting working-class pride belong
> picking cotton with all the other scum

Your father will be the one picking the cotten, little
preppie punk.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:23 PST 1997
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Subject: Why isn’t there a newsgroup for communism?
Date: 7 Jan 1997 22:05:41 -0800
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X-From: marco cenci <[email protected]>
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Is someone willing to start an RFD: talk.politics.communism?

I will, unless someone beats me to the punch.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:24 PST 1997
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Subject: Theory of Value
Date: 7 Jan 1997 22:19:47 -0800
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Here: Tue 07 Jan 1997 10:07:32 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Hunter Watson)
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> > >Hey, wait a minute there! With my limited formal education *even I*
> > >caught this sleight of hand! That’s an incomplete explanation of
> > >of the Marxian Law of value! Commodities exchange at rates determined by
> > >the SOCIALLY NECESSARY quantity of labor embodied in them.
> > >Either these scholars you gleefully quote are imbeciles, or
> > >dishonest prostitues at the service of the enemies of truth.
> Mr. Red Flag is quick to accuse these economists of imbecility
> and intellectual prostitution. I don’t pretend to be an
> economist but I’ve got a reasonably good sense for bullshit
> when I hear it. Who has defined “SOCIALLY NECESSARY” and what
> are its accepted definitions? Lets have more material from
> the books and fewer arrogant and abusive assertions.

And do you insist that redflag is a poorer value of social
judgement than the market (the rich?)

How do “expert economists” get their jobs anyway? Are they
magically truists or do they do what everybody does in the
market, sell to the highest bidder?

Read the Wall Street Journal and Forbes; that should cure any
caring human being from belief in the “values” of capitalism.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:25 PST 1997
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Subject: Aryan Migration
Date: 7 Jan 1997 15:56:34 -0800
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Here: Tue 07 Jan 1997 03:48:45 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: Pete <[email protected]>
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> The non-aryans in US government are not a real power center. In

Are you confusing wealth and race? Are all rich people white?

> fact they must emulate their aryan counterparts in order to
> play in the first place. And they are typically looking for
> ways to rip off their own racial brothers, using the positions
> they have acquired from being accepted as token minorities.
> On the other hand it is actually reasonable for aryans to
> migrate to third world lands and set up viable governments. Look
> at the stress of the local populations when Africans rule
> themselves. Would not Hutu and Tutsi alike appreciate a white
> ruler, who would obviously be of neither clan?
> The plan is this:
> Aryans should invest heavily in common stock of blue chip
> companies. THese will almost invariably be aryan owned and
> operated. And then, migrate to, say, African countries, and
> take rulership.
> Then, with a stable political environment, the very companies we
> have invested in can then be persuaded to move operations into
> these newly stabilized areas, And we who have invested in them
> will then be making money off the labor of our ‘citizens’. Is
> this not the Aryan dream, as well as the desperate hope of
> those black future ‘citizens’?
> However, not all aryans are supremacist. Many are white
> trash, as can be discerned by the language used in these
> forums. However, for those with intelligence and discernment,
> there is the possibility of great reward.

Again, you seem to be confused between race and class.

As a matter of fact, nearly all rich folk are anti-racist
because they have made it unprofitable to be otherwise.

> If a person invested $50 a month for 40 years in blue chip
> stocks, they would be multi-millionaires. ANd virtually
> everyone can afford $50 a month for cigarettes. So they could
> also afford to become millionaires.
> So, there are two parts to being a supremacists. One is setting
> up investment clubs. And the other is developing ways and
> means for migrating our power to Africa and Asia.

Golly, how are we to take power in Africa and Asia? Do you
think the natives won’t mind?

> If there are wannabe supremacists in among the twits, e-mail
> to my address and we will pursue dialog.


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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Date: 8 Jan 1997 11:22:54 -0800
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Here: Wed 08 Jan 1997 11:18:55 AM Pacific Standard Time
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> MIM Notes 129 JANUARY 1, 1997

Who cares? The state should not be involved with regulating
marriages anyway.

In case you didn’t know, bub, Mao was a revolutionary, not a
man who concerned himself with G/L marriages.


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Subject: Rich Graves, What Non-Chickshit Stuff Do You Suggest?
Date: 9 Jan 1997 08:58:03 -0800
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Here: Thu 09 Jan 1997 08:46:25 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Rich Graves)
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> >Are you talking about violence? And if you are, what
> >non-Chickenshit Stuff do you suggest?
> In your case? Suicide. Followups set.

And yet Dick Graves suggests that he is suffering from clinical
depression; what a terrible thing to suggest to a depressive!

That shows the morals and values of Dick Graves; never have I
been hostile to opponents on anything but ideological grounds;
I certainly haven’t advocated killing anyone.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:27 PST 1997
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Subject: Pathfinder Books
Date: 8 Jan 1997 11:33:14 -0800
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Here: Wed 08 Jan 1997 11:31:44 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: Adam Levenstein <[email protected]>
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:213958 soc.culture.europe:53170 alt.politics.socialism.trotsky:18427

And what is wrong with Pathfinder? The prices are reasonable
and no one requires you to purchase the hardcover versions.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:28 PST 1997
Article: 213968 of control
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.fan.noam-chomsky,alt.politics.socialism.trotsky
Subject: Aye
Date: 8 Jan 1997 11:30:54 -0800
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Here: Wed 08 Jan 1997 11:27:15 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Andrew Mathis)
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:213968 soc.culture.europe:53172 alt.fan.noam-chomsky:20734 alt.politics.socialism.trotsky:18429

> As a member of ZOG, I can say without equivocation that we
> have fully brainwashed Richard Graves and he is fully under
> our control.
> He will soon be taking the name Rachmiel Gravestein.
> You’re all welcome to his bar-mitzvah.

Yes, we expect this at the next cypherpunks meeting. RG visited
me recently and acted liked the jock yuppie I expected.
He does have a beautiful girlfriend.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:29 PST 1997
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Subject: There are no races therefore there are no racists
Date: 9 Jan 1997 16:49:05 -0800
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Here: Thu 09 Jan 1997 04:47:12 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Mike Powell)
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From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:30 PST 1997
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Subject: Hunter and socialism
Date: 9 Jan 1997 01:09:05 -0800
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> Just look at the energy you’re wasting on completely
> discredited Marxist drivel.

If it’s discredited than why do bother criticizing it? Do you
just like to kick dead horses? Or do you really fear it?


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:31 PST 1997
Article: 214075 of control
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Date: 9 Jan 1997 09:05:15 -0800
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Here: Thu 09 Jan 1997 09:01:36 AM Pacific Standard Time
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> >Nationalists will destroy your precious ruling class; the
> >parasites will work for the first time in their lives while
> >serving their terms.
> Wrong.

What’s wrong, blakkr? Will the ruling class stay forever in
power or will they be overthrown as a class?

> There always WILL be a ruling class….

The ancestral Germanic tribes overthrew their unwanted
kings whenever he didn’t resign gracefully; he usually did.
Since “Anglo-American” is Germanic, what would be the problem
with this? Is it to be argued that there’s nothing wrong with
our American nobility?

> Anglo is British.Anglo-American means British-American,NOT
> German.Idiot

That shows your misinformation.

Britain is Germanic.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 12:15:31 PST 1997
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Subject: Pathfinder Books . . . NOT!
Date: 10 Jan 1997 12:15:44 -0800
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> Incidentally, Pathfinder doesn’t sell what is arguably
> the most important book Trotsky ever wrote…his two books
> (in one volume as previously sold by Pathfinder) outlining
> the theory of permenant revolution, Trotsky’s single most
> important contribution to Marxism.

Sorry to ask, but what are the titles of those two books?

We can get it at the library if we can’t get a new copy.

English editions of Trotsky’s earlier works were published in
Moscow and are certainly not copyright should someone wish to
reprint it.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 18:35:30 PST 1997
Article: 92347 of alt.revisionism
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Subject: Annie Alperts Intelligence Project – David Irving’s close personal friendship with the National Alliance
Date: 11 Jan 1997 11:46:41 -0800
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X-From: Annie Alpert <[email protected]>
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Was there any point to your little intelligence project?

Alarmed by Caller-ID? Golly.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sat Jan 11 19:46:26 PST 1997
Article: 55484 of alt.politics.white-power
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Subject: Dismantle the Bureaucracy. Period.
Date: 11 Jan 1997 12:03:33 -0800
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X-From: Kang <[email protected]>
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214290 soc.culture.europe:53319 alt.politics.clinton:352064 alt.discrimination:60099 alt.politics.white-power:55484 alt.politics.nationalism.white:43142 alt.skinheads:48679 alt.conspiracy:130878 alt.religion.islam:38365 misc.immigration.usa:13311 talk.politics.misc:538099 talk.politics.libertarian:158448

Of course, everyone is aware that two thirds of “illegals”
didn’t start out that way but came to the USA legally, by foot,
sea, air under the invitation of the United States Government?

The Immigration and Naturalization Service is just what it’s
titled and has been capable since it was created decades ago
of honestly using their police powers granted by the Federal

The INS *should not* be given more powers, as the INS, like the
entire government is administered by the corrupt and incompetent
more than prooving that they abuse the sufficient powers that
have already been granted to them.


From [email protected],[email protected],security#stanford.edu Sat Jan 11 23:44:37 PST 1997
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,news.admin.net-abuse.email
Subject: Stanford.edu User threatens Stanford.edu with DOS?
Date: 11 Jan 1997 13:30:03 -0800
Organization: Usenet Engineering Task Force
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Here: Sat 11 Jan 1997 12:59:25 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Richard Charles Graves)
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214291 news.admin.net-abuse.email:6325

> See samples at
> http://www-leland.stanford.edu/~llurch/skipbomb2 and
> http://www-leland.stanford.edu/~llurch/skipbomb3
> In the four months we’ve been trying to get CRL’s attention
> about this character, we’ve received exactly zero (0)
> responses. Even Netcom and Earthlink were more responsive.

“This character?” No actions, just character?

> Users of IP addresses in ranges owned by crl.com may soon
> find themselves blocked from Stanford University at the
> router level. We apologize for any inconvenience this brief
> outage may cause.

Of course I’ve never recieved a complaint from you so you
are actually maligning the admin at Stanford.edu, perhaps
unintentionally; your post is a direct threat against

> Spamming, forgery, forged cancels, libel, harassment, and
> invasions of privacy are one thing. Denial of service attacks,
> on the other hand, we take seriously.

Things that you have done yourself but like to blame others on?
Are you implying me of other things that your typically
fictitious posted URL’s claim committed DOS attacks?

By the way, how to get the attention of the admin responsible
for stanford.edu? [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected]?

[It should be noted that the website site at stanford.edu
already denies the domain www.anonymizer.com from access so
some users may not be able to verify Stanford.edu web pages
at all (what purpose of denying anonymizer.com other than to
prevent specific other cites access?) — TV]


From [email protected],[email protected] Sun Jan 12 06:34:28 PST 1997
Article: 92412 of alt.revisionism
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.revisionism,soc.history,soc.culture.german
Subject: Social Fascists
Date: 10 Jan 1997 12:46:01 -0800
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Here: Fri 10 Jan 1997 12:33:46 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Mgiwer)
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214326 soc.culture.europe:53338 alt.revisionism:92412 soc.history:11650 soc.culture.german:93988

> The Nazis never came to power through an election. In fact,
> they were always a minority in the Reichstag. The Nazi
> bloc joined by the Communists disrupted the proceedings
> of the Reichstag to the point where no business could be
> conducted. Disruptions were more than supplemented through
> daily street violence — not very democratic. A decision was
> made to co-opt them and a coalition government was installed
> on January 30, 1933 with Adolf Hitler as Chancellor.

It shoould be noted that the forces that supported the Rebublic
the most, the Social Democratic Party, were the political forces
that were the most repressive in Weimer Germany. It was the
Social Democrats who cancelled elections, imprisoned activists,
banned demonstrations, tried to make advocating the dismantling
of the Republic a crime, engaged in multiplicatous corruption
scandels, and many other undemocratic offenses. The Communists
were right to term the Social Democrats “social fascists”
as it was the Social Democrats who were the ones implimenting
fascist policies.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sun Jan 12 19:40:37 PST 1997
Article: 214328 of control
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,comp.org.eff.talk,comp.infosystems,comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix
Subject: NEWS: 60 day waiting period for all new domain names
Date: 10 Jan 1997 13:11:58 -0800
Organization: Usenet Engineering Task Force
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Distribution: inet
Message-ID: <Love@85273>
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Here: Fri 10 Jan 1997 01:05:21 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Lizard)
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214328 comp.org.eff.talk:73004 comp.infosystems:5631 comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix:22174

> Or one could create a ‘.corp’ extension specifically
> for registered corporations, which I *believe*
> have to be unique, and require a full corporate
> name. Thus,’mcdonalds-restauraunts.corp’,
> ‘mcdonalds-farm-supplies.corp’, etc.

Corporations in the USA are state entities and not national;
every corporation files a certificate of incorporation in the
particular they wish to be incoporated in, frequently Delaware
for that particular states favorable laws on corporations.

So it’s easy for two seperate corporations to have the same
name incorporated in two different states if they don’t do
the proper research before filing.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sun Jan 12 19:40:38 PST 1997
Article: 214351 of control
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.politics.socialism.trotsky
Subject: best paper on the left?
Date: 10 Jan 1997 15:20:21 -0800
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Here: Fri 10 Jan 1997 03:07:39 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Adam Hibbert)
X-Bytes: [ 1801]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214351 soc.culture.europe:53350 alt.politics.socialism.trotsky:18505

> > It’s the *business* of the drug culture that is offensive,
> > so make charging even a *cent* for a drug should be punished

In the future yes, but now no.

> There is enough anti-human prejudice doing the rounds without
> revolutionaries chipping in and appealing to the authorities
> to protect the masses from the nasty businessmen (I don’t know
> what sayan meant by ‘Supporting cigarette advertisements is
> bad, because they harm others’, but I fear the worst). Even
> if it grates, the times demand that people here unequivocally
> reject the dynamic towards a more paternalistic society –
> especially in matters like this, that people take sides on
> without getting a whiff of their political significance.

I clearly stated that it was impossible for “our” government
to do anything about the various drug problems; the government
is run by business, so is naturally incapable of serving the
public; the government can only be reformed by weakening it
in favor of the people and that means weakening business along
with it.

In the long run, the best policy for the present is to
weaken the police powers on non-economic matters while
increasing progressive taxation inclusive of asset taxes thus
weakening the capitalist class simultaneously with weakening
political/economic based repression.


From [email protected],[email protected] Sun Jan 12 19:40:39 PST 1997
Article: 214388 of control
Path: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca!news.island.net!news.bctel.net!noc.van.hookup.net!nic.mtl.hookup.net!rcogate.rco.qc.ca!n3ott.istar!ott.istar!istar.net!van.istar!west.istar!n1van.istar!van-bc!news.mindlink.net!nntp.portal.ca!news.bc.net!info.ucla.edu!newsfeed.internetmci.com!howland.erols.net!cs.utexas.edu!newshost.convex.com!egsner!newshost.cyberramp.net!news1.crl.com!nexp.crl.com!in2.uu.net!nexp.crl.com!syix.com!news.maxwell.syr.edu!news.bbnplanet.com!cpk-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com!news.sprintlink.net!news-peer.sprintlink.net!news.sprintlink.net!news-pull.sprintlink.net!news.sprintlink.net!news-ana-7.sprintlink.net!news.rain.net!news.teleport.com!cfaatz
From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.politics.socialism.trotsky
Subject: best paper on the left?
Date: 11 Jan 1997 07:59:58 -0800
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Message-ID: <Love@40964>
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NNTP-Posting-Host: crl13.crl.com
Here: Sat 11 Jan 1997 07:56:12 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Chris Faatz)
X-Bytes: [ 1537]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214388 soc.culture.europe:53370 alt.politics.socialism.trotsky:18513

> : > Let
> : > them grow something else in Virginia.
> : We begin to see why Hunter thinks of himself as having a socialist tinge.
> : He embraces the very worst of social democratic paternalism.
> I mean, shit, Stephen, let’s be realistic–Virginia could
> be *rich* if they grew really good dope….

Ha, ha. But seriously, is Kentucky, Hawaii, California rich
because of the large cannabis crop grown there? The rich are
rich and there’s tons of poverty in those states.

Then there’s Mexico, Colombia…


From [email protected],[email protected] Mon Jan 13 07:14:10 PST 1997
Article: 92540 of alt.revisionism
Path: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca!news.island.net!news.bctel.net!noc.van.hookup.net!laslo.netnet.net!news.sprintlink.net!news-dc-5.sprintlink.net!news.sprintlink.net!news-pull.sprintlink.net!news.sprintlink.net!news-dc-9.sprintlink.net!news.aloha.net!svr1.pdx.gstis.net!zinger.callamer.com!news1.crl.com!nexp.crl.com!in2.uu.net!nexp.crl.com!nntp.crl.com!howland.erols.net!news.bbnplanet.com!cam-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com!uunet!in2.uu.net!!news.nevada.edu!not-for-mail
From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.discrimination,alt.politics.white-power,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.revisionism,soc.history
Subject: Europeans are whites, Accredited Sociologists are Redundant
Date: 12 Jan 1997 09:52:47 -0800
Organization: Usenet Engineering Task Force
Lines: 26
Message-ID: <Love@142818>
References: <01bbf8bf$21015cc0$a1a66ac0@lucaschi> <[email protected]> <01bbffe0$9b025880$4f275dcf@default> <[email protected]>
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NNTP-Posting-Host: crl7.crl.com
Here: Sun 12 Jan 1997 09:40:39 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (OSCAR SCHLAF)
X-Bytes: [ 3942]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214432 soc.culture.europe:53384 alt.discrimination:60138 alt.politics.white-power:55587 alt.politics.nationalism.white:43268 alt.revisionism:92540 soc.history:11685

> : > > You have learned, of course, that Accredited Social Scientists
> : > > are taught through an ideological straightjacket.
> : >
> : > The twit didn’t know that horses and zebras belong to different species.
> :
> : Oh boy, we have another Philip Kasiecki here. Such bravado from behind
> : a modem! Perhaps you should stick to digging up trinkets ( a much more
> : suitable undertaking to one of your level of manhood.)
> :
> : I used horses and zebras as an example. However, I stand behind my
> : assertion that there is as much difference between Aryans and Negroes,
> No such thing as a pure race anymore really. And in terms
> of genetics that’s a good thing.

Yet another “educated” scholar states that the mixed race
is genetically superior to whites; which goes to show that
defendants of racial integration are speaking politically
rather than scientifically.

And what does he fear from racism? A threat to his ability to
exploit what he considers lesser peoples, a wealthy minority
exploiting the pure beauty of our working class white women?


From [email protected],[email protected] Mon Jan 13 07:14:11 PST 1997
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
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Subject: There are no africans
Date: 13 Jan 1997 01:58:09 -0800
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[email protected] (Parker Beatley) wrote:

>In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Bryan
>Cowan) wrote:

>> In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Lester

[trash deleted]

face it – parker me ole’ mate…..

…you’re just jealous ‘cos you saw a black guy’s dick and realised
that yours was pathetically small in comparison.


From [email protected],[email protected] Mon Jan 13 07:34:49 PST 1997
Article: 55599 of alt.politics.white-power
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Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.politics.white-power,alt.politics.nationalism.white,soc.history,alt.skinheads
Subject: Ursus – Smith – ESU
Date: 12 Jan 1997 11:27:58 -0800
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Here: Sun 12 Jan 1997 10:40:03 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Ursus Major)
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214463 soc.culture.europe:53394 alt.politics.white-power:55599 alt.politics.nationalism.white:43282 soc.history:11690 alt.skinheads:48800

> To most SANE people, Chapel Hill, NC is known as the home
> of the University of North Carolina. To the real nut-cases,
> it’s more reknowned as the “Bunker” of H. Covington (aka
> “Winston Smith”), Mardi-Gras Fhrer of the NSWPP, best known
> for embossing everything with swastikas–probably Kleenex,
> too–and venerating its legendary founder, George Lincoln
> Rockwell, who went to Valhalla, just as his undies were going
> into the spin-dry cycle at the Laundromat.
> Imperial Poobah (or whatever he calls himself) Covington is
> annoyed that the Tacoma, Washington based EUR0-AMERICAN STUDENT
> UNION doesn’t recognize Covington as its Commander-in-Chief nor
> splatter its pages with swastikas, runes, and other hold-overs
> from “Hogan’s Heroes.”
> The ESU, however, is exactly as its name implies: EURO-AMERICAN,
> meaning embracing ALL European peoples: Slavs, Finns,
> Hungarians, etc. who would not exactly welcome flaunting the

And Avars, Jews and Gypsies? If so, we don’t have to worry
about the media monopoly, right? It’s mostly in “european”
hands, isn’t it?

> age-old Aryan representation of the Sun-Wheel in the same manner

Ah, but many slavs do like the swastika!

The Aryan tribes founded all of Slavia, and many slavs today
are waking up to the Aryan movement.

> as the Braunauer Bar-Cochva, who succeeded in destroying the
> Old Europe, turning the ruins over two antagonistic barbarian
> chieftans: one based in Moscow, the other in Washington (as
> so brilliantly delineated by the martyred Spenglerian, Francis
> P. Yockey [Ulik Varange] in his _magnum opus: Imperium_).
> To underscore its commitment to all peoples of Euro-stock,
> the ESU promotes the revival of Latin as the common language
> of “the West” — as indeed it was for 2,500 years. (English

Latin? Talk about your dead white languages.

Why don’t we just make Aryan our chief Lingua-franca?

> is a hybrid: a Latin tree in Germanic soil.) Covington, in
> his dementia, portrays members of the ESU gamboling about
> the Puget Sound in fig leaves! (As loonies go, “Winston” is
> certainly one of the more colorful ones.) Try gamboling around
> Puget Sound in “fig leaves” this time of year, and you’ll find
> your frozen ass falling off P.D.Q. But when has Covington
> ever allowed reality to intrude upon his rantings? In this
> case, he finishes off his defamation with a grand flourish
> (of four words) in Latin, and they’re WRONG! Winnie repeats
> the maxim found on every pack of Pall Mall cigarettes, _in
> hoc signo vinces_ following it with a swastika flag rather
> than the Chi-Rho of legend. What Covington doesn’t know,
> because he’s totally ignorant of Latin as well as everything
> else, is that _vinces_ means “You [SINGULAR: ONE INDIVIDUAL]
> shall conquer.” “You–or yall’ as they say in the South to
> indicate the PLURAL–shall conquer,” is _in hoc signo vincetis_!
> Latin, like German, has different verb forms for “you” singular
> and “you” plural. The only Latin Covington knows is what he’s
> read off a pack of Pall Malls. Open _os_; insert _pes_!

What were you saying about your Kleenex supply, Ussus?
(Switch to Northern toilet paper, herr commentator.)

> Having made a total idiot of himself in defaming the ESU,
> Covington then spits venom at that White Abberation, Tom
> Metzger. The REAL reason for Covington’s on-going defamation
> of Metzger is that every dollar being sent Metzger ISN’T being
> sent to Covinton! That’s what has Winnie-the-Pooh chewing the
> carpet: those bucks slipping out of his fingers. “A pox on
> both your houses!” is the position of the ESU, which cordially
> invites those–student or no–interested in a SANE APPROACH
> to the preservation of the White Race-Culture and exposure to
> White-Particularism, to surf in and relish the atmosphere of
> Positive Values!
> http://www.nwlink.com/~justin49

This sort of reminds me of the way of looking at all “european”
races acountantwise, all by percentages; with the Asiatic and
African blood percentage of Jews subtracted, Jews are only 25%
or so European racewide; with the non-European percentages
of African-Americans subtracted African Americans are about
25% European racewide in the USA; since the European content
of African American blood is even higher among non-Southern
African Americans, many non-Southern African Americans are
more European than most Jews.

If the Jewish race is accepted in the ESU then there’s no
reason to reject African Americans in the ESU as non-European,
as African Americans are as European as Jews.

Ursus, is this what you’ve got a bee up your butt about Winston
Smith or are you just running out of Kleenex?


From [email protected],[email protected] Mon Jan 13 08:05:51 PST 1997
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Subject: PH.D.s are useless
Date: 12 Jan 1997 12:34:32 -0800
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> A PhD isn’t useless. True, the knowledge you are digging up
> is very specialised, but the skills you learn while digging
> are very important: determination, skepticism, thought,
> rigour, etc.

Ha, a PHD bearer is more likely to be a clueless mediocrity
than the common man without the degree, at least in the USA.


From [email protected],[email protected] Mon Jan 13 10:55:21 PST 1997
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Subject: Never Again. Fuck White Pride. Fuck Nazi Sympathy.
Date: 13 Jan 1997 01:50:48 -0800
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> In article <[email protected]>,
> msh <[email protected]> wrote:

Jeff, when you find insulting articles
like the above be sure to crosspost your response to

Maybe even copy and post the identical article with the “white
racist motherfucker trailer trash” changed to the appropriate
race and insult inferred by the name of the colored newsgroup.

> >Its time to wake up and understand the ideals of humanity, not
> >blind ignorance which you call white nationalism.
> >Power shouldn’t
> >come from the color of your skin or the heritage of your race,
> >nothing matters except who you are or what you do.


From [email protected],[email protected] Mon Jan 13 10:55:22 PST 1997
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Subject: He Who Asks the Questions Controls the Conversation
Date: 13 Jan 1997 01:52:58 -0800
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> Re: Ten Questions for Doc Tavish – Day Three (Oh, gee,
> I switched the subject heading with the message body, but,
> in any case, does anyone want a person like Andrew Mathis
> controlling any conversation?)

Subject: Ten Questions from Andrew Mathis
From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.politics.nationalism.white,soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.israel,alt.personals.jewish
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X-From: [email protected] (Andrew Mathis)
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Cc: [email protected]

Golly, a survey! Everyone knows how surveys are appreciated
on usenet!-)

> 1) Define Communism

When the state has withered away from socialism, or someone
who believes in socialism leading to communism.

> 2) Define Socialism

State owernship of the economy, necessarily inclusive of
expropriation of capital from a presocialist state.

> 3) Was Karl Marx a practicing Jew?

He was a certain Asiatic-African-European racial mixture
signiying he was a Jew; his practiced religion is unknown as
he may have practiced secretly, a common practice; he may have
been an atheist.

> 4) Are you married or have you ever been married?

Questions you have no business asking; do you think of yourself
as a Chekist or something?

> 5) Do you in fact have a Doctorate? Is an M.D., Ph.D.,
> or other? From what university?

I’ve an MD, and I’ve several years of successful licencsed

> 6) What is the ethnic derivation of the name “Tavish”?

Let the Chekists answer that.

> 7) What ethnicity and religion was Jesus of Nazareth?
> St. Paul (at birth)? St. John the Divine (at birth)?

His race was Aryan, his myth was Aryan and just about everything
else under the clouds.

> 8) Where in the U.S Constitution does the Constitution
> Congress make a commitment to free-market Capitalism?

Nowhere, but it also doesn’t make a commitment to regulating
the safety of automobiles yet we do it.

> 9) Why are you–who is presumtuously straight–so fascinated
> by homosexuality?

Why are presumed straights so interested in perversion in
general? You know, pornography, oral sex, careless choice
of partners, “they’re all the same in the dark,” “a hole is
a hole,” “screw them and dump them,” prostitution, pimping,
all symptoms of sexual capitalism.

> 10) How many Jews died in Europe btw. 1939 and 1945 at the
> hands of Nazi forces?

Eighty million.

“We are all Jews” — Tim Yohannon? (in the MRR #10 interview)


And everyone knows how much usenet appreciates that.-)


From [email protected],[email protected],[email protected] Mon Jan 13 11:10:26 PST 1997
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,news.admin.net-abuse.email,news.admin.net-abuse.misc,news.admin.censorship
Subject: Stanford.edu hired who as admin?!??
Date: 13 Jan 1997 03:15:20 -0800
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Message-ID: <Love@1984>
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Here: Mon 13 Jan 1997 02:34:51 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Richard Charles Graves)
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214641 news.admin.net-abuse.email:6604 news.admin.net-abuse.misc:123506 news.admin.censorship:22996

> >[It should be noted that the website site at stanford.edu
> >already denies the domain www.anonymizer.com from access so
> >some users may not be able to verify Stanford.edu web pages
> >at all (what purpose of denying anonymizer.com other than to
> >prevent specific other cites access?) — TV]
> Um… we don’t block the Anonymizer. If you can’t get to a

Stanford.edu has blocked anonymizer.com before, not just for
a particular user, but for the entire site; the *only* site
I’ve stumbled on that practiced this blocking.

> Stanford web site through the Anonymizer, it’s because the
> Anonymizer is overloaded, which is often the case.

It was easy to verify that Stanford.edu was blocking,
by mulitple occasions over a period of a month;
http://www.stanford.edu was the *only* site that always
failed; most of the time the anonymizer worked when it was
slow connecting to even slower sites at the same time.

> Yahoo lists a half dozen other open proxies for your paranoid
> browsing pleasure.

Ah, but Parekh can be trusted.

> As for calling me a “Stanford.edu user,” suffice to say that if
> Skippy had been harassing a Stanford student or faculty member,

There’s been no harassment, sounds like your usual blowing
your own horn to blow up your own sense of importance out of
proportion, as usual.

> rather than me, I’d have implemented a route filter in closer
> to nine minutes than nine months.

Route filter? Are you seriously claiming to be the admin
of Stanford.edu?!??

No Wonder!

If that checks out, your job is at stake, bub.

Netizens, if or when you discover a bona fide case of net-abuse
by the above named “admin,” *if* he really is the admin, I
suggest you send your complaints by registered mail return
receipt to the appropriate authorities at Stanford because
e-mail would do not good in such a circumstance; sounds like
he’s just playing games again, though.

If “he” installs some route filter against a major site,
he’ll certainly be the unemployable laughing stock of the
net community.


From [email protected],[email protected] Mon Jan 13 17:03:57 PST 1997
Article: 107517 of soc.culture.jewish
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.politics.nationalism.white,soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.israel,alt.personals.jewish
Subject: Ten Questions from Andrew Mathis
Date: 12 Jan 1997 12:17:34 -0800
Organization: Usenet Engineering Task Force
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Message-ID: <Love@69703>
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NNTP-Posting-Host: crl7.crl.com
Here: Sun 12 Jan 1997 11:43:57 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Andrew Mathis)
X-Bytes: [ 1800]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214706 soc.culture.europe:53455 alt.politics.nationalism.white:43383 soc.culture.jewish:107517 soc.culture.israel:55333

Golly, a survey! Everyone knows how surveys are appreciated
on usenet!-)

> 1) Define Communism

When the state has withered away from socialism, or someone
who believes in socialism leading to communism.

> 2) Define Socialism

State owernship of the economy, necessarily inclusive of
expropriation of capital from a presocialist state.

> 3) Was Karl Marx a practicing Jew?

He was a certain Asiatic-African-European racial mixture
signiying he was a Jew; his practiced religion is unknown as
he may have practiced secretly, a common practice; he may have
been an atheist.

