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Steve Crocker [email protected] writes:

>I see no reason to question the facts in Richard Hatch’s
>informative article, which appears to show beyond any reasonable
>doubt that Bo Gritz collaborates with groups which have explicit
>racism as part of their agenda…

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Let’s explore the concept a little further.

Gritz the Populist

Willis A. Carto was a founding member of the Populist Party
National Executive Committee. In the book _Profiles in Populism_
[Flag Press, 1982] Carto wrote:

“Populism is the only social, economic, and political system
which withstands the destructive and degenerative effects of
modern, industrial society on family, nation, race, and

A stable society develops and thrives when populist
principles are applied because the primacy of the nation,
culture, family, people, and race in public policy is
ensured; to the survival and growth of all of these, all
other considerations are subordinate…

But just as there are hereditary differences in
intelligence and ability among children in any classroom, so
are there differences between related larger groups, such as
races, or ethnic groups within a racial whole.

Carto’s Populism rejects “integration” in favor of “racial

Gritz writes a column called _The Colonel’s Corner_ for his
_Center for Action_ newsletter. The November 1992 issue of the
Christian Patriots Association’s _Patriot Review_ newsletter
reprinted one of Gritz’s columns. In it, Gritz writes about his
relationship with Willis Carto and the Liberty Lobby’s Populist
Action Committee:

I was asked to allow my name to be placed on the list
of policy board members of Carto’s Populist Action
Committee. I saw nothing wrong in this, but I must tell
you I have never received the first communication from

In fact, Gritz was listed as a member of the Populist Action
Committee (PAC) in several issues of Carto’s (Liberty Lobby)
_Spotlight_ newspaper, prior to his claim of not having
received any communication from the PAC.

The PAC was launched in 1991 by the Liberty Lobby. The
featured speaker at the kick-off meeting was “English populist”
John Tyndall of the British National Party. [_The Spotlight_ June
3, 1991, page 1] The founding national chairman of the PAC,
Robert Weems, was a Mississippi KKK leader [_Blood in the Face_
by James Ridgeway, Thunder’s Mouth Press, 1990, page 131] Tyndall
is a British fascist who has been quoted as saying “The Jew is
like a maggot feeding on a body in an advanced state of decay.”
[_Beyond the Pale: The Christian Political Fringe_ by Derrick
Knight, Caraf Publications, Lancashire, 1982, page 47]

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