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>> Can’t speak for Europe, but our own Ernst Zundel has been
>> quite open in his demands for censorship; he’s not
>> “anti-denier,” of course, but perhaps you’ll agree he clearly
>> supports censorship when it suits him to support it. URL
> Beyon some ideological divergences, I keep respect for the man.
> He has guts and I like that. Nevethless, when I received this
> kind of petition I said “No, non,no, sigh, no please, not that”.
> Perhaps that I’m a poor soldier, someone who will shut up and
> act as a robot. I never signed that formula, nor did I send it
> for your information. Neverthless, this is not an excuse for other
> other censorship neither: Schindler’s List was not banned,
> but censorship against revisionnism is an accomplish fact
> in several countries so my question hold: Does anyone will
> have the balls to say it?

It is not a fact that censorship against revisionism is in effect in
several countries. This is a myth perpetuated by the more hateful

When I and my friends came to the aid of the “censored” Mr. Zundel by
offering to mirror his files, it was a Canadian racist, Marc Lemire, who
uploaded Zundel’s files to my machine. Marc Lemire and other racists could
easily have mirrored Zundel’s files, but they chose not to, because they
wished to create the fiction of Mr. Zundel, victim of repression. Even
today, every one of Mr. Zundel’s files has an absolutely ludicrous link at
the top trumpeting his undeniable right to speak.

Ingrid Rimland, Zundel’s online spokesperson, has acknowledged receiving
an offer of help from Joe Bunkley, the notorious “Coming Fall of the
American Empire” racist at Georgia State, on January 24th, *before*
Zundel was “censored by Germany.” When I suggested that Milton Kleim was
a fool for proposing the very Zundelsite mirror sites that had existed
for some days, he took offense thusly:

From: [email protected] (Milton Kleim)
Subject: Re: Statement of the Aryan Corps Regarding Germany’s Censorship

We have established mirrors many times, long before you pointed your nose
into this matter. For example, the site was mirrored on in less than a day after the former was forced off.

It is increasingly clear to me that Zundel wanted to play the role of
censorship victim to obscure the fact that he is a liar and a fraud.

It is true that several countries have laws against “hate speech” and
“false news.” In Israel, for example, radical-Zionist anti-Arab hate
speech was censored in the wake of the assassination of Prime Minister
Rabin. Zundel’s pages, and the writings of most other Holocaust deniers I
have seen, clearly constitute both “hate speech” and “false news.’ While I
strongly disagree with the criminalization of “hate speech” and “false
news” that does not meet the strict definition of libel, the enforcement
of these laws is quite different from “censoring revisionism.”

Die Luft der Freiheit weht.

– -rich
Institute for Ernst Zundel Revisionism
“First, bring down Zundel’s suffering in terms of numbers and
events, both real and imagined, to what it really was, not what
they say it was, what they exploit for their own political,
financial, and geopolitical purposes.”

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