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Date: Wed, 25 Sep 96 18:01 EST
From: Linda Thompson
To: [email protected]
Subject: Clinton at the UN

Clinton at the UN
Matt Giwer (c) 1996 <9/25>

President Clinton was at the UN yesterday and did what a
politician does best, he gave a speech. And in that speech he
gave the obligatory praise for the UN. And then, as a liberal,
he gave the obligatory condemnation of American citizens for not
doing enough to support the UN.
Yes, you read correctly. In front of all of those higher
ranking delegates from ever cesspool around the world, President
Clinton blamed the failure of the US to pay its dues on Americans
who believe in the “New World Order” and the right to keep and
bear arms and the like.
Just where does this flaming liberal get off? True or not
it is something that we will settle that internally. We do not
need some liberal scum condemning Americans in front of a bunch
overpaid political appointees who make who make welfare queens
look overworked.
Yet there he was showing his true, liberal contempt for the
American people. No matter what, America does not air its
internal disagreements before the world. We do not blame
factions within the US for our international actions.
We do not do that. He does do that. He criticizes America
in front of other nations.
Where is this man’s loyalty? Does he have any? When is he
going to give a speech and gripe about Hillary pushing him
And that is what it was, petulent complaining. It seems
that poor, ignorant Americans just don’t understand what a great
job the UN does around the world. Americans are just too dumb to
understand how wonderful the UN really is.
It doesn’t matter if these Americans are crackpots and
nutcases, they are Americans. Whether they like it or not, he is
their president. It is not the place of the President to air
what he thinks is the dirty laundry of America before the world.
But this man has no sense of pride or dignity or propriety.
He also wants to be re-elected so he can continue to insult
Americans before the world.

Are you really going to vote for this man?

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