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: First Annual Ditlieb Felderer Award for Best Satire of The State Religion
: In the long history of eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind
: of man (to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson), satire has played a key role in
: puncturing the sacred aura which shields superstition from scrutiny and
: skepticism.
: Through the years, men like Voltaire, Hogarth, Twain, Bierce, Mencken and Jackie
: Mason have used their powers of satire, sarcasm, humor and irreverence to
: demolish false religions.
: In our day the state religion is >>>THE Holocaust<<< and satire of its
: infallible dogma, holy relics and miraculous Auschwitz gas chambers (which
: executed Khazars according to the true believers even though, according to
: scientists, it could not possibly function in the manner described–cf. Carlo
: Mattogno, >>>Auschwitz:The End of a Legend.<<< 1994: Institute for Historical
: Review), is greeted with outrage and incredulity.
: To defy and overthrow the pompous Shoah-biz civic religion, which all in Western
: society are compelled to believe, we at Wiswell Ruffin House hereby award to
: L.A. Rollins, the First Annual, 1995 Ditlieb Felderer Award for Best Satire of
: the State Religion. Mr. Rollins will receive a commemorative parchment suitable
: for framing.
: (Felderer has been imprisoned for one year in Sweden for circulating cartoons
: poking fun at Auschwitz relics).
: Mr. Rollins entry was chosen from among dozens of contestants. Here it is is:
: *************************
: (To be sung to the tune of the song by the same name)
: They asked me how I knew
: The Holocaust Was True
: I replied,
: Such a genocide
: Cannot be denied.
: Smoke gets in your eyes.
: ****************************
: Blasphemer Rollins is an authority on holohoax hagiography (i.e. Survivor
: stories) and is the author of the best-selling >>>Lucifer*s
: Lexicon<<<(Loompanics Unlimited).
: —Michael A. Hoffman II
: ([email protected])
: Editor:Revisionist Researcher Magazine. Current issue U.S. $6.00. Book, Tape
: and sticker catalog U.S.$3 (Both for U.S.$7.00)
: from:Wiswell Ruffin House, POBox 236, Dresden, New York 14441 U.S.A.
: ——————————————————
: Says Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the (Simon) Wiesenthal Center:
: >It may be time for the FCC to place a cop on the information superhighway.<<

: –Home Office Computing, November, 1994, p. 18.
: >>You can judge for yourself who’s using the fascist methods.<< –David Irving.

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