Gudgel Doyal 1996

From [email protected] Wed Feb 7 13:35:15 PST 1996
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Subject: is not ezundel
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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 02:28:32 GMT
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An individual using the handle [email protected] is trying to fool
people into believing he is the Ernst Zundel that the German government
is trying to censor. With the attempt at censorship there has been a
tremendous outpouring of help to fight this censorship by many people who
don’t agree with his views. Numerous mirror sites have been set up to
help Zundel outwit the German censorship attempt. Many at universities.
This individual has posted material that claims Zundel will sue the socks
off anyone who retransmits his material. This is a lie. Zundel wants it
read. Read it at does not exist)
http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu/edu/~declan/Not_By_Me_Not_My_Views/(page does not exist) does not exist) (page does not exist)
To go directly to Ernst Zundel (the real one) go to (page does not exist)
Don’t let anyone tell you what you can read. Read it for yourself.
Fighting censorship is everyones business.