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FRONT MAN FOR FASCISM: “Bo” Gritz and the Racist Populist Party

A Background Research Report
by People Against Racist Terror (PART), Burbank, California
Copyright 1992, PART

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FRONT MAN FOR FASCISM: “Bo” Gritz and the Racist Populist Party

Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. “Bo” Gritz and his
supporters must know the truth of this bit of country common

Yet four years ago, Bo Gritz (rhymes with Knights)
accepted a nomination to run for Vice-President of the United
States on a ticket with “former” Ku Klux Klan grand dragon
David Duke, from the Populist Party. And now, Bo is preparing
to run as the Populist Party candidate for President in 1992. In
1988, Bo had the good sense to resign from the ticket and run for
Congress from Nevada instead. But even as neo-nazi David
Duke parlayed the credibility he got from his Populist
presidential run into electoral success in Louisiana as a
Republican, Bo Gritz has attached himself irrevocably to the
Populist Party as its candidate for President.

In recent years, Gritz has re-established a good deal of
the credibility he lost several years ago after his naked self-
promotion for an abortive “raid” on south-east Asia. He claimed
he was going to find and free MIA’s supposedly still held
captive. Whereas then, Gritz directed most of his fund-raising
efforts at the Hollywood right, like Clint Eastwood and William
Shatner, he has recently been focusing his speaking and fund-
raising activities in California and elsewhere around the
country more at progressives and others concerned about
George Bush and the New World Order. Gritz has been
speaking out about his discoveries of CIA involvement in heroin
trading in south-east Asia and his awareness while heading
Green Beret counter-insurgency efforts in Latin America of
similar involvement in cocaine dealing.

As a result, he has been developing a wide audience, and
to some degree a following, among opponents of U.S.
intervention in the Third World. Leftists and even pacifists, who
would otherwise be extremely suspicious of this militarist, have
gone to hear him speak and been impressed by his exposes of
government double-dealing and corruption. He has had
substantial air-time on Pacifica radio; representatives of groups
such as the Christic Institute have made joint appearances
with him. Now, Gritz is trying to influence such people into
supporting his Populist Party presidential bid.

The Populist Party, in spite of its friendly, democratic
sounding name, is an amalgamation of “former” Klansmen,
nazis, and other racist far-right wingers that was cobbled
together in 1984 with the support of Willis Carto, long
considered an anti-Semite and Hitler apologist, and his Liberty
Lobby. Carto was a member of the Populists’ National Executive
Committee from its inception. The Party’s first presidential
candidate in 1984, Rev. Bob Richards, virtually ceased
campaigning in embarrassment over the racist nature of the
party apparatus. Duke, its 1988 nominee, of course had no such
misgivings. Its first chairman, Robert Weems, a former
Mississippi KKK leader, described its strategy; “We Populists
have adopted a tri-partisan approach… we share with Lyndon
LaRouche…, within both major parties and through the
Populist Party itself.” (Lyndon LaRouche is another neo-nazi
political figure backed by Carto who is now in federal prison.)

Carrying out this strategy, the KKK/Populist David Duke
ran in the Democratic Presidential primaries, then in the
general election as a Populist, then in a special election in
Louisiana as a Republican. He used the notoriety, name
recognition, and national fund-raising base he built with the
Populists to win a seat in the state legislature and espouse his
“sanitized” racism. Even after winning office as a Republican
in 1989, Duke met with the Populists, including such party
stalwarts as Chicago nazi leader Art Jones. “Bo” has been
following the same multi-party strategy. Even after he resigned
from the Populist ticket with Duke in 19888, to run in the
Republican primary in Nevada, he wrote to the party, “I intend
to offer the Populist Party platform in my campaign, and carry
it forward in public office.” Luckily, he lost in the primary.
What is the Populist Party platform and who are the
Populist leaders? Racism and racists, only thinly disguised.
Don Wassall, the Pennsylvania state chairman who became
National Executive Director and now is locked in a power
struggle with Carto–the latest in a series of faction fights over
control of party finances–used the party’s newspaper, the
Populist Observer, to reprint explicitly racist material from the
“National Democratic Front,” an avowed white supremacist
group based in Maryland.

