Gudgel Doyal 1995, Manure answer

Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Eating Manure: Doyal’s comprehension problem…
Organization: The Old Frog’s Almanac

In article , Doyal demonstrates one of the
pitfalls of the aging process, to wit, the inability to comprehend
common English useage:

>Ken McVay posted an article from his mauthausen archives and I’m amazed no
>one has asked him, “Do you really believe this stuff?”. Here is an
>excerpt which is typical of the so called ‘evidence’ Exterminationists
>post as evidence of the “holocaust”

Having set the stage for an embarrassing display of comprehension
loss, Doyal addresses the phrase “powdered manure,” which was used by
an author to show how dysentery-weakened prisoners referred to their

>Of course, they could simply have harvested the dysentary from the
>prisoners, and had a self-replentishing food supply! Nyuk, nyuk.

Doyal, it would appear, has attended the Bradley Smith School of
Humour, and, further, graduated with high honours…

>Where in the heck would the Germans get enough powdered faeces to feed
>anyone? Did they assign some Jew as pooper scooper to follow after

Where, one might ask poor Doyal, does the author state that the
prisoners were fed “powdered faeces?” (Hint for the
Comprehension-Challenged: Nowhere.)

>horses and cows to collect the material? Dry it out, grind it up, ship it
>to Mauthausen feed prisoners? Would they prefer to make it into food
>rather than into fertilizer for growing crops? If they assigned a Jew
>for the job weren’t they concerned he would put it on the black market
>and make money on it? Can’t you just visualize this Jew, coming up
>to someone saying “psst psst hey man you wanna buy some powdered shit?
>Such a deal! Genuine horse manure.”

Like many others in this newsgroup, Doyal simply cannot resist a touch
of Jew-bashing, even while he’s apparently trying to demonstrate his
highly developed sense of humour.

>The only powdered manure anywhere is in the brain of the guy who
>posted it to alt.revisionism.

Doyal now descends into projection. Is this what awaits the aged in
Doyal’s brave Aryan world?

>On the whole this story reeks of the mass hysteria associated with
>holocaustism — you tell these stories for so long, adding a little each
>time, that pretty soon they’re insane (a la buckets of flesh, geysers of
>blood and jewfat soap) but you whole-heartedly believe them. I can’t
>believe it — this sort of thing is being taught in grammar schools
>around the world as true — “Yes, Bobby, the bad, bad Germans made the
>nice friendly, helpful Jews eat doo-doo. Isn’t that *awful*?”

Does Doyal mean to suggest that severed muscle tissue is incapable of
movement, or is he simply regurgitating lessons from the BS School
here? Does he wish us to believe that several million pounds of
rotting flesh, buried under shallow layers of earth, will remain
forever inert? Is he refuting the testimony of Mazur, who described
the manufacture of soap? If so, where is his documentation? (It’s no
surprise that he failed to produce it – no-one else has ever been able
to do so, not even those without Doyal’s clear afflictions.)

I’m looking forward to your television interview, Doyal – it should be
a real knee-slapper!