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James Daugherty ([email protected]) wrote:
: Forwarded for discussion only.
: This partisan post is not endorsed by me or A-albionic Research.
: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brian Kennedy; I’m a
: fourth generation American. For all my adult life, about 30 years
: now, I have been a supporter of Sinn F#in’s chief aim: the
: reunification of Ireland.


: Martin, you could search the bookstores and libraries on both
: sides of the Atlantic, but you would not find a written history of the
: Orange Order; and there is a very good reason for that.


You wont find it on Internet either. NOt even the name. Neither will you
find the name C. I. Scofield, who wrote the Scofield reference bible used
in thousands of Christian colleges and from which most of the “world
is coming to an end and Jesus is to set up his reign” crowd reads its
nonsense. But you will not find anything on him. Try any public library
too. Talk about the memory hole. They are in it. Of course he made
Jimmie Bakker, and Jimmie Swaggart look like saints. The ONLY biography
is by Joseph Canfield. “Scofield and His Incredible Book” Cant remember
the publisher but it was not a mainline publisher you can bet..