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David Irving

What you are about to read are facts the Holocaust lobby is
desperately trying to hide from you. If it didn’t mean a lot to them
they wouldn’t be beating up on the audiences of David Irving and
terrorizing property owners where he is to speak. Their aim is terror.
Their masters are desperate to hide the truth. The fate of Israel
hangs on the holocaust lie. Why this is, is revealed by David
Irving. The net terrorists will do their worst to try to destroy his
credibility. But the facts are there. See for yourself.
[email protected]

Attempts to shut down Revisionist viewpoints has been world wide.
They refuse to debate. They have issued an edict from Los Angeles or
where ever the headquarters is saying, “On no account debate the
Revisionists”. On about 1970 or 1972 .. If you read the newspapers
and books before 1970, you wont find the word “holocaust”. You wont
find the word being used then. But of course, since then, they’ve taken
it over. Haven’t they? They’ve taken over that word. Give it just
that one meaning, Give it a capitol H at the front. You half expect to
see a “tm” at the end of it because it has become a kind of trademark.
It many sound tasteless but think about it. The way that concept is
being packaged, and marketed to us. It is being packaged with all the
expertise and finesse of Tylenol. Capital “T”, capitol “H”, a little
tm at the end. Don’t open the package you. You’re not allowed to
examine the contents. If you do you are a holocaust denier.
You may think this an extraordinary thing. But they will not let us
use any word but the word “denial”. Because it makes us look like
total twits. Because as the television media says, “Mr. Irving is
accused of being a holocaust denier”. Simultaneous they show the news
reel film of the bulldozers, tipping the emaciated corpses into the
pits. And the average tv viewer says “how can you deny it, we can
see it with our own eyes.”
Eye witnesses, there is another phrase they use. Holocaust, holocaust
denier, eye witnesses. Eye witness evidence. The very phrase “eye
witness” implies there was something for those eyes to witness.
Therefore for anyone to challenges those eyewitnesses is also some
kind of incorrigible twit. Eye witness news, channel 7. It exists.
Tankers burning on the Long Island expressway. Eye witness news. These
things really happen.
But eye witness reports, the only evidence that can be used against
us… the dissident historians. I think they should be called “verbal
testimony” or “oral statements” that is all they are, There is a
subtle difference between “verbal statement” on one hand, and “eye
witness report” on the other. That’s how they do it.
The other word I am going to examine before the end of my talk, is
the fourth word they’ve taken over and injected into the main stream
english language. And that is the word still written with a little
“g” genocide. It is an important word because their whole cause
revolves around that little word, “genocide”. The real crimes, not
only of WW2, but of all wars this century, and the times between the
wars isn’t genocide at all. For killing someone because of their race
or religion. That isn’t the crime that really concerns us. The real
crime is what I call “innocencecide.”. The killing of innocent people.
This is the important factor. It is so simple when you consider it.
What made the crimes of Auschwitz, or Dachau, or Bergen Belsen, or
Buchenwald, or Hiroshima, or Dresden or Coventry a crime, was the
innocence of the victims. What made the crime of Auschwitz, or what
ever happened there at Babr Yar, was not their Jewishness, but their
innocence. So why the word genocide? Well the word genocide has been
invented to limit it to crimes against people because of their race. That
way they exclude all the other people around the world who also suffered. By
implication they are not entitled to any kind of compensation.
This is what it all boils down to. This is why basically the whole
campaign has be unleashed against me, and a hand full of others, over
the last 5 or 6 years,
I deeply regret making the mistake I made in 1988 when I first took
this unexpected high road. In April 1988 when I gave evidence in a
certain case in Toronto. It was a serious mistake, I never should
have done it. Had I foreseen all this would happen to me and my
family, then I never would have taken that step. I have to admit it.
It is not one I would have willingly taken had I seen all this coming.
But the English, and I say this immodestly, we have a certain
characteristic. I remember Australian television telephoning me in
May this year, when I won another case yet against the Australian
government. Because it is a worldwide fight. The government is trying
to ban me and stop me from speaking. Australian Television which is
on my side phoned me and said “Mr. Irving, why do you keep on doing
this? Why are you spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting
the Australian government to get in and continue your lecture tour?
Why are you continuing your campaign? This crusade, this
international campaign for Real History?” The international campaign
for real history of which this is the poster (holds up a large poster
of David Irving) for the last two or thee years, around the world. I
replied to the Australian television commentator. I replied, “my
opponents have misunderstood us, they have underestimated the
English, The English march towards the sounds of gunfire, When we hear
the sounds of gunfire we start marching towards those guns and we keep
marching as long as the guns keep firing”.

