Good Advice, Huber A.

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He who unjustly hands over one man’s goods to another, he shall
pay God for it with his own soul.
— The Wit and Wisdom of the Talmud, Madison C. Peters, ed

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A Huber ([email protected]) whines:

An excellent rendition of ‘why there will be another genocide’.

Ignoring the fact that H*b*r fails to establish that any of his
imaginary enemies have “unjustly handed over one man’s goods to
another,” note that the perpetrator will “pay God for it.”

That is God — not H*b*r! Any genocide that H*b*r participates in or
promotes will be in direct usurpation of God and His Will.

Since you love to quote the talm*d, try taking it’s advice

Which advice is that?

-or- Try reading where it espouses no guilt for scamming
Gentiles or even killing them.

I have read the passages that Jew-haters like H*b*r claim to be
anti-Gentile, and I have discovered that they contain nothing like
what these distorters claim. The Talmud expressly forbids “scamming
Gentiles” and “killing them!”

H*b*r ought to try taking the advice of the Talmud sometime,
especially in regards to willfully lying and unjustly defaming people.

Harry Katz

It is not the amount of trade that makes the man poor or rich, but
honest working and dealing.
— The Wit and Wisdom of the Talmud, Madison C. Peters, ed.

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