> 4) Are you married or have you ever been married?

Questions you have no business asking; do you think of yourself
as a Chekist or something?

> 5) Do you in fact have a Doctorate? Is an M.D., Ph.D.,
> or other? From what university?

I’ve an MD, and I’ve several years of successful licencsed

> 6) What is the ethnic derivation of the name “Tavish”?

Let the Chekists answer that.

> 7) What ethnicity and religion was Jesus of Nazareth?
> St. Paul (at birth)? St. John the Divine (at birth)?

His race was Aryan, his myth was Aryan and just about everything
else under the clouds.

> 8) Where in the U.S Constitution does the Constitution
> Congress make a commitment to free-market Capitalism?

Nowhere, but it also doesn’t make a commitment to regulating
the safety of automobiles yet we do it.

> 9) Why are you–who is presumtuously straight–so fascinated
> by homosexuality?

Why are presumed straights so interested in perversion in
general? You know, pornography, oral sex, careless choice
of partners, “they’re all the same in the dark,” “a hole is
a hole,” “screw them and dump them,” prostitution, pimping,
all symptoms of sexual capitalism.

> 10) How many Jews died in Europe btw. 1939 and 1945 at the
> hands of Nazi forces?

Eighty million.

“We are all Jews” — Tim Yohannon? (in the MRR #10 interview)


And everyone knows how much usenet appreciates that.-)


From [email protected],[email protected] Mon Jan 13 18:58:26 PST 1997
Article: 55684 of alt.politics.white-power
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Subject: Why Actually Do Multiculturalists Post On This Channel?
Date: 12 Jan 1997 12:20:59 -0800
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> Do they think that White Nationalists, etc. are somehow going to
> be persuaded by their arugements of “Can’t We Just Get Along?”

Obviously, for the sake of diversion.

They know they have nothing to say, so they post here.


From [email protected],revmario@[email protected] Mon Jan 13 19:00:02 PST 1997
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Subject: Rush Limbaugh is . . . .
Date: 12 Jan 1997 12:30:16 -0800
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Limbaugh is a fascist who supports allowing the men with the
money to do *anything* they please.


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Newsgroups: control,news.admin.net-abuse.email,news.admin.net-abuse.misc,news.admin.censorship,news.admin.net-abuse.usenet
Subject: Stanford.edu hired who as admin?!??
Date: 13 Jan 1997 03:05:10 -0800
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> >[It should be noted that the website site at stanford.edu
> >already denies the domain www.anonymizer.com from access so
> >some users may not be able to verify Stanford.edu web pages
> >at all (what purpose of denying anonymizer.com other than to
> >prevent specific other cites access?) — TV]
> Um… we don’t block the Anonymizer. If you can’t get to a

Stanford.edu has blocked anonymizer.com before, not just for
a particular user, but for the entire site; the *only* site
I’ve stumbled on that practiced this blocking.

> Stanford web site through the Anonymizer, it’s because the
> Anonymizer is overloaded, which is often the case.

It was easy to verify that Stanford.edu was blocking,
by mulitple occasions over a period of a month;
http://www.stanford.edu was the *only* site that always
failed; most of the time the anonymizer worked when it was
slow connecting to even slower sites at the same time.

> Yahoo lists a half dozen other open proxies for your paranoid
> browsing pleasure.

Ah, but Parekh can be trusted.

> As for calling me a “Stanford.edu user,” suffice to say that if
> Skippy had been harassing a Stanford student or faculty member,

There’s been no harassment, sounds like your usual blowing
your own horn to blow up your own sense of importance out of
proportion, as usual.

> rather than me, I’d have implemented a route filter in closer
> to nine minutes than nine months.

Route filter? Are you seriously claiming to be the admin
of Stanford.edu?!??

No Wonder!

If that checks out, your job is at stake, bub.

Netizens, if or when you discover a bona fide case of net-abuse
by the above named “admin,” *if* he really is the admin, I
suggest you send your complaints by registered mail return
receipt to the appropriate authorities at Stanford because
e-mail would do not good in such a circumstance; sounds like
he’s just playing games again, though.

If “he” installs some route filter against a major site,
he’ll certainly be the unemployable laughing stock of the
net community.


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Subject: Wagner
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> Listen particularly to Die Walkure and tell me which leit
> motifs were used by Bernstein for his song “I Like To Be
> In America”

I always though that song was stolen from Profyevs Romeo
and Juliet.

> And, of course, the story is taken from Shakespeare’s Romeo
> and Juliet.

L Bernstein perhaps listened to Profyev, Wagner and read Cliff
Notes before jiggling out “West Side Story.”


From [email protected],[email protected] Mon Jan 13 20:42:34 PST 1997
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Subject: Wagner
Date: 13 Jan 1997 02:20:54 -0800
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> : >I’m not sure what “team” this is–The Vienna Jews? The Hamburg Hebrews?–
> : >but if you don’t consider Arnold Schoenberg a heavy hitter, you haven’t
> : >been paying attention to the game.
> :
> : Schoenberg was notorious as a spray hitter who lacked the discipline to
> : keep his swing in the strike zone. As a result, he struck out frequently.
> : As a fielder, no one ever wanted him in left field because you could
> : never tell which base he was going to throw to.
> Schoenberg’s production was inconsistent, but his good work
> stands at the very top of the roster of twentieth-century
> music.

His reputation by the accreditted experts in the field is
excellent; however his music wasn’t very good. Sure his
Three Piano Pieces are fun to try to play, and his scores
are beautifully set (especially the third piece, suitable for
framing, that looks like a cockroach was dipped in a bottle of
ink and allowed to tread the master,) but again, that problem
of the lack of musicianship.

Mahler is another fabulous musical genius of the Twentieth
Century, heralded by critics everywhere; alas, his music stunk.

For good Twentieth Century music, try Profyev, non-Jewish
though a photograph revealed him as fairly ugly; Rachmaninoff;
and a bunch of others meforgets.

What, no anti-nazi’s mention the famous nazi atonalist composer
who sounded at least as bad as Schoenberg? I won’t say his
name because anti-nazis are so ignorant, and don’t care about
art anyway.


From [email protected],[email protected] Tue Jan 14 13:42:37 PST 1997
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Subject: Republicans Should Wreak HAVOC!!!
Date: 14 Jan 1997 10:30:13 -0800
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214907 soc.culture.europe:53555 alt.politics.media:23029 alt.activism:112480 alt.conspiracy:132140 alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater:64699 alt.fan.dan-quayle:87638 alt.fan.g-gordon-liddy:54557 alt.fan.rush-limbaugh:436843 alt.politics.clinton:353174 alt.politics.correct:173920 alt.politics.democrats.d:168432 alt.politics.radical-left:145683 alt.politics.reform:125231 alt.politics.usa.newt-gingrich:109132 alt.politics.usa.republican:357280 alt.society.conservatism:69221 misc.legal:32106 talk.politics.guns:364439 talk.politics.misc:539714 talk.politics.theory:101117

Republicans already have!

There’s not a major policy of the mainstream Democrats that
the mainstream Republicans do not also follow, and vice versa.

Oh, you’re referring to the Clinton/Gingrich whatnot?

Well, there’s not a class of corruption that mainstream
politicians of all colors refuse to attend.

A pox on both your houses! Down with the rich, down with
diversionists and liquidationists!


From [email protected],[email protected] Tue Jan 14 16:15:30 PST 1997
Article: 55785 of alt.politics.white-power
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Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.native,soc.culture.native
Subject: Diversionist Chris Faatz hates Native Americans!
Date: 12 Jan 1997 11:41:58 -0800
Organization: Usenet Engineering Task Force
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Here: Sun 12 Jan 1997 11:29:29 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Chris Faatz)
X-Bytes: [ 4031]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214939 soc.culture.europe:53579 alt.politics.nationalism.white:43528 alt.politics.white-power:55785 alt.native:13637 soc.culture.native:13967

> : Even if we do pigeon-hole ourselves
> : into small ‘reservations’ at least we’ll be pure of all the 20th
> : century filth. It would be better for us to live as indians in
> : reservations, provided we all initiated a rigorous state of racial,
> : mental and spiritual purification – and in a generation be
> : ‘super-human’, than to be diluted and disperse into the nothingness of
> : modern ZOG controlled society.
> Buddy, you’re a case and a half! Your creating “reservations” or
> homelands wouldn’t create a generation of super-humans–it’d
> create a generation of inbred dullards, chained to a
> pathological and self-destructive worldview, and aimed solely
> at the end of self-obliteration.

You’ve got such a hate of our Native American working class

For those looking for background information into freeing
humanity from our oppressors, read up on how nationalist
movements are excellent tools for overthrowing the international
oligarchy leading to the establishment of friendly relations
between mutually benefitting nationalities.


From [email protected],[email protected] Tue Jan 14 16:55:06 PST 1997
Article: 123742 of news.admin.net-abuse.misc
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,news.admin.net-abuse.email,news.admin.net-abuse.usenet,news.admin.censorship,news.admin.net-abuse.misc
Subject: False Complaints = DOS Attack
Date: 14 Jan 1997 12:39:18 -0800
Organization: Usenet Engineering Task Force
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Message-ID: <Love@3786>
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Here: Tue 14 Jan 1997 12:17:05 PM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Richard Charles Graves)
X-Bytes: [ 1909]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214925 news.admin.net-abuse.email:6824 news.admin.net-abuse.usenet:4329 news.admin.censorship:23065 news.admin.net-abuse.misc:123742

> >>Spamming, forgery, forged cancels, libel, harassment, and
> >>invasions of privacy are one thing. Denial of service attacks,
> >>on the other hand, we take seriously.

None of which I’ve done.

> >??? Why is an active file a denial-of-service attack?
> One copy is hardly annoying. Several copies, forged from my
> address, when he and [email protected] have known for months that
> no email from this character is welcome, is more than a little
> annoying. Nor am I the only person getting these.

First I’ve heard of it. Of course you are making three claims,
forgery, DOS and e-mailing replies to your abusive posts.

I insist that e-mailing replies to posts is neither forgery,
DOS or in anyway abusive.

I insist that complaining to admins about alleged abuse of a
user without ever complaining to the user or cc’ing a copy of
the complaint to the user is net abuse.

> I guess I should put up the logs counting the other copies. The
> two I’ve put on the web are only samples.

The reponsible thing to do is transmit the complaint along
with the evidence, not refer to broken URL’s of edited data
so you can smear with impunity, as if a mere complaint by
you has ever signified something more substantial than a mere
difference of opinion on political and/or technical subjects.

> My initial decision not to say anything publicly was probably
> correct, since I’m unprepared to turn over all the relevant
> evidence to anyone but CRL and the local security folks. Oops.
> Original post superseded.

Of course, it took someone else Dick Graves communicated in
private with to “violate” your privacy by posting the secret
of the “DOS” for me to even find out what my alleged crime is
supposed to be; meanwhile, Graves chose to lie.


From [email protected],[email protected] Tue Jan 14 23:35:18 PST 1997
Article: 214973 of control
Path: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca!news.island.net!news.bctel.net!noc.van.hookup.net!hookup!gatech!csulb.edu!data.ramona.vix.com!sonysjc!su-news-feed4.bbnplanet.com!su-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com!cpk-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com!newsfeed.internetmci.com!howland.erols.net!usenet.kornet.nm.kr!news.sprintlink.net!news-stk-11.sprintlink.net!news.sprintlink.net!news-hub.sprintlink.net!news.sprintlink.net!news-dc-10.sprintlink.net!news.aloha.net!svr1.pdx.gstis.net!zinger.callamer.com!news1.crl.com!nexp.crl.com!in1.uu.net!nexp.crl.com!lightning.iperform.net!news3.crl.com!nntp.crl.com!newshub.cts.com!atmnet.net!www.nntp.primenet.com!nntp.primenet.com!enews.sgi.com!news.mathworks.com!news.bbnplanet.com!cam-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com!news.idt.net!cdc2.cdc.net!newsfeed.concentric.net!news-master!news
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Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.atheism,sci.misc,sci.philosophy.meta,sci.physics,sci.skeptic,talk.atheism,talk.origins
Subject: PH.D.s are useless
Date: 14 Jan 1997 09:02:05 -0800
Organization: Usenet Engineering Task Force
Lines: 38
Distribution: inet
Message-ID: <Love@41033>
References: <[email protected]> <[email protected]> <[email protected]> <[email protected]>
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NNTP-Posting-Host: crl8.crl.com
Here: Tue 14 Jan 1997 08:54:05 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: April <[email protected]>
X-Bytes: [ 2852]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:214973 soc.culture.europe:53606 alt.atheism:78961 sci.misc:13457 sci.philosophy.meta:21250 sci.physics:114322 sci.skeptic:196627 talk.origins:173948

> > > Oh, the joys of American anti-intellectualism. It’s been part of
> > > American culture that the “common man”, with little training but

American culture and every other European culture.

> > > wads of common sense, will go further than someone with advanced
> > > training. While this _might_ have been slightly true back when
> > > we were mostly farmers, it certainly doesn’t hold in an advanced
> > > industrial society.
> Yes it does.
> > Microsoft Bill Gates didn’t have a degree did he?
> A person who seeks to aquire a PH.D. has that motivation.
> For people who aspire wealth, a PH.D. is not necessary.
> One has to have the motivation to take big risks in starting
> their own business. Most people I know that are on their
> second majors in college are blindly following the path
> laid before them by their parents’. Go to college, get a
> PH.D. and you will be successful!! But those who aspire
> to be self employed have the guts to risk, suffer failure,
> and end up successful enough to hire degree holders to be
> their lawyers, accountants, financial advisers……get
> the picture?? It was infinitly easier to go to college
> and get good grades, But it did not compare to the stress,
> risk, and enormous amount of motiviation required to start
> a small business!

Only 0.1% of the American populace holds PHDs; what proof is
there that they are intellectually superior to the commoners?

When you consider what horrors PHD bearers have inflicted on
society, can the good people be blamed for desiring leaders
that are free of PHDs?


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> >Another speech that was tinged with controversy was one made
> >by the crooked arbitrageur Ivan Boesky to a class of business
> >graduates. I recall reading a profile of Ivan Boesky in an
> >issue of Vanity Fair back in the late 1980s and how he’d told
> >a group of business graduates that “Greed is good.” Imagine if
> >the joke to subsequently have made the rounds–Boesky being
> >Jewish–that his speech to the graduates had “sounded better
> >in the original Yiddish.”
> >
> >For starters, I doubt Larry King would have ever repeated a
> >line like that, or, had he done so, David Letterman would have
> >guffawed as heartily as he did over the Pat Buchanan put-down
> >line. That’s because here and now anti-German bigotry is a
> >respectable form of bigotry.

Hell, hating white people of all ethnic groups is popular in the
USA; unless a white is socially “superior” by being arrogantly
homosexual, Globalist, wealthy, criminal, intermating, or some
similar character trait, s/he is hated by society.

> Good point.
> “Greed is good.” — Ivan Boesky, but is sounds better in
> the original Yiddish.

“I live by the golden rule, the guy with the gold makes
the rules.” — Samuel LeFrak, but it sounds better in the
original Yiddish.


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Subject: And Just Which Class Has Been Promoting Gang Rape?
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> > A prime example would be African-Americans in the US. 85%
> > of them are partially European in decent, thanks to lusty
> > slave masters in the past, and just bi-racial marriages.
> I’ve also read (somewhere) that about 15% of the people who
> consider themselves “white” (in the USofA) have at least
> one African ancestor (likelihood higher in the South than
> North). Causes hysterics at the National Archives, I hear.

Actually, racial mixing of Africans has always been more common
ex-slavery than during slavery.

Those who consider themselves white include Jews, Gypsies, 35%
of Mulattos, 65% of half-Asians, Arabs, etc., at least as far
as the Census maintains;

Southern African Americans are substantially racially purer
than they are anywhere else in the USA as a group, rural
Southern African Americans often being pure African;

It’s likely that most cases of intermating occured after
slavery, rather than during, ususally by the free choice of
their partners;

For example, it was reported that in Charleston, South
Carolina, that 11% of white common marriages were with newly
freed ex-slaves;

Many whites then and now prefer ex-slaves of Oriental and
African descent becuase they want to treat their women,
or be treated by their men as the case may be, in at least
partially of the great brutality that distinguishes colored

The African and Oriental (Jewish) slaveowners in the USA
were more likely to sexually exploit their slaves than white

Many of the slaves were white;

Some of the African Americans of today are descended from
African American slaveowners and their white slaves;

During the times of the Colonies, Tory slaveowners were more
likely to intermate with their slaves than the later American

In the North, when slaves were “freed” earlier, free
intermatings largely *began* postslavery than during slavery;

This all adds up to the fact that “free” whites and “free”
African Americans produced the vast majority of todays African
Americans. (Excepting, of course, the largely Southern

It should be noted that the integrated slave-slavemaster
matings that did occur, all to frequently;

That racial integration has always been a sign of class
exploitation, obvious with a study throughout classical history;

That “free whites” and “free Blacks” were not free at all,
and under substantial control of the masters;

Prooving that racial integration is not necessarily a product
of a free society;

Just goes to show that the integration movement is and always
has been a diversionary movement against the class struggle.

Racial Integration:



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I don’t know how old you are, but I can remember the time when
Lyndon Johnson signed the first Civil Rights/Equal Opportunity
bill into law. Certain individuals were screaming that the law
would lower the wage standard. Unfortunately at that time, those
individuals backed up their premise with emotion and not an
ounce of analysis. Thirty years later, we see empirical evidence
that the premise was correct, and I am providing the analysis.

Recently a TV news reporter stated that economists are at a loss
to explain why U.S. wages are declining. This treatise has the
explanation, and nobody else has a better or contradicting one.
Leading TV personality and M.I.T. Economics Professor Lester
Thurow wrote in a very recent magazine article that 1994
and 1995 are shaping up to be pretty bad years for U.S. wage
erosion. Another economist on CNBC said that “real wages are
falling and falling sharply!” Yet another T.V. commentator
said that real wages are falling with “no end in sight.” This
treatise explains why, and it also explains why industrial wages
in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and Japan are roughly
TWICE as high as the industrial wages in the U.S. Additionally,
it explains why the Skinheads no longer have the factory jobs
that they once had (this applies to British Skinheads as well).


A person (labor seller) with unpreferred demographics
cannot dictate to an employer (labor buyer) that his/her
(the seller’s) value is equal to the value of a worker with
preferred demographics. The law of supply and demand simply
does not work this way because only the labor buyer sets his
own mental perception of value just as any other buyer does.

Also, a major misconception in the labor market is that there
is some fixed schedule of labor prices cast in concrete
somewhere. The evidence to the contrary is overwhelming –
labor union wage concessions, inflation, and overall real
wages dropping precipitously.

At maximum – TO REPEAT: AT MAXIMUM – an unpreferred seller can
command only what the the market will bear, and if he/she forces
the issue by getting government rulings for equal pay, the only
thing he/she will accomplish will be downward pressure on the
wages of those people with the preferred demographics. In other
words, over time and in conjunction with inflation and wage
concessions, the equalization of wages under equal employment
opportunity works only in the downward direction! Any initial
upward equalization is brief, temporary and illusory. Females
demanding equal pay with men will only succeed in getting
their husbands’ pay reduced to a female’s level!

Try to look at things this way. If the price of apples is 99
cents a pound and if you are free to go to a supermarket’s
apple bin to make your selections of the reddest, shiniest,
largest apples, you will gladly pay the 99 cent-a-pound asking
price. But if the apples are pre-packaged with apples of all
sizes mixed together and still priced at 99 cents a pound,
you will reject the whole bag until inflation brings the 99
cent-a-pound price into line with your perception of value
for the bag. There is, however, another spin on the labor
market. Employers will not average the perceived values of the
first and last choice job applicants. Paying wages that exceed
what the market will bear for certain job candidates will bring
more of these job candidates to the employment office of the
employer, thus placing even more downward pressure on wages
. . . right down to the perceived value of the least preferred
job candidate (within job category). That is, if the employer
pays a wage in excess of what the market will bear for the
last choice job applicant, then there is compelling incentive
for the last choice job applicant to apply for employment at
that employer AND sue that employer for equal wages, thereby
depressing ALL other workers’ wages to the value of the last
choice job applicant.

Because this is such an important concept, the writer feels
compelled to present it in yet another way to make sure that
all readers understand. A buyer will pay less for an item than
that item is worth to him, but he will not pay more for it than
it is worth to him. If you go to a store and see a shirt that
is worth $50 to you, you will buy the shirt if the price tag
says $25, but you will not buy the shirt if the price tag says
$75. A labor buyer will pay to his top-choice worker less than
what his top-choice worker is worth to him, but he will not
pay to his last-choice worker more than what his last-choice
worker is worth to him. If the government is enforcing wage
equalization between top-choice workers and last-choice workers,
ALL employers will limit their bid for top-choice workers to
the perceived value of the last-choice worker. Employers will
not raise their bid for their last-choice worker to the value of
the top-choice worker because to do so would have the employer
paying more for the last-choice worker than he is worth to the
employer. (Think about it. If you have a house to sell and you
think you can get $600,000 for it, but if all prospective buyers
limit their offering prices to $25,000, then $25,000 is all
you are going to get for your opulent home with its manicured
lawn!) ANY employer who deviates from the unofficial wage cap
by paying above-the-norm wages will find himself inundated
with job applications and lawsuits that he will not want.

The irony here is that the least preferred job candidate does
not even have to be awarded a job to affect the wage structure
of the entire United States; all that he has to do is be in
the employment market with certain laws attached to his back
thereby offering a threat of a claim for equal wages. The
further implication (if you can believe it) is that an employer
can strictly hire people who match the employer’s own image
and likeness, and the wage levels at that employer will still
reflect the downward equalization pressures of equal employment
opportunity. This is because a discriminatory employer holds the
lowest concept of value for the least preferred job candidate,
and this employer will be least likely to set forth incentives
for the least preferred job candidate to sue for a job with
equal (that is, premium) wages.

Some people may say, “But, but, but what about the concept of
equal work/equal pay?” The quality and quantity of any worker’s
output is totally irrelevant to the analysis. The only thing
that is relevant is the concept of value that a labor buyer
formulates in his mind, and you will have to ask him about the
rationale behind his formulation. There are many fine artists
who can’t command squat for their work, and then someone takes
plain white paint to a canvas and gets $1,000,000 for it.

To review: it is a basic principle of Economics that markets
will not tolerate transactions whose price is greater than
what the market will bear. If such a transaction takes place,
the market will go into self-correction mode to bring the
transaction’s price into line with its value. If an unpreferred
worker is awarded a wage greater than what the market will bear
for him, over time his wage will be brought down into line
with his value, and because wages must be equal, the wages
of the preferred workers are likewise brought down! So let’s
say there are three categories of people in society: A’s,
B’s, and C’s with free-market values of $100,000 per year,
$70,000 per year, and $50,000 per year respectively. A law is
passed protecting the B’s by giving them equal opportunity
and equal pay with the A’s. The B’s get jobs at salaries of
$100,000 per year, but the employer is not a happy camper; his
intestines are tied into knots because he is paying more than
what the market will bear for the B’s. So the employer takes
a heavy dose of a laxative called “Inflation” with a side of
wage concessions until his intestinal distressed is eased –
this happens when the real wages of the B’s and of the A’s
settle at a real value of $70,000 (but at least the wages
are equal!) When the next law is passed protecting the C’s,
the employer’s intestinal distress arises again until EVERYONE
finds himself earning $50,000 in real terms. Take my word
for it. The value of U.S. labor is steadily being brought
to the value of the least preferred job candidate (within
job category)! For any remaining doubters: the analysis in
ultra-simple terms is this: if too many laws are attached to
a commodity, the commodity can easily go worthless PERIOD!

Conclusion: The equal employment opportunity laws are turning
the law of supply and demand in the labor market on its head,
and the value of the United States labor pool is steadily being
brought to the worthless level. (To the reader: this means YOU
no matter what your demographic make-up is! Current typical
wages in China: $2.00 per day.) Be advised that the government
is about to drop multitudes from the welfare rolls. What’s next
– unloading the prisons and public mental institutions? These
displaced people will flood the employment market. Reluctance on
the part of businesses to absorb these people and fear of equal
opportunity lawsuits will motivate employers to post “NO HIRING”
signs here, there, and everywhere. With employees everywhere
being locked into their positions and having nowhere else to
go, employers will seize upon the opportunity by taking their
current employees by their throats and shaking ’em down for wage
concessions like never before. Then income tax revenues will
plummet, and mortgage and loan defaults will skyrocket. Then,
as the Bible has predicted, the end will come. Have a nice day.


Yes, the answer is Communism, even though Communism is an
atrocious system which has failed and failed miserably. This is
because under Communism workers were not equalized to the value
of the last-choice worker. In Communist Russia, a physicist
would be paid $50 more per month over a laborer, and this small
wage differential served as enough motivation for students to
study hard to qualify as elite and select physicists while
the last-choice physicist got to be a common laborer. High
educational standards were maintained in Communist Russia.

On the other hand, Equal Employment Opportunity’s Equal Pay
Doctrine equalizes all wages to the value of the last possible
choice of worker (within job category). That is, over time
and in conjunction with inflation and wage concessions, all
U.S. wage equalization is strictly in the downward direction
with any initial upward equalization being brief, temporary
and illusory. If you do not agree with this premise, please
hire a very expensive economics consultant and have him explain
why the lower class in the U.S. is slipping into homelessness,
why the middle class is slipping into the lower class, and why
real wages have been falling precipitously over recent years.

With all U.S. wages being equalized to the value of the
last-choice worker (within job category), many, many people
will perceive no financial incentive to elevate themselves
to the standards of the upper classes. No, they will simply
settle into the standards of the person to whom their wages
are being equalized, that is, to the last-choice worker. The
lack of this vital incentive which existed in Communist Russia
results in U.S. citizens failing to achieve higher educational
standards and higher behavioral standards as well (just look
at U.S. crime statistics and the behaviorial and appearance
standards on TV talk shows).

But there is more. Due to overall lower standards everywhere,
average ability levels of workers in the U.S. workplace have
dropped significantly, so much so that moderately competent
workers now look super competent. According to the Peter
Principle super competent and super incompetent workers get
hierarchically exfoliated because they violate the norms too
much. But since worker performance norms have been “dumbed down”
so much, a moderately competent worker is now very likely to
be fired while a super incompetent worker is very likely to
be allowed to remain on the payroll!

A recent TV commentary stated that the real wages of Black
males have suffered the most in the last 30 years of equal
employment opportunity. That’s because every Black male has
been going through the process which equalizes him to the value
of the last-choice Black male and lower. (Note: The Americans
with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against the
mentally ill, the morbidly obese, the HIV or TB infected, and
on and on). Many Black males have been equalized down so low
that their equalized value has fallen below the minimum wage
level thus rendering them unemployable and, in many cases,
homeless. (Grim note: We’re all going through this process,
some sooner and faster than others.)

In contrast, another news commentary stated that while real
wages are falling, concentration of wealth is going to the very
wealthy in this country. The cost savings from the devalued,
equalized wages of labor are going to corporate profits –
that is, to wealthy business owners. So instead of being
a share-the-wealth mechanism for the lower classes, equal
employment opportunity has become a windfall for the upper
classes. Isn’t this a scream?

To all the lovely Black ladies working at the U.S. Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission: Every effort you make in
processing an equal pay claim contributes to the homelessness
of the next Black brother. And who knows? The next one to be
downwardly equalized may be you! After all, the U.S. Government
is eliminating many federal jobs AND welfare too! But don’t
go rushing to any window ledges just yet. This writer has been
wrong before; maybe he’s wrong now. Anyway, have a nice day!


Premise: Equalization of wages under equal employment
opportunity (EEO) over time and in conjunction with inflation
and wage concessions is strictly in the downward direction
– right down to the value of the very least preferred job
candidate in the marketplace (within job category) – with
any initial upward equalization being brief, temporary,
and illusory.

The above premise renders equal employment opportunity as an
unworkable share-the-wealth system, and yet, somehow it seemed
to work in the U.S.

For one thing, in the early stages of EEO, employers indulged
in tokenism whereby they hired the “cream of the crop” from
the pool of unpreferred job candidates. Minor tokenism did not
detract much from the illusory effect of the initial upward
equalization. However, in the early 1980’s, the U.S. economy
was demonstrating severe side effects from this unworkable
system. Prominent economists at that time were predicting the
worst U.S. depression ever! President Ronald Reagan took the
very uninspired approach to the problem by infusing massive
amounts of stimulation into the economy by way of huge deficit
spending thus creating very high artificial demand for labor
to the point where even the normally unemployable job candidate
found work. Years back, one dime store manager in New England
was quoted in the news media as saying that if he did not hire
any job applicant who walked in the door, his store would have
to shut down due to lack of staffing! Nobody noticed that EEO
was not what it was supposed to be.

As the years proceeded on to the current time, a larger and
larger portion of federal spending went to debt service, that
is, to interest payments, with less and less going to artificial
stimulation of demand for labor. This reason in combination
with the downward equalization of wages under EEO is why we are
now seeing real wages in the U.S. dropping precipitously and
the emergence of a permanent white underclass. Welcome aboard!

Look at things this way. If you have an auto tire with 15
gaping holes in it, you can keep it inflated and rolling just
as long as you rapidly infuse very highly pressurized air into
it constantly. The highly pressurized air is like the massive
deficit spending of the government. The air escaping rapidly
>from the 15 holes is like wealth escaping from the U.S. via the
obscene trade deficit. As soon as the government starts to ease
back on its infusion of deficit spending in the coming months,
the tire – that is, the U.S. economy – will go flat . . . fast!

Why does equal opportunity seem to work better in certain
foreign countries? Well back to the premise: equal opportunity
equalizes first choice workers down to the perceived
value of the last choice worker. The U.S. has greater
diversity among its population (and more EEO laws), and so
the differential between first choice value and last choice
value is greater. If you were to graph the perceived values
of individual U.S. workers versus incidence and similarly
graph corresponding data for a foreign country, you will see
situations as represented by the bell curves in Exhibit A.


The wider, spread out bell curve represents data for the
U.S. The narrower one on the right represents data for a
certain foreign country. The point (b) representing the value
of the first choice U.S. worker is being equalized a great
distance downward to the point (a) representing the value
of the last choice U.S. worker. In contrast, the high end
of the foreign curve (point d) is being equalized downward
a much smaller distance to the low end of the foreign curve
(point c). Therefore, you will have higher real wages in the
foreign country, notwithstanding its EEO program.

If you were to graph actual ability levels of workers for the
U.S. and also for a certain foreign country, you would end up
with bell curves which pretty much look the same as the curves
just discussed for perceived values of workers. The bell curve
for the foreign country will end up to the right of the bell
curve for the U.S. if the foreign country maintains better
educational and performance standards among its workers
(and many, many foreign countries are doing just that).
And so, the average level of ability for the foreign country
(represented by the midpoint of the bell curve going from left
to right) will be greater than the average level of ability
in the United States. Therefore, the foreign country will be
more competitive than the U.S. and will beat down the U.S. in
the World Economic Arena.

