Gritz discussion

There has been some discussion of Col. James “Bo” Gritz
“giving what appears to be a “Nazi salute” to skinheads at the
Idaho home of Christian Identity believer Randy Weaver. Some of
this discussion relates to the December 14, 1992 article in the
John Birch Society house organ _The New American_. The author of
that article, Don Fotheringham, writes:

One question we must ask is why would Randy Weaver
contact Bo Gritz a month before the tragedy? Weaver had
obviously anticipated the shootout, but what gave him the
impression that Gritz would be allied with him in his war
against “the ZOG”? And why was Gritz the only person, aside
from the skinheads at the roadblock, whom he thought he
could trust during the standoff? We would not likely
consider these questions at all, had it not been for the
Nazi salute Gritz gave to the skinheads at the vigil.
The former Green Beret colonel later complained that
news reports of his salute were false, and that he was
merely waving to the crowd. Televised accounts, howver,
leave no doubt. He recognized the skinheads and executed the
salute. They returned the _sieg-heil_ in perfect Nazi
fashion and then signalled thumbs up.
Perhaps the salute was given merely to temper the
crowd, or to thank one of the skinheads who had written
Weaver a note offering support in court if Weaver
surrendered. But whatever Gritz’s reason, it must not be
forgotten that this is the fanaticism that killed 14-year-
old Samuel Weaver and his mother Vicki.

The article includes a photograph of Gritz in what appears
to be a Nazi salute. I want to make clear that I do not rely on
the _New American_ as a reliable source of information, but the
following excerpts from an article in the _Seattle Times_ cites
confirmation of the Nazi salute from a Gritz campaigner after
attempts by Gritz supporters to deny that he gave such a salute.
Those who support Gritz will now have to do some fancy
contortions to explain why the Birchers and the mainstream press
both carry the same story.

Seattle Times (SE) – Sunday September 20, 1992
Edition: FINAL Section: NORTHWEST Page: B3

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – Populist Party presidential candidate Bo Gritz, who
was in the spotlight recently for helping end a northern Idaho standoff,
has come under attack from a human rights group.

The Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations accused Gritz on
Thursday of giving a Nazi salute to white-supremacist “skinheads” gathered
at the standoff between fugitive Randy Weaver and U.S. marshals at Weaver’s
remote mountain cabin…

On Thursday, the task force showed pictures of Gritz giving what
appeared to be a Nazi salute at the standoff.
Lonny Hall, northwest regional representative for the Gritz campaign,
said Gritz promised Weaver he would give the salute on his behalf.

Copyright 1992 The Seattle Times

Gritz, in his book, _Called to Serve_ [Lazarus Publishing
Company, 1991, page 609, says that he would “highly recommend”
the work of writer Eustace Mullins on the “money coup.” Mullins
is a member of the advisory board of the Populist Action
Committee, on which Gritz also sits. Mullins, a favorite of anti-
Federal Reserve Board activists, is the author of the virulently
anti-Jewish book _The Biological Jew_ [Faith and Service Books,
Stauton, VA, 1968]. I apologize in advance to any who are
offended by the following quotes from this book, but I feel that
it is important to understand just what sort of material emanates
from the guiding lights of the Populist Action Committee.
Mullins, in this lengthy comparison of Jews with biological
parasites, wrote:

The aliens [Jews] traffic in the bodies of girls, set up
gambling dens, deal in stolen goods, lend money, establish
houses in which one can perform every imaginable type of
sexual degeneracy, and provide assassins for hire…

The Jew has always functioned best as a panderer, a
pornographer, a master of prostitution, an enemy of the
prevailing sexual standards and prohibitions of the gentile

We must remember that there is no Jewish crime per se, since
the existence of the Jewish parasite on the host is a crime
against nature, because its existence imperils the health
and life of the host…

This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent
gentile child is basic to the Jew’s entire concept of his
existence as a parasite, living off the blood of the host…

The Jews do not want anyone to know what Nazism is. Nazism
is simply this–a proposal that the German people rid
themselves of the parasitic Jews. The gentile host dared to
protest against the continued presence of the parasite, and
attempted to throw it off. It was an ineffectual reaction,
because it was emotional and ill-informed…

Gritz apparently believes that Mullins is a reliable source.
I am unaware of any instance in which Gritz has condemned Mullins
for his authorship of such material.

In summary, I have now documented in this post and in previous
posts the following items:

1) Gritz ran for Vice President with David Duke.
2) Gritz is on the advisory board of the Populist Action
Committee, one of the Liberty Lobby spawned organizations. In
this organization, Gritz is working with likes of Eustace
Mullins, author of virulently anti-Jewish propaganda and a source
Gritz recommends.
3) Gritz accepted financing and other assistance from Christian
Identity followers of Pete Peters, who espouses racist teachings
and distributes anti-Jewish propaganda. Gritz has praised Peters
and spoken as a special guest at his Christian Identity camp.
4) Gritz works in a coalition with Christian Identity activist
Richard Flowers, who also espouses racist ideas and distributes
anti-Jewish propaganda.
5) Gritz gave a Nazi salute to skinheads agitating on behalf of
Randy Weaver, a Christian Identity believer.

I have yet to see any of Gritz’s supporters refute any one of
these points with independently verifiable evidence.

In my opinion, about all that remains is for Gritz himself to
shout “Sieg-Heil” in front of the cameras.

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