Graves George Article 3-1996

Robert Salasidis wrote:
> Dark Jedi wrote:
> > It’s NOT the Betamax of the 90’s. Can’t you PC’ers lay off the “Mac is
> > dead” myth. It is nothing but shit!!! Look at Mercedes, BMW, and other
> > fine vehicles. How much market share do you think they are getting? Not
> > everyone can afford their cars but those who do are loyal customers, and
> > support the company. With macs the same is true. You *will not* find more
> > loyal users than Mac users. The company is not about to go belly up just
> > because it holds a 9% market share. What kind of market shares do you
> > think Apple holds in Japan, Australia, and other foriegn companies? More
> > like 90% and the wimpy wintel holds about 10 to 20%.
> >
> > All you PC’ers just need to get a clue, get your head out of your asses
> > and move on with your lives!!!!
> However, Mercedes, BMW do not need third party support for survival. This is
> why Ferraris and the like survive on selling only a dozen cars a day. However Betamax
> VCRs died because of their reliance on third parties. Video stores did
> not carry as wide a selection of rental tapes as VHS. Similarly most software
> stores today, do not carry the same number of Mac titles as PC titles.
There were 40% MORE 3rd party developers at this year’s Apple World Wide
Developer’s Conference, held in San Jose, last week then there were last
year. There are twice as many programs for the Mac released this year than last.
Mac software sales are up 30% from a year ago. What’s your point?
> Second, small budget movies were not all released on Beta, and today, not all
> software is being ported to Mac as often or as quickly as to the PC.
> As far as your figures, you are grossly overestimating Apple’s penetration of
> foreign markets (Japan for one is nowhere near that figure)
Yes, but his figures for Australia are spot-on. Also Macs are the largest
selling computers in Canada as well. As for Japan, Mac is clearly the largest
foreign seller of computers there by a big margin.
> I have heard of many corporations currently switching or considering switching
> platforms from Mac to PC because of all the above issues (Nor Tel for one).
> Many home PC buyers are familiar with their purchases of Beta VCRs in the past,
> and are likewise making similar purchase decisions – in our hospital, there are
> many long time loyal Mac fans that are vocalizing their second thought about
> having gone the Mac route in the past, and some though not all, are even
> considering switching. Apple’s estimated market share for Q196 is down to 7.3%
But NOT for the reason you cite. Most companies are switching to Windows because
Intel boxes require so much MORE support than do Macs, that it allows IS
managers to justify building their staffs to handle the load! I personally know
a company who had approx. 160 Macs. ONE guy handled them all (successfully
to). The IS manager told everybody (when he came aboard) that he hated Macs
and as soon as he could, he talked the company into switching to WinDoze
machines. Well, they have had so much trouble with re-configuring the networks,
getting the machines to work properly, re-training non-computer types to use
Windoze (all of whom HATE the new Intel boxes), that they have had to hire
3 new full time computer technicians just to deal with the new computers.
The IS manager is now happy, he has his “empire”. The PCs are so much trouble
that his department is now very high profile. But the rest of the company’s
productivity has slipped noticeably, and the troops aren’t happy at all!

George Graves
From [email protected] Mon May 27 19:07:33 PDT 1996
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From: George Graves

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> – including fewer units shipped than Q195 (415 vs 480k) Ref – CRN May13/96.
> In 2-3 years we will see who is right.

From [email protected] Mon May 27 19:07:35 PDT 1996
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From: George Graves
Subject: Re: PPC vs Pentium Pro Read it and spell
Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 16:27:50 -0700
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> In article <[email protected]>, Tim O’Neil wrote:
> > Cheap to buy? Since when was a Mac cheaper than a PC? Thats one of the reasons
> > they are going down. And what is “convention memory”? If your referring
> to the
> > segmented archetecture of the intel chip and Gates’ quick implementation of
> > memory management for that chip (in other words he didn’t read the book before
> > designing DOS) well, theres nothing wrong with segmented memory. Besides, DOS
> > and its lump of CONEVENTIONAL MEMORY is a thing of the past. Only losers
> are still
> > using 16 bit operating systems.
> > -Tim

For the umpteenth time, Apple IS NOT GOING DOWN! They had a couple of bad
quarters, sure, but that was bad management. The company still has NO
debt, over a billion in the bank, and has more third party developers than
ever signing on-board. Get your facts straight before rumor mongering!

George Graves

From [email protected] Thu May 30 20:39:51 PDT 1996
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From: George Graves
Subject: Re: The truth about Macintosh!!!
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Phil wrote:
> AntiChrist wrote:
> >
> > In article <[email protected]>,
[email protected] wrote:
> >
> > > All this talk(by MAC users) of the PC’s limited conventional memory
> > > makes me wonder, if PC’s were so limited by this huge flaw how is it
> > > that they were and are much better than the MAC’s (reflected in
> > > general opinion and usage). Perhaps the MACs are really so shit that
> > > they are not even be able to beat such poorly deigned and limited
> > > machines.
> >
> > Yup, really poorly designed. All the talk is, of course, coming from Mac
> > Users. The Macs are really shit, and can not compete. Bull shit! You
> > have no idea what you’re talking about. Tons of magazines (including
> > those dedicated to Windows computing) have been able to concede that the
> > Mac has many advantages over PCs. I suppose they’re being bribed by
> > Apple? I don’t think so! See below for actual quotations.
> >
> (The rest… well, just deleted.)
> Well documented and, actually, Mac-users oriented. The thing is that
> when you’re trying to convince an experienced PC user (like me), all
> this goes in vain: I am _not_ going to switch to Mac for many reasons.
> #1: 95% of fellow users here (I know, I know, it just so happened that
> PC got to be the first to win the market, but still!) use PCs. I am not
> going to trade off for the sake of Apple convenience.
> #2: PCs are cheaper (at least when you are using pirate software — and
> who do you think I am, a saint millionaire?).
> #3: Since I got used to Microsoft products, I do feel great when using a
> Mac.
> #4: I like to know what I am doing, and what my computer is doing.
> Hence, sometimes PnP annoys me.
> .. and so on…
> it is very hard to convince a faithful follower, ya knaw…
> :}
> Phil

Ok, Ok I’ll buy some of this, but #4 has me stumped. PnP annoys you because
you want to know what your computer is doing??????? That makes zero
sense. If you install a CD-ROM drive, and it doesn’t work, obviously you don’t
know what your computer is doing. If you did, you’d have corrected the problem
right off and the thing would work! Also every Windoze program installs
65,789,593 little pieces of code all over your hard dsk with cryptic little
8 character names. Are you trying to tell us that you KNOW what each and
every one of those little breggars is doing? If so, you are a wizard.

George Graves