(Note: in case you still have doubts about the value of
the U.S. labor force being equalized to the value of the
least preferred job candidate (within job category), look
at it this way . . . each additional equal opportunity law
further impairs the value of the work force in the eyes of
the employers. There are currently so many EEO laws that the
only two things that have bolstered the current level of wages
above the worthless level were the deficit spending at all
levels of government and the fact that there’s been a whole
lot of spotty imperfections in the world of equal employment,
but the government is processing those equal pay claims on
a daily basis, and apparently the government intends to use
the EEO laws as a shoehorn to get the world of employment to
absorb the social problems of the country – unfortunately,
it doesn’t look like it will work out that way.)

Conclusions: Equal employment opportunity is an untenable,
unworkable system equalizing wages to the lowest common
denominator, but even so, it works better for certain foreign
countries to the further detriment of the U.S. Moreover,
the U.S. tire is going to go completely flat in the coming
months. In other words, the U.S. economy will start shutting
down like doors slamming shut in rapid succession in a haunted
mansion. Have a nice day!


Did it ever occur to you that all the rage in mergers
and acquisitions might be motivated by equal employment
considerations? If a company wants to avoid hanging out the
“help wanted” sign and dealing with job applicants which it
does not care to have, would it not behoove this company to
raid the demographics of a competing company by acquiring
the competing company? Think about it. As everybody knows,
there is strong preference for certain job applicants, and,
of course, a higher assessment of value goes along with that
preference. However, the government ties an employer’s hands
behind his back when he tries to express that preference by
way of an employment arrangement. An employer pretty much has
to hire at least one less-than-top-choice candidate along with
every top-choice candidate AND pay the less-than-top-choice
candidates equally with the top-choice candidate. With overall
standards in the U.S. dropping and with a host of other
social changes, the top-choice candidates are dropping into
the minority, and the less-than-top-choice candidates are
becoming the majority. What’s an employer to do in order to
express his pent-up demand, preference, and higher valuation
of top-choice workers? Answer: he will “find a way” just as
the all-female species in the blockbuster movie “found a way”
to reproduce! The path of least resistance for these employers
is mergers and acquisitions – in other words, the raiding of the
demographics of other businesses! Over-valuations of acquired
companies were explained away by public relations people as
payments for good will, established product lines, and customer
bases. Hogwash! All of a sudden, the past, seemingly insanely
inflated prices of mergers and acquisitions now make sense.
The demographics of the acquired company account for its sky
high value and price! This writer can name names where such
demographic raiding activity is suspected!

But merged companies have redundancies, and these redundancies
are handled with terminations (generally of older workers)
thereby reducing the overall demand for labor and further
depressing wages. The bottom line is that such activities
create oligopsonies in the marketplace (few labor buyers with
great bargaining power) or even oligopolies (one labor buyer
with even more power).

As things stand, upon selling out, the business owner of
the acquired company collects all the wealth associated
with the perceived value of the preferred demographics of
his workers while those workers get none of that wealth. All
that the workers get are the risk of being let go during the
redundancy-elimination process and the certainty of having
their wages being reduced by the oligopsony/oligopoly situation
whether or not they are let go! Anyway, the implication is that
any sly and savvy businessman who successfully circumvents
the equal employment opportunity laws can, in effect, sell
out and collect a multi-billion dollar employment agency
fee! What a scream! To the astute reader, this all may seem
like modern-day trading in white slavery in the above-ground,
above-board black market known as Corporate America. Let see;
exfoliation of older workers, withholding of intrinsic values,
eroding wages, having to pay off one’s own purchase price,
onerous work loads and overtime, and stress related disorders
are all symptoms of mergers and acquisitions. Sure sounds like
white slavery to me! But don’t trouble your pretty little head
about this too much. It is all due to come to an end really
soon. When the government eases up on deficit spending, then the
last worker at the end of the day can turn off all the lights.

Conclusion: Can you fathom having sent 50,000 troops to
their deaths in Viet Nam to fight an atrocious system known as
Communism when in our own country we’ve developed a system that
is upside-down, inside-out, convoluted, inverted, and perverted?

RECIPIENTS (or How to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem
by Doing Nothing Special about It)

By reading the following treatise, you will fully understand:

1.) that while programs like equal employment opportunity and
affirmative action install less than top-choice job candidates
into job positions, how equal employment opportunity also
extinguishes job opportunities in the marketplace,

2.) how EEO has severely impaired American competitiveness on
both the micro and macro levels, and what the eventual outcomes
of this will be, and

3.) most important, how EEO drastically depresses the wages of
the active participants in the work force, and how wages are
being reduced and equalized to the lowest common denominator.

If you have ever requested a raise in salary and have heard
the following response: “If we give you a raise, we’ll have
to give everyone a raise.” . . .

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set ye free!” Read
on. . .

There has been a lot of talk recently about governmental
proposals to reduce the national deficit by cutting or
eliminating Medicaid, by cutting or eliminating SSI Disability,
and by cutting or eliminating welfare benefits. Enactment of
these proposals would in fact lower the outflow of government
funds. On the other side of the token, the government wants
to expand employment because by doing so the result will be
increased income tax revenues to the government.

One of the government’s ways to get everyone employed is to
expand the scope of equal opportunity laws and powers. The
most recent movement in this direction has been the passage
of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which, among other
things, outlaws job discrimination against those persons with
mental illnesses, mental retardation, learning disabilities,
and a host of other physical conditions. Covered people do not
have to show 100% ability to fill a job, just the ability to
perform essential functions, and these people must have their
conditions accommodated by employers.

As well intentioned as the government may be in getting everyone
to be employed, the reality of the situation is that welfare
recipients will get the very short end of the stick – no jobs
and no welfare – at some time in the future.

If the government is going to support any social programs at
all, it absolutely must promote an economy which generates
enough wealth, surplus, and tax revenues whereby it can
afford those programs. Certain economists have written books
based on the premise that the existence of equal opportunity
laws contribute to overall lower levels of employment. They
claim that if these laws were eliminated we would see a drop
in the unemployment rate. So instead of having expanding
employment and higher income tax revenues to the government,
these economists are saying that equal opportunity laws are
bringing just the opposite.

Well what about wage levels? Real wages have been falling over
recent years. When real wages fall, so do real tax revenues
needed to support welfare.

People, including employers, will pay top dollar for goods and
services that are perceived to be first choices. (O.J. paid
millions to his top choices of defense attorneys. If his
perceived last choice were imposed upon him, O.J. wouldn’t
have paid squat, and it would not have mattered how competent
the last choice would have been.) However, the EEO laws force
employers to purchase the services of those who are perceived to
be last choices. Employers are prohibited from discriminating
when it comes to terms and conditions of employment, so
now they have to pay their perceived first choices and last
choices equally. Since, by natural law, everything takes the
path of least resistance, employers will not pay the last
choice the top dollar that would otherwise go to the first
choice. No! It is much easier and affordable to pay the first
choice a compensation reserved for the last choice – hence,
overall lower wages for all.

Additionally, the more power that the EEO laws give
a prospective employee over a prospective employer, the
more the employer perceives the prospective employee as a
potential $600,000 damage award ($600,000 being the average
award in employment cases in one recent year). With this added
perception, the employer will sort of skim off an “insurance
premium” right from the top of the wages he pays each employee
to cover such damage award eventualities.

Yet another wage depressing aspect to EEO is that if an
employer develops a reputation for paying above average
wages and benefits, then that employer will attract ever more
interested parties that do not fit the concept of his first
choice. Then the employer will say to himself, “Offering high
wages brings legal entanglements. We’ll offer only as much as
the lesser amounts of other employers.”

Under the older scheme of things, if a job applicant was not
the first choice at one employer, he would simply job shop
until he found an employer and a situation where he was the
first choice. Under the current scheme of things, everything,
everywhere is equalized to the value of the least preferred
job candidate (within job category). So no matter what a job
seeker does or where he goes he will not be able to maximize
his value in the marketplace.

Some people may, with a cocky attitude, say, “This analysis does
not apply to me! My employer has consistently sidestepped the
equal employment opportunity laws for years!” NOT TRUE AND NOT
ADVISABLE! No matter what an employer does to sidestep laws,
it will come at an expensive price, and that price will be
deducted from the perceived value of labor. And no employer
is immune from an unexpected lawsuit, with the results being
high fines and consent decrees that will forever modify future
employment practices. The reality of the situation is that NO
employer will wish to offer incentives to the least preferred
job candidate to sue the employer, so ALL employers will limit
their bidding price for workers to the perceived value of the
least preferred job candidate (within job category) EVEN IF

>From a standpoint of supply and demand, you see from the
preceding paragraphs that imposing less-than-voluntary choices
on an employer lowers his demand for labor (price relative
to a given quantity). On the supply side, we now see more
people being able to offer their services for jobs which they
could never have considered in the past. For example, sexes
crossing sexually stereotyped job lines – the list is almost
endless. Plainly and simply stated: lower demand and higher
supply means LOWER WAGES.

Some people may point to certain entertainers and sports
figures who are doing phenomenally well. This is because they
are involved in endeavors in which the first choices still
prevail. Most typical workers are in situations where the last
choice is now prevailing. Just think of how high typical
wages would be if the wage earners were back in situations
in which the first choice prevails. (Note: The New York Times
recently reported that industrial wages in Switzerland, Japan,
and Germany are roughly double the wages of the U.S.)

Let’s say a BMW enthusiast would be pleased as punch to spend
$90,000 for each of two new BMW’s. But the government comes
along and says that if a BMW is going to be purchased, then
a Geo ($10,000 market price) has to be purchased as well and
the price paid for the Geo has to be equal to the price of
the BMW. Will the buyer pay $90,000 for a new Geo? Absolutely
not! Will the buyer average the prices of the BMW and the Geo
and pay $50,000 for each new car? Absolutely not, because,
if the buyer pays $50,000 for a $10,000 car, he will have a
long line of pesky Geo salesmen at his doorstep (some with
lawsuits in hand). Will the buyer pay $10,000 for a new Geo
and $10,000 for a new BMW? Maybe. Will the buyer refrain
>from buying at all? Possibly. Grim note: the trouble occurs
when all buyers in the marketplace cap their offering bid for
a BMW at $10,000; then $10,000 becomes the maximum that can
be commanded by the BMW seller. Taking the analysis further,
a U.S. manufacturer may say, “I’d be pleased as punch to pay my
first choice workers what the Japanese companies pay theirs,
but if I have to pay equal wages or at least minimum wage to
my last choice workers, then I may as well hire residents of
Bombay at seventy-five cents per hour.” This means that a whole
army of $18/hr. top-choice factory workers got equalized below
minimum wage level immediately with the passage of the first
EEO law, but nobody thought or dared to blame EEO. Anyway,
a loudmouth sounded off on the radio saying, “If I can’t get
$100,000 per year, I don’t wanna work!” How can you blame this
guy? After all, why should the seller of a BMW be forced to
settle for the price of a Geo? If you mull over the analysis
contained herein, you will understand why job hopping is at an
all time low. Why should a would-be job hopper switch from a
half-way decently paying job to a job with the compensation
of a Geo? With job hopping stymied, you will see far less
than optimal marketplace allocation and utilization of the
top talent of high caliber workers – and won’t the cumulative
effect of this situation be impaired U.S. competitiveness on
the international level? If there is no intersection of the
supply and demand curves for top-choice workers, then many of
these workers will simply become dropouts!

Furthermore, imposing less-than-voluntary employment choices
upon employers will ultimately result in a lack of distinction
between the work forces of two or more companies within
an industry. Without that distinction, two companies might
as well be one. And the major ramification of this is less
competition within industries – maybe the difference is subtle,
but the bottom line will be less competition! Similarly on
the selling side of labor, laws that protect people actually
lower the level of competition perceived between two or more
candidates for a job, and the candidates no longer strive to
be all that they can be. This lack of perceived competition
continues after candidates are actually awarded jobs. As a
result, we see lower and lower productivity, lower and lower
behavioral standards, lower and lower reasoning skills,
less and less evidence of substantive education, and lower
and lower reading/writing/speaking skills among executives
of all demographic groups!! It has reached a point where
the capable, diligent worker is finding himself as the tiny
persecuted minority being driven out by the majority, just
like high achieving pupils are being beaten up and driven
out of the public schools – lovely sociological inversions,
don’t you think? (Note well: the Communist Party successfully
eliminated (macro level) competition , and as a result the
Communist economies turned into basket cases.) Moreover,
the anti-discrimination laws inhibit “at will” termination of
employees, and so certain incompetent workers and managers who
should not be holding certain positions end up holding those
positions far, far too long.

Actualities bear out what the economists have predicted. With
lower and lower levels of employment and economic activity,
we will continue to see consolidation of companies within
industries with their attendant layoffs of masses of people
which will, of course, continue the downward spiral. The
government will have us believe that these consolidations are
good because the result will be more efficient businesses
which mean cheaper, more affordable goods and services.
Absolutely NOT! Whenever there is a reduction in the number of
suppliers in an industry prices go UP (simple supply and demand
analysis). So the people on welfare will see their benefit
payments severely eroded by rising prices. With consolidations
having laid off people thus increasing the supply of labor
and with consolidations having reduced the number of players
in the employment market to bid up the price of wages, we
will see lower wages still – and lower income tax revenues
to support welfare. Then the government will have us believe
that competition is still alive and well but on a global level
in the “World Economy” – nice consolation to a person with a
worthless welfare check.

After the latest round of corporate consolidations, some
people have questioned the validity of further layoffs,
weaker labor unions, and labor concessions even in spite
of record breaking company profits and a chief executive
officer getting a compensation package worth in excess of
$250,000,000. Anyone who has studied economics and the word
“oligopsony” (and the words “greedy opportunism”) understands
the validity here. Consolidations have created localized
oligopsonies in the labor market (definition: few buyers in the
marketplace exerting a great deal of influence over prices,
hours, and other conditions of employment). When the local
oligopsonies become local oligopolies (definition: one buyer
in the marketplace having even greater power over prices and
terms) then the real exploitation of labor will begin. At that
time, the sky high incomes of fashion models, movie stars, and
singing stars (and all salaries) will drop like rocks. Likewise,
monopsonies will become monopolies, and sellers will raise the
prices of their products in the marketplace (including food –
numerous, small farmers have already vanished).

But there is more! The formation of monopolies will absolutely
devastate the advertising industry. Monopolies don’t have much
of a need to advertise to sell their products, nor will they
have a need to pay prominent sports figures like O.J. hefty
endorsement fees. Will there be enough advertising dollars to
support the plethora of magazines at the newsstands, six TV
networks, or even baseball salaries? When monopolies reduce the
number of publicly traded companies, the reduced trading volume
on Wall Street will make security firms collapse under their
own weight, that is, if they don’t fail first due to defaults
and bankruptcies. At that time there will be such an oversupply
of genius-level professionals – lawyers, scientists, engineers
– that their market determined compensation will be $1.25
per hour or less, and the oversupply will last for decades.
In the meantime, there will be no incentive for young students
to pursue these extra challenging fields of study.

Be prepared to return to an era of fiefs and serfs!

About the writer: highly qualified white collar professional,
gifted I.Q., bygone peak earnings: over $200,000 per year in
current dollars. 1994 earnings: less than minimum wage. 1995
earnings: much less than 1994 earnings. Projected 1996
earnings: unknown. Current status: successfully equalized to
poor white trash.

As a fictitious case study in EEO, let us consider the case of
the 900 lb. tattooed lady who was just economically displaced
>from a bankrupt circus. This entertainer, because of her
conditions, is covered by the disability anti-discrimination
laws on the basis of obesity and cosmetic disfigurement. The
lady may be a bit desperate for a job, so she considers an
advertised job opening for the not-too-challenging position of
corporate receptionist. She is interviewed, and the employer
is a loss to reject her for legally valid reasons. So what
happens? The next day a touch-screen computer and TV camera
appear at the receptionist’s desk. A job is eliminated,
thereby reducing in a little way, the demand for labor. Having
failed there, the 900 lb. tattooed lady applies down the
street for a job as a secretary. Pretty much the same thing
happens again. The latest in voice recognition/word processing
technology and voice mail systems are installed immediately! One
more real job eliminated . . . what is this poor girl to do?? So
she gets a government grant (depleting available welfare funds)
to study computer programming. She goes on her first programming
interview and calls the prospective employer to follow-up two
days later. What does she hear? “Sorry, we decided to fill
the job from the inside.” What actually happened is that they
called upon one of their current computer programmers to work
80 hours per week instead of 40 at no additional compensation
because the programmer is overtime-exempt as a professional
white collar worker. With an employer paying one person one
salary for two jobs, we see a decrease in demand for labor
(price paid relative to quantity received) and not a single
extra cent going to income tax revenues or to the social
security fund. The next thing the big girl does is to apply for
a job at a major airline as a flight attendant. As a result,
the company establishes a flight attendant base in Frankfurt,
Germany and hires foreign nationals over the objections of
its labor unions. The last thing the poor girl does is to go
on welfare causing other welfare recipients to share the ever
dwindling resources of the strained social services system,
and in this particular case the job seeker didn’t even get
a job, but look at what she left behind in her wake! If she
were awarded a position – NO! WHETHER OR NOT she were offered
a position, she would have set a new real wage standard to
which other workers’ wages would eventually be equalized. So
if you’re on welfare, watch out! A 900 lb. tattooed lady is
coming your way to depress your welfare check!

Note well: all of the outcomes of the above case study are
less fictional than the tattooed lady. One more thing about
the eventual equalization of real wages just mentioned: the
chief vehicle or mechanism by which this is accomplished is
inflation (in conjunction with other fancy footwork). In fact,
due to the oddities of the situation, you may even see the
tattooed lady getting a small raise while her co-workers get
none! The seemingly apparent sociological inversion here may be
a bit too much for balanced people to take. Is this why DTWI is
on the rise (that is, driving tanks while intoxicated)? So if
you’re currently a $750,000/year Booz Allen consultant cruising
the highway of life in your shiny new Cadillac Seville, and a
900 lb. tattooed lady passes you in a rusty hulk, take it as
an omen.

There are even other wage depressing considerations associated
with the equal opportunity laws. One businessman just shut down
his enterprise, sold off assets and extinguished a significant
number of jobs. Granted the enterprise was losing money, and
that was the reason given. However, upon closer examination,
there was evidence that the organization did not want to deal
with the legal ramifications of equal opportunity. Also, you
have able bodied heads of households dropping out of a system
with which they choose not to deal in order to become wilderness
people in the state of Idaho. These same able bodied people
are the lost entrepreneurial candidates who might otherwise
be starting businesses, creating jobs, bidding up wages in the
marketplace, and supporting welfare. Similarly, there are those
who remain in the system but who fail to perceive any impetus to
break away and start an enterprise because they have been lulled
into a false sense of security by the anti-age-discrimination
laws that they will have a womb-to-tomb job. Nothing could
be further from the truth, as has been demonstrated by the
latest round of corporate consolidations. Older workers were
disproportionately hardest hit.

If real wages and the affordability to live go down, so will
the level of savings. (We’ve seen this.) How will individuals
scrape together any surplus funds to launch a business, unless
of course they fall prey to the false hopes of lottery or
casino winnings or are lured to free-market forms of employment
such as prostitution and drug dealing? (We’ve seen this
too! Prostitution is the fastest growing profession.)

Certain economists will stress the good points of our
country’s economy, and they will say tepidly, “The United
States is still competitive, . . . sort of.” “Sort of”
competitive is not enough, and the analysis goes back to
the natural law of the path of least resistance. So, if
the marketplace has a small perceived preference for one
alternative over another, then the first alternative will
get the lion’s share of the business. If McDonald’s has a
slightly better hamburger than Wendy’s, then McDonald’s will
have 25,000 outlets, and Wendy’s will have only 1,000 outlets,
and Wendy’s may eventually be driven out of business. Taking
the analysis a bit further, if the competing hamburgers are
identical, and McDonald’s has slightly better promotion,
it can similarly drive the competition out of business. So
in the global arena, if a country is not at least, that is,
at absolute minimum as competitive as the most competitive
country on the planet, then the lesser country will lose out,
and lose out big time! Certainly the analyses here are being
presented in extreme terms, but this is the only way to get
them to be understood. And certainly general rules have many
exceptions! This writer readily admits this. But exceptions to
general rules DO NOT disprove the general rules. Don’t bother
to raise the exceptions to this writer; he already knows what
they are, and he is not intellectually impressed.

If the U.S. economy had been more competitive over the last 30
years, just imagine how much vastly greater wealth would have
been produced by us, and how much more of that wealth would
have remained with us within our borders instead of exiting
>from us via unconscionable and obscene trade deficits, and
how much lower tax rates could have been.

The United States economy may very well sink into a deep
depression as the direct result of the equal employment
opportunity laws being in place. Jobs and wages at the lowest
levels of the economy have been ruined, and the problem is
filtering to higher ranks. The ability of the U.S. to recover
>from this depression will be impaired for as long as these
laws remain in place. EEO was a 30 year social experiment
which has more than proven itself to be a dismal failure and
absolutely ruinous!

DO NOT for one minute interpret this composition as saying that
people with certain characteristics should not be employed. The
writer is NOT saying this at all. Likewise he is NOT saying
that employers should violate any laws currently in force. What
he is saying is that when economic choices are perceived to be
less than voluntary, then there will be major adverse economic
results for all. And just because those major adverse economic
results have been masked by a government pulling the strings
of the economy with massive deficit spending and manipulation
of the money supply and interest rates, there is no reason to
believe that the results will never come. The manipulations of
the past are running out of steam and effectiveness. Push is
coming to shove. The frantic government is beginning to throw
spaghetti at the walls left and right in the forms of a trade
alliance with Mexico, a trade alliance in the works with India,
retaliatory tariffs against Japanese goods, AND proposed cutting
of many, many government departments and jobs saying that the
private sector will pick up the former government functions
and the displaced workers (under the current framework of
things, probably not! And wait a minute, won’t retaliatory
tariffs negate the benefits of global competition in the “World
Economy” which were touted?). What’s next, Congress declaring
a war? Didn’t Mr. Bush try this without the expected economic
stimulation materializing?

For the sake of a little pseudo-Communist-style equality, we
will see the continued disappearance of the middle class; the
collapse of the welfare system; national health care becoming
a pipe dream; mobs of people clamoring, fighting and suing for
scarce and dwindling jobs wherever they may exist; more economic
alliances with third world countries instead of with world
class powerhouses; political squabbling with those powerhouses;
hyperinflation; homelessness; skyrocketing crime; higher
suicide rates; worldwide perception of U.S. exports being
of third world origin; international traveler perception of
U.S. destinations as dangerous, crazy-house environments; real
estate values in any location considered to be half-way decent
going not just through the roof but out beyond the stratosphere;
massive failures of pension funds; elimination of the minimum
wage law because market determined wage levels will go below
$4.50/hr.; sweetheart deals/exemptions of the EEO/ labor laws
in exchange for foreign investments; possibly smoke-screen wars
being declared by Congress; Bill and Hillary being equalized to
poor white trash; distant separation of our economic classes
with colossal wealth going to the very, very small minority
who are fortunate enough to own successful businesses (like
Microsoft, unless, of course, there are confiscatory taxes
(in which case we’ll see Bill Gates’ wealth going to mow the
White House lawn and Ross Perot being equalized to a chicken
plucker!)); . . . . . AND illegal immigrants fleeing to their
home countries for better economic conditions!

P.S. Do not be fooled by the ever rising Dow and other stock
market indexes. These indexes do not represent business optimism
for the future. Rather, the rising indexes represent the failure
of our currency to be a vehicle for “stored wealth.” When a
currency loses value, it is only natural for prices to rise,
whether the price be for a loaf of bread, or for a piece of
real estate, or for a share of stock. There are several other
reasons why stock prices are rising. First, declining wages
due to EEO are contributing to higher profits, and therefore to
higher stock prices, but this is only a temporary phenomenon
which will not last forever. Secondly, the ever growing
scarcity of the preferred demographics of the workers behind
the companies is contributing to the ever increasing perceived
value of these companies’ stocks. Lastly, the declining wages
of Americans is inducing them to seek any which-way to earn a
buck. Speculation in stock is perceived to be one of the very
few remaining alternatives to make money . . . as is casino
gambling. When you think about it, Wall Street is the biggest,
most socially acceptable casino in the world.

P.P.S. The one way around the equal employment opportunity
laws is to reduce all businesses in the U.S. to individual
proprietorships that hire no one beyond immediate family
members. Just look at the statistics. Big business has not
been responsible for any appreciable employment growth for
many years now. And when just about everyone is self-employed,
then most income will go unreported to the government, thus
drastically reducing tax revenues (tax compliance in a country
like India is very low). How in the world will the U.S. debt
of $5,000,000,000,000 ever be repaid??

P.P.S. The only way to instill fairness into equal employment
opportunity is to institute it worldwide so that 6 billion
people can all be equalized to the very last choice.


As far as this writer knows, the U.S. is not on any gold
standard, and since a dollar has to be a vehicle for “stored
wealth”, then there must be some backing to the dollar. So if
one person is passing a dollar to another person, the message
that goes with that dollar must be: “This is redeemable for one
dollar’s worth of value/wealth.” What then is the backing? The
only answer that this writer can come up with is the credit
worthiness and the ability to create wealth on the part of
the work force of the country issuing the dollar. However,
if you have read the rest of the articles of this series, you
(hopefully) have concluded that the value of the U.S. work
force is being downwardly equalized to the perceived value of
the least preferred job candidate (within job category). For
strong evidence of the perceived value of the U.S. work force
just look to the value that the rest of the world places on our
exports. These exports have been made progressively cheaper
and cheaper by the devaluation of the dollar on the foreign
money exchanges, but they still fail to sell well. A famous
writer/selling consultant said, “If they don’t like you, they
will not like what you have to sell.” Draw your own conclusions.

A doubting reader may say, “This can’t be correct. It is the
hard working, top-choice employees who are the backbone of the
economy and dollar.” Sorry, doubting reader, you are the one
who is incorrect. If a top-choice employee works harder, he will
make the least preferred job candidate look even less valuable,
and since under our system the least preferred job candidate
(within job category) sets the wage standard, then overall real
wages will drop! If you consider yourself to be a top-choice
employee, then the harder you work – even if you are whipped –
the less you will earn! Is this the Far Side of employment,
or what? This upside-down, but valid logic probably applies to
government contractors as well. If it weren’t for a shred of
foreign competition, our economy would grind to a halt. But wait
a minute. Isn’t the administration trying to downwardly equalize
(“level the playing field of”) the Japanese automobile industry?

Anyway, a lot of other countries have hitched their wagons to
the excessive federal deficit spending and the trade deficit of
the U.S. These foreign countries must be U.S. cash rich. When
they come to redeem their dollars for stored wealth and find
out that the backing of these dollars has been downwardly
equalized to the value of the least preferred job candidate,
THEN WHAT? Some heavy-duty explaining will be in order. The
outrage of these foreign countries may be exacerbated by the
fact that the U.S. has been pressuring them to pass their own
versions of equal employment opportunity laws over the years.

Additional Words: U.S. employers are now caught in a downward
wage-bidding spiral. In a free market environment, any
transaction whose price is greater than what the market will
bear will not take place. However, on the oddball occasions when
these transactions do take place, they throw the markets out of
kilter in such a way that the markets unleash self-correcting
forces that are quite difficult to explain. You now have at
least an inkling as to why there is topsy-turvy lunacy in our
markets, in our businesses, and in our society!


Let’s face it. If the segments of the population who are
currently protected by law were considered to be first rate
job candidates in the marketplace, they would have gotten
ahead and made it on their own merit without the need for
any protections. (There is no need to point out exceptions
to the general rule . . . exceptions do not disprove general
rules.) Now these same segments are being installed (on a
less than voluntary basis) in managerial jobs, and with these
jobs come the responsibility and power to choose subordinate
staff. You can be assured that in the overwhelming majority
of situations, a less-than-first-rate manager will select
subordinates who are at least one notch lower than themselves
on the quality scale.

Once the selection of inferior subordinate staff is made, then
“thicker-than-thieves” and unholy alliances will soon follow
between the superior and subordinates. In fact, you will even
frequently see whore/master relationships. In fact, you may be
actively recruited as a whore whether you are male or female
or whether your superior is male or female. The writer regrets
to say that it has personally happened to the writer on more
occasions than the writer cares to remember!

Be honest. Can you in any way believe that these goings on
can actually enhance performance standards, productivity or

It’s really quite funny. With performance standards going
down consistently everywhere, and with the United States’
international competitiveness dying as evidenced by successive
monthly record breaking trade deficit figures, these
protected segments of the population will point to certain
surveys and say, “See, we have no problem meeting prevailing
standards.” What a scream!

The writer can point to a certain white collar professional
environment where among many other non-producers, there is
an employee who cannot utter a simple three word sentence
grammatically and who demonstrates no evidence whatsoever of
literacy. There is another employee who does not understand
the elementary mathematical concept of counting and who thinks
that Monday and Friday are the same day. There is another
employee who demonstrates severe psychosis, but who does not
demonstrate any grasping of the fundamentals of the work, and
yet who has received several promotions! These employees (along
with the many others) have not produced any work whatsoever over
the long haul of more than a dozen years, and yet they have
survived several managerial changes and reorganizations. It
just goes to show you how valuable dumb loyalty is perceived
to be under our system. Make special note of this lesson.

Conclusions: If there were a return to the prior system of
things in the employment arena, that is, a return to unprotected
and at-will employment status, you would see an immediate
return to the performance and competitiveness levels of the
past . . . the very things that had made the United States the
number one country in the world. Sticking to the current system
of things for the sake of politicians’ “buying” votes of the
downtrodden will stay the current course . . . Bon Voyage!


As much as readers may disagree with the following observations
of the writer, he stands firmly by these observations.

Specifically, there seems to be very little tolerance on the
part of female managers and executives for subordinates who are
capable and who possess preferred demographics. This combination
of capability and preferred demographics is just too much of
a threat to the security of many female superiors. Certainly
female managers and executives do occasionally employ these
threatening subordinates, but only while the threatening
subordinates serve an immediate purpose. Before long, a
threatening subordinate is either replaced by a far less
talented alternate, or he is consistently passed over for
promotional opportunities. You may even see 2, 3, or even 100
people doing the work that should be assigned to one person,
in which case the employer will be more than eager to cut
wage levels and/or consolidate. (If you believe that female
managers and executives are confident about their positions,
then please explain why they score significantly higher than
normal on blood pressure tests.)

The scenario outlined above occurs far too frequently, but if
it occurs only 10% (a vastly understated percentage) of the
time, then the edge of American competitiveness will be removed
sufficiently so that the United States cannot compete in the
Global Arena. Failure to compete successfully will never allow
females to be on top – it’s just that simple – they’ll just
have high ranks in a Third World country! (Grim note: other
executives and managers with other unpreferred demographics
have been observed doing exactly the same counter-competitive
things. Grimmer note: with so many other executives and managers
getting away with doing these things, even the executives
and managers with preferred demographics are doing them too,
thus further contributing to the downward spiral of standards
and competitiveness.)

