Gray Nick, First amendment

From the NIZKOR mailing list:

Be sure to add an explanatory note about who Mark Phoenix really is. Not his
home phone number (609-XXXXXXXX), but his politics, yes. Coming out “against
the First Amendment” is bad PR.

On Sat, 7 Sep 1996, Kenneth McVay OBC wrote:

> is a virtual:
> VRFY ROOT Charley Root ([email protected])
> VRFY POSTMASTER [email protected]
> VRFY DARWIN no such user

Ah, but you didn’t follow the MX aliases.

> set querytype=MX
Server: Argus.Stanford.EDU
Address: preference = 50, mail exchanger = nameserver = nameserver = internet address = internet address = internet address =
> exit
N:~> expn [email protected]
Nick Gray <[email protected]>