Graves Rich on undel defense

[email protected] (RuthSommer) writes:
>The firebombing of Ernst Zundel’s house in Toronto last year was a
>shocking event.
>I understand that he had a camera security system on his house before the
>bombing and that two men were actually filmed planting, or appearing to
>plant, the bomb.

Yes, “poor, oppressed Zundel” has a very nice house with an elaborate
security system. Would that we could all live like him.

If Mr. Zundel really wants to catch the creeps who tried to burn down his
house (they didn’t burn it down, but damage to one wing is said to have
cost his insurance company more than my entire apartment), he should post
GIFs of these films to the Web, or at least provide them on request.

Maybe he should ask his ever-virtuous friends for help, like the ones who
filed affidavits supporting his CIRC challenge. See especially:

wherein Mr. Mason describes being kidnapped and tortured by a couple of
Zundel’s friends. And this is part of Zundel’s DEFENSE.

I am confident that if the Fischer brothers get involved, we’ll get to the
bottom of this. See also the affidavit of Zundel’s co-Webmaster and
“telephone solicitor” Marc Lemire, kidnapper Eric Fischer, convicted
international terrorist and cocaine trafficker Wolfgang Droege, and other
friends of Zundel on Zundel’s web site at:

Please bear in mind that this is Mr. Zundel’s DEFENSE.

I certainly agree that Mr. Zndel should not be in such jeopardy in
Toronto. To be surrounded by such criminals is terrible. Perhaps he should
return to his native Germany, or some other, more sympathetic country,
like Syria or Libya.

Fortunately, Canadian immigration officials have barred some of Mr.
Zundel’s critics, such as Tom and John Metzger,, from
Canada because they are considered “likely to commit felonies” such as
arson and murder.

Of course Zundel deserves the same peace of mind as anyone,, and has a right to speak his


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