Giwer to litt

Hi. I thought I’d just pass along to you Matt Giwer’s unsolicited
response to a post I made on alt.revisionism. I sent back a letter
asking him if it was time for graham crackers and milk yet, and (luckily)
I never heard from him again. But I am getting sick of him complaining
about being e-mailed, especially with his “my reader is down” crap.
Enjoy it, archive it, post it on your wall. It’s classic Giwer.

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Date: Fri, 01 Mar 1996 04:06:54 GMT
From: Matt Giwer
To: “Jeremy A. Litt”
Subject: Re: Revisionists inspire me

On 29 Feb 1996 18:42:06 GMT, [email protected] (Jeremy A. Litt)

>Matt Giwer ([email protected]) wrote:

>: In another example of “no one is calling your names” I
>: note the following post. Not quite name calling of course, merely
>: a knowing and deliberate misrepresentation of what I have said.
>: But then, you all know that.
>: It is good to see it doesn’t happen here.

>Waaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaa! The big mean Joos are making fun of Matt now, just
>because he’s spitting on the graves of their families……

You are a stupid little shit aren’t you? There were several
messages here stating that I was not being called names. I post
examples of the claims I am not being called names are lies.
After demonstrating those posts were lies my demonstrations of
those lies are called whining.
But you know you are a stupid little shit.

>You know Matt, I’m really curious: do you really think, given the
>language you’ve used here and elsewhere, that anyone is going to feel
>sorry for you? And you’re right, it’s NOT name calling, just a musical
>look at you and the other Revisionists. Refute it if you can. I think
>it’s accurate.

It rather appears you are attempting to perpetuate some perverted
conception that belongs only to you and to the other liars here.
But then, continue to attempt to maintain the fiction that no one
was calling me a nazi as long as you can. Better yet, use the
older trick, drop it for a few weeks and bring it up again in
hopes I have not archived the messages. That usually works.

>Lastly — where is that “no one is calling your names” quote from? I
>assume it’s a quote, since it’s in quotes. But the rotten spelling and
>grammar make it seem suspicially like your work……

Yes, you are a little shit.