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Roy Godenau is a former G.I. who was stationed in Germany in
the 70’s. He is married to a German woman, a fact which he feels
has prevented the government from deporting him. Godenau has
been unemployed for the better part of the last 10 years. He is
a walking encyclopedia of Nazism and believes in classical Jewish
and freemason conspiracy theories. Godenau comes from Washington
state where he attended school. Godenau has very negative
feelings toward the United States and more than anything else,
wants to be a German – something the radical right is not
prepared to do.

Godenau uses his American passport to travel the world
selling antisemitic and anti-masonic literature written and
published by one Juan Maler of Argentina. Godenau claims that
Maler is Reinhold Kopps (see separate entry).

Godenau played a role in the attempted overthrow of Surinam.
During “Desert Storm,” he was put under house arrest by the
German government for allegedly supplying Iraq with information
on NATO tank movements on the Turkish border. Godenau has
extensive contacts with both the Iraqi and Libyan governments and
actually tried to enlist Ron Furey to join up. He claims to have
attempted to sell atomic secrets to various governments and says
if it will hurt U.S. interests, he will forgo payment.

Godenau claims to communicate with Willis Carto (see
separate entry) and Mark Weber (see separate entry) who is in
Carto’s employ. In fact, Weber called The Right Way, (actually a
cold phone line at the Center) to authenticate Ron Furey’s
credentials. Since there is no The Right Way and the cold line
number was given out only to neo-Nazis in Germany, we are
convinced that Godenau was telling the truth about his
connections to the Carto organization. Godenau also knows David
Duke, Tom Metzger, and Ernst Zuendel.

Although Godenau’s ideas may be considered to be those of a
crackpot, he speaks calmly with authority, eloquence, and
sincerity. Most important, he is Wolfgang Juchem’s right-hand
man and exerts very strong influence on him. (Request fascism

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