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An article from Oct. 11 Frank magazine, titled: POLICE RECORD FOR
REFORM HACK. Here are some extracts:

“Revelations that his legislative assitant MIKE GREEN, has twice been
convicted of assault must come as a complete shock to Bob Ringma, Reform
MP for Nanaimo-Cowichan…

“…Green has close connections with the fringe right-wing wackos known as
the Northern Foundation.

“Northern Foundation president Anne Hartmann was turfed out of the Reform
party in 1992 for her racist views. NF has been linked to the neo-Nazi
Heritage Front and Anne’s son, Eric, is a noted Ottawa skinhead and mover
in the uber-racist Front.

“While Anne has kept her distance from Manning’s offices, others in the
Northern Foundation have not. GEOFF LUPTON a ‘researcher’ for the NF and
a Heritage Front activist, stays in touch with Reform via Green.

“A 1993 fax from Lupton to Green, accompanied with far-right propaganda rag
White Male Paranoia, was signed, ‘ Mike, looking forward to seeing you at
the Easter meeting – Geoff.”

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Last-Modified: 1995/10/06
Source: Frank Magazine