Hamas: Brother Nosair: “Victim of an International Political Conspiracy”

A front page article in the November-December 1991 Palestine Monitor called the trial of El-Sayyid Nosair, the Egyptian convicted of crimes connected to the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane as a “frame-up.” Portraying Nosair as a victim of the American legal system, the article weaves a web of distortions around the facts leading to the violent death of Rabbi Kahane. Appealing to its readers, the Palestine Monitor characterized Nosair in the following terms:

“Brother Nosair, facing life imprisonment if convicted of these charges is in dire need of support of the Muslim Community and all those interested in truth and justice. He is a devout and religious person, committed to his family and to Islam. He is being viciously portrayed as a terrorist by the government, the JDL Jewish Defense League] and the news media, when he is in fact an innocent victim of an international political conspiracy.” [48]

At the close of the article, the address of the Brooklyn-based El Sayyid Nosair Defense Committee was provided, along with a telephone number. The Palestine Monitor warned its readers, “[I]f]f we don’t stand up now, in support of Brother Nosair, it will only happen again to another one of us.”[49]