If the Jewish community, internationally, against whom I personally
bear no grudge, believe me, stopped their campaign against me, then I
would stop marching. But as long as they do what they are doing in
their insensate way, and co ate(sp) way I will keep up the campaign the
way I am doing it.
And so the fight has gone on world wide. Let me tell you some of the
highlights since I last came and spoke to you here in Oregon, in
Gresham, In October 1992 two years ago, almost to the day. The first
time I had been in Oregon to speak, wonderful audience the same kind
of scum outside, hired, Someone pays them to demonstrate. These people
don’t come on their own volition. All that kind of thing takes money,
Exactly the same kind of thing happens in Ireland, and elsewhere, and
it is always the same people putting up the money to organize the
A few days after I spoke to you here in Oregon two years ago, I went
up to Victoria on Vancouver Island, and I addressed the Canadian Free
Speech League, which was good enough to award me the George Orwell
plaque for freedom of speech. In recognition of my stand up to that
point. Ten minutes after that award I was making my speech of thanks
when eight Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers burst in and
dragged me off in handcuffs. A really Orwellian scene you might
Dragged off in handcuffs and for the next three weeks I had to fight
a running battle. First of all in Vancouver. Held the first two days in
five different prisons so my own lawyer could not find me. That was
after I spoke to you here. Then over to Niagara Falls, where I was
last night, again arrested, again held in prison in Niagara Falls,
finally flung onto the floor of a prison van on November the 13th, two
years ago, then driven at high speed to Toronto airport, and put on a
plane bound for London. At the orders of the minister Bernard Belcourt
of Canada,
I know this because all across Canada I have friends, I have a lot of
friends in Canada. One of these turned out to be the man in charge of
the prison holding center at Toronto. The Pierce International
Airport, at Toronto. He said, “Mr. Irving I have left your cell door
open. I don’t believe in what is going on here. I will not have you
left in handcuffs. Until your plane comes this evening as far as i am
concerned, you are free to come and go as you please. You can use
the phone on the desk to call the radio and TV stations and the
Media.” Of course I did. I Said “why are you doing it?” and he said
“Mr. Irving that phone has been ringing itself off the hook, All day
today, I’ve had phone calls all day from the minister in person. To
notify him the moment when your plane takes off bound for London.”
This is an indication the kind of clout our enemies wield when they
can have a minister trembling, quivering, with fear, telephoning
police officers at airports demanding to know when the dreaded enemy
has left Canadian soil. And so it was in Australia too, I was supposed to go
to Australia a few months later after I spoke to you, and carry on a 6 weeks
speaking tour right across Australia in the campaign for Real History.
Banned from Australia. Not allowed to set foot in Australia. But
they underestimated us, our traditional enemy, because they made a
They had to admit at the end of three or four weeks, that
they had lost the battle of the press against David Irving, We had won
the battle because they do not control the press in Australia. Not
like they do in a large part of the United States. That’s not to say
the entire United States is controlled by these elements, But
significant parts of it is. Certainly in England, Certainly in Germany
now. Certainly in Canada. But not in Australia. The Australian press
is controlled by Rupert Murdoch and the Fairfax family. So our
traditional enemies did not get diddly. Every Australian newspaper
ran horrified editorials about what was being done to me and why I was
being kept out, and what was going on. So they began to investigate.
So they found out that these people had been bankrolling Keatings
labor party. They were the ones who had put up a large part of the
election campaign funds. They were now calling in their markers and
demanding I be kept out. So I couldn’t deliver my lectures across
Australia. But we managed to get our message across just the same.
We fought them in the Federal court in Australia and my
lawyer, in Australia a very fine man called Ed Wall, said “Mr. Irving,
assuming you lose the federal court action, why don’t you prepare a
video of the speech you would have made and we’ll get the videos
10,000 copies plastered across Australia. We’ll hold premiers in the
seven biggest cities on the day after the court finds against you. So
we did that. The court found against me in the first instance. We had
10,000 copies that video rushed in and our enemies tried to get the
video prosecuted as an unlicensed video.
An interesting thing happened. In two days we got the videos cleared
by the Australian Video Censorship Board by paying the 2,000 dollars
fee to get it rushed through in two days. A few weeks later the
Australian press reported that a member of the Australian Parliament
had asked a question in the Parliament about a hidden microphone that
had been found planted in the Video Censorship boards office by the
Israeli secret service.
This shows that we are up against governments here. There are people
not just with private vested interests, like the Simon Wiesenthal
Center in Los Angeles who are trying to suppress Real History, But
governments who have their own vital interests at stake. Are doing
what they can to silence me. And of course they wanted to know which
member of the board had voted in favor of having the video released
and whose against it. Eight had voted in favor and one in favor of
total censorship of the video. And this is basically what we are up
against world wide. People with colossal money. The Anti-Defamation
League, which is a body probably familiar to some in this room, and
certainly not unconnected with the mob outside. The Anti-Defamation
League has an annual budget of $37,000,000. At their disposal, To
prevent as it turns out Real History being put about. And yet they
are losing the battle, because last April the American public was
astonished to read in their papers that a Gallup poll had been taken
which showed that 25% of the American public didn’t believe in
holocaust, They believed that quite possibly it didn’t happen. What ever it
was. A horrifying figure. A similar poll has now been taken in Australia,
and thanks entirely to the efforts of my enemies down there 25% of the
Australians also are now having second thoughts.
Should we doubt that version of history? Well common sense dictates
that there is probably sound reason to doubt. Why else would
Hollywood make a movie called Schindler’s List? It was because the
Revisionists were gaining hand over foot in this particular debate.
It is an extraordinary thing. They say we are not to be debated.
They refuse to go on television programs with us in order to effectively to
silence us. Because television in this country insist that both sides of a
debate shall be heard. So by refusing to appear against us they effectively
silence our voice too. Except for an occasional program like the
Donnahue show.

Part 2 coming up.