Grosvenor hussles for women

References: [email protected] Tim Nye writes:

>So what could turn William “I’ll do anything to put the Jewish Ghermezians
>out of business” Grosvenor into William “can I please kiss your lovely
>Jewish behinds again” Grosvenor?

Oops. My mistake. This line:

William “can I please kiss your lovely Jewish behinds again” Grosvenor

should be:

William “MAY I please kiss your lovely Jewish behinds again” Grosvenor

>So what is it, Mr. Grosvenor, which has caused your lip-prints to be left
>all over the Ghermezians’ butts?

You’ve been rather silent in response to this question, Mr. Grosvenor.
What’s the matter? The wife shorten your leash? (Oh well, I guess that’s
the price you have to pay to live under her roof, eh?)

Oh, BTW, does your wife know about this little cyber-indiscretion:

:Subject: Mature Ladies – correspond?
:From: william grosvenor
:Date: 1996/02/04
:Message-Id: <[email protected]>
:Newsgroups: soc.penpals
:56 year old, mature professional presently living in frozen northern
:Canada, invites correspondence either e-mail, or snail mail from mature
:Am not interested in marriage, but will consider alternatives,even in
:other countries.
:Age of lady from approximately 45 to ???? – should be reasonably
:attractive,even if not looking like a teenager,since I admit I do not
:look like Sean Connery.
:I can also correspond in German. Man kann mir sogar auf Deutsch
:Looking forward to replies from interested,mature ladies.
:William Grosvenor, 9208 – 137 Avenue, REDMONTON – Alberta, CANADA T5E 1Y5

You *don’t* look like Sean Connery? [Haw! Haw! Haw!]


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