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2. January 13, 1996
News Release:
James ‘Bo’ Gritz Arrested in Cleveland by Federal F.B.I. Agents

Bo Gritz, the nationally popular symbol of the patriot movement
was arrested here in the Cleveland area around noon time today
Saturday, the 13th of January, 1996. The retired Lt. Col. Green
Beret was in Cleveland by invitation to speak at a west side
patriot rally. Mr Gritz was arrested without a warrant by a
contingent of federal agents in the parking lot of a local
motel. Also arrested along with Mr. Gritz was a local militia
member who was to transport Mr. Gritz to the scheduled event.

Bo Gritz had arrived in the Cleveland area Thursday
morning and was staying at an undisclosed hospitality. Being
the most decorated soldier during Viet Nam, a hero of the
veterans, champion for the still missing Prisoners of War of
Southeast Asia and Populist Party Presidential candidate in 1992
Bo Gritz has become the center of federal investigations and
apparent repeated harassment.

Meanwhile, back at the rally, 300 plus attendees to the
free function sat and listened to the other scheduled speakers,
all the while turning to the rear of the hall looking to see if
the keynote speaker had arrived yet. One by one the others
concluded until late in the day an organizer took to the podium
to make a difficult announcement. With visible trepidation and
cautious wording it was announced that Bo Gritz had been taken
into federal detention without a warrant and was being held ‘for
questioning’. The phrase “Lets Go!” was heard several times
within the crowd. Information was sketchy at best as to were
exactly Mr. Grist and his escort were being held. It was learned
that the two men were being held in a special section of the
Justice Center. Twelve cells are set aside within the counties
jurisdiction for the detention of federal suspects. This is
required because the federal government has no actual
jurisdiction in the state and as such must use county sheriff’s
facilities, the only lawful ‘police’ in the state. Technically
all federal actions must occur with the knowledge and consent
of the local county sheriff.

Among those in attendance at the rally was a sizable
representation of the One Supreme Common Law Court of ohio. It
was determined that the action necessary was to hold an
immediate session of Court right there at the hall, convene a
Common Law Jury and judicate a writ of Habeas Corpus to demand
the release of the two men. Quickly a lap top computer was
produced where the legal documents required were composed.
Someone produced a laserjet printer and the writ was finalized.

A jury of twelve men and three alternates were selected
and sworn in under oath to the bible, the Common Law’s only true
book of Law. A video camera recorded the entire proceedings.
All men raising their right hand and taking there oath to God.
The writ was read out loud and a vote was passed to proceed with
the action naming the federal F.B.I. and the County Sheriff as
the wrongful parties. All fifteen of the men signed the

These proceedings, although quickly convened, did take
some time and it was nearing eleven o’clock at night before all
the necessary procedures had been concluded. All but one, that
is. This writ to secure these men’s release still had to be
served to the sheriff, or his representative, down at the county
lock-up at the Justice Center. It was at this point that this
observer decided to record this evenings event rather than
follow the Common Law Court downtown.

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In <[email protected]> [email protected] (Don
Cline) writes:
>[email protected] (Jol Andrew Silversmith) wrote:
>>In article <[email protected]>, Charles Sparks
>>> January 13, 1996
>>> News Release:
>>> James ‘Bo’ Gritz Arrested in Cleveland by Federal F.B.I.
>>> Bo Gritz, the nationally popular symbol of the patriot movement
>>> Being
>>> the most decorated soldier during Viet Nam, a hero of the
>>> veterans, champion for the still missing Prisoners of War of
>>> Southeast Asia and Populist Party Presidential candidate in 1992
>>And a white supremacist, BTW. David Duke was the Populist Party
>>for President in 1988, and it was not Gritz’s Vietnam record that led
>>to be the mediator in the 1992 Randy Weaver standoff…
>No. it wasn’t. It was the fact that Gritz was Randy Weaver’s
>commanding officer at Bragg. Even at that, Gritz and Jack McLamb had
>to wait days and enter into serious legal work to force the FBI to let
>them mediate, because all the FBI wanted to do was murder Weaver.
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Who is Charles Sparks and why is he
spreading disinformation on the net?
In a recent post here, someone calling
himself “Charles Sparks” put up a message to
the effect that Col. Bo Gritz had been
arrested in Cleveland, Ohio. Follow-up with
Bo’s people has disclosed that he was not
even IN Cleveland, but in Denver and is NOT
Several possibilities come to mind:
1. Sparks (or whoever he is) has gotten
ahold of some really bad peyote;
2. Sparks is delusional and/or has just
completed a creative writing course and
wanted to give it a shot;
3. Sparks is an agent provocatuer working
for the feds trying to stir up the troops
for some sort of manufactured confrontation.
For more on this bogus “story” about “Bo’s
Bust”, listen to Jack McLamb’s show tonight
(1/15/96) at 8 pm EST at 5745 on the
shortwave band (World Harvest Radio)