Giwer, Simpering bitch

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>>>In any event, since you seem to have dismissed the vast body of
>>>testimony and other evidence available, please do tell us what might
>>>constitute “more convincing proofs” or “revisions” for your
>>>doubt-of-the-day, Mr. Ehrlich.

>>”and other evidence available”? Perhaps you could share this information.
>> My personal doubt of this day is the likelihood of your being able to
>>come up with anything beyond the testimony. This relates specifically to
>>homicidal gassings.

>Certainly, Mr. Thomas.

> doesn’t exist)

>And if you happen to be speaking to Mr. Ehrlich you might just mention
>to him that I’m anxiously awaiting his response to my post, including
>the bulk of it which provides some context for the paragraph you quote
>and which I notice you have deleted – without so noting.

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If there was ever a personification of the “simpering bitch” reference
this person is it.

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“The Nuremberg Trials … had been popular throughout the world and
particularly in the United States. Equally popular was the sentence
already announced by the high tribunal: death. But what kind of trial
was this? …The Constitution was not a collection of loosely given
political promises subject to broad interpretation. It was not a list of
pleasing platitudes to be set lightly aside when expediency required it.
It was the foundation of the American system of law and justice and
[Robert Taft] was repelled by the picture of his country discarding
those Constitutional precepts in order to punish a vanquished enemy.”

— U.S. President, John F. Kennedy
John Kennedy, Profiles in Courage (New York: Harper and Row, 1964),

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>: >>
>: >> Nice try, fatbroad.
>: >Mr. Giwer continues to show respect for those with differing opinions.
>: What is your problem, Schwartze?
>: Are you as fat as she is?

>Mr. Giwer continues to demonstrate his devotion to rational, invective-
>free argument.

That is the way it goes.

You have a bitch hiding behind female immunity and men like you trying
to earn points to screw her should you be in her part of the world.

This is really very transparent.

We live in a sex neutral world.

Sorry about that.

Grow up and learn what is going on.