You may think a female executive or manager will be penalized
for allowing performance standards to slip. However, an
all-purpose trump card/excuse is that standards are going down
everywhere. And if her area’s performance is really bad, then
her protected status will keep her secure in her job far longer
than anyone will care to imagine, and when she is finally let
go, she will receive a hefty severance package. This is how
the system is set up to work.

It has already been mentioned that the supply and demand
curves for top-choice workers are being shifted and truncated
such that they will no longer intersect, but this dangerous
situation is being further compounded by the fact that the
top-choice workers are being squeezed out of the work force. The
sociological ramifications of this are unthinkable, and many
business editorial writers have already commented that all
the wrong people are getting ahead in our society while the
unattended kiddies at home are becoming illiterate criminals.

One more note: just as sociological ramifications of a law
cannot be legislated away with the passage of yet another law,
neither can the law’s psychological ramifications. Ever since
the sexual anti-discrimination laws were passed, incidents of
sexual hostility, sexual harassment, and forcible rape against
women have significantly increased with no letup in sight even
though the penalties for such crimes were likewise increased,
and insanity has been said to have reached epidemic proportions
in the United States of America!

One more observation: women dislike reporting to women even
more so than men dislike it!


Actually the United States is already in last place on many
lists of competitive rankings not the least of which is the
shameful distinction of being the world’s greatest debtor

Anyway, in a free competitive environment, entity number one
will observe what entity number two is doing, and then entity
number one will take action to outdo entity number two. Entity
number two will in turn observe entity number one and will
likewise take steps to counter-outdo entity number one. This
upward bidding of performance standards will continue until
the entities are at peak performance (or if one fails to keep
up, it will go defunct). When there is some change in the
environment such as technological advances, then the next
round of upward competitive performance bidding takes place.

However, if the government takes the least action to take
the mere edge off the free competitive environment, then
1.) goals for which entities are to strive become confused or
even obliterated (after all, an aspirant can only aspire to be
in first or last place; aspiring to some specific intermediate
position is impossible), and 2.) the incentive for one entity
to observe and outdo another entity becomes extinguished. In
time, performance standards will slip at entity number one,
and since entity number two no longer has an incentive to
outdo entity number one, it will settle into the declining
standards of entity number one and even lower standards!

In other words, competition is an all or less-than-nothing
proposition. If the environment is not totally and freely
competitive, the bidding will do an abrupt about-face,
and standards will go into a downward bidding spiral with
the logical conclusion being last place for the society as
a whole or the collapse of that society. (Think of things in
terms of the TV game show “Jeopardy.” If the rules of the game
were changed such that the SECOND PLACE contestant AND NOT THE
FIRST PLACE CONTESTANT would be declared the day’s champion,
would any contestant ever depress his response button? Of
course not!! All three contestants would go into a three-way
tie for last place! Selecting the second place contestant as the
winner in a three-way competition is kind of extreme, so let’s
ease up on the situation. If you have 1,000 teams as members
of a baseball league whose rule is that the SECOND-ranked
team will take home the trophy, then you will still have a
1,000-way tie for last place! In fact, you will see many of
the best teams and players simply dropping out of the corrupted
competition, but dropping out is just another way of being in
last place!) The time it takes for the ultimate collapse of
society in a very imperfect real world will be significant,
and so that time period becomes a very deceptive element.

(To quickly summarize: nepotism is to a business organization
as what equal employment opportunity is to society; they both
reduce morale and performance to sub-zero levels.)

Equal employment opportunity and affirmative action in the
worlds of business, the military, and education have more than
taken the edge off (that is, corrupted) the free competitive
environments of those sectors, so in theory all the players
in these sectors will find themselves in a multi-way tie for
last place. With positions and promotions being awarded to
less than top choice candidates, we see declining quality
and productivity standards in the business world and college
students who can barely read. If the standards of the military
sink to last place, then the country is asking for conquest
by foreign powers. (Approximately fifteen years ago, the news
media reported that in a NATO competition, the U.S. came in
dead last having failed to hit a single target.)

Again, when you have corrupted competition in the game of life,
you will see many of the best people dropping out seeking
alternate forms of competition. You would be amazed at the
quality of the appearance, intelligence, and articulation of
many males and females on TV talk shows who profess to being
porno stars, prostitutes, and strippers! Meanwhile this
writer works at major corporations with coworkers who smell
and who can barely force out the syllable, “Duh?” Other high
quality dropouts may become Moonies, criminals, vagrants,
or even lawyers! (No kidding. The business press has on more
than one occasion stated that the legal profession is sapping
other sectors of the economy of its top and much needed talent.)

There is a corollary consequence to having too many of the
the best people dropping out. It is that too many of the
wrong people will get ahead in our society – by default! The
next step is that these wrong people will elevate similar
people for the purpose of having a network of support. Then
the remaining quality people will be squeezed out one way
or another. In fact, some working environments have been
made so unbearably horrible, that no thinking person could
last very long in them. Cases in point: loud hardrock music
blaring all day long, mind-bending meetings going on for hours
and accomplishing less then nothing, chaotic “Animal House”
environments, outright hostility and harassment, repeatedly
and endlessly revising the approaches to the work, usage of
outrageously unreliable and substandard automated systems,
abject idleness, isolation, etc., etc. Do not kid yourself.
These conditions do not arise by happenstance. They are
engineered by people who know from past experience what is
effective in ridding the environment of high quality people.

Boy, oh boy! If ever there was a gremlin of a bug in a system,
equal employment opportunity is it!

It is quite funny that with all the evidence in, the protected
segments of society are still saying that competition is bad
and that cooperation should be substituted for competition
wherever competition still exists. It seems that the word
“cooperation” is just a euphemism for the downward equalization
of standards necessary for the non-competitive, protected
segments of society to hold their own in what they perceive
to be an excessively challenging environment. (For example,
isn’t the administration desperately requesting the Japanese
automobile industry to “dumb itself down” so as to “cooperate”
with the effort to keep the U.S. automobile industry afloat in
an ever more challenging environment?) Females are notorious
for their use of the word, “cooperation.”

TO REPEAT: If a competitive environment is corrupted, ALL
participants will go into a multi-way tie for last place!! In
other words, if there is no perceived reward or benefit
associated with being number one, no one will strive to be
number one.

Conclusions: Competition is the best – No! It is the only
impetus for the establishment and maintenance of high
performance standards in a society, and the United States
government has done its best to pull the rug out from under our
free, competitive environment. If the government thinks that
by granting certain advantages to certain underprivileged or
downtrodden groups, it can create a one class society, then
that class will be strictly low class . . . er, that is, rock
bottom low class! When the ultra-conservative radio talk show
hosts say that the United States of America is heading for
third world status, they ain’t just whistlin’ “Dixie!” Hey,
wait a minute! I didn’t go to school for twenty-one years,
graduate summa cum laude, and attain an advanced degree to be
an untouchable!


If you have read the previous article in this series which
explained the consequences of corrupting a competitive
environment by equal employment opportunity, you will understand
why all standards are declining in the United States.

In order for a individual’s mental health to be maintained
to a high standard, that person must take active steps to
perform that maintenance. Unfortunately, with the corruption
of the competitive environment, the motivating impetus for that
maintenance (and for all forms of maintenance for that matter)
has been diminished or completely extinguished.

With personal standards dropping everywhere and in all aspects
of life, including mental health, we see low quality people
becoming the vast, vast majority, and we see the numbers of
high quality people shrinking into the tiny minority. Among the
vast, low quality majority, is emerging a significant number
of mentally unbalanced people including would-be stalkers. The
would-be stalkers don’t find much satisfaction with the quality
of life in their reality. No, the government with its social
programs and laws put the kibosh on that for all of us. The
stalkers think they can find heavenly fulfillment and joy
by teaming up with the appropriate partner. Moreover, they
have over-blown egos whereby they have themselves believing
that are worthy of nothing less than having the very best
mate/companion. With very few high quality people left, the
would-be stalker has very little choice but to focus all of
his attention on just one of the few remaining high quality
people (and generally this is just a matter of perceptions
in a twisted mind. This is why you see so many celebrities
attracting stalkers. For one thing celebrities are exposed to
many potential stalkers, and for another thing, the celebrities,
in many cases, are not high quality people, but the characters
which they play are, and the stalker falls in love with the
idealized character.)

Mental illness in America is emerging not just because of
diminishing impetus for standards maintenance arising from the
absence of pure competition. Equal employment opportunity has
created sociological inversions that are trying the ability
of any sane person to stay sane. During the transition period
of the U.S. becoming a ground level zero economy, a lot of
seemingly inexplicable and strange things are occurring in
society, and a lot of this is arising from people operating
with conflicting internal motives which have been fostered
by equal employment opportunity. (Let’s recap: declining
performance/societal standards associated with the EEO
multi-way last-place tie, plus severely eroding wages, plus EEO
sociological inversions, plus a vanishing employment market,
plus a growing separation between the haves and have-nots,
plus conflicting internal motivations arising out of EEO equal
a fertile breeding ground for mental illnesses.)

No discussion of declining standards would be complete without
the discussion of the concept of threshold. It’s been stated by
experts that mental illness is contagious, and it is likewise
true that low behavioral standards are contagious. Therefore,
even if certain segments of the population are not directly
affected by the competition corruption effects of equal
employment opportunity, they will still be subjected to the
contagion effects of declining behavioral standards from the
rest of the population, but only if the number of the people
already “infected” is above a certain threshold. Who knows
exactly what that threshold is? It may be 7% or 15%, but it is
probably much lower than 50%. In other words, a fairly small
minority of people adhering to low standards can bring down the
rest of the population! (To put it succintly: once a certain
number of people have their behavioral standards lowered by EEO,
then they spread their low behavioral standards to the rest
of the population.) People such as high level executives,
retirees, business owners, politicians, leading athletes and
entertainers, and even priests are not deeply involved in the
fray of equal employment opportunity as job seekers/holders
yet we see their behavioral standards deteriorating just like
everyone else’s. And so in the future we will continue to see
ever increasing numbers of college presidents being arrested
for making obscene phone calls, priests being arrested as
pedophiles, football stars hacking their wives, movie stars
being caught in illicit sexual acts with prostitutes, and TV
stars being charged with beating up TV’s.

While everyone is susceptible to this behavioral contagion,
young people are especially susceptible, and this is
compounded by the fact that the contagion is all around
them: it is spread by entertainment, the news media, peers,
and adult role models, not the least of which are their very
own parents! (Question: Who is a role model? Answer: Anybody
whose behavior can be observed is a person whose behavior can
be emulated.) Preschoolers are quite capable of turning on the
television and seeing an Oprah Winfrey show entitled, “Men Who
Rape Men.” At least Sally Jessy Raphael had enough sense to
cancel the airing of her show on necrophilia. Mental illness
and crime have already been recognized as being at epidemic
proportions in the United States. The fastest growing crime
statistics are among young people, as are the fastest growing
AIDS transmission rates. No amount of additional money spent
on prisons, mental institutions, general education, or sex
education will counteract the corrupting effects on society
that equal employment opportunity has imposed upon the nation.

Under the old system of things, we had a purer competitive
environment which kept the numbers of people adhering to low
behavioral standards to a bare minimum which was well below the
contagion threshold, and so low behavioral standards, mental
illness, and crime did not blossom out of the bottom ranks of
the underclass like a nuclear mushroom cloud. The government,
without regard for the consequences of exceeding the contagion
threshold, in its infinite wisdom, decided that it would be a
good idea to elevate the underclass while ignoring the fact
that it is impossible to accomplish this elevation through
external forces; in other words, the only way a person can
be elevated is to be motivated to do it himself. Even though
this impossibility was clearly demonstrated years ago, the
government chose to escalate its imprudent course of action
thereby spreading contagion of low behavioral standards,
mental illness and crime across the whole United States and
even beyond.

This writer has been told that his analysis is all wet, and
as proof, the deriders point to certain foreign countries
which are experiencing similar social problems. The deriders
claim the decline of society is an inevitable fact of life and
is caused by inexplicable happenstance. WRONG! The United
States has been exporting the contagion of social problems
by encouraging other countries to pass their own versions of
equal employment opportunity laws, the United States is the
largest provider of entertainment to the rest of the world
(to which young people are especially susceptible), and the
United States (for unknown reasons – probably past momentum)
is still internationally recognized as the leader of the world,
making it an influential trendsetter and standards setter.

Conclusions: If you don’t want the lowest members of a society’s
underclass to bring down the society’s majority, you must not
allow the underclass to have advantages beyond the bare minimum
which makes it possible for the individuals of the underclass
(not the whole of the underclass) to elevate themselves to the
higher classes. This would be a quality fifth grade education,
because when you think of it, most jobs don’t involve more
than fifth grade level skills. When this writer was in the
fifth grade, there were upwards of 60 students to a class
(child abuse by today’s standards), and yet most students had
reading scores well above the fifth grade level!


“Every living thing loves its own kind, every man a man like
himself. Every being is drawn to its own kind; with his own
kind every man associates.” (New Catholic Edition of the Holy
Bible, Confraternity-Douay Version, Book of Sirach, 13:14-15.)

The above Bible verses make up one tenet of the writer’s
religion, and from the sentiments expressed in many TV and radio
talk shows, it likewise seems to be the religious tenet of many,
many other Americans. However, the equal employment opportunity
laws seem to make no accommodation for the valid religious
beliefs and first amendment rights of these many Americans.

One might say that employer-entities which have been
incorporated by the state are creations of that state and
therefore do not have the same constitutional rights as
individuals. However, in this corporate case it is not so easy
to separate the corporation from the humans who found and
drive the corporation and who spend a good portion of their
time on the corporate premises day in and day out. This is not
to mention the fact that certain associations on those premises
are imposed upon the employees who may neither be stockholders,
nor founders, nor executives of the corporation in question.

Furthermore, it is this writer’s impression that when a
state grants a corporate charter, the state is designating the
incorporators as trustees of the corporate entity’s assets which
are to be properly managed with the intention of generating
wealth for the benefit of society as a whole. In other words,
with the corporate charter comes a mandate to maximize profits
for the betterment of not just the stockholders, but of
everyone! This would be accomplished by the corporation diving
into the competitive fray and driving up performance standards,
productivity, innovation, efficiency, etc. However, it has
been pointed out earlier how equal employment opportunity
hinders competition by forcing employers to diversify their
work forces such that there would be no distinction between
the work forces of the employers within industries – to the
point where there is no company nor team identification,
and NO respect for anyone’s religious convictions. Make no
mistake about it, team identification goes a long way as a
competition motivation factor.

Under the old system of things, if new immigrants were
discriminated against and unable to secure employment, they
would form associations with each other and start their
own enterprises which eventually thrived and enhanced and
enriched the competitive environment. Gee, when you look at
it this way, doesn’t discrimination seem to be a good thing –
a great incentive for economic growth with the added bonuses
of religious freedom and ethnic identification!

Conclusions: It is this writer’s opinion that the equal
employment opportunity laws are unconstitutional since they
violate the freedom of the labor buyer (whether or not he
represents a corporation) to practice his religious tenets as
expressed by Sirach above. Moreover, the religious freedom of
any job seeker is similarly restricted because he can no longer
target his applications towards organizations whose demographic
makeup match his own, and he is restricted from forming
entrepreneurial associations based on his own demographics.
The practice of religion brings with it this promise from the
Book of Malachi (3:10): “Put me to the test and you will see
that I will open the windows of Heaven and pour out on you in
abundance all kinds of good things.” In case you haven’t been
paying attention, this country has far removed itself from
religion; it has become the world’s greatest debtor nation;
and it is on its way to becoming a poverty stricken Third
World country.


Please be reminded, the Preamble to the United States
Constitution among other things sets forth two mandates for the
government of this country. They are to promote the general
welfare and to secure the blessings of liberty. The system
of Equal Employment Opportunity with its Equal Pay doctrine
is doing just the opposite of these two mandates . . . to
an extreme!

The Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution is as
follows: “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights
shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained
by the people.” This means, in simple terms, that you have
rights well beyond the ones that are specifically stated and
listed in the Constitution and in its Bill of Rights.

James Madison, a principal framer of the United States
Constitution, was the man responsible for the inclusion of
the Ninth Amendment to the Constitution. It was Mr. Madison’s
intention that the natural rights expounded by the Declaration
of Independence be incorporated into the Constitution by way
of the Ninth Amendment. Those natural rights, to quote the
Declaration of Independence, include “Life , Liberty, and the
pursuit of Happiness”.

According to scholarly legal thought, other natural rights
include the right of acquiring and using property and the
right to freely associate with others (which implies the right
to freely disassociate from others). In addition to these
natural rights, there are so-called positive rights created
by social compact or by state laws and constitutions or by
common law. Positive rights include the right to be free from
monopolies and the right to choose a profession. And then there
is the concept of new, future rights that time alone might
disclose. (See the Encyclopedia of the American Constitution,
“Unenumerated Rights,” as the reference.) Equal Employment
Opportunity is trouncing all of these natural, positive,
and new rights of yours.

Well what about your new and additional rights? What about
your right to be free of having your wage, value and worth
being downwardly keyed or pegged to the wage, value and worth
of someone else . . . someone else lower than you on the
socio-economic scale?

If you have read the other articles in this series, you should
now be convinced that the value of the entire United States work
force is being steadily and downwardly equalized to the value of
the least preferred job candidate (within job category). With
this being the case, a job seeker will not be able to maximize
his value in the marketplace. Going from employer to employer
to solicit competing job offers will do the job seeker no good
since any and all job offers will be the same and minimal. He
will not be able to increase his value to the employers by
acquiring degrees from prestigious universities. Likewise, will
he not be able to increase his value by bathing, grooming and
dressing himself well. He can conform his behavior to lucidity
and sanity, he can keep his weight down, and he can refrain
>from placing rings or bones in his nose, but all of this will
do him no good. He may as well just settle into the standards
of the least preferred job candidate.

If a job seeker is not able to maximized his value in the
marketplace, and if he is restricted to earning Third World
wages keyed to the value of the least preferred job candidate,
then how can he afford the pursuit of happiness or the life
(that is, lifestyle) that would be commensurate with his value
in an otherwise unrestricted marketplace? How will he be
able to exercise his right to acquire and use property if he
cannot afford to buy things? How will he be able to express
his right to liberty by traveling freely? A person on Third
World wages cannot afford to buy plane tickets or gasoline
which cost money, money which is very rapidly becoming scarcer
and scarcer due to the downwardly equalizing effects of equal
employment opportunity? (As the song goes: “To the good life,
kiss the good life, goodbye!”)

It is this writer’s firm conviction that the origins of the
deterioration of the United States society can be directly
traced to the passage of the Equal Employment Opportunity
laws. That deterioration has no letup in sight, and the
imposition of a horrid lifestyle dominated by crime, danger,
insanity, poverty and homelessness upon the populace is much
more than a trivial violation of everyone’s right to life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

But what about our right to be free from burdensome governmental
debt which is never in the best interest of promoting the
general welfare? The imposition and burden of repayment of
the federal debt upon us and upon the yet unborn is one more
violation of everyone’s ninth amendment rights, and when you
realize that this federal debt was incurred by politicians
to support the horrendously unworkable system of equal
employment opportunity, it’s enough to make you sick! The
share of the debt apportioned to each U.S. household is now
roughly $65,000. This obligation was placed on your back so
that politicians could violate your constitutional rights while
they used your yet-to-be-earned money to buy the votes of the
downtrodden. I’m really looking forward to repaying my share of
the debt with Third World wages. I’m so happy that I could spit!

Our positive right to to be free from monopolies is being
trounced upon because Equal Employment Opportunity sets up a
business climate which fosters consolidation within industries
which ultimately leads to the formation of oligopsonies and
monoposonies which in turn lead to the formation of oligopolies
and monopolies – hardly in the interest of promoting the
general welfare of the country.

Our positive right to choose a profession is similarly being
trounced upon. It’s been pointed out that workers with preferred
demographics are being squeezed out of the work force and
that the the supply and demand curves for top-choice workers
are being shifted and truncated so that they will no longer
intersect. For the life of this writer he cannot understand
how the current administration can claim that there is no
reverse discrimination when this writer has on FOUR separate
occasions in one year been squeezed out of employment situations
by females who would not tolerate having a capable male in the
environment. (It’s so ironic. In years past, if this writer ever
left an employment assignment, he was begged to stay. Now that
the tide has turned, managers can’t wait to get rid of him. Do
not blame the writer for a change of attitude. If anything,
he is much more cautious about maintaining a proper attitude.)

Conclusions: The Equal Employment Opportunity laws are
unconstitutional with respect to the Ninth Amendment to the
Constitution as well as to its Preamble, and time is running
out. If these laws are not soon repealed or struck down by
the Supreme Court, it may be too late to save this country
>from an unrecoverable downward spiral.


Did you ever wonder why in recent years the utilization of
temp workers (or consultants, depending on the line of work)
has become so popular among corporate employers?

These corporations may claim that they are motivated by
flexibility, efficiency, and economy in the utilization of
temps, and they claim that temp labor is now treated like
“just-in-time” inventories of parts in the manufacturing
sector. Hogwash!

Again, remember two things: second rate management is dominating
the corporate world and second rate people hire third rate
people, but there will come times when the productivity of a
work group will drop to critically low levels. While a second
rate manager has a vested interest in keeping standards low,
even he (and even a monopoly, for that matter) cannot get away
with zero productivity and still earn an income for long. This
is when the second rate manager bites the bullet and brings in
temps and consultants with their sole purpose being to get the
second rate manager past his critical hurdle and then to get
out fast before anyone else catches on as to who really deserves
credit for the work. If the temp or consultant stays too long,
the temp or consultant will develop professional clout and
then become a threat to the security of the second rate manager.

The nature of temping allows the second rate manager to easily
conclude the temp’s assignment as the natural consequence of
a temporary arrangement with no explanation notwithstanding
the existence of equal employment opportunity laws. In fact,
if the temp is really good, he can expect to never be called
back to the client. The client will in the future employ
different temps, and, as was stated above, under the temp
system of things, he pretty much answers to no one for his
decisions! Turnover of workers in the past had always served
to enhance the security of a manager, but now managers are
free to create their own turnover by way of temps coming and
going! This has been witnessed by the writer on a first hand
basis on too many occasions. Now do you see why temping and
consulting have become all the rage – they work as a double
edged sword: on one hand they support the norms which have
evolved out of the equal employment opportunity laws, and
on the other hand they are simultaneously used to circumvent
those very same laws? Quite ironic, isn’t it?

The implications of a first choice worker being reduced to
temping is that he may very well face the possibility of
significant periods of idleness with no work assignments,
but he will face the certainty of NO job benefits such
as vacation pay, sick pay, medical insurance, possibly
unemployment insurance, and, most importantly, a retirement
plan. Additionally, he will face the certainty of eroding hourly
rates due to the downwardly wage-equalizing effects of equal
employment opportunity. Let’s see, weren’t poverty and chronic
unemployment and under-employment the characteristics of the
pre-1965 underclass with unpreferred demographics who clamored
for the passage of equal employment opportunity laws? My, my,
what sociological inversions these laws have created!!


Under the old system of things prior to equal employment
opportunity, if a person’s behavior deviated from strict social
norms, whether the behavior was exhibited on or off the job,
that person was summarily fired. The employer did not even have
to devote the slightest bit of time to find the party guilty
beyond a reasonable doubt. Nowadays, people seem to think that
the protections afforded by the equal employment opportunity
laws have elevated them to sacred cow status and that they
can get away with murder. They’re right; they can. This is
because wimpy employers are so afraid of being targets of
lawsuits that they are constantly looking the other way when
there is adverse behavior going on right under their noses.

But there is more. Certain laws restrict an employer’s
discrimination on the basis of criminal records. Wow! When
this writer was a schoolchild his teachers warned him daily:
“Incur a criminal record, even for shoplifting a piece of
gum, and you’ll never get a job . . . you’ll starve!” This
message is no longer as pungent, meaningful or valid as it
was, and, so we see, an incentive to tow the line has been
extinquished. Is it any wonder why U.S. crime rates have gone
through the roof? Is it any wonder why our prisons are bursting
at the seams even though more and more prison cells are being
created? Maybe the popular game board should be re-printed to
read “Go to Jail. Get a Job!”

If we were to send a strong message to the population that
their deviant behavior will result in starvation, you will see
criminality go way down. And as an added bonus, you will also
see educational standards go way up!


A Jamaican national was quoted as saying the above in a well
known business publication. The writer regrets to say that the
publication might as well as have quoted an American saying
the very same thing. This is because whether employers comply
with the equal employment opportunity laws or whether they do
their all to circumvent these laws, a business environment
is fostered whereby all the wrong people get ahead, and
underhandedness becomes a way of life even in our most venerable
business institutions. So you see, the mere existence of the
equal employment opportunity laws sends ethical standards on
the skids. Wherever you go, whether it be Heaven or Hell,
if you do not adhere to the prevailing norms, you will be
squeezed out like an unwanted, undesirable splinter under the
skin. It’s a sad commentary, but honesty is not compatible
with the prevailing climate of the United States business
world. If you have yet to secure your first job, you will
learn this lesson quite soon after your first day with your new
employer. (Is it any wonder why the Japanese are reluctant to
deal with certain United States businessmen and corporations,
while other United States businessmen report that the Japanese
are very easy to deal with as long as you treat them well and
respect their astuteness?) Well, in summary, it looks like
the United States of America has been equalized to Jamaica!


Yes, the answer is the American worker, even though employers
in the U. S. might very well be willing to pay much more than
$10 per hour in the absence of equal opportunity laws.

The reasons for this are multifold. First, any wage that is
paid in excess of the perceived value of the least preferred
job candidate (within job category) is a blaring incentive
for the least preferred job candidate to sue the employer for
a job with equal wages, so the employer sounds the alarm:
“We must lower wages!” $10 per hour may very well exceed
the perceived value of the least preferred job candidate
by $10 per hour. (By the way, who is this guy known as the
“least preferred job candidate?” He is purely a figment of
the imagination, a composite image of the least desirable
(but protected) traits of all job candidates. Just query any
personnel specialist about the nature and qualities of real
job candidates who come a’knock’n these days.)

Then there is the aspect of the law which protects current
employees who already have jobs. Morbidly obese people cannot
be terminated on the basis of weight. An employer may have only
slender people on the payroll, but he may say to himself, “While
I still have the time, I better let inflation erode the wages
here before each of my staff gains 500 lbs.” The same would
hold true for mental illness, so let the wages erode before
the workers go berserk because by then it will be too late to
terminate them, demote them, or cut their salaries. And then
there was the case of the male legal secretary from Chicago on
the Donahue Show. He thought it was a good idea to moonlight and
strip at a certain sleazy establishment for other men, and he
lost his day job. However, Donahue pointed out that a new law
in another jurisdiction prohibits employers from terminating
workers for their activities off the job just as long as those
activities are legal, and so the stripper would have been
protected in his secretarial job if he were employed in that
other jurisdiction. The prestigious law firms in that other
jurisdiction are probably looking at all of their associates
and saying to themselves: “Any one of our associates may decide
to become a male stripper, and we can’t do much about it except
to let wages erode by inflation, starting now. Any one of our
associates may decide to get himself infected with HIV, and
then it’s ‘Philadelphia’ all over again.” (Mr. Booz, Mr. Allen,
it’s ten o’clock; do you know where your consultants are?)

The value of the least preferred job candidate is even lower
than it otherwise would have been in the absence of the equal
employment opportunity laws. This is due to the fact that the
equal employment opportunity laws give the least preferred job
candidate the power to impose himself upon the employer. Think
about it; any product that is less than your first choice has
a certain perceived value associated with it. But if you are
forced to buy that less-than-first-choice product at a time
when you are not of a mind to make the purchase, then the
perceived value of that product will go down drastically in
your mind. Remember, under the current system of things, the
perceived value of the least preferred job candidate (within
job category) sets the wage standard to which all other wages
will be equalized. Does it make any sense to lower that value
more than it has to be, and is this why homelessness is soaring
among the lower echelons of our society?

Even though the price of the United States work force has been
taking intermediate markdowns over recent years, it still has a
way to go before it is completely equalized to the value of the
the least preferred job candidate (within job category). In the
meantime, the price of U.S. labor is perceived by employers to
be too high. According to the law of supply and demand, when a
price is perceived to be too high, the quantity purchased will
go down! And so we see multitudes of workers being let go in
downsizings and consolidations, with the further consequence
being the formation of monopolies and oligopolies!


That’s right. That’s exactly what it means. But these income
levels are reserved only for the select few.

If you have read the previous articles in this series, you
would understand that the growing numbers of low quality people
adhering to low personal standards are putting these people
into the very vast majority.

Conversely, the number of people who have the track record
and ability to keep an organization of low quality players
going as a viable concern is diminishing and diminishing
drastically. With a high demand for executives who can handle
a delicate balancing act and with a dwindling supply of these
executives, you see the compensation levels for these executives
going through the roof.

Why aren’t these executives subject to the downwardly equalizing
effects of equal employment opportunity while the rest of us
are having our salaries trampled upon? First, remember that
salaries are being downwardly equalized to the value of the
least preferred candidate WITHIN job category. Even the least
preferred job candidate for the CEO position who can handle the
aforementioned balancing act is worth a humongous salary in this
very odd business environment. Secondly, with profit sharing,
stock options, and other aspects of a high level executive job,
the high level executive becomes more like a business owner
than a member of labor. Owners of successful businesses are
making out like bandits by profiting from the declining wage
levels of their workers. These cost savings are significant,
and the results are going right to the bottom line of the
corporate income statement, not to the bottom lining of the
pockets of labor.

Bear in mind that con artists always earn a premium
income. Business executives, as part of their delicate balancing
act, frequently switch hats between their roles as managers and
con artists. What is this writer getting at? One way or another
the company CEO has to successfully put eroding wage levels
over on his employees and yet keep those employees blissfully
busy and ignorant as to what’s really going on. What’s really
going on is that the company absolutely does not want to pay
to the unpreferred workers what it would be willing to pay to
the preferred workers; likewise it does not want to put forth
incentives for unpreferred job applicants to come and sue the
company for jobs at premium wages. So wage levels must be
brought down, and the skilled and glib executive will make
up any seemingly plausible excuse, but he absolutely will
not be forthright and blame equal employment opportunity
concerns. This fancy footwork and con artistry adds up to a
value of $250,000,000 per year for the right man for the job!

Right now businesses are in a fever-pitched mode of price
competition. With most workers having joined the ranks of the
majority of society adhering to low personal and performance
standards, businesses are having a difficult time competing on
the basis of anything other than price. Business leaders are at
a loss to compete on the basis of quality, and they are likewise
at a loss to find ways to work smart and efficiently. So
the big-bucks-CEO guys are constantly putting over on their
employees the importance of being the low cost producer in
the industry. They keep drilling into their employees that
wage concessions are essential for successful survival and
competition. In actuality what we are seeing are those pesky,
indistinctive self-correcting market forces which are downwardly
equalizing every worker to the value of the least preferred job
candidate. We are also seeing workers work hard but not smart,
with slave drivers bearing down on them!

