Grosvenor William, Get desi fired

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>On Thu, 19 Mar 1998 20:42:56 GMT, [email protected] wrote:
>>Complaints about Desi are to be sent to:
>>Arnaud Lagardere, CEO, who is based in Danbury,CT,USA. He wants calls
>>sent directly to him at: 203-797-3500.
>The CEO is also willing to accept E-mail complaints about Desi.
>They should be sent directly to Mr. Lagardere at:
>[email protected]
>>He is already aware of the theft of telecommunications by Desi, from
>>the Paris office.
>>The Regional manager of Grolier Interactive in Paris, is FABRICE
>>SERJEAN, who can be reached at 011-33-1-55-45-47-20. he has
>>instructions from head Office to forward complaints about Desi, and to
>>consider criminal charges under the Code Civile of France!!!!
>>One can also send E-mail complaints to M. serjean at; [email protected]
>>If enough complaints get filed, then Desi will get fired again, for
>>On Fri, 13 Mar 1998 09:19:15 -0500, “Rev. Don Kool”
>>> Although it’s off topic, when Desi’s involved, what isn’t?
>>> Desi just informed me during our morning ICQ chat (in between
>>>asking for UNIX help) that he has been able to win his job back at
>>>Grolier Interactive. Seems it took a lot of getting down on bended
>>>knee as it were, but he was able to get reinstated albeit at a lower
>>>rate of pay and with less responsibility (seems he doesn’t get to
>>>run out for coffee any more).
>>> While Desi is merely another juvenile troll with nothing
>>>substantive to contribute to this newsgroup, I still applaud his
>>>’doing what it takes’ to get his job back. Anyone that is willing
>>>to go to those lengths to retain such a mediocre job is all right in
>>>my book.
>>> When I return home from work this evening, I will be sending kudos
>>>to as wide a cross section of Grolier management as possible and
>>>congratulating them on the quality of mercy that they have shown
>>>young Coughlan. I will be sure to include a few of the postings he
>>>has made from work along with records of the lengthy transatlantic
>>>telephone calls he has made and the FAXs he has sent me so that they
>>>can fully appreciate just how merciful they have been.
>>Obviously, Don and his friends believe that even Desi deserves to be
>>criminally prosecuted under the Code Civile of France, for stealing
>>These will constitute prima faciae evidence of theft of
>>telecommunications. Desi will then be charged with CRIMINAL charges
>>under the French Code Civile, and will then enjoy his stay in a French
>>prison. French prisons are not as comforting as those in the US, but
>>perhaps Desi will enjoy them more, being what it is.
>>It sems that desi just can not stop being a thief, just as he was in
>>Scotland, until Scottish Power fired him.
>>> Good luck, Desi and welcome back to the world of the employed!
>>> Hope this helps,
>>> Don

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