Griswold leaves movement

On April 11, 1996, I quit the National Alliance, by sending an e-mail to
“Evelyn Hill” at the Head Office. Unlike Milton Kleim’s, my resignation
wasn’t seen as any big loss, apparently: I was immediately taken off the
mailing list, receiving no further bulletins, even though my dues were
paid until the end of June. Oh, well, c’est la vie.

The “movement”, as such, has really burned me out. I regret ever having
been pulled into such a scam, but I do not deny having said some pretty
wild, irresponsible things in my “hey-day” (I do not deny having said
them, but I am sorry for them [not to mention wildly embarrassed by them].)

I wish to apologize to those whom I’ve offended over the past few years.
I do not in any way intend to excuse what I’ve said, only to offer an
explanation. I will not retreat into saying that I was mislead, only that
I accepted faulty information as true. NO-ONE ELSE was responsible for my
accepting as true, that which was not.

Finally, I wish to express my thankfulness at never having turned my
beliefs of the past into ACTIONS. As ignorant and malicious as I was, at
least I never let myself get talked into committing a crime.

(And to state clearly, for those who will rightly recognize that there is
no blanket renunciation of my past beliefs in the above: no, I do NOT hold
those racist, anti-Semitic beliefs any more. So don’t waste your time


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