Ralph Forbes, who ran Duke’s Populist Campaign, is
another “ex” nazi and “ex” Klansman, who then switched
parties to run for office in Arkansas. While with the Populists,
he ran a “Christian Identity”-oriented radio ministry called
“The Sword of Christ.” He recently filed suit to prevent a
medical school in his state from teaching about abortions.
Forbes continues to be closely associated with the Knights of the
Ku Klux Klan leader Thom Robb, who recently declared that the
KKK intends to train “one thousand David Dukes.”

Van Loman, who chaired the Ohio chapter of the Populist
Party, and ran under its banner for the Cincinnati City Council,
was formerly the Grand Dragon of the Ohio Knights of the Ku
Klux Klan.

Jerry Pope, once the state Populist chair in Kentucky,
was an organizer of the National States Rights Party, the
segregationist, anti-semitic grouping led by convicted
Birmingham church bomber J.B. Stoner. (Interestingly, when
Duke switched to the Republicans and won a seat in the
Louisiana legislature, his opponent, endorsed by the “official”
Republican apparatus from Reagan and Bush on down, had
also been a member of the racist NSRP.)

In Washington State, in 1989, the United Front Against
Fascism held several successful demonstrations against the
Populists, thwarting their efforts to obtain ballot status in one
county. As a result, anti-racist organizers received death
threats, The Christian Sons of Liberty, an “Identity” group
central to Populist organizing there, put out viscous red-baiting
and anti-gay attacks on UFAF leaders. The CSL published
home addresses of UFAF organizers, in a clear attempt to
foment violence.

Locally in California, the Populist Part is cut from the
same mold. California has always been one of the strongest
state affiliates of the Populists. David Duke raised 11% of the
funds for his Louisiana legislative race in California. Half the
money for his gubernatorial campaign came from outside of
Louisiana, much of it from California. Local leaders of the
Populists have included former San Fernando/Simi Valley
Klan leader Dennis Hilligoss, and Harbor-area nazi activist Joe
Fields, an associate of Nazi party chieftain Stan Witek and Tom
Metzger of WAR (White Aryan Resistance). Fields is, in fact, a
member of the party’s National Executive Committee.

Behind the Gritz campaign, the Populists have become
the most active neo-nazi group in southern California, and are
successfully uniting a variety of racists in their ranks. This
year, the Populists have sponsored several programs in Orange
County, one featuring John Tyndall, leader of the neo-nazi
National Front in England. Another spotlighted the impeached
ex-governor of Arizona, Evan Mecham, whose reactionary
forces have allied with fundamentalist preacher Pat Robertson
to take over the Republican Party in his home state. Among the
participants at the Populist parlay was Kim Badynski, head of
the virulent Northwest Knights of the Ku Klux Klan based in
Washington State. In Ventura County and up north to Alameda
County, the California Populists have held party meetings to
commemorate Aldolf Hitler’s birthday. Such Populist
organizing legitimizes the fear and hatred of the privileged for
the oppressed that generates hate crime.

The danger of the Populists and the Gritz campaign is
not that he will win the presidency. As of this writing, the
Populists have not yet achieved ballot status in any state;
(although here in California, they will presumably run under
the American Independent banner, a recognized state party
still on the ballot since running George Wallace for President in
the sixties). The real danger is that the Populists will succeed in
further legitimizing racist and anti-semitic politics. They have
a long-range goal, of unifying Christian rightists and Christian
patriots, anti-abortionists and anti-semites, into an apparatus
dominated by neo-nazis. With Gritz, they have the added bonus
at the same time of coopting or at least disarming progressive
forces that would have otherwise have exposed and opposed
them. Unifying with Gritz would inevitably discredit the white
left with the movements for immigrants rights, Black
empowerment, women’s liberation and gay and lesbian dignity.

No one concerned about conspiracies and abuse of
government power, about spiritual development or the survival
of the planet, should offer the racist and fascistic oriented
Populist Party a shred of legitimacy. The Ku Klux Klan has
always been the number one racist conspiratorial group in U.S.
history, seeking power to carry out its divisive and destructive
program. The Populist Party is the latest hood these night
riders have put on to mask their identities so they can win
popular support for carrying out their racist terror. DON’T BE

The problem with “Bo” Gritz’s Populist candidacy is not
merely one of guilt by association with neo-nazis. Gritz himself
openly embraces the Populists’ politics of anti-semitism,
racism, anti-immigrant hysteria and anti-gay bigotry. As
criticism has begun to emerge of the Populists, Gritz has
claimed in his speaking engagements that he has “cleaned
house” since the Duke days. But this is an outright lie. Joe
Fields, for example, the open neo-nazi who heads the Populists
in L.A., is also a current national officer of the Party. What’s
more, Gritz’s connections to racists and anti-semites extend
beyond the ranks of the Populist Party itself.

