Gudgel Doyal 1995, Start war

Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: The Russians started the war?
Summary: Doyal should consider some pursuit other than history
for his amusement.
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Organization: The Old Frog’s Almanac

In article [email protected] (Thomas Doyal) writes:

>Last I heard the English and French declared war on Germany. Soviet
>Russia Invaded Poland the same time Germany did. So Russia started the war.

“In a sense, World War II began with Himmler. When Hitler needed a
pretext to launch his attack on Poland, he turned the job over to
Himmler. In August 1939 Himmler and Heydrich secretly scouted out
Upper Silesia to find a suitable site for a simulated Polish
attack. Dressed in civilian clothes, they met the police chief of
Oppeln and drove along the border looking for the right location
and target, which they decided was Gleiwitz. At Himmler’s request,
Hitler directed the Germany military to turn over Polish army
uniforms to Heydrich’s SD for the operation, a staged Polish attack
on a German radio station. German concentration camp prisoners
dressed in Polish uniforms and given lethal injections thus became
Poland’s first casualties.<1> But for Hitler, these bodies offered
‘proof’ of a Polish attack and thereby provided a propaganda
rationale to invade Poland.” (Breitman, Richard. The Architect of
Genocide. New York: Knopf, 1991, 66)

<1> Interrogation of Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski, 9 Nov 1945, NA RG
238, M-1270/R 1/429-31. The idea of staging a Polish attack and
using concentration-camp prisoners to provide casualties was
apparently Heydrich’s. Heinz Ho”hne, “The Order of the Deaths Head:
The Story of Hitler’s SS,” trans. Richard Barry (New York, 1979),

Methinks Doyal should abandon history as a career choice, and consider
something from an ITT catalogue instead – electronic repair, perhaps,
or computer maintenance.

(And all this time, I thought the IJC started the war… the
conflicting claims of “revisionist scholars” on this matter tend to
confuse… so far, during the past year or so, we’ve seen assertions
that the following started World War II: The English, The Americans,
The Jews, the Russians, and the French. Strangely, Germany has not
been included on such lists. Neither has Bugs Bunny, or my bassett