Giwer vs Giwer

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> Holohuggers are not welcome here. They are here only to
>disrupt the purpose of the NG and should receive complaints to their IPS
>for their existance here.
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> There is no freedom when the people do not believe in it.

> Here is the problem, unless everyone supports this freedom it will be
>lost. That anyone excuses censorship of ideas is a person who does not
>belong on the internet.
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After listening carefully to G*wer’s pronouncement that holohuggers
should not have the freedom to post their ideas in alt.revisionism –
and giving the matter a full hour of deliberation – G*wer concluded
that G*wer does not belong on the Internet.

Attorney G*wer, speaking on behalf of G*wer, said that there will be
no decision regarding an appeal, until both G*wer and G*wer have had
an opportunity to review the transcript of G*wer’s judgement. Rumours
that G*wer is seeking a new attorney could not be confirmed at press

Hilary Ostrov
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