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On orders from my department, I too drove a gas-van from Berlin to
Minsk. These vans had been constructed with a lockable cargo
compartment, like a moving van.

I was detailed with the gas-van to about twelve convoys of arriving
Jews. It was in 1942. There were about a thousand Jews in each
convoy. With each arrival I made five or six trips with my van.
Some of the Jews were shot. I myself never shot a single Jew; I
only gassed them.

A ghetto operation took place in the autumn of 1943. I was put into
action only once with the gas-van. I made three trips with it to the
execution site. I gassed about 150 to 180 people.

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Erich Gnewuch testifies about gassings in Nazi-occupied USSR, 1942-3
[Quoted in “Nazi Mass Murder: A Documentary History of the
Use of Poison Gas”, edited by E. Kogon, H. Langbein, and
A. Rueckerl, Yale University Press, 1993, p. 57-9]