At one prominent company in the transportation industry,
the con artistry and fancy footwork reached unprecedented
proportions. Two tiered wages systems were imposed upon
the employees effectively downwardly equalizing incoming
employees. Then the two tiers were merged back into one tier but
at significantly lower wage levels, thus downwardly equalizing
everyone. Then the company successfully put an employee buyout
over on the workers, getting wage concessions far in excess
of what the purchase price of the company’s stock was worth. A
year later when the employees started to realize how they had
been taken, there was so much tension and dissension among
the ranks that it was reported that workers were attacking
each other with mechanical screwdrivers, but by then the deal
was long consummated. Is it any wonder why certain guys are
getting $250,000,000 per year while the rest of us are getting
mechanically screwed?

With the proletariat observing its purchasing power diminishing
at the same time as the compensation package of the CEO swells
>from $250,000,000 to $500,000,000, it’s enough to make the
mental stability of anyone crack. Is it any wonder why insanity
is at epidemic proportions in the United States? But don’t
let any of this bother you excessively. What we are seeing are
symptoms of a very perverse system in transition to its ultimate
state. With the federal debt hanging over us like the Sword of
Damocles and with multitudes of workers being let go in mergers
and consolidations, then nobody will be earning half a billion
dollars a year . . . or even minimum wage for that matter.


A friend of this writer said that the U.S. foreign trade
deficit is nothing to be too concerned about because the
deficit comprises only about one percent of the U.S. Gross
Domestic Product.

What my friend’s rudimentary analysis does not take into account
is the velocity of money, which, in other words, is the turnover
rate of money in an economy. So, if you have $10 and you go
spend it on a haircut, then the barber can spend the $10 on
ice cream, and then the ice cream vender can spend the $10 on
oil for this delivery truck, and then the oil man can go to
the movies, and on, and on, and on. If all these transactions
take place in a day, you have one velocity of money; if they
take place in a week, there is a different velocity of money;
and so forth. But whatever the actual turnover rate of the
money is, there is a basic economic truth here: turnover of
wealth begets wealth.

The big problem with having a trade deficit is that once the
wealth exits from our country, then it can no longer turn over
within our country, and it can no longer beget more wealth
here. So the seeming one percent that leaves the country could
have been responsible for a 50% – OR GREATER – increase in our
total Gross Domestic Product had it been allowed to stay and
repeatedly turn over in our economy. No, the wealth that leaves
is now allowed to turn over and over and over in some foreign
land, thus allowing foreigners to become fantastically wealthy.

Is it any wonder why there is not enough surplus wealth in the
U.S. to rebuild its disintegrating infrastructure of crumbling
roadways, collapsing bridges, a dilapidated air traffic control
system, a deteriorating weather forecasting system, etc.,
etc., etc.? Meanwhile, the Pacific Rim nations to which much
of our trade deficit wealth is going are building fantastic
state-of-the-art infrastructures and cities of incredible

Why has the United States’ great trade surplus turned into a
trade deficit? It’s very simple. Equal employment opportunity
not only sent jobs overseas, but it also corrupted competition
on the micro level here. This corruption easily filtered up
to the macro level where it made our business enterprises less
and less competitive on the international level. The nature of
competition makes it subject to the law of the path of least
resistance whereby, if U.S. goods are just slightly less than
competitive, this creates a path of least resistance for the
preference of foreign goods. Then in turn, what seems like a
relatively small leak of wealth IS IN ACTUALITY A DELUGE OF

Have a nice day!


If all of the employers of the United States colluded to form
an employment cartel in order to cap wages and exploit labor,
it would work about as well as the OPEC oil cartel. The reason
for this is because, as with OPEC, there would be too much of
an incentive for the members of the cartel to cheat by breaking
the agreement. Employers would feel competitive pressures from
each other to attract talented workers, and so they would bid
up the price of labor.

Equal employment opportunity is mandated by law, the law of
the land. It applies in every location of the United States;
it applies to most employment situations; and it is enforced
by government. In contrast, cartels realistically could never
cover as many employers, and there is little or no enforcement
of agreements among cartel members.

Equal employment opportunity turned employer incentives on
their heads, and the incentive now is to bid down the price of
labor. If any employer steps forward and finds himself paying
attractive wages, he is laying out the welcome mat to be sued
by the protected segments of the population, and so, as far
as wages go, that employer will now take a step back into
line. The weakest competitor in a industry generally makes
the next move. You may expect that move to be a bidding up
of wages in order for the weakest competitor to attract and
retain the best employees whose purpose will be to pull the
weakest competitor out of its hole. This was the case under
the old system of things. Under the new system of things which
have turned employer incentives, motivations and perspectives
upside down, the weakest competitor will initiate a new round
of wage cutting thus becoming the “lowest cost producer” in
that industry, and then all the other players in that industry
have to follow suit so as not to have that welcome mat set
out. The other players will then conveniently say that they
are motivated by competitive pressures to match the wages of
the industry’s lowest cost producer, but no one will say they
are motivated by equal employment opportunity concerns. In the
meantime, global price wars are breaking out affecting wages
levels around the world!

There was a time when employers engaged in tokenism, and they
would gladly pay the unpreferred segments of the work force top
dollar just to get the government off their backs so that they
could get on with their businesses. The incentive for this
type of attitude was greatest during the Reagan years when
there was oh so much easy money to be made by corporations
– it was like a grab bag, and no one wanted to be bothered
with efficiency, management, propriety, morals, work ethics,
social concerns, etc. However, with the passage of time, with
changes in the business environment, and with the cumulative
enforcement efforts of government, the tide has turned, and
employer attitudes have changed regarding their participation
in political correctness.

The unfortunate response by business has not been to expand
employment. As a rule of thumb, think in terms of this axiom:
“If they have to hire the unpreferred segments of the work
force, they will not hire the preferred segments.” This has
been especially true in the manufacturing and heavy industry
sectors of the U.S. economy. Rather, the response has been
to downsize and consolidate. Yes, efficiencies have been
gained by doing these things, but there are certain illusory
effects here. People are tricked into thinking that things
are hunky-dory because certain statistics indicate a healthy
economy. However, you can take a work force, fire half of it,
impose 40 or 80 hours of overtime on the surviving workers,
whip the surviving workers so they produce 250% more in a given
time, cut their wages and not pay them overtime compensation
(at least not to exempt workers). Corporate profits will soar
and so will Gross Domestic Product. But with half of the people
unemployed, and with the rest earning one salary for at least
two jobs, there will be contraction of income tax revenues
and of social security contributions! And as the saying goes:
“The light bulb burns the brightest before it burns out.”

Conclusions: If you bring the analysis contained in this series
of articles to its logical conclusion, one of two things
will be predicted to happen. Either no one in this country
will be employed, or wages will drop down so low that only
the protected, unpreferred segments of the population will
be willing to work for such low wages . . . in other words,
all the jobs will go to thems peoples who will at that time
do their happy dance! In any case, the preferred segments
of the population will have no choice but to flee to foreign
countries in order to earn a living. Oh, what a United States
brain drain there will be! In case you are not aware of it,
foreign employment of Americans is already way, way up. Any
American who fails to secure foreign employment will rush to
the International Arrivals Building at Kennedy Airport wearing a
sign that says, “Will work for food,” translated into at least
twelve different languages. Then the unpreferred segments of
the population will finally realize the damage wreaked upon
the economy, and they will clamor for the government to pick up
the pieces and manage the economy just as the Russian economy
was managed by the old Soviet Union. AAARRRRRRGGK!!

One further note: You may think that wages have already dropped
to their lowest limit. However, with more and more workers being
displaced and with more and more employment alternatives for
these workers being extinguished, you will see these workers
fiercely striking back against their former employers with any
and all legal weapons at their disposal in order to preserve
their means of survival. The escalating frequency of lawsuits
will result in ever more downward pressure on the perceived
value of labor with the increasing velocity of the downward
spiral of labor prices finally settling at . . . you guessed it
. . . the perceived value of the least preferred job candidate
(within job category, of course!)


With multitudes of people with preferred demographics fleeing
>from the United States in order to earn a living in foreign
countries, you can be assured that they will leave behind their
participation in the political process here. And one thing
that these people absolutely cannot take with them to foreign
countries is the United States arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Dominance of the United States political process will be left
to the unpreferred segments of the population who will, of
course, elect government officials who are made in the image
and likeness of those unpreferred segments.

If you can’t imagine nuclear weapons being in the hands of
countries such as Haiti, Zaire, Somalia, Kenya, Rwanda, etc.,
try imagining a comparable situation right here in your own
beloved United States of America, the country with the largest
and most powerful arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world –
where will you run . . . where will you hide?


Question: Can you give me a quick rundown of the self-correcting
forces of the labor marketplace which are downwardly equalizing
every worker’s wage to the perceived value of the least
preferred job candidate within job category?

Answer: Certainly. They are inflation, wage concessions,
downsizings, mergers and acquisitions, exporting of jobs to
foreign countries (“Globalism”), the relocation of operations
to low-wage states, the rush to automation, the push to be
the industry’s low-cost producer, the outsourcing of work to
non-union shops, unpaid overtime, the utilization of immigrant,
temporary, and part-time workers, conversion of workers to
independent contractors, the elimination of benefits, the
elimination of the 35 hour workweek, and more.

Question: Why do companies merge?

Answer: Companies merge for several EEO related reasons. First,
the purchasing power of consumers is constantly being reduced
by lower, downwardly equalized wages. This reduced purchasing
power cannot support the economic activity necessary to sustain
a large number of competitors within an industry, so the
competitors consolidate thereby enabling themselves to “share”
a diminishing market. Secondly, job candidates with preferred
demographics are becoming a vanishing breed, and so certain
players in an industry will want to “scoop up” the remaining
preferred workers by “raiding” the demographics of an acquired
company. Thirdly, since wages have not yet been completely
downwardly equalized, labor is perceived to be too expensive,
in which case companies will want to use labor sparingly. Think
about it: if the price of table salt goes to $100 per pound,
you will use it sparingly! Companies can achieve their
“frugal” use of labor by merging and eliminating redundant
functions and personnel. Areas which will be impacted the
most will be data processing, accounting, legal, advertising,
among others. Lastly, EEO has sent performance standards
into a downward bidding spiral among all workers making
it difficult, if not impossible, to manage an enterprise
properly. Companies reorganize and reorganize in a feeble
attempt to counteract the low performance standards of their
workers. These companies eventually come to the conclusion
that the ultimate reorganization, that is, merger, while
not necessarily raising performance standards, will at least
remove certain competitive challenges in the marketplace by
“swallowing” that competition, and so low performance standards
become much less of a pressing concern.

It is essential that you remember: the consolidation of
companies within industries reduces the number of bidders
to compete and bid up the buying price of labor, and so
labor prices will continue to go downward. Additionally,
consolidation reduces the number of bidders to compete and
bid down the selling prices of products and services, and so
selling prices will end up going upward. The typical worker
in the merger game ends up getting torn between lower wages
and higher market prices for the things he would like to
buy. Mergers and acquisitions are expected to usher in Third
World living standards for us.

Question: I work in a highly technical field in which there are
virtually no workers who possess unpreferred demographics. Equal
employment opportunity will not have much of an impact on my
wages, right?

Answer: Wrong! It is a well known fact that there are many
genius level workers – some being members of MENSA – who possess
preferred demographics and who hold relatively low level jobs
as mail clerks, assembly line workers, etc. When jobs and
wages at the lowest levels are destroyed by equal employment
opportunity, then those genius level workers will upgrade
their skills and invade your profession thereby creating
an oversupply of labor which will tend to drive down your
wages. Additionally, in order to support demand for labor in
your field there has to be healthy economic activity elsewhere
in the overall system of things, and when economic activity is
reduced by equal employment opportunity elsewhere, then this can
have a dampening effect on the demand for your services thereby
adding more downward pressure on your wages. One more thing to
consider is that everyone in all professions is affected by the
anti-age discrimination laws which inhibit the timely dismissal
of certain non-producing workers and managers. The expense of
keeping those non-producers on the payroll will be passed on
to someone with that someone being you, the productive worker,
by way of depressed wages.

Question: In a free market environment, female workers have
historically earned salaries which are approximately 60% to 65%
of the salaries of males doing the same work. Does equal pay
for females mean that men will have to take a real wage cut
of 35% to 40%?

Answer: No, if females demand equal pay, the real wage cut
for men will be much greater than 40%, AND there will be
substantial real wage cuts for most women as well! The figures
you are quoting are averages. The downward wage equalizing
mechanism set into motion by equal employment opportunity does
not work with averages. This downward equalizing mechanism will
take the real wage levels of all men and all women (within
a job category) down to the perceived value of the least
preferred female job candidate (within the job category) even
if this candidate is never hired by anyone. Because many other
segments of the population are protected by equal employment
opportunity, everyone’s real wages will go from the value of
the least preferred female job candidate, down even further to
the perceived value of the very least preferred job candidate
(within job category) even if this least preferred job candidate
is never hired by any employer.

Question: If female workers seeking equal pay with males
severely depress the wages of males, won’t this bring about
the necessity of housewives to enter the work force in order
to maintain the household’s standard of living? With the entry
of ever increasing numbers of housewives into the work force,
won’t this create an oversupply of labor thus depressing all
wages even further?

Answer: Yes to both questions.

Question: Let’s say in a free employment market, a certain
civil engineer is a first choice applicant at one employer
where he is offered $90,000 per year, but he is a last choice
applicant at another employer where he is offered only $10,000
per year. What would happen under EEO?

Answer: Under EEO, this particular applicant would AT MOST be
offered $10,000 per year no matter where he would apply for
a job, AND his value would be linked to all the other civil
engineers’ wages in such a way as to depress all the other
wages in his job category everywhere! (Bare in mind this is a
very slow process. Do not be deceived by the fact that it took
30 years to reach the point where we are today.) Without EEO,
this particular engineer could have been earning $90,000 per
year without affecting anyone else’s wages. Do you see why it
is such a bad idea to force a Jewish engineering firm to hire
Germans and to force a German engineering firm to hire Jews?
Remember, wage levels at BOTH these firms will go down under
EEO even if both of these firms never cross hire an unpreferred
job applicant. Amazing!!

Question: Does the same reasoning apply to the morbidly obese
and the handicapped?

Answer: Yes. While the morbidly obese and the handicapped may
not be wanted at some employers, they may be more than welcome
at other employers. Under EEO, however, the morbidly obese and
the handicapped not only lower their own earnings potential,
but they also lower everyone else’s earnings potential as
well. We’re sorry if anyone is offended, but this is the harsh
and grim reality of the situation.

Question: Who is the least preferred job candidate?

Answer: The least preferred job candidate exists in the minds
of employers as the person who is a composite of all the
unpreferred but protected traits under the equal employment
opportunity (EEO) laws. The least preferred job candidate
is capable of performing the tasks of a certain job; IN FACT,
preferred job candidate carries no legal reason why he should
be declined for a certain job, and so the government will award
him that job if he makes a legal issue of the matter. This
is in contrast to the “least QUALIFIED job candidate” who is
least capable of performing the duties of a job, and so for
this reason, he may be legally denied this job.

In practicality, lesser preferred job candidates really do not
have to be a composite of all protected traits. No! Having
a subset of unpreferred but protected traits is enough to
depress wages drastically under the EEO/equal pay laws. Certain
employers disfavor certain traits while they are indifferent
to other traits, so each employer holds his own individual
concept for his least preferred job candidate, and employers
will cross equalize wages to the perceived value of the least
preferred job candidate per the concept of value of the lowest
bidding employer for *his* least preferred job candidate.

Here is an example of the dynamics of what is going on: Assume
there are three employers in an industry, A, B, and C.

Employer A has an aversion to hiring dwarfs whom he values
at $.25 per hour. Employer A is indifferent to acne sufferers
and the morbidly obese.

Employer B has an aversion to hiring acne sufferers whom he
values at $.19 per hour. Employer B is indifferent to dwarfs
and the morbidly obese.

Employer C has an aversion to hiring the morbidly obese whom
he values at $.05 per hour. Employer C is indifferent to dwarfs
and acne sufferers.

Economic theory states that a buyer will pay less for an item
than it is worth to him, but he will NOT PAY MORE for it than
it is worth to him, so Employer A will drive down wages in his
shop to $.25 per hour so that he will not create for himself
a legal liability to hire dwarfs at a price that is greater
than the perceived value of the dwarfs.

Employer B will drive down wages in his shop to $.19 per hour so
that he will not create for himself a legal liability to hire
acne sufferers at a price that is greater than the perceived
value of the acne sufferers.

Employer C will drive down wages in his shop to $.05 per hour
so that he will not create for himself a legal liability to
hire the morbidly obese at a price that is greater than the
perceived value of the morbidly obese.

Some of you may be wondering how employers go about driving
down wages. It’s easy. Every other employer is doing it under
EEO, and workers have little, if any, options to seek out
better deals elsewhere. You don’t even need collusion among
employers when you have EEO. (Bear in mind that the process of
driving down wages can take several decades as we are seeing
in reality.)

Now what happens? Since labor costs are a significant component
of total costs, employer C’s payment of $.05 per hour makes
him the industry’s low cost producer, and this will start to
be reflected in the selling prices of his offerings. Then, in
order to remain price competitive with employer C, employers
A and B must drive down their wages to $.05 per hour!! Wages
will be equalized to the perceived value of the least preferred
job candidate per the concept of value of the lowest bidding
employer according to the downward wage equalizing mechanism
of equal employment opportunity!

However, there is yet another factor to be taken into
account. It is the minimum wage law. The target wage of $.05
per hour is less than the minimum wage, so employers A, B AND C
will either extinguish the jobs altogether or they will export
the jobs to Third World sweatshops where they will care not
who handles the work just as long as the price is right! AND
THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE SEEING in reality with the ghetto
dwellers suffering the most, (see soon-to-be published book,
_When Work Disappears_) but take my word for it, EVERY MEMBER

Question: With technological progress offering improved methods
of production and distribution, shouldn’t we Americans be
enjoying ever rising real wages and improving standards of
living? Shouldn’t we be able to afford houses that are bigger
and better than the homes of our parents?

Answer: “Yes, we should” is the answer to both questions,
but these results are not materializing. On the contrary,
we are seeing just the opposites materializing for all the
reasons presented in this treatise.

Question: Is the unemployment rate in the U.S. 5.6% as the
government is reporting?

Answer: Who knows? What is known is that the following people
are not counted as unemployed: temporary workers who work as
little as one day a week, people who have given up hope of
finding work (estimated to be 10%), and people who consider
themselves to be self-employed, independent contractors no
matter how little they may actually work.

Question: It’s been said that first rate people hire first
rate people, and second rate people hire third rate people,
and so forth. I can’t help but think that United States’
immigration policy is pretty much dictated by the same
sociological theory. Am I correct?

Answer: Yes, we regret to say that you are indeed
correct. Second rate people will not deal with first rate
people because first rate people provide competitional and
intellectual threats to the security of second rate people,
and so first rate people do not become players in the support
structure/network of the second rate people. In the larger
picture, we see certain protected segments of the population
who wish to enhance the permanency and strength of their
legal protections. They do this by bringing aboard other
populations who would have a strong vested interest in having
those protections in place. In other words, you have unspoken
agreements among people which go like this: “I’ll protect your
protections, if you protect my protections.” This political
objective of the protected segments of the population is
compounded by the objectives of the preponderance of second
rate politicians who wish to remain in office. The retention of
those offices is strongly predicated on the retention of the
protections of equal employment opportunity. And as a result
we see second rate politicians “buying” the future votes of
incoming immigrants by allowing the entry of these immigrants
and by retaining the incentives – that is, the EEO protections –
which attract these immigrants.

Question: Why would an immigrant be interested in coming to the
United States if he is only going to be downwardly equalized
to the perceived value of the least preferred job candidate
(within job category) anyway?

Answer: Your question demonstrates the need for a Truth in
Immigration Act requiring disclosure to each prospective
immigrant of exactly what he will be getting into including a
$65,000 apportionment of the federal debt to his household as
soon as he establishes one. The bottom line is that prospective
immigrants are just as woefully uninformed as is the resident
population of the United States. People have somehow been
erroneously mesmerized into believing that they are deriving
some benefit from the existence of equal employment opportunity
laws when in fact there is only detriment to be derived – big
time! This mesmerization is due in large part to the deceptive
and illusory initial upward equalization which results every
time a claimant wins a ruling for equal wages, but time, wage
concessions, and inflation are gradually downwardly equalizing
everyone to the perceived value of the least preferred job
candidate (within job category). While the prospect for legally
mandated and automatic equalization to the preferred classes
serves as an immigration incentive, remember that the primary
incentive for anyone to immigrate to another country will be the
superior standard of living in that other country. The standard
of living in the U.S. is still superior to that of many third
world countries, so the citizens of those countries will clamor
for entry into the U.S. for the improved living standards and,
of course, for the automatic equalization to white males.
However, with the downward equalization process in full swing
and with living standards in the U.S. declining as a result
of that downward equalization process, the number of foreign
countries with inferior living standards is narrowing down,
and so we see ever declining quality of incoming immigrants
to the U.S. with virtually no high quality immigrants coming
>from the Western European countries, the traditional sources
of U.S. immigration. The Western Europeans only need to take a
cursory look at U.S. quality of life indicators, and they say,
“Thank you, no!”

Question: What would be the impact on immigration if the
country would return to a pure competitive environment in the
world of employment?

Answer: Only high quality immigrants who could prevail and
thrive in a competitive environment would be interested in
coming to the United States . . . unless, of course, we still
have a welfare state in which case you will have incentives
for just the opposite to immigrate.

Question: I understand the sociological implications of
the support network set up by second rate people to retain
their positions and legal protections. Are there any further

Answer: Yes. You have psychological identification among
the segments of the population who consider themselves to be
oppressed and in need of protections. These identifications
not only congeal into political alliances, they also result
in romantic relationships. This is why you have more and more
Caucasian women developing romantic relationships with males
of other races. Eradication of the mere prospect of special
legal protections for the so-called oppressed will make the
formation of these alliances a null issue.

Question: With so many individuals in the population going
second and third rate, isn’t it too late to restore the
competitiveness of the United States?

Answer: Absolutely not. Once you have restored a pure
competitive environment to the employment arena with the
proper system of incentives and penalties in place, you will
see something akin to the resurrection of the dead. Many, many
people will elevate themselves to first rate status and abandon
their ways of the past – out of necessity for there will be
no other way to stay in the game. For many, many others being
first rate is very situational; these people will have to seek
out new employers and/or new professions where they can become
first rate. And lastly, you will see many capable dropouts
rejoining the game of life. The potential is definitely here
for the United States to surpass the competitiveness of every
other country on the planet. Our country has not yet passed the
point of no return, but time is running out for our future. A
reassessment of everything in our society is called for NOW!

Question: Are the equal employment opportunity laws
unconstitutionally vague?

Answer: The definition of discrimination is to perceive
a difference. So it seems that the anti-discrimination laws
purport to regulate perception, a mental process or thought. How
in the world can a government regulate thought? How can a
person know what is expected of him so that he can modify his
outward physical behavior in order conform his mental processes
to the directives of the law? If these were simple issues,
why is it that the debate regarding quotas and affirmative
action still rages on with no practical and acceptable solution
in sight? Think about it, if an employer feels compelled to
show that he is not discriminatory, doesn’t he have to show
preference for the protected segments of the population, and
when he does so isn’t he unfairly and illegally diverting
preference from the preferred segment of the population,
namely the white males? If compliance with a law puts an
employer into non-compliance with the very same law, doesn’t
this circular logic (or should I say, illogic) render that law
unconstitutionally vague? You see it all the time in the want
ads. Announcements are routinely made encouraging females and
minorities to apply for certain positions. You see large display
ads for career fairs and open houses specifically reserved
for minority applicants. The state law in this jurisdiction
unequivocally prohibits specification of such preferences in
ads, and angry white males would have a legitimate reverse
discrimination complaint against such practices which brings
us back to the circular illogic of these unconstitutional
laws. Quotas and affirmative action are definitely not the
answer because they corrupt the pure competitive environment
of the employment arena, and it has already been pointed out
that when competition is corrupted, all participants go into
a multi-way tie for last place.

Question: Is God a segregationist? Was Jesus Christ a

Answer: Jesus Christ was a very shrewd speaker. Consider
what he said, and you be the judge. Jesus said the Kingdom
of Heaven will be like the five foolish and unprepared girls
who were locked out of the wedding ceremony. He also said
that the Kingdom of Heaven will be like the lazy servant who
buried his master’s money instead of investing it and who
was then thrown outside where he would cry and gnash his
teeth. Furthermore, Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven
will be like the harvest time when the wheat will be separated
>from the weeds. Wouldn’t you agree that it seems that merit
is the common thread throughout these parables as Jesus’
criteria for a place in Heaven? Bear in mind three things:
first, man is made in the image and likeness of God, so is
it not man’s nature and mandate to emulate God’s management
of Heaven? Secondly, in the Lord’s Prayer, we pray, “Thy will
be done ON EARTH as it is in Heaven!” And thirdly, didn’t God
establish a hierarchy of angels in Heaven plus a place and
category for fallen angels, while equal employment opportunity
purports to establish a one class society? Compare the other
mechanisms set into motion by equal employment opportunity
with Christ’s portrayal of the management of Heaven.

Question: Why is it beneficial to have a multi-class society,
and why won’t a one class society work?

Answer: In a multi-class society, you have incentives for
people to advance themselves upward through the ranks. Likewise,
you have disincentives keeping people from falling downward to
lower ranks. In a one class society, all of these incentives
and disincentives are non-existent thus throwing all members of
the one class society into a multi-way tie for last place. Case
in point: Communism.

Question: It is generally believed that it takes a vast middle
class to support the existence of the upper classes. Why is
this so?

Answer: At some point in time the would-be upper class got
the bright idea that they could, with the proper incentives,
get the multitudes to elevated themselves from the primeval
slime to the affluence of the middle class by working hard
and efficiently. In fact, the incentives were designed to
be so effective that the middle class would gladly produce
a relatively small, extra margin over and above what they
themselves would consume with the excess going to the upper
classes. However, someone came along and decided that EEO
would be a better idea. The disastrous consequences of EEO
with its downward equalizing of wages shot the former system
of incentives to H-E-double hockey sticks, so now it’s back
to the point of origin for the middle class.

Question: With entire the middle class of the United States
doomed to extinction by being relegated to third world wage
status by EEO, what does the future hold for the upper classes
of the United States?

Answer: The collapse of the United States’ middle class will
take with it almost all of the upper class. Those individuals
who were previously on the fast track to success will find
themselves on the express track to financial ruin, and in many
cases this will be to a much worse extent than that of most
middle class members. The very few remaining survivors of the
upper class will become far more wealthy than they or anyone
else has ever imagined, and they will attract unprecedented
levels of envy and resentment. It will be totally impossible to
predict who the remaining upper class survivors will be because
in a major sense they will become “victims of circumstance”
just happening to be in situations from which they stand to
profit handsomely. You will probably see the major downward
equalization increment – or should I say decrement – for
most people on the day of reckoning with the repayment of
the gigantic federal debt. That day has been postponed to
such an extent that the severity of the situation is being
compounded more so than the interest on the debt. You are
already seeing symptoms of the severity of the problem with
the desperation moves on the part of legislators, with their
bickering and attacking one another, and with their dropping
out of Congress altogether. Once you see the masses facing
destitution with a tiny, tiny minority commanding unfathomable
wealth, then the strange things will really start to happen. The
uninspired approach to the Russian economic problems of decades
ago resulted in revolution, the ascent of Communism, and the
slaughter of up to 40,000,000 land owners with the government
confiscating wealth wherever it existed followed by 70 years
of a basket case economy.

Question: The socio-economic theories presented in this series
of articles don’t seem to perfectly match what is actually
happening in society. I see lots of exceptions to these
rules. What gives?

Answer: Socio-economic theories are never followed perfectly
when close scrutiny is imposed upon the actions of society;
there are simply too many more minor counteracting and
counterbalancing forces at work. However, in the big picture
and over the long haul of time, you will observe the large
population of society following the theories in an admittedly
blurry manner.

Question: Won’t the reestablishment of a pure competitive
environment in the employment arena be just as unpopular
among large numbers of certain people as it was prior to the
mid-1960’s? After all, many people will have no prayer in Heaven
of attaining the highest pinnacle of the social structure or
hierarchy. And isn’t the Pope of the Catholic Church endorsing
a “share the wealth” philosophy with freer immigration to
the U.S., and if you extrapolate farther out can’t you assume
that the Pope endorses equal employment opportunity especially
since he liberally uses the phrase “sexual equality?”

Answer: Yes, on all points; your observations are correct. A
pure competitive environment will most definitely be unpopular
among many, many people because this type of environment
spells the end of a free ride. However, any reasonable,
intelligent man has to admit that it is better to fail to
attain the pinnacle of society and fall into some lower,
intermediate rank than to be downwardly equalized all the
way to the perceived value of the very least preferred job
candidate (within job category)! As an experiment, line up
100 people that you consider to be abject losers, ask them all
to evaluate each other, and then take a poll to see how these
participants feel about being equalized to the lowest member
of the line-up. U.S. government representatives consider the
diversity of the country’s population, and they feel compelled
to make the country, its legal system, and its society something
for everyone. This is a very faulty concept. Even the celebrity
Bill Cosby once said that a sure-fire formula for failure is
to attempt to please all people. As far as the Pope goes, if
I am not mistaken about history, didn’t the Orthodox Church
and most Protestant denominations break away from the Church
over disagreements regarding the authority and infallibility of
the Pope? In any case, if the Pope has strong convictions about
his recommendations, he should put them forth (i.e. prove them)
in some other country, such as Brazil which has a heavy Catholic
influence. Meanwhile let the U.S. revert to pure competition
in the employment arena. In twenty years let us compare the
results of the U.S. and of Brazil. Remember that a tree is known
by the fruit it bears. Who, twenty years hence, will have borne
better, more abundant fruit: the United States or Brazil? Right
now, the U.S. has a contracting economy and declining levels
of employment and wages. Would any sane economist under these
circumstances recommend open immigration to increase the supply
of available labor and to depress wages further?

Question: What are the Communists up to these days?

Answer: The Communists are still at it promoting their
system. They are pointing to our U.S. capitalistic system
and saying: “See! See! Captialism is failing! Wages
are falling! Unemployment is rising! Labor is being
exploited! Communism is the solution!” These communists
are WRONG! Capitalism is NOT failing. What is failing is
the pseudo-Communistic system known as equal employment
opportunity. To the reader: if you think you are being
exploited under Capitalism, just try being exploited under
Communism. Other pseudo-Communistic institutions which are
failing miserably are rent control, equal housing opportunity,
welfare, and socialized medicine.

Question: There was a teaser on this evening’s network news
that went like this: “If the economy is so good, why is the
middle class having such a hard time making ends meet?” As
usual, the reporters did not answer their own question in the
segment. How do you address this issue?

