Graf Jurgen, Not swiss citizen

Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 23:44:22 GMT
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Subject: Re: Jurgen Graf interviewed on Radio Islam
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To the best of the Federal Police in Bern’s knowledge, Jurgen
Graf is not a Swiss native.

> The Nov./Dec. 1995 issue of the _Journal of Historical Review_
> says of Graf (p. 2):

> “J”urgen Graf, born in 1951, is a Swiss educator who makes his
> home near Basel. In March 1993, following the publication of his
> 112-page book, _Der Holocaust auf dem Pr”ufstand_ (“The Holocaust
> on the Test Stand”), he was summarily dismissed from his post as
> a secondary school teacher of Latin and French. (See the Sept.-
> Oct. 1993 _Journal_, pp. 36-37, and the Nov.-Dec. 1994 _Journal_,
> pp. 4-5.)”

> The Sept./Oct. 1993 issue explicitly says born in 1951 in
> Switzerland.