For example, Gritz is a member of the board of the
Populist Action Committee (PAC), established by Willis Carto of
the Spotlight. Although Carto is on the outs with the current
leadership of the Populist Party, accusing them of financial
mismanagement, he supports Gritz, and Gritz in turn supports
the PAC’s approach of backing sympathetic Democrats and
Republicans as well as Populists. While many of Gritz’s
southern California speaking appearances seem directed at
progressives, the bulk of his organizing and speech-making is
carried out through the apparatus of the “Christian Identity”
movement, which preaches that Anglo-Americans are the true
“chosen people” of the Bible, that Jews are satan-spawn, and
that non-whites are “pre-Adamic,” that is, sub-human. The
Coalition for Human Dignity in Portland, OR has documented
the involvement of the so-called “Christian Patriot” Identity
churches in the Gritz campaign in that state, as well as
participation by nazi skins.

In particular, Gritz is closely tied to the Rev. Pete Peters,
a national leader of Christian Identity based in Ft. Collins, CO.
Gritz has spoken at Peters’ “Scriptures for America” Rocky
Mountain Bible Retreat, also attended by such noted anti-
semites as “Col.” Jack Mohr and by KKK defense attorney Kirk
Lyons. Lyons’ Patriotic Defense Foundation has represented
nazi boneheads, the Order white supremacy underground
sedition defendants, and is now coordination Tom Metzger’s
appeal of his liability for the nazi skin killing of an Ethiopian
refugee. Gritz has spoken at similar Christian Identity
gatherings in the northwest, in Nampa, Idaho, and in North
Carolina, where he has shared the rostrum with neo-nazis.

The connection to Mohr and Peters is particularly
striking because the two were part of the incident which
precipitated the murderous birth of the “Order” or “Bruder
Schweigen,” a neo-nazi underground, in the early 1980’s.
Richard Mathews and David Lane, the founders of this
clandestine, para-military outfit, hooked up at Peter’s La Porte
based “church.” And it was the humiliation of Jack Mohr, a
guest of Peter’s in Colorado, by Denver talk show host Alan
Berg, which prompted the Order conspirators to execute Berg
and initiate their reign of racist terror. (This incident was
dramatized in the films “Talk Radio” and “Betrayed.”) Mohr,
meanwhile, has been promoting the Populist Party since its
inception through his para-military network, the Christian
Patriots Defense League.

In a speech to Peter’s retreat, Gritz acknowledged that
the money to print his self-published campaign autobiography,
“Called to Serve,” came from Rev. Peters. “Called to Serve”
spells out Gritz’s own far-right views pretty clearly. He refers to
the “Rockefeller/Rothschild” Federal Reserve System as being
controlled by “seven Jewish families.” This is not a momentary
aberration or a slip of the tongue. At his “Call for Action ’90”
conference in Nevada, Gritz featured the anti-semitic views of
Eustace Mullins in analyzing the Federal reserve, and he
distributes the work of Mullins, who was a supporter of Erza
Pound and the Italian fascists. Reflecting his Christian Identity
beliefs, Gritz refers to America in “Called to Serve” as “the new
Zion,” and white Christians as “the gathering tribes of Israel.”

These views are also reflected and expressed in Gritz’s
own campaign literature for his Populist candidacy. In a four-
page brochure signed and authorized by Gritz, the ex-Green
Beret couches his program less in electoral than in
revolutionist terms. “We can, we will, we must oust ‘the’
government and restore ‘our’ sovereignty. We need a second
American Revolution.” The racist nature of this revolutionism
is evident in the rest of the platform he puts forward. Referring
to his enemy as “seditious bankers” and “satanic globalists,”
Gritz pledges to “derail their plans and send them back into the
abyss.” The platform is full of xenophobia and racism. “It’s
time to return America to the Americans,… halt the illegal
immigration that is turning America into a Third World
country,… end affirmative action,… end this country’s decedent,
degenerate ways. I’ve spent my life fighting for America, and
now it’s time to fight again. Will you be a part of my grassroots

This militaristic rhetoric, wrapped in thinly-veiled code
words for anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, and homophobia, is
an invitation to his followers to engage in cross-burnings, gay-
bashings and vandalism. Nor does Gritz try to separate himself
from the party as a whole. He specifically tries to develop “coat-
tails” in his campaign literature, calling on his backers to
support other Populist candidates for state and local offices.