Answer: The middle class is indeed fueling the current economic
activity even though their real wages are contracting due to the
downward wage equalizing effects of equal employment opportunity
(EEO). With lower and lower real wages, the middle class is
resorting to several actions which barely allow them to hold on
to a semblance of a standard of living to which they have become
accustomed. First, they are depleting savings. Secondly, they
are depleting their stores of accumulated wealth by selling off
jewelry, selling off other personal effects at garage sales, by
trading private houses for trailers or apartments, etc. Lastly,
they are utilizing available credit lines by going deeply into
debt. We are not only seeing a shift of the storehouses of
past wealth from the middle class to domestic and foreign upper
classes, but we are also seeing the pledge of the middle class’
future wealth by way of credit likewise being shifted to those
same upper classes while the current and future wealth potential
of the middle class is evaporating away. This, of course, cannot
go on forever, and the end of things as we know them is near.

Question: Do you think that the rush to automation is motivated
by EEO concerns?

Answer: Yes, and there is no doubt about it. Companies would
rather not attempt to hire preferred workers if they are going
to encounter legal headaches from the government for not hiring
unpreferred workers as well. One way out of this quandary is to
substitute automation for human labor. It is not unusual to see
a corporate manager rush to buy the latest released piece of
machinery costing a fortune, but he will be loath to approve
a ten-cent-an-hour raise for a deserving worker. The thing
is that upon close examination you will very frequently see
situations in which automation in business is being woefully
misutilized to the point of offering negative returns in terms
of efficiency, productivity, and economy. A case in point is
the automated baggage system at the new airport in Denver. This
system cost a tremendous amount of money and was so horrendously
bad that it delayed the opening of the new airport for months
and months and months. It was probably obvious very early on
that humans could have and should have been substituted, but
they were not. You see comparable situations when it comes
to the misuse of personal computers, mainframe computers,
robotics, and such everywhere!

Question: Also on the evening network news, there was an item
about IBM and other employers in various industries converting
their employees to independent contractors without customary
benefits. Is this a symptom of the downward wage equalizing
effects of EEO?

Answer: Yes! You bet it is! Not only are benefits being
downwardly equalized to nothing in this way, but there are other
less obvious ramifications as well. Independent contractors
are normally paid by the hour, so you will encounter certain
days when at noon the employer will say to the contractor,
“We have nothing for you to do for the rest of the day, so go
home now. Don’t come in at nine tomorrow because we will not
be ready for you. Give us a call at around eleven, and we’ll
let you know if we need you in the afternoon (or evening,
or late at night) tomorrow.” Of course the downtime for the
idle hours will not be billable. The company pulls the same
routine if there is a holiday office party. In this case the
independent contractor will be told to stay away for a whole
unpaid day. This writer has personally experienced it all.

Question: I’ve noticed that while first rate people hire first
rate people, they don’t really form alliances the way lower
quality people form alliances with each other. Why is this so?

Answer: First rate people are more cohesive with doing what
is right than with forming personal alliances. This is why on
the rare occasion when you see a first rate person doing wrong,
you also see the other first rate people siding with doing the
right thing and eliminating (segregating) the wrongdoer from
the group. Lower quality people, on the other hand, will rush
to support a second rate wrongdoer thus keeping him secure in
his position. This is just one of the untenable and adverse
sociological ramifications of EEO.

Question: Does the ascent of the popularity of high level
management consulting firms have anything to do with the
sociological ramifications of EEO?

Answer: Yes, in a big way. Due to EEO corrupting the
competitive environment, most high level corporate and
government executives have gone second and third rate,
and so we see the emergence of demand for cronyism with its
attendant structure of support. Management consultants do well
in satisfying this demand. Expertise, competence, intellect,
and talent are not what are being demanded nor expected from
management consultants. That’s why you see many high level
consultants with an intelligence level which would make them
suitable for hanging off the back of a garbage truck. The
irony is that highly qualified workers are being relegated to
garbage truck duty or the equivalent! What horrid sociological
inversions EEO has ushered in!! Anyway, perhaps Booz Allen,
Arthur Andersen, and Bain should advertise in the yellow pages
under rent-a-crony.

Question: How in the world can you say that high level
executives have been affected by EEO and its corruption of
competition when those ranks are still predominately composed
of white males with no representation of females nor minorities
to speak of?

Answer: Make no mistake about it, EEO has in fact corrupted
competition at the executive level regardless of its demographic
make-up. In any corporate structure, a superior must keep ahead
of the performance pressures which come from below him in the
structure. Historically, if the performance of a subordinate
ever significantly surpassed the performance of the superior,
the superior would be out on the street with the subordinate
getting the corner office of the former superior. However,
because EEO corrupted competition at the lowest level of the
organization and performance standards plummeted at those
lower levels, the competitive pressures going upward in the
hierarchy have diminished to next to nothing. This situation
has been aggravated by the fact that EEO has fostered an
environment whereby less-than-ethical elements have become the
key players in demand for the executive ranks to support the
norms evolving out of EEO. These are the norms of cheating under
the EEO laws and of doing a song and dance for the government
and its court systems, not to mention the song and dance put
forth to the rank and file justifying the depression of wages
when in actuality management wants no incentives for the least
preferred job candidate to come along and apply for a job. More
songs and dances go on and on regarding every other aspect of
downward equalization that has to be put over on the workers,
including but not limited to the need to merge, the need to
downsize, the need to be the industry’s low cost producer,
the elimination of the 35 hour workweek, the downgrading of
benefits, the utilization of temps, the rush to automation, the
outsourcing of work to non-union subcontractors, the exporting
of jobs to foreign countries . . . ad nausium. It has reached
the point where no upstanding, ethical person could ever survive
in the executive shark tank, and with every ethical executive
having found himself chewed up and spit out, there are even
fewer competitive pressures on the remaining executives.

Question: Let’s address the female and minority workers who
are doing their best to be first rate performers? You don’t
see them as being a problem, do you?

Answer: No, I don’t, but I still see a major problem with the
laws that foster misperceptions regarding these protected first
rate performers. As long as those laws are in existence, doubts
will be raised about these protected first rate performers as
to whether they got their jobs through merit or simply through
the political objectives of the government. These doubts will
be enough to corrupt the competitive environment such that
other workers will say, “Why should I bother to do my best? A
protected person is just going to come along and get the next
promotion instead of me anyway.” From here, these attitudes will
send everyone into a downward bidding of performance standards
with everyone ending up in a multi-way tie for last place.

Question: Does taking from the rich and giving to the poor
make the poor poorer?

Answer: You be the judge. How can a give-away to anyone
provide that person with any motivating force to achieve
anything? Psychologists have seen the very same psychological
problems among children of extremely privileged backgrounds
as those found among children of welfare households – both
sets of children being the “victims” of give-aways. Look at
what our federal and state governments have done with higher
education. They poured untold billions of dollars into the
building and operating of public universities to support
the philosophy that everyone and anyone should be handed a
college degree. What happened? Haven’t we seen educational
standards drop like a rock? Under the old system of things,
university educations were in short supply, and everyone had
to make all-out efforts to be competitive to gain a scarce
university seat. As a result, even the losers of that bygone
competition ended up being far more intelligent and educated
than the typical college graduates of today. Do you see where
the misguided concept of equality has taken us?

Question: If you have just two kinds of people, males and
females, in a society with no other variance in demographics
between the two groups, will sexual equality laws corrupt
the competitive environment in that society so as to send all
participants into a multi-way tie for last place?

Answer: Yes, that is indeed the case; any corruption of a pure
competitive environment will cause all participants to go into
a downward bidding spiral of performance standards resulting
in a multi-way tie for last place. For this reason it is
this writer’s belief that because Japan has recently passed
sexual equality laws, then Japan in fifteen to twenty years’
time will see a significant “sagging” of societal standards
to the point of predictions of societal collapse.

Question: How do the industrial wages of Japan compare to
those of the United States?

Answer: It has recently been reported that the industrial wages
of Japan are roughly twice those of the United States. The
same holds true for the industrial wages of Germany and
Switzerland. Downward wage equalization under EEO requires
two things: an adequate amount of time and a perception of
aggressiveness in the enforcement of the EEO laws. In the case
of Japan, not enough time has passed since the implementation
of their sexual equality-in-employment laws, and in the case of
Germany, until recently, there has not been any aggressiveness
in their enforcement of their sexual equality-in-employment
laws. However, over time and with the right degree of EEO
enforcement, you will see wages eventually taking a nose dive
in Japan and Germany. Footnote: Britain is the only country in
Western Europe which has a racial equality-in-employment law on
its books, and this law is being aggressively enforced. British
industrial wages are even lower than those of the United States.

Question: It seems that the wealth producing machine of the
United States economy is far less resilient to tampering
than most people choose to believe. In fact, it can really
be termed “fragile.” It took well over two hundred years to
build the United States’ wealth producing machine, but like
a house of cards its seems that it is being brought down by
equal employment opportunity in only thirty years or so. Are
my observations correct?

Answer: Yes, with one refinement. The collapse of the United
States’ economy would have occurred much sooner due to EEO
if it were not for Ronald Reagan’s postponing the collapse
by way of humongous federal deficit spending, which will,
of course, only serve to greatly exacerbate the ultimate
collapse. (Footnote: Ronald Reagan’s own daughter stated on
television that the nation became highly dysfunctional during
her father’s eight year term as president.)

Question: Does equal opportunity in housing have the same
sociological implications as equal employment opportunity?

Answer: Yes, the parallels are uncanny. With equal employment
opportunity you have job applicants taking the attitude:
“Now that I am covered by legal protections, I don’t have
to elevate myself to any employer’s expectations. He has
to takes me as I comes.” You see prospective tenants and
real estate buyers taking on the very same attitude in their
dealings with landlords. But worse than this is the fact that
prospective tenants and real estate buyers no longer feel
the impetus to compete with other prospective tenants and
real estate buyers. With competition being corrupted in the
housing arena, all participants go into a downward bidding of
performance standards and end up in a multi-way tie for last
place. And so we see many U.S. neighborhoods succumbing to
low standards even in suburban areas. Once low standards take
hold of a neighborhood, we see alliances forming to drive out
the remaining high quality people by way of gang activities,
graffiti, nocturnal noise, filth, arson, rape, theft, drugs,
etc., etc. This is why the U.S. has so many untouchable
no-man’s-lands with no letup in sight. One symptom of our
perverse system in transition to its ultimate state is the
emergence of gated communities whose effectiveness in the long
run is dubious at best.

Question: There’s been a lot of talk on TV recommending
that everyone upgrade their skills to meet the demand in a
technologically changing environment. Should I enroll in the
technical school endorsed by Sally Struthers?

Answer: While it is true that jobs are getting more
technologically demanding, the sorry fact is that every
displaced worker is upgrading his skills and rushing to the
“hot” prospects in the job market thereby causing an oversupply
of labor and driving down wages in just about every remaining
job category. Meanwhile, on the flip side of the labor market
(that is, the demand side), employers have EEO incentives to
keep wages low and the merger and acquisition trend inspired by
EEO is reducing the need for redundant workers. It is expected
that the merger of Chase and Chemical banks will put a lot
of computer programmers out on the street as did the merger
of Chemical and Manufacturers Hanover Trust. So keep this
in mind before deciding to study computer programming or any
other technical discipline for that matter.

Question: Maybe I should start my own business. What do
you think?

Answer: Under normal conditions, I would applaud your
entrepreneurial spirit, but again there are realities to
consider here. With the labor market being destroyed by
equal employment opportunity, everyone will be going the
self-employment route. On the macro level this will be very
detrimental for a number reasons. First, all businesses will
have to be micro-sized. You will not be able to expand your
business because if you try, you will have to hire people,
and you will run up against the very same EEO headaches
that are currently driving big businesses in the U.S. to
extinction. What is the impact of all businesses being
micro-sized? The total pool of societal wealth will shrink
severely. This is due to the loss of efficiencies of scale that
large businesses provide to society. A large company allows
workers to be specialized in their function, and a premise
of large companies is that each worker will be supplied with
enough work to be kept busy close to 100% of the time (or even
more than 100%, meaning overtime). As a self-employed person
you will spend most of your time marketing your services and
doing recordkeeping and accounting. If you are lucky, 20% of
your time will be devoted to revenue generating activities
of providing the finished product or service. Furthermore,
it’s a well known fact that most self-employed individuals do
not report their full incomes to the government. If everyone
is self-employed, how will the government raise enough taxes
to sustain its existence, especially at this time when it
has a $5,000,000,000,000 debt with which to contend. There’s
yet one more thing to consider. Many businesses exist simply
due to the existence of other, larger businesses. The small
business provides support service to the large business,
but when the large business goes extinct, so goes the small
business. For example, a large business may create a lunch
crowd at noon and a dinner crowd at six. Restaurants will
spring up in the vicinity of the large business, but if large
businesses are all replaced by micro businesses operating out of
private homes, who needs restaurants? A personal friend wants
to start a computer consulting business, but I told him to
forget about it because it takes sizable businesses to create
data processing needs to fuel his proposed business. Sizable
businesses are going the route of the sizable dinosaurs, so
don’t even think about starting a supporting business like
advertising, printing, or data processing, and don’t consider
a business that simply can’t be micro-sized, like air travel or
electrical generation. Consider shoemaking, dress alterations,
or laundering.

Question: Are you saying that I, a person with a doctorate in
anthropology, will be reduced to laundress?

Answer: Yes, but don’t expect to be using a washing machine. For
one thing, you will not be able to afford it, and for another
thing there will be no manufacturers, distributors or retailers
to supply you with one. Expect conditions to be worse than
those of Communist Russia, so be prepared to make your own
lye soap too.

Question: Holy cow!! It seems that with a few strokes of a pen,
the government has created legislation that has resulted in
multitudes of hungry dogs all picking at the same diminishing
bone. Do I have any alternatives?

Answer: Yes, of course, you do. You can seek employment in
a foreign country, but expect to encounter discrimination,
the likes of which our country sought to deliver you from
(how ironic). You can lobby Congress, the state legislatures,
and the city councils to repeal all equal opportunity laws
and affirmative action programs. You can appeal to the United
States Supreme Court to strike down the equal opportunity laws
as unconstitutional. Or you can hang out for the next 200 years
singing for your supper while you wait and hope for the economy
and society of this land to re-evolve into what they once were.

Question: By the way, how will the federal government ever
repay its debt of almost five trillion dollars?

Answer: It looks like the government will have to resort
to printing money to repay its debt in which case we will
see hyperinflation. So if you are a recent winner of a
$110,000,000 lottery jackpot, beware. Your future payout
installments are not subject to cost of living adjustments,
so expect your annuity to go virtually worthless. Question:
On one hand you state that businesses are unwilling to hire
protected segments of the population, yet on the other hand
you made an observation that employers specifically target
their want ads and recruitment open houses to minorities and
females. How do you explain this contradiction?

Answer: This only seems to be a contradiction on the surface,
and the apparent conflict of facts can be reconciled with a
little analysis. The reason we see such advertisements on the
part of employers is that they are under tremendous pressure on
the part of government to increase the representation of women
and minorities among the employer’s ranks of workers. Right now,
this is especially true when it comes to the ranks of middle
and upper level management. Appeasing the political objectives
of the government in an acceptable way has given birth to the
phrase “politically correct.” What you are seeing in the want
ads, while not legal, is politically correct and not voluntary.

Question: Won’t the pressure of government to coerce people
to do things on an involuntary basis take its emotional and
psychological toll?

Answer: Yes. EEO has people everywhere operating with
conflicting mental motivations, objectives and perceptions,
and these internal conflicts are indeed taking their toll. All
of those second and third rate participants in the system of
things with all of their underhanded political maneuvers and
security plays are, in the process, inflicting psychological
scars upon themselves. The decline of societal standards is
a constant assault on the sensibilities of all members of the
society. It’s been said that work is the highest form of play,
but when everyone in a work team is caught up in a downward
bidding of performance standards with everyone landing in last
place, the joy of waking up and reporting to work is easily
drained out of a body.

Question: All of the legal job and housing protections for
which people have clamored appear to be absolutely ruinous of
society. What commentary would Christ offer regarding all of
this clamoring?

Answer: Jesus Christ said: “Whoever tries to spare his life will
lose it. Whoever gives up his life will spare it.” (Luke 17:33).

Question: With second and third rate people forming alliances
that, in turn, act to drive out remaining higher quality people
as competitional and intellectual threats, can we logically
conclude that the first minority President as Commander-In-Chief
of the armed forces will start a war, enlist males with
preferred demographics, and send them off to their deaths?

Answer: Sociological theories apply to the generalized actions
of small groups and even larger populations. They do not apply
nearly as well to the actions of a specific individual in a
specific situation. So the answer is: “Who knows?”

Question: You previously stated that if the government takes
the least action to take the mere edge off the competitive edge
of the employment arena, then all participants will go into a
multi-way tie for last place. Well, my friend and I routinely
spot each other points in games of golf and billiards, and we
still compete fiercely with one another to win. I just don’t
see how the government’s “spotting” of points for protected
segments of society will do the harm which you claim. What’s
your explanation?

Answer: The two situations which you presented in your question
are not comparable because their social dynamics are completely
different. First, the spotting of points in your games of golf
and billiards are completely voluntary and have been arrived
at through the free-will negotiations of the participants who
are mutually familiar with each other’s level of ability. In
the world of equal employment opportunity, there are no such
voluntary agreements, and the participants will not have clear,
first hand knowledge of each other nor of the rules of play,
which brings me to my second point. The judges of the games of
golf and billiards are the players themselves; however, in the
employment world of EEO, the judges are the employer and the
GOVERNMENT operating under an unconstitutionally vague law! So
under EEO, not only do the participants not have any adequate
assessment of the other job seekers, they don’t have a clear
picture in their minds as to what the judges will be seeking
to reward with a job position. Without EEO, a job candidate
would make a fairly valid assumption that peak performance
and sterling personal qualifications would result in winning
the award (as is the case with friendly games of golf and
billiards). Under EEO, it’s pretty much of a crapshoot guess
as to what political considerations will result in the award
of a job position or promotion. Would you direct your best
competitive efforts towards a crapshoot guess of an objective?

Question: Are there any other differences in the social dynamics
of games like golf and billiards versus EEO?

Answer: There certainly are, and significant ones at
that! Friendly competitions generally do not involve high stakes
because as confident as the players may be in their friendship,
they know that a high stakes bet can totally destroy that
friendship. The world of employment does involve the high
stakes of a person’s lifelong career and earnings potential,
and the difference between being declared the winner and being
politically disqualified can add up to a highly significant loss
of position, power and prestige, not to mention the potential
loss of financial compensation amounting to several hundred
thousand dollars or even several million dollars over the
course of a career. Is it any wonder why there is more hatred
between various demographic groups in our country than ever
before in history.

Question: I just can’t understand how the perceived value of
the least preferred job candidate can affect my wage level if
he does not even have to be hired to to so. How can this be?

Answer: This is how it works. Let’s say in a free market
environment, you are worth annual wages of $50,000, and
the least preferred job candidate in your job category is
worth only $5,000. Under EEO with its equal pay requirement,
if your employer pays you $50,000, then this serves as an
irresistible incentive for the least preferred job candidate to
come along and demand to be paid the same $50,000 which is ten
times what he is worth in the general marketplace. (Sometimes
the government initiates the whole situation by auditing the
payroll data of an employer, and then the government pressures
the employer to hire less-than-top choice candidates at the
premium rates paid to top choice workers.) If the employer
pays you $40,000, this is still much greater then what the
least preferred job candidate is worth to the employer, and so
there is still an incentive for that candidate to demand a job
at a price that is higher than his worth. If the employer pays
you $10,000, the problem still exists. If the employer pays you
$5,001, this is still greater than what the least preferred job
candidate is worth, and still an incentive for that candidate to
demand a job at a price that is higher than his worth. However,
when you are paid $5,000, then the employer does not have a
problem with hiring on the least preferred job candidate at
equal wages because now that worker will not have to be paid
more than he is worth to the employer. As long as the threat
of having to hire the least preferred job candidate at a price
greater than his worth exists in the mind of the employer,
then the employer will pull in all incentives for that threat
to materialize by lowering your wages drastically. With this
sort of depression of wages occurring everywhere at every
employer, then the perceived value of the least preferred
job candidate will become the maximum cap on the wages for
your job category even if the least preferred job candidate
is never hired by anyone.

Question: Wait a minute. It’s been said that the least
preferred job candidate is just a figment of the imaginations
of employers. So what you’re saying is that a figment which
does not exist and which doesn’t even have to be hired is
drastically depressing my wages. WHATTTT???!!!

Answer: If you have any problems with the mechanisms set into
motion by EEO, it’s best that you take up these problems with
your governmental representatives who passed EEO into law. I
guess you are in no frame of mind to hear a recitation of how,
under our system of EEO, the harder you work, the less you will
earn, but I will tell you anyway. If you are a model employee,
and you work really hard, then the perceived value of the least
preferred job candidate drops in the mind of your employer
relative to the enhanced value which you added to yourself
by way of your extra effort. So you won’t find yourself
downwardly equalized to the $5,000 of the example above, you
will be downwardly equalized to $2,500! It works this way in
the larger picture too. Many, many people are taking on two
and even three jobs to make ends meet in face of their ever
declining wage levels. When too many people make themselves
available for more jobs in a fixed period of time, they are
increasing the available supply of labor. Simple economics
dictate that when supply increases, then the price goes DOWN!

Question: I don’t want to seem hard-nosed about all of this,
but I don’t care how long-winded your explanations are! I
absolutely will not work for $2,500 when I should be paid
$50,000. What do you have to say to that?

Answer: Bravo! You are living proof that economic theory does
in fact work in the real world. The demand curve for labor is
being truncated such that it will not intersect with the supply
curve of top-choice workers. Therefore, there won’t be many
employment arrangements to speak of between top-choice workers
and employers. In the meantime and during the great equalization
process, if you ever do decide to work for a compensation
that is less than your $50,000 worth while other workers are
currently earning more than their worth, you can expect to be
wrung out like the goose that laid the golden egg while your
co-workers work hard at merely appearing busy. This is because
misallocation of prices brings misutilization of resources.

Question: It seems to me that if an employer wishes to attract
his concept of preferred job applicants, then he will have to
break away from the wage cap and offer premium wages, right?

Answer: Yes, but it’s not going to happen, and I’ll tell
you why. Let’s assume that out of the U.S. population of
260,000,000 there are only 500 job candidates who pretty
much fit the profile of the least preferred job candidate. If
a single employer out of the multitudes of employers breaks
away from the wage cap in order to attract workers matching his
preferences, he will at the same time be attracting applications
>from all 500 of the least preferred job candidates, some of whom
will be lawsuit trigger happy. Even thought the employer has
a legal duty to hire, he will not be willing to tolerate such
an imbalance of unpreferred job applicants, so that employer
will step back into line and observe the wage cap. In fact,
this employer may choose to cut wages in his shop below
the prevailing wage cap in order to become the industry’s
low cost producer thus setting off a global price war in
his industry. Under these circumstances, I hope that you are
beginning to appreciate the rush to automated teller machines in
the banking industry, the emergence of self-service check-out
counters in supermarkets, the introduction of computerized,
ticketless airline travel, and the popularity of factory

Question: In an earlier essay, you cited an example in which
a 900 lb. tattooed lady was awarded a pay raise while her
coworkers got none. How could this be?

Answer: Very frequently employers will sort of “cheat” under
the equal pay system and hire less-than-top-choice workers
without paying them the same rates reserved for their top-choice
workers. Then the investigative forces of the government do a
surprise audit on the payroll data of such employers and order
that all workers be paid equally. This very thing occurred as
the result of a sexual discrimination case against a major stock
brokerage firm twenty years ago. As the result of that case,
all the female workers got pay raises and lump sum settlements,
and most of the females got upgrades in job titles with many
getting real, effective promotions meaning significant changes
of duties with expansions of realms of responsibilities. Now,
20 years later, a certain professional female employee of that
very same, very profitable stock brokerage firm is crying the
blues about how she is being consumed by their cheapness and
by her stagnating wages. You, my dear, are being downwardly
equalized just like everyone else. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Question: Why don’t people resort to their labor unions to
insure that wages remain at fair and livable standards?

Answer: The reality of the situation is that no matter how
powerful a union purports to be and no matter what bargaining
chips it has at its disposal, it is not powerful enough to
overcome the self-correcting forces of the marketplace which
are downwardly equalizing every worker to the perceived value
of the least preferred job candidate (within job category). In
the past, the unions sought to reverse the downward trend in
the manufacturing sector, and the result was that they only
stirred up the EEO impetus for employers to send jobs overseas.
Workers have consistantly realized the futility of resorting
to union activities, and so the result is the exact opposite of
your suggestion. Workers in recent years have been decertifying
their ineffective unions, and they are keeping their union dues
in a small attempt to offset the decline of their wages. It’s
just been reported that the American Airlines flight attendants
won a 17% wage increase over four years. This is just a razor
thin increase above current levels of inflation, and who knows
what kind of inflation the next four years may bring. It
was also reported that American Airlines won the right to
reduce flight attendant staffing levels on their flights.
So it goes to show you the correctness of economic theory:
when price goes up, quantity purchased goes down. If the flight
attendant wages are still perceived by American Airlines to
be more than what the market will bear, they will resort to
other self-correcting mechanisms to bring price into line with
value including, but not limited to, bankrupcy (more likely,
merger or even new aircraft with vending machine provisions).

Question: President Bill Clinton just said on the radio that
the current minimum wage is at a 40 year low in real terms. He
wants to raise the minimum wage so that more workers will be
attracted back into the work force. Isn’t this a good idea?

Answer: No, it is one of the worst, most misguided ideas I have
ever heard. As it is, too many people have had their value
equalized below the minimum wage level thus rendering them
unemployable and homeless. If the minimum wage is raised to
say $6.00 per hour, all workers who have an equalized value
below $6.00 per hour will be put out on the street in no
time with their jobs being extinguished or sent overseas.
Believing that a mandated $6.00 per hour wage will attract
workers back into the work force is a ridiculous fallacy. If
those workers were worth $6.00 per hour (equalized), then
employers would already be offering $6.00 per hour to them in
the absence of a higher minimum wage law. In other words, it
is the demand side of the equation, not the supply side that
attracts workers into the work force, and you cannot mandate
demand! Nice going, Bill. Why don’t you tell us again how you
support a national equal employment opportunity law protecting
homosexuals? (Footnote: I repeat! While certain workers have
an equalized value below minimum wage, many within this group
have an independent, unequalized value which is greater than
minimum wage and which would be offered by employers in the
absence of EEO. Conclusion: minimum wage laws in combination
with EEO laws are a homelessness disaster.)

Question: I see lots of gleaming, new skyscrapers joining
the skylines of many American cities, as well as scores of
spacious, luxury homes being built in the suburbs. Are these
not representative of wealth in our country?

Answer: Yes, they are if you have an appreciation for the kind
of wealth that lacks substance. The buildings which you see are
predicated on debt, debt, and more debt, not the least of which
is the gigantic and onerous federal debt. And don’t forget to
factor in all the other governmental debt at the state, county,
and local levels of government. If it weren’t for this public
debt, our country would not have the necessary stimulation
to chug along at its anemic and sluggish rate having been
weighed down by the ever increasing burden of the unworkable
system known as equal employment opportunity. Furthermore,
many blowhard wheeler-dealers who purport to be billionaires
are severely straddled with mortgages up to their necks.
And worse than the small number of so-called billionaires
are the vast numbers among the middle class who are taking on
mountains of consumer debt to maintain a lifestyle with the
erroneous expectation of expanding future earnings to enable
them to repay that debt. An elementary understanding of money
and banking demonstrates that credit expands the money supply,
and the next conclusion is that our money supply is nothing more
than a very large stack of IOU’s, the value of which rises and
falls with the credit worthiness of the debtors. Far too much
debt makes the economic situation precarious, but then again,
due to EEO, our economic engine was hindered from producing
true wealth; for the most part just debt-laden wealth was
produced in recent decades. One more thing to consider is
that the public has been conditioned to believe that a two
hundred million dollar skyscraper or a five million dollar
home should have actually cost its price. Is it not conceivable
that with the right kind of management, skills, and work ethics
that these projects may have been completed for a fraction of
their cost with fewer than half the workers and in less than
half the time? Compare the infamous new Denver Airport with
its huge cost overruns and its numerous postponed openings to
the engineering marvel of 60 years ago, the great Hoover Dam
which was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

Question: You stated that it is in a second rate manager’s
best interest to maintain low standards within his realm of
responsibility. Why is this so?

Answer: If a second-rate manager institutes high standards
in his area then he himself will not be able to perform up to
those standards. This would be tantamount to wearing a sign
that says, “Fire me! Fire me!” on his own back. Managers,
especially those responsible for technical areas such as
engineering, computer science, robotics, etc., like to seek out
stupid, non-threatening subordinates, but if the subordinates
are too stupid their output will be zero. The manager must
keep his area’s output at some minimal level above zero, so
do you see how internal conflicting motives are tearing the
psyche of certain managers apart, and how this is apparent in
their behavior?

Question: What kind of social climate in the world of employment
can you expect to find when the business environment is one
of a contracting economy with job opportunities shutting down
everywhere and with wages in a downward bidding spiral?

Answer: Under those circumstances you can expect the social
climate in the world of employment to be a toxic, vile, and
vicious snake pit, and this is exactly what you are seeing
today. What I am saying transcends a pecking order, a rat race,
a dog-eat-dog rivalry, or even backbiting and backstabbing.

Question: Can you offer a specific example?

Answer: It has been witnessed on numerous occasions that
corporate managers will hire-on contract workers (technical
consultants) for the sole purpose of having them fail in their
job assignments. This is done so that the manager and his
regular set of cronies will look less incompetent relative
to the contract workers, and very frequently the manager
will seek out the most expensive, highly credentialized, but
“dumb and dumber” consultants for his ulterior motive. On
one specific occasion, a female manager went flying into an
absolutely vicious and deranged fit of rage when the work
assignment of a certain consultant was efficiently completed
to perfection. This consultant was unceremoniously shown the
door by the manager’s superior within minutes.

Question: So what you are saying is that the U.S. world of
employment has been reduced to cheap scams, ploys, underhanded
tactics, and lies, right?

Answer: You had better believe it. Everything you see in
Washington, D.C. is occurring everywhere else as well. What
else would you expect in a world of diminishing resources in
combination with the mechanism of second and third rate people
putting the squeeze on first rate people according to the law
and system of EEO? AND the most horrendously shocking aspect
of all this is that the least preferred job candidate doesn’t
even have to secure a job for all of these adverse conditions
to arise.

Question: Is there anything I can do to shelter myself from
all of this?

Answer: Not really. In the past, employment and temp agencies
as well as the home bases of consulting firms served to some
degree as insulating or buffering factors from the lunacy of
the ultimate employer, but even these entities are succumbing
to the ever encroaching lunacy as well.

Question: People being interviewed on television frequently
point out a lack of respect that people have for one
another. Any comments?

