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[email protected] (Jamie McCarthy) writes:
>[email protected] (Rich Graves) wrote:
>> [email protected] (Kurt Stele) writes:
>> >Please quote at least the entire sentence in which David describes the
>> >internet as a cesspool.
>How about:
> Cyber Cesspit
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I now know that by early February this year The Shallit Report,
> a newsletter published on the computer Internet […]
>Cesspit, cesspool, close enough.
> The two hour phone-in programme is rumbustious and amusing,
> particularly a lady caller named Hilary who has in front of her the
> Immigration Adjudicator’s Şnding against me in Ontario in Nov. 1992,
> having downloaded it off the Internet; I ask her to think Who put it
> on the Internet in the first place. Not Canada Immigration!
> The Internet: a cyber-cesspool of lies about innocent people.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>(Yes, that was Hilary Ostrov, by the way.)
> It was faxed to me from the other side of the world by somebody who
> retrieved it from the Internet. I am not on the Net, which I regard
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> as a poisonous cesspit of stale and ftid information;
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>All this and more at .

I apologize to Kurt Stele and Mr. Irving for possibly mishearing “cesspit”
as “cesspool.” If the people who audiotaped Mr. Irving’s appearance ever
get back to me about my request for a copy of the tape, we will be able to
confirm my error.

>> The most glaring lie concerned Time Magazine’s review of Kaufman’s book.
>Could you elaborate on this, Mr. Graves? (If you did already, I must
>have missed it the first time around. Sorry.)

No, you missed nothing; I just haven’t finished writing it. This one is
*good*, and has some other implications. For example, going through
Irving’s footnotes, I find citations for Kaufman’s book, Goebbels’
diaries, and propaganda pieces seeking to capitalize on Kaufman’s book
(Irving says Goebbels printed a million copies of a translated/edited copy
of Kaufman’s book in order to inflame SS passions against the Jews), but
so far I have not found a citation for the actual Time review. It is
unclear to me whether Mr. Irving has even read the Time review; he may
have just taken Goebbels’ word for it, which in my opinion shows
shockingly poor scholarship.

Also of interest to you would be footnote 38 to chapter 42 of Irving’s
_Goebbels_. You can find the footnote (endnote, actually) on page 640. It

| 38 Unpubl. diary, Aug 3, 1941. Adolf Eichmann wrote in his notes in
| 1956 or 1957, ‘Kaufman’s plan for the complete Ausrottung of the German
| people was known to us at the time when the first order was given for
| the physical destruction of the Jews’ (original typescript in the
| author’s possession).

As you know, Kaufman’ prescription, described as “grisly” in a negative
review in Time (which Irving, citing Goebbels, claims was a positive
review), was genocide. As you also know, various revisionists, including
Irving, have argued that Ausrottung does not mean genocide, and that no
order was given for the physical destruction of the Jews.

I wonder why Irving buried this interesting information in an endnote.

Posted and emailed to Mr. McCarthy and to the Ehrlich pseudonym, who has
also posted on the Ausrottung question.


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