Grosvenor Part 3, 1996

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Tim Nye wrote:

>Anyway, in it he claimed that Ron Hayter blames him for the loss of 48,000
>jobs. The obvious answer is that there is a connection between his claim of
>having “owned many businesses”, and his boast about putting people out of

48,000 people out of work? That’d be more than 10% of the Edmonton

>However, as much as Mr. Grosvenor continues to amaze us all, I’m sure that
>even he could not have ruined that many businesses.
>So can anyone enlighten us on who Ron Hayter is, and why he would blame Mr.
>Grosvenor for such a great loss of jobs?

Ron Hayter spent 24 years as an alderman with the Edmonton city
council before retiring (not seeking re-election) last election. I
have no idea why Hayter would blame Grosvenor for anything — assuming
he did in the first place… (This seems unlikely.)

>mentioning he is now considering emigration to Australia or New Zealand.

Good luck! Australia is difficult to immigrate into — and the older
the applicant, the harder it gets. A friend of mine looked into it
recently — his brother owns a small business near Brisbane, so my
friend would have a job and a place to live GUARANTEED. He still
didn’t have enough points to qualify.

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