Answer: EEO can be directly blamed for this. The EEO laws
make any worker a potential troublemaker as a litigant in a
nasty lawsuit, and let me tell you, a lot of resentment on
the part of employers arises out of this. Top-choice workers
are resented because they expect wages comparable to those of
bygone days, something employers are loath to pay because of
EEO’s equal pay doctrine. Lesser-choice workers are resented for
their activism and for their imposing themselves on employers,
not to mention the fact that employers feel compelled to treat
these protected segments with kid gloves lest they violate a
sacred cow with political incorrectness. But probably worst
of all is that the self-correcting market forces set into
motion by EEO have created oversupplies of labor in many job
categories, and when a commodity goes into oversupply it is
treated cheaply and worthless. Finally, when individuals
find themselves as displaced surplus or soon-to-be surplus
they view everyone else as undue competition for diminishing
resourses. Is it any wonder why we see so much disrespect for
one another? Jesus Christ said that the day will come when the
spread of evil will be such that the love of many people will
turn cold (Matthew 24:12).

Question: It seems that honesty is no longer considered to be
the best policy. Is my observation correct?

Answer: You’re right on! At least as far as the current system
of things goes. What you are seeing is one more sociological
inversion brought on by EEO and its corrupting effects on
the competitive environment. In the past, dishonesty would
knock an individual or corporate player completely out of
the game. These days dishonesty on the part of individuals is
frequently rewarded with promotions, and on the corporate level
the penalty, at worst, is a merger. Put more bluntly, dishonesty
is perceived as an element of the supporting structure
of the network of second and third rate players. Honesty,
on the other hand, is considered a threat. You figure it
out. Under these circumstances which is more highly valued:
honesty or dishonesty?

Question: Wait a minute! We do, in fact, frequently see certain
corrupt managers and executives being fired. Aren’t they finally
being awarded their just deserts due to their own dishonesty?

Answer: Not at all. The situations which you are observing
are very deceiving. First, you must factor in the the
time period during which a corrupt manager or executive is
allowed to hold his job. This writer has observed these time
periods ranging up to twenty years. This alone should raise
doubts about your faulty conclusion here. Secondly, you must
observe the quality and nature of the replacement manager or
executive. Virtually 100% of the time the replacement is just
as dishonest as the person he is replacing or more so, and this
is the very quality which made the replacement the “candidate
of choice” for the job. Your conclusion about “just deserts”
falls apart at this point, now doesn’t it? So why in the world
did the original manager or executive get fired? It’s because
he failed in his delicate balancing act to put on a show of
busyness and to keep standards and productivity to absolutely
bare minimums without letting output slip to zero. All of the
corruption and monopolistic power in the world will not allow
anyone to continue selling nothing in exchange for big bucks
for long. A person can corner the diamond market and sell
the tiniest diamond chips for a million dollars at a pop,
but he cannot sell nothing for a million dollars! Get the
picture? Dishonesty while frequently being rewarded on the
micro level, does have its affects on the macro level. The low
productivity fostered by dishonesty in turn fuels the impetus
for corporate mergers which then in turn result in lower levels
of employment and oversupplies of labor. Again we are seeing
those pesky self-correcting forces of the market equalizing
all workers’ wages to the value of the least preferred job
candidate (within job category).

Question: Why would a superior be pleased to have a subordinate
manager who keeps standards and productivity to bare minimums?

Answer: In our current business environment, superiors do not
like to feel threatened by stellar subordinates. Take my advise,
and dumb yourself down out of necessity for survival!

Question: I think I’m sensing a contradiction here. You just
said that a corrupt manager will want to keep standards
and productivity down, but earlier you said that I might
be cast into the role of the goose that laid the golden egg
and have the wringer applied to me for all of the output of
the work group. And earlier than that you stated that whip
cracking slave drivers are emerging presumably for higher
productivity. What gives?

Answer: Actually there is no contradiction here, but before I
explain, allow me to say a few words about EEO contradictions
first. EEO is fraught with conflicting internal motives so it
involves nothing but total screwiness, and it is impossible
to analyze or explain a totally screwy system without a minor
contradiction or two slipping by. You must also bear in mind
that not all the same screwy actions are taking place at all
locations at the same time. The screwy behavior and policies of
organization A may sometimes seem to be directly at odds with
the screwy behavior and policies of organization B. After all,
doing things right involves a very limited number of alternative
actions; however, doing things wrong allows a person to select
any one of over a trillion different choices. Anyway, back
to the question at hand: a second rate supervisor may be in
charge of a department of 100 workers, but he may decide to
derive all of the department’s necessary minimal output by
taking the easiest way out, that is, by putting the squeeze
on the one capable and diligent worker, the golden goose,
to the exclusion of making any effort to supervise the other
99 less capable and less diligent workers who will be left to
their own devices to luxuriate endlessly. In fact, some of
the 99 may develop the mixed up idea to persecute and drive
out the golden goose, the very person who is justifying the
existence of the whole department and its payroll budget for
all 101 people. Eventually the golden goose will probably get
fed up and seek employment elsewhere (most likely at a lower
rate of pay; remember, if you are the work horse of the group,
the harder you work, the less you will earn!) At this point
the supervisor will go into a state of desperation because
his department’s output has just slipped to zero, and this is
when he pulls out his whip and bears down on the remaining 99
workers who, no matter how hard they work or how stressed-out
they become, will not be able to collectively produce up to
the necessary minimal standards and level of productivity
for the supervisor to retain his job. The supervisor may be
second or even third rate, but he will be perceptive enough to
know when his job is on the line, and he will become frantic,
paranoid, and berserk for however long it actually takes for
him to be terminated, and unfortunately for all people in his
vicinity, this can conceivably go on for several years! (In
one actual case, six years passed before the berserk manager
was terminated.) As an aside, I hope that you are appreciating
how the implications and ramifications of EEO logically and
consistently culminate in insanity.

Question: I’ve never heard such a scathing assessment of equal
employment opportunity. Where did it all come from?

Answer: It was derived from decades of observations and
experiences in the college of very hard knocks together with
much inspiration from above. Jesus Christ said: “Whatever is
hidden away will be brought out into the open, and whatever
is covered up will be found and brought to light.”

Question: Is there anything else apropos in the Gospel for us
to be concerned about?

Answer: Yes. I repeat! The U.S. economic system is currently
generating diminishing resources, not expanding resources. Jesus
said: “The Kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to
a people who will produce the proper fruits.”

Question: So what Christ is saying is that all of the dishonesty
in the United States, while not really being penalized in the
short run, will in fact eventually bring down the whole system
for everyone. Right?

Answer: You got it.


Question: Can’t the United States rely on foreign competition
to spark a competitive spirit among all the participants in
U.S. commerce?

Answer: Foreign competition has to some extent seemed to reverse
some of the adverse trends in the U.S. business world, however
it is not sufficient to completely counteract the micro-level
competition corruption effects of EEO, and it does nothing
to counteract EEO’s downward equalization of wages. Foreign
competition is too far removed from the inner workings of
our society and of our legal system to convert our second
and third rate executives, managers, and workers into first
rate players. Proper and enlightened managerial techniques
with appropriate motivational incentives have not arisen out
of the pressures of foreign competition. Rather, what we are
seeing is fear, oppression, coercion and whip cracking being
imposed upon second and third rate workers to get them to
produce to some minimal performance standard. It’s kind of
reminiscent of the pre-Abraham Lincoln days of the South. And
there is still too much emphasis on price as the only basis for
U.S. competitiveness. We need better, more effective management
and utilization of resources, especially human resources.
We need more innovation, quality, and abundance to offer to
world markets.

Question: OK, so it’s agreed that foreign competition does
serve as some impetus for the U.S. to respond and to elevate
itself, at least minimally, to recapture lost business. Is
foreign competition harmful in any way?

Answer: Competition can spell your doom if it is given so many
advantages that it becomes so unbalanced and so powerful as
to render you helpless. Equal employment opportunity enhanced
the competitive attractiveness of foreign labor to the point
of U.S. employers’ sending many jobs overseas. Why has this
happened? First, EEO mandates that unpreferred workers be hired
along side preferred workers and that the unpreferred workers
be paid equally with the preferred workers. U.S. employers would
gladly pay the prevailing labor rate of top-notch industrialized
nations to their preferred workers. However, employers abhor
paying the same premium rate to their unpreferred workers,
this rate being more than what the market will bear for the
unpreferred workers. In fact, in many situations employers
are not even willing to pay minimum wage to the unpreferred
workers. Under these circumstances, the labor of Third World
countries begins to look like quite a cheap and attractive
alternative – an alternative that wouldn’t normally be given
a second glance even at its cut-rate price. Secondly, the
price attractiveness of Third World labor is compounded by
the fact that the competition corruption effects of EEO has
put all members of the U.S. labor pool into a multi-way tie
for last place in terms of performance. So with a few waves
of the EEO magic wand, foreign labor not only became unduly
price-competitive, it became unduly performance-competitive as
well. And so we’ve seen many of our manufacturing jobs going
to the Pacific Rim; we’ve seen data entry jobs at American
Airlines going to Jamaica; and now we are seeing many computer
programming jobs going to India and elsewhere. What’s next?
Perhaps many U.S. corporations will establish a well-equipped
cooperative law library in Delhi, India and send all their
legal research requirements there. Even the U.S. Supreme Court
justices can avail themselves of this imported legal research
via Internet e-mail. Remember what all of this really is. Any
time there are transactions taking place at a price which is
in excess of what the market will bear for the object being
traded, the market will unleash self-correcting forces to
bring the transactions’ price into line with the transactions’
value. We are seeing self-correcting forces in action downwardly
equalizing the wages of all workers to the perceived value
of the least preferred job candidate (within job category) by
sending jobs overseas thereby creating an oversupply of labor in
the U.S. and in turn driving down the price of U.S. labor. If
you are heavily invested in the value of your own labor, be
prepared to be in the same position as those people who were
heavily invested in stock at the time of the 1929 stock market
crash. To you readers who are Caucasian males earning six,
seven, or even eight figure salaries as lawyers, investment
bankers, management consultants and such, don’t be cocky,
don’t be smug, for YOU will take the biggest plunge!

Question: Why do we see foreign corporations going against the
trend of the theory and establishing manufacturing plants here
in the U.S.?

Answer: The falling price of U.S. labor, while it has yet to
reach its final downward destination, has made U.S. labor a
bit more attractive to foreign manufacturers. However, you
would not see the establishment of these manufacturing plants
at all if it were not for the political pressures applied by
the U.S. government on foreign countries, especially Japan,
to “throw the dog a bone.”

Question: What has been the further responses of the
U.S. government to the challenge of foreign competition?

Answer: Aside from having bones thrown at us, the
government wants the Japanese to “voluntarily” downwardly
equalize their automobile industry under threat of punitive
tariffs. Additionally, the government is pressuring other
countries to pass their own EEO laws thus equalizing their
disasters to ours.

Question: Certain protectionists are suggesting laws totally
banning foreign competition. What would happen if U.S. companies
were prohibited from sending work overseas and if imports to
the U.S. were totally banned?

Answer: The last-place, multi-way tie in which all U.S. workers
currently find themselves has certain minimum standards
associated with it. If the proposed protectionism laws which
you mention are passed, then with competitive pressures having
eased up, the minimum standards associated with the last place
tie will decline even further. It’s much better to ban EEO than
to ban foreign competition. Better yet, eliminate them both!


To explain the premise here, we will start with the presentation
of a case study.

A certain female TV talk show host is afforded the protections
of the equal employment opportunity laws on the basis of race
and gender. The next thing that occurs to her in her mind is,
“Now that the protections of the equal employment opportunity
laws have elevated me to sacred cow status, I will test the
limits of how far a sacred cow can go on TV.” So on week one
she pushes the limits of good taste a little bit, and she gets
away with it. Then on week two she tests the limits a little
bit more, and she still gets away with it. She pushes the
limits a bit further and further with each passing week, and
then what happens? She is pandering to the prurient interests
of the audience to the point where she is capturing the lion’s
share of the potential viewers to the detriment of the ratings
of the the other TV talk shows. The other TV talk show hosts
feel that they have no choice but to emulate and outdo the
low standards set by the first TV talk show host. From there,
the producers of soap operas take note of the changing tastes
of TV talk show audiences, and then they adjust the content
of their soaps to reflect the social changes of the real world
as evidenced by the TV talk shows. Then the producers of prime
time shows pick up the beat, along with the producers of yellow
journalism/tabloid TV shows.

Perhaps it is unfair to blame one TV talk show host when many
others in the entertainment industry have misinterpreted their
protected status under the law and likewise contributed to
very low standards in movies, TV, music, etc. In any case,
our society is stuck with the very real, detrimental effects
that these low standards have on the young people of America.

An Emmy Award winning producer once said that television has
special power as a broadcast medium inasmuch as it confers
instant celebrity status on anyone who appears on it. That
means that all of the prostitutes, strippers, pornographers,
adulterers, sodomites, transvestites, rapists, gang members,
serial killers etc. who appear on the TV talk shows have
their role model position strongly enhanced by their being
instantaneously elevated to celebrity status. Any behavior,
no matter how despicable, can become legitimized in the mind of
another person, especially a young person, as long as someone
somewhere is practicing that behavior. How can the recital
of the Ten Commandments counteract the effects of these
“celebrities” legitimizing their behavior by appearing on
television? Then you have bona fide celebrities going on these
same TV talk shows confessing to everything from wife beating,
to drug abuse, to same sex affairs. Then these celebrities say
“Don’t do as I have done,” but it’s already too late. They
have just legitimized their adverse behavior to the viewing
audience who will be much more inclined to emulate that
legitimized behavior than to shun that behavior. This is where
the misguided EEO sacred cows of the TV world have taken us.

What ever happened to the standards enforcement efforts of
our government’s FCC? This writer doesn’t know, but he can
venture a guess that the FCC has succumbed to low standards
just like every other organization has, and secondly, it just
may be that the government likes having entertainment which
captures the interest of the population thus removing their
attention from the fact that everyone is being downwardly
equalized to their detriment. Sounds like the book “1984”
in which the government used hard-core pornography to mash
and control the minds of the masses!


Equal employment opportunity not only means downward
equalization of wages to that which is commensurate with
the value of the least preferred job candidate (within job
category); it also means downward equalization of all benefits
as well, including medical benefits.

One mechanism to accomplish this downward equalization
of benefits is the utilization of temporary workers with
virtually no benefits at all, but a more blatantly insidious
mechanism has emerged with the contrivance of health maintenance
organizations (HMO’s). Initial sales pitches of HMO’s seem to
make them fairly attractive plans, but as is the case with so
many other things, this attractiveness falls apart upon closer
examination and analysis.

In the most simple terms, the inner working of an HMO
sets up incentives whereby a doctor can pocket bonuses (or
avoid fines) every time he saves money by minimizing patient
care. Additional bonuses for this economizing filter all the
way up to the upper executive levels of the HMO as they would
in any pyramid scheme, to the point where the CEO of the HMO
can count on a compensation package worth up to $15,000,000
per year. Wouldn’t that blow Dr. Mike away?!

Certain doctors and nurses who criticize the HMO setup risk
ostracization from the medical profession while they justifiably
point out that patient care is dangerously being reduced to
subminimal and substandard levels. Remember, in a previous
article, how it was pointed out that second rate and third rate
elements in our country’s organizations are putting the squeeze
on and driving out the higher quality people? Well, here you
have it right in your illustrious medical profession. Second
and third rate people will generally stop at nothing to keep the
established norms in place – the very norms which are perceived
as essential to keep them in position and money. Bare in mind
that whenever a law is passed, whether it be a good law or a
bad law, somebody will be in a position to profit handsomely
>from it. And so, as horrible as the systems of equal employment
opportunity and its attendant HMO’s are, you will see certain
individuals going down to the mat fighting to retain them.

The government has put itself so far into the hole of debt in
order to support the unworkable system of equal employment
opportunity that now it has to drastically economize on
the health care benefits of people receiving Medicaid and
Medicare. The government is now singing the praises of HMO’s to
these benefit recipients, much to their future detriment and to
their future downward equalization. Yes! If you’re a retiree,
you too are being downwardly equalized like so many others.
In fact, certain government representatives are proposing a
revision in the calculation of the cost of living index so
as to deceive you retirees into believing that your downward
equalization is much milder than it actually is!

Anyway, consider this. Suppose you are 73 years old, like the
father of this writer, and you decide to join an HMO, like
the father of this writer. Suppose you develop a debilitating
kidney ailment along with other exacerbating health problems,
like the father of this writer. Suppose you are counting on
the HMO to expend $100,000+ for your care and treatment, just
like the father of this writer. Consider what the HMO mulls
over in its mind: “We can spend over $100,000 on a 73 year old
man, or we can somehow manage to pocket that money.” Anyway,
when the father of the writer expired, the nurse who called
to notify the next of kin of the news was quite quick and
headstrong to recommend cremation of the evidence, er, I mean
remains. The body was donated to a local medical school for
study, but if this writer made the trip to Florida to identify
the cadaver . . . ???


First, whenever you see a graph depicting some economic
activity, whether it be GDP, employment, or a stock price,
it will never go directly and smoothly down or up like such:
(Graph not available). On the contrary, you will see a more
jagged graph which looks like such: (Graph not available). And
so we generally see minor intermediate reversals of trends
which seem to contradict the whole premise of the theory of
eventual societal collapse. The reasons for these apparent
contractions and deceptions are many. First, economic and
sociological theories are based strictly upon intellect
and logic. Humans do not generally base their behavior –
especially in the short term and small picture – upon intellect
and logic. No, most human behavior over the short term is
based on emotion and other erroneous processing of evidence,
facts and stimuli. The psychology of individual behavior,
especially on the micro level, is quite difficult to explain,
but you will witness behavior which runs contrary to that
which would be expected under the overruling framework of
things. Some people may be operating under denial, others may
be susceptible to lies and propaganda, while others may be
justifiably or unjustifiably motivated by fear. For another
thing you have an individual’s conditioning to consider. A
person may have been raised to believe that he must, under
any and all circumstances, do his best and that a good job
is its own reward. So even if society does not provide the
proper incentives for this individual to perform optimally,
he will still give his work his best shot. Also, you have the
conditioning which religion imparts upon its adherents by way of
the concept known as faith. Faith is a belief that in spite of
overwhelming evidence of a certain outcome, a very different
outcome will eventually manifest itself. (To the readers:
have faith, for the current system of things will surely end!)

In any case, it is probably more important to understand why
large populations of people will reverse their behavior in
the middle of an opposite trend.

In behavioral sciences class, this writer was presented
with a case study which he would like to share with you. A
team of management consultants wanted to test a premise that
telephone operator productivity would go up if they raised the
intensity of the lighting in the operators’ room. It turned out
that raising the intensity of the lighting in the operators’
room had the anticipated effect – productivity went up. The
team of management consultants figured that if they lowered
the intensity of the lighting in the room of a different
group of telephone operators, then productivity in that room
would go down. The intensity of the lighting in that room
was lowered, and what happened? Productivity in the second
room WENT UP! After doing more investigation and studies,
the team of management consultants concluded that if workers
believe that attention is being paid to them and that steps
are being taken to improve their situation, then the workers
will respond positively even if the approach taken is less
than optimal OR EVEN WRONG! The problem here is that when the
approach taken is less than optimal or wrong, then in the long
run the situation and environment will end up in worse shape
than how they started.

The implications of the above case study are not so lovely
as they pertain the worlds of business, education, and
government. In many, many corporations you have second
and third rate management who are totally incapable of
devising and implementing the proper solutions to worker
motivation so they become addicted to the technique known as
“reorganization.” Whether the reorganization is conceived in
a proper way or an improper way, the shuffling of management
and staff gets the desired result, that is, an uptick in worker
performance . . . at least for the next six months or so. Then
when worker performance levels decline to prior low levels or
lower, management implements the next reorganization which
will sustain them for the next six months. When internal
reorganizations totally run out of effective steam, then the
company uses a variation of reorganization, that is, merger
or downsizing, but in any case, management never performs its
function right . . . and workers end up being shown the door.

In the world of education, there are many, many yo-yo’s who
insist that not enough money is being spent on education and
that’s why student performance is so low. They can attest
>from past experience that throwing money at the problem will
correct the situation, and they are right, sort of. When
students see that someone is paying some attention to them,
they will respond positively, that is, for six months or
so. But generally, throwing money at a problem is not the
optimal or proper solution, and so until the proper solution
is implemented, you can throw and throw money at education
until it becomes a bottomless money pit, but you will still
see ever declining educational standards. The City of New
York spends a tremendous amount of money on education, and has
reorganizations by way of the Chancellor’s position becoming
a revolving door. Do we see any permanent improvement in NYC
educational standards? Absolutely not! Someone will still say
that NYC students can’t read because there isn’t a one-to-one
ratio of top-of-the-line Pentium personal computers for each
student. (Gee, how did this ancient relic of a writer ever
learn how to read without a computer?)

In the governmental sector, reorganizations are taking the
form of privatization of public functions or even revamped tax
systems. You can be assured that the short term results of these
changes will be positive, and that the current administrators
will take the credit for this, and this will catapult them to
even higher elected offices, but as the test of time goes by, it
will be up to succeeding administrations to mop up the fallout
of prior ill-conceived policies. Governmental reorganizations
take other forms, one of the more popular being the appointment
of a minority police commissioner. The minority residents of
the jurisdiction perceive governmental sensitivity to their
situation, and so the community reacts with more law abiding
behavior, that is, initially. The majority police officers
perceive that their performance in minority neighborhoods
will be under closer scrutiny by the new police chief, and
so these officers tow the line, that is, initially. However,
if the newly designated commissioner proves himself to be a
less-than-fully-qualified and deserving appointee, then all
parties will take note of the situation, and their behavior
will eventually decline to record breaking bottom-of-the-barrel
standards. Even though this scenario as been demonstrated
time and time again, mayors elsewhere are so short sighted or
desperate that they only focus on the initial – but deceptive –
positive reactions of the community to the appointment of a
minority police commissioner.

The big granddaddy of all reorganizations in our society is the
Presidential election. The electorate are just as addicted to
reorganizations as are big businesses. This is why we have seen
oh so many one term presidents since the mid-1960’s when the
Civil Rights Act was passed. With each new president came new
hope for improvement, and the population reacted and performed
accordingly, but by the end of a four year term they ended
up calling the incumbent a no-good, ineffectual bum. Ronald
Reagan was the exception. He was a two term president who
left office with the highest popularity ratings. However,
years later, people are just beginning to realize what damage
Reagan wreaked upon our country. Reagan’s gigantic deficit
spending blazingly obliterated from the eyes and senses of
the population that they were all being downwardly equalized
to the perceived value of the least preferred job candidate
(within job category). He created (temporary,) artificial
labor demand and prosperity to the point where nobody gave
a damn about anything resembling propriety, and people would
have reelected him in a heartbeat if they could under the law.
It’s hard to believe that there are currently many members
of Congress who wish to revert to the days of Reaganomics by
effectuating tax cuts for the rich and spending increases for
defense. Forget it guys, those “trickle down” economic policies
of the past will not (even temporarily) work the second time
around; we’re already too far down into the pit of debt and
too close to the point of no return when interest on the debt
will exceed tax revenues. This writer pegged Bill Clinton as
being a one term president before he was sworn into office,
and even Bill acknowledged this prediction himself recently. He
said that the nation is in a deep funk . . . and this funk will
fan the craving for the next fix, that is, a reorganization
fix in the form of a new president!

Conclusion: Absolutely no technique, no manipulation, no
managerial gimmick, no big spending, no new tax system, no
minority appointment, and no reorganization will successfully
and permanently counteract the competition corrupting effects
that equal employment and housing opportunity has wrought
upon the nation. What will work? Eliminate equal employment
and housing opportunity and affirmative action, revert to the
system of deregulated and at-will employment, and you will
see a lot of other things just falling into place!


An editorial appeared in the March 19, 1996 issue of
the New York Times entitled “Too Many Engineers, Too Few
Jobs.” It said that, if anything, there is no U.S. shortage
of scientists, engineers or software professionals; rather,
there is a surplus. Yet companies such as Sun Mircosystems,
Intel and Microsoft “have successfully lobbied Congress to
drop immigration reform proposals that would have held down
increases in the number of highly skilled foreign workers.”

What exactly are we seeing here? While everyone might agree
that a buyer will always seek to pay the lowest possible price
for something, just how does one convince Congress that there
is a labor shortage in a given job category, and how does one
get Congress to relax the floodgates of immigration?

A shortage occurs in the marketplace if the buyer is not
offering a high enough price in order to induce sellers to
provide the product or service in question. For example, it’s
always been said that there is a shortage of decent residential
rental units in a certain urban area, but if would-be renters
would increase their offered rent, then there would be no
longer be a shortage.

Similarly, in the employment market, if Microsoft offers
$50,000/year to software engineers in the marketplace, there
may be no takers. If Microsoft offers $100,000, there still
may be no takers. But if Microsoft offers $150,000 then people
have an inducement to switch majors in college, to come out
of retirement, or to go to a technical school to upgrade
their skills, and then apply for employment at Microsoft as
software engineers.

Who is to say that $50,000/year is the proper price to set and
to offer to all prospective software engineers especially when
one worker can be infinitely more productive than another? From
the standpoint of Economics, the answer is nobody really,
and certainly not the government, heaven forbid! Prices are
determined by markets comprised of both buyers and sellers. But
it’s an outrage to have Microsoft and others convince Congress
to sell out its own citizens and show preference to foreigners
who may very well undercut us BELOW $50,000/year! (Footnote:
in a “60 Minutes” segement it was disclosed that certain Russian
immigrants to the United States were earning only $20 per week
as software engineers.)

If you are a supermarket cashier, how would you like it if your
employer goes running to Congress saying: “We can’t attract
cashier applicants at $5,000/yr., so please allow us to hire
foreigners at that price”? If you are a flight attendant, how
would you like it if your employer goes running to Congress
saying: “We can’t attract flight attendant applicants at
$7,500/yr., so please allow us to hire foreigners at that
price”? If you are an architect, accountant, or technical
writer, how would you like it if your employer goes running to
Congress saying: “We can’t attract white collar applicants
at $9,500/yr., so please allow us to hire foreigners at
that price”?

Remember, the price at which a shortage occurs is pretty
much set arbitrarily . . . and set artificially TOO LOW by
unreasonable and greedy buyers! This price is NOT where the
supply and demand curves intersect for a given commodity.

It seems to this writer that a labor shortage can NEVER
occur unless there is absolutely no one available with the
potential to develop the skills to perform a certain job at
ANY offered price. For example, in a country like Haiti no
one may possess the requisite intelligence quotient in order
to be a software engineer, and so Haiti may have a bona fide
shortage of labor in that job category. However, the United
States has a population of roughly 260,000,000, many of whom
possess very high intelligence levels and potential to fill
just about any job category needing to be filled. There would
be no such thing as a labor shortage in any job category if
Congress just turned to Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Intel and
their ilk, and responded to them by saying, “Let the labor
rates for U.S. nationals rise to market determined rates,
and if that means that a junior software engineer will command
$500,000/year, then so be it!”

Unfortunately, Congress kowtows to the monied class thereby
selling out the very citizens who elected the Congressmen to
protect their interests. But there is more going on here which
will become clearer later.

There was a small item in March 19, 1996 issue of the Wall Steet
Journal which reported that in 1995 hiring was up for workers
over 50 years of age. An outplacement counselor was quoted
as saying, “America is entering an era of age neutrality in
hiring.” On the surface, this seems like a blessing, yet one
must take a closer look at this and place it in the bigger
context of what is really going on.

Right now, a new phenomenon is developing in the employment
marketplace. American employers seem to be altering their
preferences, and now they seem to be more than happy to
hire female workers, the very demographic group that was
once unpreferred. The same is true of their eagerness to
recruit members of minority groups who were once likewise
unpreferred. Ditto for the 50+ year olds. Surprisingly,
companies are sometimes willing to pay more money to females,
minorities, and 50+ year olds than they would be willing to
pay to these individuals in a free, unregulated employment
market. Make no mistake about it, this is NOT motivated by
political correctness. So what in the world is going on here?

Simply stated, the answer is that the formerly unpreferred
job candidates are more easy to downwardly equalize than the
normally preferred job candidates, the white males. Remember,
the frenzy in the job market to lower wages is motivated by a
desire to downwardly equalize all workers’ value to the value
of the least preferred job candidate, so that there will be
no possibility for the least preferred job candidate to come
along and sue for a job at premium wages. Since white males
have traditionally been at the top of the social totem pole,
they rightfully expect to earn the premium wages that they
would command in an otherwise unregulated labor market.
However, employers are loath to pay white males what they
are worth because this serves as too much of an incentive
for the least preferred job candidate to lay claim to equal
wages. Oh how frequently this writer has heard of cases in
which younger white males have been passed over for jobs for
“having expectations which were much too unrealistically high”
– meaning the younger white males offer too much resistance
to downward equalization.

Employers have learned that it is worth their while to offer
some degree of initial upward equalization to female and
minority job candidates. These candidates are so eager to
be offered a job with a fancy title and with the appearance
of advantage and preference over the white male that these
candidates will work for any price even if future wage
concessions and inflation erode their meager earnings away
to nothing. Add in the many 50+ year olds who are finding
themselves in such desperate financial straits that they too are
willing take a job at any price and at any future sacrifices
of wage erosion just to stay afloat and survive. And let’s
not forget to re-mention the eager foreign immigrant who
is more than eager to undercut everyone, and so he gets
lumped into the crowd which is the easiest to downwardly
equalize. Meanwhile the younger white male is finding himself
as surplus . . . just like the surplus of domestic scientists,
engineers and software professionals which was reported in the
New York Times article. This all goes to confirm what this
writer had previously stated: the supply and demand curves
for top-choice job candidates are being shifted and truncated
such that they will no longer intersect meaning that there
won’t be many employment arrangements between top-choice job
candidates and employers of which to speak. Is it any wonder why
we are seeing more and more red-blooded Amercian males becoming
househusbands and Mr. Moms (an estimated 2,000,000 of them)?

Conclusion: the white male is getting sold out left and right by
employers who want to go full steam ahead with the downward wage
equalization process. These employers are so motivated that they
have captured the minds of Congressmen who are likewise selling
out the white male when it comes to immigration policy setting.


Let’s say that equal employment opportunity causes the equalized
price of farm labor to fall to $2.00/hr. which is below the
minimum wage line. Remember, if the farm operator were allowed
to pick and choose his labor freely, he would more likely be
willing to pay minimum wage OR BETTER!

The farm operator will not illegally hire U.S. nationals at
$2.00/hr. because he knows that the U.S. nationals will have no
problem complaining to authorities in order to claim back wages
which will compensate them according to the minimum wage laws.

The farm operator while mulling over illegal alternatives
decides that it is worth the risk to hire illegal aliens at
$1.00/hr. because illegal aliens will not go running to the
authorities to make a minimum wage claim – this would get
them deported.

When enough farm operators engage in this illegal form of
employment, they drive produce prices down thereby making
cost-conscious consumers happy and complacent. However, the
marginal farmer – that is, the high cost producer or the Mom
and Pop operation – finds that he is working for $1.00/hr. on
his own farm due to competitive pricing pressures, and this
doesn’t cut it to pay the mortgage or the farm equipment
loan. The marginal farmers sell out to the larger operators
thereby leading to the formation of farming monopsonies and
later monopolies. Just wait until you see your grocery bill
of the future!

