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Western Canada, especially Edmonton, is being reported in the media as
the latest crisis area for thefts, particularly of Registered Mail.

Apparently, senior staff in the main post office have been helping
themselves to mail of value, even including Registered mail.

So far, only one person has been charged, and convicted in Court.

Even the media have had to admit, that the thefts are still
continuing, so it is obvious that the senior thieves have still not
been arrested.

Governments overseas have been forced to intervene in connection with
the ongoing thefts from and to Edmonton, Canada.

Coming on the heels of the stupid mail strike just before Christmas,
it seems Canada Post just does not give a damn about delivering the

That only a few of the staff, probably MANAGEMENT types, are the
culprits makes it difficult for those who are really honest workers in
Canada Post. It seems further, that management of Canada Post just
want to hush up, and cover up, the ongoing thefts.

No wonder the actual working staff are becoming demoralised, what with
the managers doing all the stealing!!!

If you also are a victim of theft from the mails through western
Canada, you should be contacting the following:

Anthony Jewells
Director – Corporate Security
Canada Post Corporation

Telephone to: 204-987-5716

If he is not in, then deal with Mike Pushke, his deputy.

Also, be sure to send copies of your complaint to the following;
Ms.D.Gray – Deputy Leader of the Reform Party of Canada

She is handling many complaints of thefts from the mail, even of
Registered items!!!!

No postage is needed if mailed in Canada

Canadian news media are now reporting on a letter, which took more
20 years until recently delivered!!! Canada Post refused to comment,
as usual.

What other countries have had mail from and through Edmonton Canada

Now, you have people to contact regarding the thefts, plus you can
post your complaints here.

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