The Populists have been using Gritz’s candidacy to step up
their racist organizing all around the country. PART learned
about the Populists’ L.A. organizing and its local anti-
immigrant, anti-semitic activities while distributing a leaflet
headed “Bo Knows the Truth About the Racist Populist Party,” at
an appearance by Gritz at the L.A. airport Hilton.

Typically, that event was sponsored not by the Populists
themselves, but by a local “new age” bookstore, Mandala Books,
which has been running a conspiracy lecture series. They invited
the Christic Institute to have a table after becoming worried
about Bo’s racist and rightist affiliates. But the Populists also
had a table at the event, and were out in force. They began anti-
Jewish harassment of the anti-racist activist who was
distributing the expose of their racist nature, calling him
alternately a Communist and an agent of the Mossad (Israeli
espionage), and saying he looked like Jewish attorney Alan
Dershowitz. Many of the several hundred people drawn to the event
were evidently disturbed by the Populists’ tactics, and
questioned Gritz about his connections with them during the
event. Gritz defended the party and was more open about his won
rightist politics than he has been in the past.

PART exposed and demonstrated outside a gathering of the
Populists at the Hastings Ranch public library in Pasadena, CA in
September. They were meeting to plan a “Borderwatch”
demonstration for later in the month. They had a speaker from a
group called “Stop Immigration Now,” which has been involved with
“Light Up the Border” demonstrations in San Diego. Another
planned speaker, an Arab doctor who went on a delegation to
Jordan led by Nord Davis, a white racist from North Carolina who
was opposed to the Gulf War, canceled after PART exposed the
meeting and the racist nature of the Populists. We expressed
outrage that the Populists would be promoting anti-immigrant
hysteria on the eve of Mexican independence day, and propagating
anti-semitism in the midst of the Jewish high holidays. The
following month, the Populists met at the library again under
heavy police guard. Five counter-demonstrators were arrested, and
several brutally wrestled down and struck by police in riot gear.

A contingent of about half a dozen Black men associated with
the Self Determination Committee have attended the Populist
events in Pasadena. The Self-Determination Committee, run by a
Black pseudo-nationalist named Robert Brock, has been prominently
allying itself with white supremacist in southern California for
several years. Brock’s most notable association has been with
Daniel Johnson, author of the so-called Pace Amendment to the
Constitution, which would restrict U.S. citizenship to people of
northern European extraction. The Populists have picked up
members from the pace Amendment Advocates, which closed its
Glendale, CA headquarters after Johnson moved to Montana to run
for Congress. They also seem to be emphasizing the anti-Jewish
and anti-immigrant aspects of their politics to cement an
alliance of convenience with Brock’s group. Fields tries to cite
this opportunistic alliance to claim that the Populists are not

Told they had to put up a bond to cover the costs of police
protection and that they could not exclude people from the
library, the Populists tried to meet elsewhere. In November, the
Populists’ youth front group, Students for America, tried to
sponsor a Populist-inspired conference at Pasadena City College
Featuring Fields, Brock and a speaker from the American
Independent Party (the right-racist group with ballot status in
California which ran both George Wallace and unreconstructed
white racist Lester Maddox for president). The college canceled,
evidently for reasons of security, after the nature of the
gathering was exposed. (PCC students had been among those
arrested at the library demonstrations.) The Populists then tried
to secure the meeting hall of the American Friends Service
Committee in Pasadena under false pretenses. The AFSC also
canceled when they were informed of who it actually was trying to
rent their facility.

The youth group which fronted for the Populists in Pasadena,
“Students for America,” is also organizing on at least one other
campus in this area. Students for America was set up nationally
as the shell of a youth formation for the Populists but now seems
to be taking on a real existence. The chapter at Cal State
University in Northridge, scene of several reason {{sic}} hat
incidents directed against lesbians and gays, Jews and Mexicans,
planned to bring embattled L.A. police chief Daryl Gates to the
campus to speak on Wednesday, Nov. 13. Gates canceled at noon on
the day of his scheduled appearance, supposedly because of fears
of security problems, after students from the BSU, MEChA and
SQUISH, a new lesbian and gay group, planned to demonstrate.
Stefan Khachaturian, who described himself as a regional
coordinator for Students for America, vowed that Gates would come
to speak to a private, closed meeting of the group. Students for
America is also reportedly organizing in the “Inland Empire” area
of Riverside and San Bernardino counties, east of Los Angeles.


