Gray Nick, Poenix the phoney

Has anyone seen my eleven-foot pole?

Markov Petrolka does not exist. Nick Gray = Mark Phoenix = Mark Xenith =
Marcus Aurelius. Call him up on the phone to confirm. Just finger his
account from inside the Rutgers network.

N:~> expn [email protected]
Nick Gray <[email protected]>
N:~> expn [email protected]
Nick Gray <[email protected]>
N:~> expn [email protected]
Nick Gray <[email protected]>
N:~> expn [email protected]
Nick Gray <[email protected]>
N:~> expn [email protected]
Marcus Aurelius
N:~> nic
2400 Trophy Dr.
Plano, TX 75025


Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
Gray, Nick (NG283) [email protected]
(214) ***-****

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[email protected] (Marcus Aurelius) writes:
>A world wide effort by jewish, liberal,multiculturalists & other
>leftwing organizations to
>buy legislation stopping all questioning of the holocaust. Millions &
>Millions of dollars are being poured into this effort. The reason?
>The Holocaust generates Billions of Dollars a year for Jews & Israel.
>As long as jewish organizations can maintain this lie, they can continue
>to remain in victum status. For Freedom fighters out there who are
>trying release the truth and reveal the lies, half-truths & exaggeration
>a friend of mine will create web pages and web libraries for any revisionists.
>his main page is…
>his address is…
> [email protected]
>tell him Marcus sent ya…
>He will create your pages for free.
>why revisionism? Because the Victors Write history!!

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Subject: Cowardly lying bigot Mark Phoenix destroyed from the air!
Date: 15 Oct 1996 10:41:15 -0700
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