Hallervorden Julius

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Subject: Holocaust Almanac: Professor Julius Hallervorden
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Keywords: euthanasia
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“Another example: Professor Julius Hallervorden, histologist
at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institute in Berlin. He visited Dr.
Bunke in the Brandenburg institution when a transport of
children was gassed. Hallervorden dissected some of the bodies
on the site and took parts with him for scientific evaluation.
He declared to the Allies in December 1946 that he had said at
the time: `look, chaps, if you are killing these people
anyway, at least take their brains out so the material can be
used!’ Hallervorden, still quite impressed: `There was
wonderful material among these brains, imbeciles, deformities,
and early childhood diseases.’ The scientific robber of the
dead died as a highly regarded medical man.” (Klee, 64-65)

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