Grosvenor William, Lie jews

This topic, namely how JEWS have helped exterminate other populations
around the world, in recent memory, is definitely of relevance, and
significance to all readers of alt.revisionism.

The fact that the JEWS controlled the Soviet secret Police and engaged in
the geneocide of the Ukraine, among other atrocities such as the KATN
MASSACRE, adds credence to those who question the alleged figures
regarding Jews supposedly lost during WWII.

After all, if the JEWS have murdered many millions before WWII, how can
one believe their lies regarding supposedly lost Jews in the war?

Particularly when the respected International Red Cross stated that only
320,000 Jews were unaccounted for as a result of the war???

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Rajiv K. Gandhi wrote:
> And what, Grosvenor, you lying sack of excrement, does any of this have to
> do with the FACT of the Holocaust ? Could it be that you’ve got nothing
> better to do than to try to whip toads like Giwer and Moron ™ into a
> Jooo ™ – hating frenzy ?
> [email protected] wrote:
> > Apart from Marx and his gang all being JEWS, have you all forgotten who
> > established the precursor for the KGB, for Lenin and company?
> Let’s fave it, Grosvenor – we all know that your real agenda is hatred and
> not fact. You are an impotent little troll who enjoys making groundless
> accusations, and refusing to support them with even one shred of fact.

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