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INDEPENDENCE for the 3 Western Canadian
provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan,
following a referendum in each province. This will allow
westerners to decide to stop sending billions of dollars
yearly for Ontario and Quebec.

PROPERTY RIGHTS, INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO OWN ARMS,will be enshrined in a Charter of Fundamental Freedoms. We believe
that everyone should be allowed to protect themselves and
those they love, as well as their property.

NO SPECIAL RIGHTS OR STATUS for persons based on race, ethnic origin, sexual preference, or so-called refugee status.

DEATH PENALTYto be provided for serious crimes, whether by males or females, such as for drug trafficking, multiple
murder, repeat drunk driving, sexual perverts, serious sexual
attacks, armed robbery, as well as criminal negligence
resulting in serious injury or death.

PENALTIES FOR CRIMES are to be appropriate, with
presentations by victims to be seriously considered by
Courts. White collar criminals must make complete restitution
to all their victims as a condition for release from prison.
Otherwise, additional hard time is to be added to

PAROLE BOARDS will consist of local residents of the
community where the crimes occurred. Victims are to be
encouraged to provide Impact Statements in person at all
parole hearings. Should a parolee offend while on parole,
then those Parole Board members approving the parole are to
pay to the Government at least $50,000.00 EACH, up to the
total costs of recovering and prosecuting the errant parolee.
Further, should a serious crime be committed while on parole,
in addition to the fines mentioned, those Parole Board
members approving the parole will themselves be arrested, and
imprisoned as accomplices to the crimes. It is felt that
Parole Board members must accept responsibility for their

JUSTICE is of serious concern to all good citizens.
Consequently, we feel that judges should be appointed by the
government for only up to 5 year terms. They would only be
re-appointed if they receive the approval of at least 75% of
all government members.

TAXATION will be severely limited. By law, the
Government MUST HAVE A BALANCED BUDGET at all times. DEFICITS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Only essential services will be provided by Government, thereby keeping taxes to a minimum. If other
services are requested by the public, at least a 75% majority
of all voters in a referendum will be required for additional
expenditure, with resulting increase in taxes.

INCOME TAXES would be kept to a minimum, and would be based on a fair sliding scale, the same for everyone.
Personal deductions would be allowed for the size of the
family, court approved maintenance and alimony payments,
tuition fees, donations, and excess medical costs only. For
fairness, recipients of maintenance and alimony will of
course pay tax on their income the same as everyone

CORPORATION INCOME TAXES would be based on a flat rate low tax rate for all businesses. This will encourage
businesses to make more profits in Western Canada.

FOREIGN OWNED LAND, BUILDINGS, AND BUSINESSES will be taxed at rates triple that for resident citizens of Canada
West. This will encourage locally owned businesses.

LAND can only be owned by resident citizens of Canada
West. This will prevent foreign control of our country, as
well as of its’ natural resources.

QUALITY EDUCATION is to be provided for grades 1 to
grade 12. Teachers are to be examined and graded annually, to
ensure that a high standard of excellence is the norm.
Parents would be given annual vouchers, permitting them to
select the schools best meeting their personal standards of

ADVANCED EDUCATIONwill support loans and grants to
competent students. Advanced education facilities will be
self-supporting. They will have to meet the standards and
expectations of their students, and will obviously have to
operate in an efficient businesslike manner. Students will
then have complete control of their education, since they
will have to pay the full costs. Hopefully, the students will
choose only those courses resulting in employment after
graduation. We oppose taxpayer funding for useless courses,
whether pseudo-scientific, or politically correct.

HEALTH CARE is considered to be a basic right, for basic
coverage. It is not the responsibility for taxpayer-funded
Health Care to pay for your own lifestyle choices. HEALTH
CARE WILL NOT PAY, for example, for abortions (except when
related to incest), drug related treatment, AIDS for
homosexuals treatments since this is a lifestyle choice,
alcoholism related treatment, smoking related diseases
treatment, sports related injuries treatment, or cosmetic

IMMIGRATION will be strictly regulated. Only persons
useful to the economy of Western Canada will be admitted.
Criminals, so-called economic refugees, those unable to
support themselves, those with AIDS, and those expected to be
a drain on the taxpayers will not be admitted. Sponsors of
immigrants will be required to deposit a substantial cash
bond with the Government for 10 years, to cover any costs
should the sponsored immigrant ever become a cost to
taxpayers. In fact, those costing taxpayers while not yet a
citizen should be deported to their country of origin.

NO SPECIAL STATUS FOR ANYONE whether so-called native, metis, French, so-called refugee, or homosexual or lesbian.
All normal human beings will all have the same rights, and responsibilities.

WELFARE is considered to be a privilege, and only a
right for those genuinely deserving and needy. Included as
those worthy of consideration would be some senior citizens,
victims of a natural disaster, victims of crime, as well as
those suffering from certain debilitating diseases and
permanently disabled. Employable persons under age 65 would
not receive cash if they did not otherwise qualify, but may
be given food vouchers or similar. Some may even be provided
with one-way bus tickets to another community, even out of
Western Canada. It is felt that persons should first get
assistance from those with whom they are familiar, such as
relatives, friends, neighbours, and if welfare is necessary
from the taxpayers, then work for welfare is a reasonable
situation, and a means of encouraging personal self-reliance.

UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE will not exist as a form of
Government welfare. Individuals will be able to make their
own personal choice, as to whether to obtain personal income
insurance, through free enterprise companies. Personal
lifestyle choices will openly discourage those who feel that
they are owed a living, as parasites, from the state.

supported financially at taxpayer expense. Canada West is an
English speaking country. Groups wishing to support their own
cultures and/or languages may do so by obtaining funds from
their supporters.

ARTS & CULTURE are deemed to be personal in nature, since individuals should be free to make their own choices in
their tastes for arts and culture. GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT
obtain funding from those who wish to support them.

SPORTS are deemed to be free enterprise businesses and as such WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY FINANCIAL SUPPORT FROM THE GOVERNMENT. Those wishing to support sports groups are free
to do so, without burdening taxpayers.

MORALITY will be based on the Judeo-Christian
philosophy, which is similar to that of the world’s major
religions and philosophies. No special rights are to be
allowed for perverts and deviants. FAMILIES are recognised
only if a couple consists of a properly legally married male
and female, in the traditional family format.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH & FREEDOM OF THE PRESS are guaranteed, provided that no offence relating to pornography,
sexual deviation, criminal offences or other acts prohibited
by law are thereby committed. Thoughtful consideration of
alternative philosophies is to be encouraged, within the
above reasonable parameters.

REFERENDUM & RECALL will be constitutionally
guaranteed, so that you will always have absolute control
over the persons you elected. Changes in laws affecting any
rights, or affecting taxes of any sort will require a 75%
majority in a referendum to implement a new law, or change to
an existing law affecting rights or taxes.

An elected member of the government can be recalled by
his constituents, if 50% plus 1 in number of those eligible
to vote in his/her constituency feel that their member no
longer represents their wishes.

A TWO PART LEGISLATURE with the Commons to be elected by population, with the same approximate number of voters per constituency.

The Senate will be elected by region, and will be equal
per region. Senators would only sit for a maximum of 2 terms,
of 5 years.