The head of the L.A. County chapter of the Populists, also a
member of its national executive committee, who chaired the
Pasadena meeting, is Joe Fields. One Joe Fields in national
leadership is more than enough to discredit any political
formation, and Fields is typical, not exceptional, in the ranks
of the Populists. Fields has been a nazi activist of long-
standing in the L.A. Harbor area. He has also become a national
“footnote” to the story of David Duke’s campaign for governor of
Louisiana, after a tape recorded interview with Fields and Duke
was widely circulated. On the tape, Fields openly asserted his
nazi identity and beliefs, such as that the Jews deserve
“everything they get, even extermination,” while Duke admonishes
him to be more discreet. It’s ironic that Fields, who boasts on
the tape that he would “never deny” he is a nazi, now is denying
it, having taken Duke’s advice to heart. Fields specifically
opposes democracy on the tape, noting that it allows “anything
that can claim to be human to vote.” His speech is riddled with
references to “kikes” and “niggers.” Now Fields professes to be a
supporter of the Bill of Rights, but on the tape he declares
matter of factly that he would suppress any speech that he deems
not in the interest of the white race.

Like David Duke, Fields has made a career since his youth of
his neo-nazi politics. On the tape he expresses the admiration he
has had for Hitler and the nazis ever since he saw war movies as
a little boy. While a student at L.A. Harbor College, Fields ran
a series of articles in the student newspaper calling the
Holocaust a hoax, some taken without attribution from right-wing
publications. He was disciplined for meeting on campus with Tom
Metzger to plan the distribution of “holo-Hoax” material.

Later, openly acknowledging his nazi affiliation, Fields
joined three other nazi party members in wearing swastikas into
an Oktoberfest celebration at a German restaurant. The nazis were
expelled after refusing to remove the nazi regalia (and because
the bathroom had been vandalized with nazi graffiti on their
previous visit.) Fields sued, represented by the ACLU, and won.
(On the gape, Fields refers to his defenders as the “ACL-Jew”.)
One of Fields’ co-plaintiffs in the swastika case, nazi party
chieftain Stan Witek, was convicted on weapons and assault
charges and more recently for conspiracy for burning crosses in
L.A. along with Tom Metzger during this same period of time.
Fields himself got into a brawl with Jewish activists at a City
Council action in 1988 on the swastika case.

After “leaving” the nazis, Fields was closely associated
with the Institute for Historical Review, set up to question
Hitler’s genocide by Willis Carto, publisher of the Spotlight and
founder of the Populist Party. He married a South African woman.
Like David Duke, who underwent plastic surgery, Fields has
changed his appearance; he has trimmed down from a weight that
once exceeded 300 pounds. But neither man has changed his white
supremacist politics. Remember – a vote for “Bo” Gritz is a vote
for Joe Fields and the politics of hate he represents.

PART is planning a continuing campaign against Gritz and the
Populists. Gritz and such backers of his as Craig Hulet (a/k/a
K>C. De Pass) have been getting a lot of air time on KPFK here in
L.A. and other Pacifica Stations. His material has been reprinted
and promoted by the progressive oriented conspiracy catalog from
Prevailing Winds Research in Santa Barbara. Hulet, who also has
been involved in Spotlight and Liberty Lobby circles, claims to
be apolitical but against racism himself, and to have his
disagreements with Gritz. Yet he is urging the left to disregard
or mute criticism of Gritz, claiming such criticisms are really
coming from George Bush and the “globalists.” Gritz returned the
favor by promoting a Hulet meeting in Seattle in October 1991.
The PWR promo for Gritz’s literature includes a pamphlet by long-
time anti-semite Eustice Mullins. The Christic Institute, for
another example, allowed itself to be used to give Gritz
credibility, at the same time that it presents itself as an anti-
racist organization.

