Grosvenor William, Various 1989

1. The Edmonton Journal, Sun 13 Aug 1989, page A3, “See You In

William Grosvenor is suing Interwest Publications Ltd., Alberta Report
publisher Link Byfield, and reporter Mathew Ingram for $8.5 million.
Grosvenor claims that the magazine defamed him in articles on May 15
and July 3, injuring his reputation and damaging his business

2. The Edmonton Journal, Tue Jun 89, page B3, “Triple 5 Faces
countersuit, $50-million sought”
(Note: Triple 5 is the developer and owner of the West Edmonton Mall
and substantial other properties in Edmonton).

An Edmonton man who was sued and ordered by Triple Five Corporation
and the Ghermezian family has filed a $50 million counterclaim.

William Grosvenor nee William Gruber filed statements of defence and
claim on Monday in Court of Queen’s Bench against Triple Five Corp.
and owners Eskandar, Bahaman, Nader and Rapheal Ghermezian.

He categorically denied defaming them as they alleged in a $25 million
statement of claim against him, filed June 16.

Grosvenor asked $5 million for defamation and vexatious prosecution,
$5 million in punitive damages and $40 million for loss of business,
profits and opportunities.

He also seeks a ruling that the Triple Five Ghermezian request for a
court order, June 16, which prohibits his speaking against them or
interfering with their business, was done with malicious intent, and
infringes upon the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And he
seeks and injunction restraining Triple Five and the Ghermezians from
making statements to create prejudice against him.

3. The Edmonton Journal, Wed 13 Sep 1989, page D8 “Court Order
Broken, Triple 5 Claims”.

Triple Five Corporation claims that William Grosvenor defied a court
order, bad mouthed them to Forbes magazine – and should be cited for

Grosvenor was quoted by Forbes, Sept 4, as critizing Triple Five.

So Triple Five plans “to bring an application to have Mr. Grosvenor
coted for civil contempt”‘ said lawyer John Weir, Tuesday, in Court of
Queen’s Bench.

He claims that Grosvenor’s apparent interview with Forbes violated a
court order, issued June 16, not to make prejudicial statements
against,nor to interfere in the business of Triple Five or its owners,
Eskandar, Bahman, nader and Rapheal Ghermezian.

But Grosvenor argued that the Forbes quotes “appear to be third or
fourth party hearsay”.

Justice John M Hope refused to hear a contempt application and delayed
proceedings in a suit and countersuit between Grosvenor and Triple
Five to give Grosvenor more time to brief his new lawyer, Randy Hogle.

Grosvenor claims that numerous lawyers have refused his case because
they do or did work for Triple Five.

(snip – the Journal’s comments on the Forbes report contents )

4. The Edmonton Journal, Fri 01 Dec 1989, page F7, “Man Pledges
not to speak anti-Triple Five”

William Grosvenor has been found in contempt of a civil court order
not to speak against Triple Five Corp. or interfere in its business.

Justice Russel Dixon reprimanded Grosvenor, Thursday in Court of
Queen’ s Bench.

Grosvenor promised to cease and desist from further anti-Triple Five
communications, including any public references to “Ghermezianville” –
a term he used to describe this City.

Grosvenor also agreed to prepare an apology to Triple Five.

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