Similar things are happening in garment sweatshops with the
exception that legitimate workshops are just shutting down
instead of selling out.

As long as employers have incentives to hire illegal aliens,
they will in turn offer incentives to illegal aliens to
continue to arrive. The presence large numbers of illegal
aliens in this country creates an impetus for U.S. workers
to invade higher level professions as described in the first
answer of the Q & A section thereby causing the depression of
wages in EVERY profession.

But the funniest thing about this is that the ultimate consumer
is contributing to all of this as well. His earnings are being
downwardly equalized, and so he has less disposable income. The
consumer starts scrutinizing supermarket and K-Mart circulars,
and he seeks out the best prices savagely. These developments
are all part of the self-correcting forces of the marketplace
which are downwardly equalizing every worker to the perceived
value of the least preferred job candidate within job category
and also equalizing everyone into homelessness.


Remember that it’s been stated that under equal employment
opportunity a job seeker will not be able to maximize his value
in the marketplace and that going from employer to employer
to solicit competing job offers will do the job seeker no good
since any and all job offers will be the same and minimal?

This is already happening . . . in a manner of sorts.

Prospective employers, at least in this writer’s primary
profession, are no longer extending job offers that include
a dollar quotation for compensation. On the contrary, what
they are doing is insisting that the job candidate specify
what his rate is, and this is happening everywhere!

What are the ramifications of this? For one thing, prospective
job candidates are precluded from comparing the now nonexistent
salary offers and selecting the best one. If buyers absolutely
will not quote what they might be willing to pay for something,
then there is no way that there will possibly be an upward
bidding of the price for that item among them. What employers
are doing consistently is throwing the ball into the court of
the labor sellers of the employment market by requiring them
to specify the prices. If the bidding is strictly limited to
the selling side in any given market, then the only way the
bidding can possibly go is DOWNWARD. So when you are cast into
the role of a job seeker in this market, you are being made
to function as your own worst enemy.

What complicates matters for the labor seller is that he is
dealing in a vacuum of information. He has no idea who or what
his competition is like, having been given no opportunity to
assess them. He does not even know what his competitors may be
bidding. And without the labor buyers’ specifying the salary,
the labor seller has little or no idea what his services are
worth to a particular client in their particular situation. (For
example, Bill Paley calls for a radio engineer but specifies
no salary or assignment particulars. Fixing a radio component
for Paley’s CBS is more critical and valuable that fixing a
radio component for the kiddie CB of Paley’s grandchild.) Under
these circumstances, the labor seller is compelled to come in
with a really low bid and only hope that it is low enough to
secure the job assignment. The labor seller has no choice to
go elsewhere because he will find the same treatment everywhere.

But how low will the labor seller’s bid in practicality have
to go? As a rule of thumb, under the above framework of things,
with whom do you think the lowest selling bid for a job will be
associated? The answer: the least preferred job candidate will
most likely come in with the lowest bid, and this is against
whom all other job seekers will have to compete with their bids.

Why, you might ask, will an employer be reluctant to quote
a salary for a job opening? Well let’s say there are three
companies in a line of business. There is the top-of-the-line
company, that is, the most prestigious. Then there is the
middle or average company. And then there is the low-budget,
brand X company. If the top-of-the-line company starts offering
and publicly announcing premium wages that are commensurate with
its stature in the industry, then under EEO this employer will
be inundated with applicants who are legally entitled to the
high wages, but who, in the assessment of the company, are not
worth the high wages. So the top-of-the-line company goes mum
about wages. So does the middle, or average company for the
same reason. Believe it or not, the lowest company has the
same concern about dealing with the very least preferred job
candidate(s), so it goes mum too. When they all go mum, they
put all of the prospective labor sellers into a downward bidding
of wages which will settle at the value of the least preferred
job candidate of all three companies in the industry. Lesson
to be learned: this is why we are seeing the vanquishment
of prestige and elitism among employers in this country.
Everything everywhere is being reduced to schlock because
premium wages are no longer being offered anywhere.

While all of the above is currently in progress in the movement
to the bottom, some interesting – that is, strange – phenomena
are emerging along the way. There are situations where a client
has important and critical work to be done, and they are,
in fact, motivated to pay big bucks to get it done. Rather
than have their own EEO headaches, they go and offer $1,200
per day per consultant to a highly priced consulting firm
(yes, they are still around for now), but the consulting
firm is absolutely unwilling to pay a worker anywhere near
$1,200 per day because of the potential equal employment
opportunity liability – in other words, just try advertising
a job opening at $1,200/day and see what the tide washes
in. The consulting firm feels more comfortable paying $300
per day due to EEO considerations. But here’s the quandary:
how do you go about finding someone who is worth $1,200/day
for $300/day? This guy will be a pretty rare bird. So this
is what the consulting firm does: it sends out requisitions
to second and third tier consulting firms. By spreading the
net far and wide, the first consulting firm increases its
chances of finding the rare birds. The second and third rate
consulting firms in turn have their own similar recruitment
quandary, so they in turn pass the requisitions to second and
third rate employment agencies who assist in the recruitment
process. So now you have three layers of middlemen between the
worker and the client, that is, three layers of parasitical
maggots feeding off a very perverse and corrupt system and
earning a 75% commission or $900/day just for being there as
support personnel for the sick norms emerging out of equal
employment opportunity. Meanwhile you have a pitiful sad sack
who has to report for work everyday and put on a show that he
is worth $1,200/day when he is getting only $300/day. $300/day
doesn’t even cover a wardrobe to portray a $1,200/day image.

Imagine! A 75% commission rate on the fruits of someone
else’s labor! This writer has even heard it going as high
as 80%. This sounds more like trading in slaves and than the
placement of highly skilled white collar professionals! Bear
in mind that the ultimate client further marks up the price of
this labor when he in turn deals in his own market selling his
goods or services. Ah! The perennial and proverbial curse of
the middlemen! But there is more; $300/day places the worker
in a fairly high income tax bracket making him a slave to
the government!

In 1965, did anyone ever predict that such a scenario would
emerge from the norms of the equal employment opportunity
laws? Maybe the parasitical maggots did. By the way, the
daily billing rates quoted here are actual figures. They are
NOT fictitious.

In this brutal real world, what is also happening is that
many top-choice job candidates will not put up with this job
market’s perversity, and they will simply move to the sidelines
until things improve. Unfortunately, these developments are
as permanent as the equal employment opportunity laws, and
the waiting on the sidelines for improvement will be for a
long time. In the meantime, employers like Microsoft, Intel,
and others will go running to Congress claiming that there is
a skilled worker shortage and that jobs should be awarded to
soon-to-be arriving foreigners.

So you see, a lot of loony things are going on in United States
society, so loony, in fact, that it is quite difficult to
sort it all out. It’s like a computer program with the tiniest
of bugs in the most innocuous of places, and yet the program
behaves KASPLOOEY! Is it any wonder that the mental stability
of this once great country is being strained to the limit?


Now that GATT has been approved as an international treaty, it
looks like we’re going to have to be prepared for its future
implications – implications that, just like those of equal
employment opportunity, will not begin to start manifesting
themselves for at least ten years hence.

And just what are these implications? Well, first let us
examine just how well prepared the United States is to delve
more deeply into international competition. While the United
States has great potential for competitiveness, there is a
place for everything, but everything has been thrown out of
place by equal employment opportunity.

Remember, it has been said that the smallest corruption of a
free competitive environment will send all participants into
a multi-way tie for last place. Furthermore, it’s been stated
that you need not declare the last place contestant to be the
winner in order to corrupt the competitive environment; all
that it takes is the declaration of the second place contestant
as the winner. Domestically, equal employment opportunity
and affirmative action have declared less-than-first-choice
candidates as the winners thus corrupting our free employment
competitive environment and gradually reducing everyone to a
multi-way tie for last place. A major symptom to this effect
is our obscene trade deficit. Come on now! Can you honestly
say that the United States is currently prepared for GATT and
for delving more deeply into international competition?

But what can we expect if the United States does delve more
deeply into international competition? Remember, it has
already been said that the nature of economic competition
is such that it is subject to the natural law of the path of
least resistance whereby the most competitive entity will open
a path of least resistance to itself for the lion’s share of
wealth to flow. Well, considering the current state of affairs
of U.S. competitiveness, it would be foolish for it to hope
that it will prevail as the number one country of the world,
economically speaking. No! The best possible position that
the U.S. could hope for will be a distant second place with
just a trickle of wealth flowing to it – and this is really
a pie-in-the-sky dream as well!

There is, regrettably, more. The scenario just outlined is
not likely to be the one that ultimately materializes. That
is, we will probably not be seeing any country – not Japan,
not Germany, not anyone – ending up as the number one country
in the world by a wide margin. The parallels between equal
employment opportunity and GATT are just too uncanny. While
equal employment opportunity is sending all workers in the
U.S. into a multi-way tie for last place, the reality of the
situation is that GATT, unfortunately, will do the same for
ALL countries on the international plane.

Each country participating in GATT will be allowed only one
vote on each resolution in the World Trade Organization, thereby
equalizing the voting power of the highest country of the world
to the voting power of the lowest country of the world – EVEN
SIZE, AND QUALITY OF POPULATION among the participating
countries. This, in and of itself, is comparable to granting
unfair EEO/Affirmative Action advantages to the downtrodden
of our country thereby precipitating that multi-way last
place tie that we’ve been talking about. But this is just the
beginning. Once the lowest countries have equal voting with the
highest countries, the more numerous lower countries will most
likely form alliances and pool their votes so as to consistently
vote themselves advantages over the highest countries. These
unfair, competition-corrupting advantages, like those of equal
employment opportunity, will send ALL workers in ALL countries
into a multi-way tie for last place. Ahhh! Behold the wonder,
the glory, the majesty of worldwide democracy at its finest!

There is one more twist to the consequences of GATT. While
the exact nature of World Trade Organization voting patterns
is yet to be seen, there will be no other possible outcome
. . . with wages in Third World countries being what they are,
the highly pitched emphasis on price competition which we are
already seeing will reach unprecedented crescendos! It will
be so bad, that Third World wages will drop like a rock,
and those incredibly low wages will be the target for the
projected downward wage equalization of Americans.

The scariest thing of all is that, at least initially, GATT
may actually seem to be working in a beneficial way, thus
confounding any down-the-road suspicions as to why the world
is heading straight to hell in a breadbasket.

So if you’re a typical American enviously eyeing the higher
wage earning potential and standard of living of your typical
Japanese counterpart, stop wasting your time and energies. If
Japan participates in GATT, then your fate and your Japanese
counterpart’s fate will be the same. If you want a preview of
that fate, look to the slums of Rio de Janiero or Sao Paulo,
Brazil where sewage flows freely down the dirt streets; look
to a typical disease-infected, hunger-swollen, fly-infested
resident of Zaire. This is what is in store for the previously
premier race of man.

You know, this writer is old enough to remember the sophistries
which made the rounds at the time the first equal employment
opportunity law was under consideration. The liberal social
engineers reassured us that equal employment opportunity was
a good thing for us because it would bring more employment
participants into the marketplace thereby enhancing the
competitive environment and raising prevailing qualifications,
and thus improving earnings potentials and living standards
for everyone. YOU TELL ME!! Take a look around, and say whether
you see an enhanced competitive environment in the employment
arena. Do you see improved living standards or improvement
in any other quality of life as a result of equal employment
opportunity? OR DO YOU SEE THE EXACT OPPOSITE? Those misguided
missiles, those so-called, self-proclaimed social engineers
are up to their devious deceptions again! They are telling us
the exact same things about GATT and free world trade: that
these things will be good for us, that they will enhance the
competitive environment, and that they will result in improved
standards of living for everyone. Ten years from now, this
writer will be asking you listeners basically the same thing:
“Do you see improvements as a result of GATT and free trade,
or do you see the exact opposite?” . . . that is, of course,
if you are still around ten years from now, not having had
committed suicide.

Not to worry! This is all just socio-economic theory. Rest
assured that the real world works somewhat differently from
theory. So be well, keep smiling, and above all, have a
nice day!


Let us consider the world of boxing. Do boxing officials ever
throw a feather-weight contender into the ring to spar with
the heavy-weight Mike Tyson? Of course not! The feather-weight
will be KO’ed within a second. The same fate would await any
light-weight or middle-weight boxer who would be so foolish as
to dare to challenge Mike Tyson. This situation is analogous
to totally free world trade whereby a certain country, such
as Japan, will be allowed to fully flex its competitive muscle
in the world’s markets thereby capturing most of the business
and economic rewards in whatever lines of business into which
that country enters.

Let’s say that the world of boxing gets inspired to take on
a liberal mind-set, and so it decides to give the little guy,
that is the feather-weight, a competitive break by “leveling
the playing field.” To this end, the officials pass a rule
requiring that the natural sources of Mike Tyson’s powerhouse
steroids be surgically removed before the officials throw the
altered Mike Tyson into the ring with the feather-weight. Now
in all reasonableness, what kind of competition will this be;
how can it capture the interest of the paying spectators;
and what kind of financial compensation will Mike Tyson
or the feather-weight ever be able to command under these
circumstances? If the boxing commissioners ever decide to take
this route, they will being reducing the competitive might
of the greatest boxer down to the competitive puniness of
the lowest boxer, and the fans will stay away in droves. This
situation is analogous to GATT and the World Trade Organization
in which the lesser countries of the world will be allowed
to vote themselves competitive advantages over the greatest
countries of the world. In this way the playing field will
be leveled all right – that is, right at the lowest level of
all of the competitive standards in the world! (In actuality,
the lesser countries don’t even have to go through the WTO to
glean unfair competitive advantages which they already have:
to wit, the lack of minimum wage laws, occupational safety laws,
environmental laws, etc.)

Conclusion: Anyway you look at it, if the United States gets
involved with free world trade, it’s going to get its b-lls
ripped off!

The only logical alternative to the above scenarios is to
categorize the players and let them play within their own
leagues with the leagues being countries with fairly homogeneous
populations. Nationalism – that is, individual, independent
nations – has been established throughout history. Come on now,
can anyone possibly believe that such a firmly entrenched,
long-term tradition, could possibly have come about without
some rationale behind it? Can one be so foolish as to believe
that Nationalism is the contrivance of some “evil” majority?


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Subject: ADL exposes the Christian Right – Ban it!
Date: 14 Jan 1997 11:02:44 -0800
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> > > Plaudits to the ADL for exposing Christianity as hate!
> >
> > The Christian philosophy is clearly one of love, and NOT
> > hate. The ADL clearly has a VERY strong dislike for (hate
> > for?) freedom of speech, at least when the speech is not to
> > their liking. On this basis, they appear to me to be a hate
> > group themselves.
> The ADL and all the other Jew Groups are hate organizations
> if the same criterion they use for everybody else is, in
> turn, applied to them! This is known as hypocrisy! Look at
> JDL and see how they openly and proudly advocate violence!

It’s hate! JDL is hate! Ban hate! Ban Christianity!
Ban the ADL! Ban the JDL! Ban hate! Ban hate! Ban Judaism!
Ban politics! Ban religion! Ban Buddhism! Ban politics!


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Subject: Just Say “NO” To Fagdom!
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Homosexuality is no more perverse than oral or anal sex,
prostitution, pornography, pimping, rape, intermatings,
careless choice of lovers, chastity, bestiality, perversions
of all shapes and prices.

We live in a perverse society, naturally all the life urges
tend to get perverted themselves; sexual capitalism has proven
its ugly ways, perversity and its great price.

Perversity will wither away along with the old status quo when
we destoy the old order that promotes exploitation for the
sake of exploitation that bemerits capitalism and its stogies
stuffing out the biological instincts.


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Subject: Objective Definitions of Censorship?
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> Sigh. These articles have a similar pattern:
> 1) Rich Graves takes issues with an item, whining to high
> heaven about how he’s been mistreated
> 2) I point out the account isn’t true
> 3) He takes that as a cue to complain even more.
> 4) Etc.

Yes, the basic belief of many such as Dick Graves is that
censorship simply doesn’t exist unless it is specifically
invoked by the government; therefore, private censorship doesn’t
exist re: internet, corporations, media monopolies, etc.,
cannot be used as examples of censorship. Types like Graves
usually are opposed to the like of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act
so even consider the possibility of a media monpoly imposing
censorship to be impossible, as “monopolies” that are not
invoked by law could be completely legal and could not be
considered capable of censorship.

As for universities, even the state run universities are
considered a “state run business,” and so universities all,
cannot commit the act of censorship; only the law can and not
by administrative law either, as so many state functions are
classified as “state run businesses.”

As for anti-capitalists, we reject all such formulations,
we believe that censorship has a more objective veneer than
that; a business, such as a university, could openly call
their political restriction policies to be Censorship and
although that would actually be better in the sense that they
were being honest, the net effect would be the same.

Private political organizations, such as the National Rifle
Association, or Planned Parenthood, ccould openly state that
they will not pay writers who espouse banning guns or abortion
and that would be censorship, never mind what words they would
choose to smooth it over, and never mind that memberships
may approve of the policy by the respective Associations,
it’s censorship.

Of course, like “hate,” an overuse of the term may weaken
it, but not necessarily (it took over sixty years for hatred
aroused by the term “capitalist” to weaken, so why can’t we
refer to and hate censorship frequently?)

“If you hate it, and it hates you back, BAN IT!” — the
censors creed.


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Subject: Ten Questions from Andrew Mathis – Day Four
Date: 14 Jan 1997 09:28:15 -0800
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Golly, a survey! Everyone knows how surveys are appreciated
on usenet!-)

> 1) Define Communism

When the state has withered away from socialism, or someone
who believes in socialism leading to communism.

> 2) Define Socialism

State owernship of the economy, necessarily inclusive of
expropriation of capital from a presocialist state.

> 3) Was Karl Marx a practicing Jew?

He was a certain Asiatic-African-European racial mixture
signiying he was a Jew; his practiced religion is unknown as
he may have practiced secretly, a common practice; he may have
been an atheist.

> 4) Are you married or have you ever been married?

Questions you have no business asking; do you think of yourself
as a Chekist or something?

> 5) Do you in fact have a Doctorate? Is an M.D., Ph.D.,
> or other? From what university?

I’ve an MD, and I’ve several years of successful licencsed

> 6) What is the ethnic derivation of the name “Tavish”?

Let the Chekists answer that.

> 7) What ethnicity and religion was Jesus of Nazareth?
> St. Paul (at birth)? St. John the Divine (at birth)?

His race was Aryan, his myth was Aryan and just about everything
else under the clouds.

> 8) Where in the U.S Constitution does the Constitution
> Congress make a commitment to free-market Capitalism?

Nowhere, but it also doesn’t make a commitment to regulating
the safety of automobiles yet we do it.

> 9) Why are you–who is presumtuously straight–so fascinated
> by homosexuality?

Why are presumed straights so interested in perversion in
general? You know, pornography, oral sex, careless choice
of partners, “they’re all the same in the dark,” “a hole is
a hole,” “screw them and dump them,” prostitution, pimping,
all symptoms of sexual capitalism.

> 10) How many Jews died in Europe btw. 1939 and 1945 at the
> hands of Nazi forces?

Eighty million.

“We are all Jews” — Tim Yohannon? (in the MRR #10 interview)


And everyone knows how much usenet appreciates that.-)


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Subject: Subsidies to the rich – a Scandal
Date: 14 Jan 1997 10:52:17 -0800
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> In 1910, 35 percent of USA’s workers were farmers, but only
> 2 percent are farmers today. Someone told me that with the
> global trade agreements,the agribusinesses become huge,
> selling to the entire world. As a result the small family
> farmer can not compete and are swallowed up. He said where
> he is from in Pennsylvania, the German minnonites have
> only survived the competition by collaborating together
> to form huge corporations. In Russia when markets were
> open to businesses from across the world and markets were
> not protected, there was a 57 percent drop in productivity.
> Will every type business in America, including media outlets,
> become huge global monopolies? There will be no competition
> to hold down prices. This is the situation the world faces —
> unemployment and high prices — when uninformed voters votes
> for the far right — for business interests who ignore anti
> trust laws that prevent mergers. Do you hear the nightly
> news discussing these issues in a comprehensive way. Not
> when economic conservatives (the rich) control most of media
> outlets in the nation.

What’s the answer to this?

Nationalism is good, as it builds up industries away from
foreign control by either market or ownership methods; but
nationalism all alone won’t rebut the Globalist scam.

Expropriation is the answer; confiscate all ruling class and
foreign owned property and run it by the people.

> Price supports are needed to stabilize and enhance farm
> incomes of family farmers.

No. Expropriation and nationalism and needed.

> But as I mentioned above, most farms today are owned by
> wealthy agribusinesses.

We need to do our best to revoke that ownership.

> Ralph Nader says we spend 100 billion per year in corporate
> welfare.

In a way Nader is badly underestimating the sum; since our
government is being misrun in the interests of business,
all governmental expenditures are corporate welfare.

> If we had a labor party, this would be a crucial issue when
> considering our social security mismanagement.

We don’t have any labor parties, neither do the countries who
have parties titled “Labor Party” in other fascist countries
like Canada.

> Plus labor would also consider the defense budget when
> considering how to fix the Social security crisis. Congress
> recently allotted 7 billion more to defense than the pentagon
> asked for.

Since the Pentagon doesn’t work for us why should we work for
the Pentagon?

> Why didn’t that money go into a social security trust fund?

Why doesn’t the Social Security revenue come from the General
Fund, revenue which should be raised by progressive income


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Subject: PH.D.s are useless
Date: 14 Jan 1997 13:01:31 -0800
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> I don’t think you have any idea what getting a PhD is all about.
> I’ve read a lot of posts that seem to indicate that getting a
> doctorate is a simple matter of studying hard or memorizing
> a lot of useless facts. Its not. It is about intellectual
> creativity, hard work and as much stress as you’ll find in any
> other occupation. It ain’t about pulling a B+ average in a
> bunch of lecture courses in college. So before YOU go assuming
> a bunch of things that YOU aren’t informed about, I urge you
> to heed your own advice.

Then why are PHDers so ignorant? Is it just about being in
a mutual backpatting club?

Perhaps PHDs are about as indicative of intellectual ability as
being an elected politician is indicative of a good politician,
confusing status with ability and ignoring the social element.

“What? Corruption in accademia?!?? Surely, you jest! Why,
it’s illegal, just like corruption in politics and business!”

In other words, you can’t trust the PHuDdie duddies.

As if status meant ability! Laugh riot! So just like Clinton
is the *best* politician, Bill Gates is the *best* businessman!
Whoever is the most powerful in the political or material
sense is the best!

Of course, this is the philosophy of the powerful, and
unfortunately for the Plebians, they practice it.


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Article: 49134 of alt.skinheads
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Subject: Skinheads
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> It should be a lot more than animosity towards one or more
> races, creeds or colors. We should be pissed at the whole
> goddamned lot of humanity. If our focus is limited to the the
> degradation of a particular group, then we all become targets
> of atttack by the the leftists and liberals. Whatever our

Indeed, attack the powerful and the liquidationists and liberal
fascists are often the first to attack the good guys.

> Whatever our personal politics are, we all have to stand
> together on at least one issue: freedom. Patriotism

Patriotism is a part of freedom, at least the nationalist side
of it.

Why, our Founding Fathers were violently patriotic nationalists!
Really, their deficiency is *not going far enough*.

I mean, how can we have freedom when business controls


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Subject: Censorship here in America!
Date: 15 Jan 1997 09:33:17 -0800
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:215195 soc.culture.europe:53675 alt.california:29878 misc.immigration.usa:13414 news.admin.net-abuse.misc:123876 news.admin.censorship:23102 news.admin.net-abuse.usenet:4415

> :>: Jews have the right to disagree, yet none of them attempt to exercise
> :>: that right. Instead, they play stupid tricks on the phone, send
> :
> :>Basing that assumption on the actions of one person is ridicoulous.
> :
> :I’m not basing that argument on what happened to me in one case. There
> :are numerous cases of Jews discarding the laws which protect us AND
> :them just because they feel like it.
> As if the Jews are any different from anyone else in this
> regard. There are numerous examples of white Anglo-Saxon
> Protestants disregarding the law just because they feel like it.
> There are numerous examples of KKK members doing this.

You immediately jump to the conclusion that he’s a WASP
or Klansman? What if he’s an African American? Are you
insisting that all African Americans do not seek truth like Dan?

Why do you hate African Americans, Seth? Are you a Klansman
or something?

> If you’re going to be a hate monger, at least be honest and
> stop trying to pretend your hate is based on rational thinking.
> You’re an insecure, angry individual who wants to blame his
> problems on other people.
> Seth Jackson

And you? Are you the first one to make ad hominem attacks?
You’re just an insecure, angry individual who wants to blame
his problems on other people.


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Subject: Help. Idiot. False Complaints.
Date: 15 Jan 1997 10:44:58 -0800
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:215199 news.admin.net-abuse.usenet:4425 news.admin.net-abuse.misc:123888 news.admin.net-abuse.email:7003 alt.current-events.net-abuse:29878 news.admin.censorship:23103

> – Leave the nice postmaster alone. He’s right, your complaints
> need to go to DejaNews.
> – Better yet, leave the whole situation alone. You can’t
> get a user shut down just because you don’t agree with or
> like the opinions being expressed. As near as I can tell,
> you’re complaining about articles relating to IRC posted in
> IRC-related newsgroups. Why do you think anybody would (or
> even should) take any action on this?

Nothing unusual about that, over 80% of complaints to admins
are groundless and savvy admins know that. In fact, false
complaints are a major category of net abuse that’s been
underplayed by net sages.


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 15 18:25:35 PST 1997
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Subject: What is called a son of both white and Asian???
Date: 14 Jan 1997 13:25:15 -0800
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Asian, or half Asian.


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 15 18:25:36 PST 1997
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Subject: The identity of No-voters
Date: 14 Jan 1997 14:17:41 -0800
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:215211 soc.culture.europe:53689 news.groups:173344 soc.culture.turkish:104969

Hasn’t it occured to you that Armenians don’t like censorship?

Why wasn’t the newsgroup proposed as a standard usenet newgroup?

What groups did the proposed moderator(s) wish to censor?


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 15 18:25:37 PST 1997
Article: 215213 of control
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Subject: The ACLU Has Lost Credibility
Date: 15 Jan 1997 09:52:11 -0800
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Message-ID: <Love@169550>
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Here: Wed 15 Jan 1997 09:45:48 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: “Ben Larson” <[email protected]>
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:215213 soc.culture.europe:53690 alt.politics.usa.republican:357942 alt.politics.democrats.d:168994 alt.politics.media:23248 alt.politics.radical-left:146105 alt.politics.usa.congress:88709 alt.politics.clinton:353678 alt.motherjones:20334 alt.impeach.clinton:71914 alt.dear.whitehouse:34782 alt.fan.rush-limbaugh:437455 alt.fan.dan-quayle:87819

The ACLU lost credibility when they planted themselves firmly
on the reactionary side of the gun control movement.

The ACLU used to support the legalization of drugs, the
outlawing of frisking, X-rays, metal detectors, etc.,
at airports,

And it would be presumed that the Association would oppose
gun control, however, they support imprisonment of people who
have guns, laws that make it a felony to own a toy gun in some
areas, etc.


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 15 18:25:37 PST 1997
Article: 215218 of control
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Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,news.groups
Subject: soc.culture.azerbaijan
Date: 15 Jan 1997 11:42:09 -0800
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Here: Wed 15 Jan 1997 11:38:32 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: David Ross <[email protected]>
X-Bytes: [ 797]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:215218 soc.culture.europe:53693 news.groups:173352

> Is it more important to have a newsgroup for
> soc.culture.azerbaijan or to have a moderated newsgroup?
> If having a newsgroup in any form is more important than having
> it moderated, I suggest alt.culture.azerbaijan, which could
> be up and running without the formalities of a vote.

It’s more important that soc.culture.azerbaijian exists as
an unmoderated newsgroup, for propagation and meaningful
discussions free of bias by the would be moderators.

Controversial subjects need to be unmoderated, unless you would
prefer having dozens of soc.culture.azerbaijian.* newsgroups
for having biased discussions by everyone who has an opinion
on the subject.


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 15 18:25:38 PST 1997
Article: 215223 of control
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From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,news.groups
Subject: CFV: soc.history.ancient
Date: 15 Jan 1997 11:45:09 -0800
Organization: Usenet Engineering Task Force
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Message-ID: <Love@192669>
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Here: Wed 15 Jan 1997 11:43:01 AM Pacific Standard Time
X-From: [email protected] (Christopher B. Stone)
X-Bytes: [ 2013]
Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:215223 news.groups:173358

Why isn’t Chris Stone offering an RFD for a moderated newsgroup

Then he can keep his opinions to himself in his own little
niche free of unbiased discussion, his arch enemy.


From [email protected],[email protected] Wed Jan 15 18:25:39 PST 1997
Article: 215231 of control
Path: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca!news.island.net!vertex.tor.hookup.net!nic.wat.hookup.net!xenitec!academ!insync!www.nntp.primenet.com!nntp.primenet.com!news.bbnplanet.com!su-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com!news.pbi.net!news5.crl.com!nexp.crl.com!in1.uu.net!nexp.crl.com!nntp.crl.com!howland.erols.net!feed1.news.erols.com!news.ecn.uoknor.edu!munnari.OZ.AU!metro!metro!news.une.edu.au!metz.une.edu.au!not-for-mail
From: [email protected] (Troy Varange)
Newsgroups: control,news.admin.net-abuse.usenet,news.admin.censorship,comp.os.ms-windows.advocacy,comp.os.ms-windows.nt.advocacy,alt.uunet.anti-trust
Subject: Forged Rmgroup by Microsoft Agent
Date: 15 Jan 1997 11:37:50 -0800
Organization: Usenet Engineering Task Force
Lines: 19
Message-ID: <Love@3066>
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Here: Wed 15 Jan 1997 11:33:23 AM Pacific Standard Time
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Xref: nizkor.almanac.bc.ca control:215231 news.admin.net-abuse.usenet:4447 news.admin.censorship:23109 comp.os.ms-windows.advocacy:94724 comp.os.ms-windows.nt.advocacy:1828

> >X-PGP-Sig: 2.7 Subject,Control,Message-ID,Date,From,Sender
> > iQCVAgUBMtq+d8JdOtO4janBAQEsdQQAjb3sJJS77Tqaq1FGBRNComKwQqpMTGEQ
> > UO2nt1uzjsFEHpvYfA7vg/U2jqJ+3PYSL+J3mIwm9ABvOIjix04J+M1SjgZdpuOU
> > Sw0ZukIy/MrgSvcfZGa8sxlUjYId+yrQTxdw0TVRBm8m3K8gGs9vH/g3A1rpw7b+
> > E+GRjQpYa6g=
> > =4X9C
> This checks out. Care to explain why you think it was
> a forgery?

It was not sent by the originator and it wasn’t authorized by
anyone at all; I certainly don’t remember a vote to rmgroup
comp.os.microsoft.sucks as required to legimately show an
interest to supercede old newsgroups, through renaming,
redirection, or, hypothetically, a lack of interest, or some
other change of status in a newgroup.