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There is a doubt that there were Gas Chambers at Auchwitz.

The evidence is in several parts; firstly, and on the admision of the
museum’s own curator, the structure on show was built in 1948, by the Poles,
acting on Russian orders.

It is in Auchwitz 1; this gives rise to the question, why did they need
to build one, if as is aledged, down the road at Auchwitz 2 (Birkenau) there
were already some perfectly good examples?

Secondly, the structure on show is phisically unsuited to it’s preported
use (it has windows and is not and never could have been gas tight).

Thirdly, the supposed gassing medium (Zyclon-B) has basic an undeniable
chemical properties that would have made it hopeless as a toxic agent.

It is almost inert at room tempreture and would need plant to heat a
gas/air mixture to the correct tempreture and them circulate the mix to the
“chamber” to achieve lethality.

There is no evidence of such plant at Auchwitz 1 or 2 or indeed at any
other camp, no blueprints, no construction orders, no materials/labour
reqisitions etc etc.

Camps where it has never been said that there were gas chambers got
through just as much Zyclon-B as those like Auchwitz – coincidence, or perhaps
it really was used for the fumigation of lice-ridden clothes (a task for which
it is chemically suitable).

Finally, and most inconvenietly of all, Cyanide, the active ingedient in
Zyclon-B, leaves distinct chemical traces (it is absorbed by concrete and leaves
blue stains).

The walls of the display structure at Auchwitz 1 have no traces, nor do
the ruins of what are supposed to have been the gas chambers at Birkenau.

However, a room discribed as the de-lousing room, does have strong
traces. No one has yet suggested that this was a gas chamber!

The above accepted, I do not doubt that lots of people died at Auchwitz
in the other ways you outline.

These are matters that I have looked into for years; my late father was
commander of Belsen camp upon it;s liberation, and I have thus had the chance
of first hand testiomny from him and others under his command.

Sorry if this was not what you wanted to here, but the body evidence is
growing daily.


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19-Apr-96 01:01:03
Sb: #495412-Irving On Dr Goebbels
Fm: Kevin Davidson Hall 100447,3627
To: Jackie Pearcey[UKFORUM] 102404,764
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How was the gas heated at Auchwitz? Where is the plant? How was the
gas/air mix fed to your leaky chambers?

If the chambers leaked as you suggest, then as many guards/opperators
outside would have perished along with those “taking a shower” This is palpable

Your “eye-witnesses” claim that Kapos removed the victims from the
chambers and readied them for the next batch; this is facinating, since Zycon-B
clings to clothes, hair, body cavities etc. If it was present in sufficient
concentration to achive lethality in a chamber, then the Kapos would have been
killed each and every time it was emptied. No one has ever suggested that this
was what happened.

It is your argument and your facts that are leaky.

Access Greg Raven’s WWW site if you dont want to here it from me; this is
basic chemistry we are dealing with and chemistry does not know who it if
working for, so can be regarded as impartial.

Face facts, there are grave doubts about gassings.