Gritz 2

2. Gritz.

Gritz has repeatedly praised and participated in Christian
Identity, here are excerpts from his speech at a Christian
Identity meeting hosted by Identity preacher Pete Peters, a raving
anti-Jewish bigot:

“I believe that the Identity Christian Movement will continue
to grow in this nation until it is able to stand self-sufficient
in spite of the government….Basically the Zionists are taking
over and we Christians are being formed into small pockets that
have to go to camps twice a year to learn what’s going on….The
enemy you face today is a satanic overthrow where he would change
the United States of America, a nation under God, into USA
incorporated with King George as chariman of the board, and a
Zionist group that would rule over us as long as satan might be on
earth….I am telling you that he (God) has given us all that we
need. He’s given us the likes of Pete Peters, he’s given us the
likes of the Identity Christian movement.”
-Source, , Center for Democratic Renewal
(Atlanta), December
1991, page 19.

>From The Idaho Falls , September 13, 1992 (page
“[Our] editorial should have said that Gritz adheres to less
strident views of the Christian Identity movement. There are a
number of Christian Identity Churches. A national spokesman for
Gritz, Jack McLamb, has told Associated Press that Gritz adheres
to a blend of Christian Identity, Baptist, and LDS [Mormon]
beliefs. Whether he is a member of the LDS Church or not has not
been able to be confirmed despite repeated calls to a Gritz number
identified by an answering machine as the Center for Action. –

Gritz: “Eight Jewish families virtually control the entire
FED–only three are American jews [sic].” “Called to Serve,” page

-Chip Berlet

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