After several exposes and criticism of this connection,
Christic has begun to back away from Gritz. They issued a
somewhat self-contradictory disclaimer of their involvement.
After saying that Christic “does not form alliances with racist
or anti-semitic extremists,” Sara Nelson, the national director
of the Christic Institute in a letter to In These Times objecting
to an article documenting Christic participation in Gritz-
sponsored activities, goes on to say, “we can be accused of not
having severed our relationship with him earlier than we did.”
Christic needs to more forthcoming about what that
“relationship” was, and why they were unaware of this years-long
involvement with the Populists. Even in this letter, Nelson says
only that “the charges against Gritz, if true, are extremely
serious.” In reprinting the letter in their own newsletter,
Christic frames it with the assertion that they had no formal
relationship with Gritz and were “saddened and shocked” to hear
of his affiliation.

In another chilling example, progressives associated with
“Vox Populi,” an attempted anti-intervention coffee-house in the
Venice area, helped a local activist who calls himself “Tom
Reveille” to start up a “pirate” radio station, a mini-
transmitter not covered by the FCC. Reveille turned out to be a
follower of Willis Carto, the notorious anti-semite. He has
received funds with which to continue broadcasting from Carto,
and devotes his air time to questioning the Holocaust. Reveille
has admitted meeting with Joe Fields and with open members of the
Nazi Party. Meanwhile, programmers at KPFK and KPFA continue to
grant substantial air time to Gritz and other who advocate an
alliance of the left and right (including racists) against George
Bush, while denying access to their air to researchers and
activists who would expose these dangerous developments.

The “new age” movement is another area where Gritz, the
Populists, and other racists have been recruiting. The Alexandria
II bookstore in Pasadena has held a book-signing party for Gritz,
to peddle “Called to Serve.” It has distributed “Phoenix
Express,” a bizarre “new age” publication with supposedly
“channeled” writing from spirits which support Gritz and have
regurgitated the vicious anti-semitic forgery “Protocols of the
Elders of Zion.” Mandala Bookstore in Santa Monica, despite
expressing misgivings about the Populists, continues to sponsor
Gritz and other similar speakers, mixed in with John Stock well
or Daniel Sheehan as if there were no distinction.

Another area of intense Gritz/Populist recruitment is among
“conspiracy buffs.” The Spotlight crowd, through Carto’s
“Noontide Press,” has always mixed claims of CIA double-dealing
with theories about Jewish/Masonic domination. Thus Willis Carto
has promoted Mark Lane’s conspiracy theories about the Kennedy
assassination and rightist Fletcher Prouty’s “insider” exposes of
the CIA; Craig Hulet relies on Anthony Sutton, whose books are
mainly marketed by neo-nazi, for a critique of the Trilateral
Commission. Some people are swallowing this bait, and getting
hooked for the rest of the Populist politics. Prevailing Winds
Research’s catalog continues to offer Gritz’s material without
any disclaimer or warning, as if it were equivalent to the anti-
imperialist analyses of Michael Parenti or the anti-fascist
exposes by Russ Bellant which they also offer. Groups in
Portland, Colorado, San Francisco, and L.A., are marketing video
and audio tapes of Gritz and/or Hulet on a similarly co-equal
basis with those of anti-war and anti-imperialist speakers. This
is highly irresponsible.

Progressives and anti-racists must draw a clear line that
exposes and condemns Gritz and his racist and neo-fascist allies
in the Populist Party. The Christic Institute, for example, needs
to recognize that the “unity” Gritz and the Populists are talking
about is the same unity as that of the nazi-klan united front
which took the lives of five anti-klan protesters in Greensboro,
North Carolina — a case where Christic represented the families
of those killed by the nazis. Christic’s association with Gritz
and the rest of the racist Populists, even if unwitting, is an
unjustifiable insult to the memory of those martyrs and must end
immediately and totally. Christic should join the campaign to
expose Bo’s campaign for the fascist vehicle it is. Christic
should take the lead in condemning the Gritz campaign, rather
than demanding retractions from those who have raised criticisms
and concerns. It should share frankly and self-critically with
its followers in the process of deception and rationalization by
which it was hoodwinked, so that other can escape the same fate.

For more information about the campaign to oppose Gritz and
the Populists, contact PART, People Against Racist Terror, P.O.
Box 1990, Burbank CA 91507

From: NLG Civil Liberties Committee
Subject: Complete PART report on Bo Gritz

/* Written 9:28 am Sep 20, 1992 by cberlet in cdp:publiceye */
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